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taehyung ( h ) 5 months ago

waddles in here and places a big stuffed teddy bear, another stuffed heart attached to its front on your bed, fingers twitching in both excitement and anxious because what if you dont like it? a big bouquet? no, a big round box filled with red roses that would clearly be wilted by the time you get back was placed prettily on the centre of the bed, and decorating the sides with fallen petals of the pretty petals. the box in my hand contained rings that i personally had engraved with our initials, ‘J J K’ and ‘J T H’— by a professional of course, and its all prettily wrapped up in its glory in the plush little box they provided me. places the bowed up little box beside the box of roses and leaves a handwritten note atop of the roses before yeetinG out of your room :c




‘hi baby,

its taetae here, your bEautiFUL wiFe to bE—
okay no. i miss you so so so much baby and i dont know, i dont wanna be cheesy and say all sorts of disgusting, corny that couples always say but , i feel like a part of me is missing? miss bickering with your ugly spork , miss kithing your cute lipth, miss grinding on your thighs—
having that said, there M I G H T be a surprise when you come back ;))

anywaaayyy, not sure if youll like the gifts.. i miss you and i was streSseD okaY, spLurging was one of my ways to cope with my neediness :<

i miss you, and love you so so much baby daddy.

i love you to the moon (because if i say and back theres like a limitation to my love?)

— honey bunch sugar plum pumpy umpy umpkin
taehyung ( h ) 6 months ago
@jungkook too bad, im already in it
does a little playful wriggle / dance in your arms to exaggerate my point that im in your household, already feeling comfy because of your presence, the interior impressing me to the max.
a nice house youve picked out, gguk
aw my wittle baby has grown up, aw yes you have, yes you did you wittle sunshine
coos and puckers my lips as i pinch at your cheeks, pullinh and stretching them as i croon in a babyish tone, giggling afterwards. your arms around me fit perfectly, resting there like it was meant to be, and i stare at you with love and affection, a never ending pleased smile plastered on my roseate tiers.
i melt into the kiss, my hands finding their way to your locks and tugging softly, before smoothening them out, like what i always do during our V live episodes, finding playing with your hair a sort of coping mechanism. the fingers on my lower back goes noticed, and i raise an eyebrow in question, but dont question jt further because i like the feeling of them there.
hmf— am i not e n e
because i will g ladly leave !!
a and maybe ask tom holland— or even better, your mr tony stark to come meet me back at oUR dOrMs and yknow, i dont know, play with me hmf
since my BOyfrieNd wont acknowledge me
huffs and whips my head to look afar, a prominent pout evident, my hands letting go of your hair and instead dangles from your shoulder, eyes narrowed the slightest.
jungkook 6 months ago
@taehyung hey- i don't recall giving you permission to enter
he exclaims, mimicking the little scowl you send his way with the slight narrow of his eye despite the little telltale signs of a smile linger on the corner of his lips. it takes everything he has to swallow down the chuckle threatening to let loose upon your actions, his gaze softening at the shyness evident on your countenance that he finds very endearing and so without another sound of protest, he loops his arms around your waist, gently drawing you in.
a satisfying hum elicits past his tiers at the kiss, gently pressing back as they mould together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle, fingers dancing along your lower back.
hm? you are now? the keeper of my heart?
taehyung ( h ) 6 months ago
@jungkook frowns before scowling at you, arms reaching out to punch at your shoulder gently, before a shy grin takes over, arms looping around your neck as i stumble in.
my lips gravitate towards yours as soon as our chests meet from our close proximity, humming softly.
i i,, i am now then uwu
jungkook 6 months ago
who is it?
he calls out, pushing himself up into a seating position as umber orbs flicker over to the door, white pearls sinking into his lower tier to fight back a small grin upon hearing your voice.
you can't enter.
you're not the keeper of my heart u n u
taehyung ( h ) 6 months ago
knock knock
knocks on the big luxurious look fromt door and hums in appreciation, touching the material with delicate fingers, lips pursed slightly.
can i enter uwu
do i own your heart, baby daddy?
jungkook 6 months ago
⤷ ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴇɴᴛᴇʀ ᴜɴʟᴇss ʏᴏᴜ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ᴏᴡɴs ᴍʏ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ. ⇾ ♡


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Maeyeollie 1 month ago
*sits here for a hot second*
Your layout is beautiful~
f10678786e9cdfbb785c 3 months ago
add josh cullen santos for me, please!
DoneWithYou 3 months ago
Insert mi
self-love 3 months ago
Y’all gay
lascivious 4 months ago
oh god, the memories --
warms me little, bitty heart to see you guys still up and running.
I may not be remembered, or even I remember much but this place
still has a very special place in my heart. Time has really wooshed, huh?
I probably sound like a granny lmao, I'm sorry ! just happy to see that one
of my favorite places is still up as I come back onto this site hah!
Mysterio 4 months ago
Um, may I join?
76b27de48ad9d7e8f646 4 months ago
could I get kyungsoo back please
[comment deleted by owner]
[comment deleted by owner]
smilingdown 5 months ago
A/R Kim Jongdae please
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