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The gym was practically Llyr's third home (Paradisi being his second) and it was obvious to most when they saw the bulky man in a crowd, his broad shoulders dwarfing the average male's. Once he had been a lanky waif, flaunting his delicate looks, but he hadn't been happy with himself. Working out had been something he thought would help him become healthier in body, but primarily in mind. He hadn't expected it to become his entire way of life. He was currently about halfway through his workout, having just finished some exhausting front shoulder presses that left him flushed and damp with a light sheen of sweat, when he went to refill his water bottle. Swaggering over to the water fountain, he braced a taut arm against it as he held his bottle beneath the stream, taking the opportunity to catch his breath.


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e3d10b7e23212ff16fa4 11 months ago
oh, is this place open? it looks super cool, i love oc rps!
iwonhoyou 11 months ago
Oo it's back!
stationary 11 months ago
yo, pixels senpai, i missed this place, wish to come back soon!
seraphine 11 months ago
hhhh i hope the revamp wont take to long, wishing to join again! < 3
kodachrome 11 months ago
galini [A] 11 months ago
Hello! This is main admin pixels coming at you with a very brief message!
I'm not sure why or how this roleplay got featured in all honesty, but mayhaps there will be a revamp if we can garner enough interest and get a few steady admins to help out. I'll need to discuss with the ones currently available and work through a few finer details, should that (the revamp) actually happen, but I don't believe doing so should take too long. There will be a message about this for those actually in the roleplay as well, but if you're passing by and you want to see a revamp because you're even the slightest bit interested, feel free to comment. If you're someone looking to help out, please PM me (pixels) personally.

Do make note that if we are to revamp, I'll mention so here in the comments to let everyone know, but also know that it's going to take some time to officially set everything in motion before we can officially revamp. Other than that, though, thank you all for the feature and hopefully you're having a nice day/night!!

sparklygayassglitter 11 months ago
sparklygayassglitter 11 months ago
sparklygayassglitter 11 months ago
djinnamon 11 months ago
Are ya'll inactive?
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