pool deck

swim. don't drown. eat. please don't run by the pool we don't have insurance to save you. do not spill in the pool jimin will have to clean it up after.
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pool deck
chou tzuyu 1 year ago
@kang daniel Aaannnnddd weirdo Danny is back... I spoke too soon. You're such a dork
*chuckles and squishes your cheeka together*
Well, I wouldn't have worn my swimsuit if we weren't going to swim
*places my bag down and takes off my shorts and shirt
kang daniel 1 year ago
@chou tzuyu Yes but every time romantic Danny comes out to play, you owe him a big juicy kiss.
*I close my eyes briefly when you kiss me and smiles wide, I nod my head*
Much better. Okay so...would you like to go swimming?
*i step away and pull my shirt over my head*
chou tzuyu 1 year ago
@kang daniel Hm can I see this Dan more often? I like him a lot
*chuckles and tugs closer towards my hright before giving you proper kiss on the lips*
Mhm better?
kang daniel 1 year ago
@chou tzuyu Well you’re a star to me..
*i playfully pout when you peck my lips, and giving you puppy dog eyes*
Just a peck?
chou tzuyu 1 year ago
@kang daniel So suddenly we're movie stars now huh?
*hums and closes my eyes, swaying us side to side*
I missed you too Danny...
*cups your cheeks and gives you a quick peck*
kang daniel 1 year ago
@chou tzuyu I can be really romantic! So romantic, you’ll think you’re in a rom com!
*I chuckle, before wrapping my arms around you tight, hugging you close*
I’ve missed you....
*I mumble as I nudge my head against yours*
chou tzuyu 1 year ago
@kang daniel *raises an eyebrow and tilts my head to the side curiously as you take my hand in yours*
Well... your baby is definitely surprised with all this
*lets out a quiet chuckle when you pull me closer and loops my arms around you, leaning up to peck your lips*
hmm... didn't think that you'd be the romantic type. But- i like it so romantic date night it is then.
kang daniel 1 year ago
@chou tzuyu *I smile wide as I see you, reaching out for your hand*
No special occasion, just wanted to do something nice for my baby...
*takes a step towards you and pulls you close to me to close the gap*
I thought we could have a little romantic date night?
chou tzuyu 1 year ago
@kang daniel *picks up my purse with my phone, wallet, and keys in it before grabbing my towel as I head towards the pool deck, thinking about what could you possibly planned this time. I reach the deck and see you waiting for me and smiles as I walk up to you*
So what's the occasion this time hm?
kang daniel 1 year ago
@chou tzuyu kang daniel 17 hours ago Reply
*lays out a two matching beach towels on lounge chairs, places some rose petals all around, a single candle on the small circle table with a bottle of champagne and food under a silver cover, looks around in approval*
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kim chu diSPATCH 1 year ago
[] tea
mark tuan 1 year ago
[] ah yes
less ugly
mark tuan 1 year ago
@jung seonhye [ h ] the night sky blankets over them, holding an array of stars which seemed to smile at their perplexing exchange. in such ways did their existence all the more emphasize her unblemished beauty. or perhaps, it was the fact that she would always be beautiful to jaewon - her doll-like features, but more-so her strengths, her weaknesses, and everything about her, the way her presence always manages to profoundly impact him. unlike the circumstances they’ve been placed in, he could never be upset at her, and during moments like this, he would find himself more upset for mistakingly channeling his frustration towards her. when she brings forth her bold confession, he can’t deny the way his heart skips a beat, regardless of the fact that he was still (very) utterly confused.

furthermore... 'us?' what did she mean by 'us?' for so long a time has his mind's eye been subject to a forced constriction around the thought of 'them', a notion that seemed to be much too far to grasp. a simple utterance, a seemingly demure inquiry which finds its true character in a tincture of sanguinity woven into the dulcet melody that passes through her ravishing tiers, and his visage is flushed with heat - laminated with guileless (yet, repressed) avidity. still, there comes to be an undoubtable emergence of fear within him that oppresses hope and laughs of the mockery they could make of themselves for trying. it's all ed, isn't it? messed up to the point of no return, huh?

but as his lips part to speak such words against them, all that can be heard is silence, and despite the fear evoked by unwelcome thoughts of worst-case scenarios, it's clear where his heart stands. in tandem with a sudden wisp of the midnight breeze, his eyes flicker down to where his fingers find hers. “you know… i thought you’d never ask.” it’s vague, nearly indistinct, but his gut instinct tells him she knows exactly what he means - a subtly resolute ‘yes’. to satisfy the brisk beating of his heart, he levers her hand upwards, pressing a tender kiss to its backside before holding her palm against his cheek, his gaze instinctively meeting hers. “i’ve been irrational — reckless. but i hope you know that i’ve been sincere. i’ve waited for what felt like an eternity to be able to indulge in the beautiful intimacy of your mind, to be able to experience the highs and the lows, the hills and the valleys, the breakdowns and the breakthroughs once more… with you. and if it means i get to witness the sun shine on me again, my canvas detailed with the magnificent colours of ‘you,’ then i want it. i want all of it.” he loosens his grip on her hand, a subtle smile emerging onto his features. “and i want all of you.”
mark tuan 1 year ago
[] IM REPOSTING AND NO ONES STOPPING ME just to fix all these 3am looking grammatical errors how embarrassing
jung seonhye [ sh ] 1 year ago
mark tuan 1 year ago
[] **to witness... TO WITNESS ! !!! ! not ‘the witness’ smh
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jung seonhye [ sh ] 1 year ago
@jung jaewon “as selfish as it may sound, i kissed you back because i wanted to. because i missed the taste of your lips against mine, and it felt like home in your arms.” the admission comes out a bit stronger than she intended to. blood rushes up to her face and tints her cheeks a shade of rouge. it’s embarrassing for her to acknowledge, but her pride wasn’t important. not now. she looks away, the tone of her voice lowering before she continues. “your love — it’s not one-sided. but i can’t say those words loosely, and i don’t have enough confidence to say them to you right now. not when we’re like this.” her hands move on their own, gesturing to imply how messed up the situation was.

“it wasn’t a rejection.” she emphasizes, already taking a step towards him when she hears how his voice cracks. he was so close, and under any other circumstance, she would’ve cupped his cheek and wiped away the tears with her thumb. but she’s the reason why he’s hurt, so she has to restrain herself from doing so as the guilt consumes her. she looks down in shame, letting out a shaky breath as she thinks about everything once more.

“i acknowledge that i was the one who screwed us up when i pushed you away after you came back. but i wasn’t telling you to go away. i just wanted some time to think about it.” her fingernails press into her skin as she tightens the arms she’s wrapped around herself. “i don’t want to cling onto the past anymore. i don’t want to push you away anymore. but i can’t help it. every time you knock on the door, i’m stuck looking through the peephole. i can’t explain it, but no matter what, i get scared that you’ll walk right back out the door you came in from.” she knows she hasn’t made it easy for him. she knows that she’s just repeating the same excuse over and over again. “i know you didn’t mean to. and i hate how i can’t get over it. no matter how hard i try, the fear is still there. i’m sorry.” there’s a pause. a sigh. and then her fingers move to her face to wipe away the wetness at the corner of her eyes. “i just don’t know how to act around you. i don’t like the weird limbo we’re in. and i especially don’t enjoy fighting with you, jaewon. you’re right. we’re ed. no matter what happens, it seems that we fall right back into each other’s arms. i know it’s selfish, but i can’t completely give up on you. despite all of this… would you like to try again?” they’re shrouded in silence before she looks up at him, her voice barely a whisper. “us.”
mark tuan 1 year ago
@jung seonhye [ h ] a scoff materializes from his lips. how lowly he thinks of her? is this how lowly she thinks of him? to be placing these accusations at his feet and expecting him to bend over for her? because as far as he can remember, that's all he's done since that night - their first date. and what bubbles from the depths of his soul is not anger or annoyance but solely, despair. it courses through his veins, and overwhelms his senses. furthermore, what intensifies this feeling is the way she inevitably devalues his efforts, talking as if he had never tried for them - as if all he did was walk away, with absolutely nothing in-between.

he waits in silence, allowing her to finish her thoughts. it's the one thing that never seems to go right with them - understanding each other, and what always lingers in his mind is how she always finds a way to blame him for everything in the end, always in a way that makes him hate himself more and more each time. when she stood up, he just watched her, and in the same way, as she places all of his faults on a silver platter, he just watches her. this isn't the first time she reminded him about the way he left. in some ways, he felt as if it was redundant because regardless of whether she brings it up or not, jaewon will never forget it. as silence takes over once more, he looks to the side, not daring to move any closer or any further away from her.

"what i think is far different from what's come to be, seonhye. not once did i say that you intended for it, i'm simply asking you to be more self-aware, as i'm trying to be." he speaks, careful not to raise his tone. "because let's be real. i got ahead of myself, and whether you intended it or not with your reciprocation, both of our feelings are now equally ed." looking up into the night sky, he folds his arms across his chest, wondering how they managed to get themselves into this situation once again. "please. if you can, try not to make it seem like i didn't want us to make it just as bad." he speaks, the tone of his voice lowering as it begins to crack. "when i came back, i knocked on your door, and you didn't let me in... and i waited, and waited, then knocked again, and you said 'go away', 'i'm not home', 'you're not welcome here anymore.' seonhye, tell me — what am i supposed to do but distance myself as i'm asked to?" he glances over at her, his eyebrows creased in apparent sadness. "with your actions, you say you're done, then you're ready again, then oh- just kidding, you're not. tonight, i knocked on your door again, and surprisingly, you let me in... only to push me out again. what am i supposed to do? just tell me - because at this point, i don't know what to do anymore." he pauses for a moment, before speaking one last time, his voice reduced to a low whisper. "how can you lose me when you never let me be truly yours?"
jung seonhye [ sh ] 1 year ago
@jung jaewon he regrets it. it had happened mere minutes ago, and he already regrets it. his words echo in her mind and feel like shards in her gut. her heart starts to constrict and there's a lump in that threatens to choke her. nonetheless, she forces her searing tears to sink back into her eyes, seeping into her soul and filling her with sadness. it's the kind of invisible heartbreak that makes the world spin slower. it hits all at once. suddenly, it is too difficult to breathe. of all the times jaewon had broken her heart, seonhye was sure that tonight was the one that broke it fully and, perhaps, irreversibly.

she opens in an attempt to retort, but nothing comes out no matter how hard she tries to vocalize the frustration she feels, and all she can do is helplessly close and blink furiously to prevent the tears from coming out. this is definitely not the first time, but this time the heartbreak feels more severe than she had ever expected to be. in the dead of the night, she finds herself wondering. when did she become this much of a fool? she hitches herself up so she's standing, her arms wrapping around herself in an attempt to shield her body from the chill of the poolside breeze. maybe it hurts more because she knows that he means everything he says. she shakes her head in disbelief and she runs her fingers through her hair. there is anguish in her tone as she asks, "after all that we've shared, do you think i kissed you just to around with your feelings? is that how lowly you think of me?"

"you know i didn't say it to hurt you," she starts off, her voice the most gentle tone she can muster in that moment. "i just need to be sure that's how you truly feel. i wanted to give you all the time you needed to finally understand your own feelings. i waited for so long. i'm still waiting. but you keep leaving, and all that's left in the aftermath of it is my longing for you. you keep running away not only from me, but from yourself. and like the fool i am, i still wait for you because that's all i know how to do. i didn't just 'miss you,' i longed for you, pined for you, yearned for you. you wove yourself into every single thought i ever had, until all i had ever known was haunted by the ghost of you." she pauses, debating whether or not she should really continue pouring out her heart for him, and a bitter chuckle escapes from her lips at the thought. she continues, "how could you do that to someone? you told me you had hoped to marry me one day, and yet, you turned around and left like it was nothing. how many more times do i have to lose you? you always make me feel like i'm too much for you and yet just not enough for you. i don't think you understand just how badly i want us to make it. i only wanted to give you the world. i guess we both misunderstood things because we don't see things from the same perspective. but from my perspective? you've left me once. twice. thrice. is this the fourth time?" when she stops, she feels like a burden's been lifted off her shoulder and that she can finally breathe again. in the end, at least she would be able to say she loved too much than not enough.
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mark tuan 1 year ago
@jung seonhye [ h ] in an instant, the warmth between them dissipates, and so does the emotion he’d built-up from the moment she had kissed him on the cheek. life, colour, the drive to pursue more — it all drains from his face. it all fades away. and jaewon… he doesn’t spare even the slightest bit of energy to watch her move away from him. in the brief silence that follows her rejection, there’s a pain that settles onto his heart, immediately contained, hidden, and brushed away by instinct before it manages to spread uncontrollably. he was locking it all up again, like he was used to.

hitching himself up onto dry land, he walks past her to grab a dry towel situated on a seat a few metres behind her. did he regret it? well, he knows he surely meant all he had said with every single fibre of his body - so, did he regret it? an exasperated sigh escapes his lips as his gaze falls to the ground. “i do.” he then turns to fully face her, his eyes settling on her silhouette. “we part, we try to move on, then we somehow bump into each other, and everything i’ve kept in just comes bursting out like a waterfall. every single time, i end up ripping my heart out of my chest to put it out in the open for you, and it just gets kicked to the side like a bag full of dog . when will i ever learn?” when he speaks, there’s an unusual sense of firmness that outlines his usually soft voice. “don’t get me wrong, the only fault i’m choosing to recognize here is mine. to say i feel stupid and embarrassed is an understatement - so do i regret it? absolutely.”

for a moment, he pauses, unsure of whether he wants to speak these next words into existence. but things have changed - jaewon wasn’t going to keep things in to make himself and other people feel better. throwing the towel over his shoulder, the same calm, yet firm tone leaves him. "i don't expect you to love me, seonhye. but i do expect you to know what the you're doing. when i make a mistake and overstep like i did tonight, don't reciprocate my foolish acts of love and make it seem like you feel the same when you know you don't. next time you see me, just walk away."
jung seonhye [ sh ] 1 year ago
@jung jaewon and there it was. after all that had happened between them, after all the days she spent wondering what was next, there was that three-worded declaration that could possibly change almost everything. but, somehow, hearing the words fall from his lips and into the crook of her neck doesn't evoke the feeling she had originally anticipated. there are no butterflies that erupt within her. her heart doesn't feel like it would burst with fulfillment. instead, closes up and her heart sinks. dread.

"you shouldn't." her voice is barely a whisper, her fingers removing themselves from his hair and her grip on him loosening just slightly. she pulls away from him, lifting herself up using the ladder so she can sit down on the edge of the pool. this situation is unexpected, and even she is at a loss for words. what was this, exactly? why was he suddenly declaring his love for her once again? and why did his declaration of love seem to have no effect on her? she doesn't know. the only thing she knew was that she did enjoy kissing jaewon. but was that the extent of what she felt? or is she guarding her heart from getting hurt once again? after all the talk she had about closure, he had kissed her and she had kissed him back. but did she still love him? she had thought she did, but she can't seem to answer. the thought frightens her. "i can't say it back. i'm so sorry, jaewon. you know how much those words mean to me. i can't say them halfheartedly." she bites down on her lip gently and twiddles with her fingers for a few moments before she looks at him once again. "do you... do you regret it?"
mark tuan 1 year ago
@jung seonhye [ h ] his lips fall away from hers and for a moment, it feels like the world around him freezes in time. for the first time in a long time, it feels as if his heart is filled to the brim, overflowing with pure content; overflowing yet aching all at once, and he doesn't know whether it's because he's forgotten how to breathe for a good minute or whether it's, simply, the aftertaste of the fulfillment of his soul's deepest longings. god knows, it most likely could be both.

as soft ripples saunter away from their bodies, the locks of his hair cascade around the delicate form of her shoulder - guided by the gentle drooping of his own head - adoring tiers brushing against the crook of her neck. her scent saturates his senses, it takes his breath away. nostalgic, it enkindles the feeling of being at home, awakens the faded memories of love letters engraved into her skin, and makes him want far more for them than the ed up situation they managed to place themselves in. and when a soft kiss is translated onto the tenderness of her skin, there's a switch that flicks in the tranquility of his mind, a switch that chooses the 'now' in 'now or never'. his voice muffled into the crook of her neck, he speaks, then he speaks again in a low whisper, lips positioned slightly closer to her ear. three words - "i (still) love you."
thong uwu dahye ☆ 1 year ago
thong mino [A] 1 year ago
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kim mingyu [A] 1 year ago
i see
kim mingyu [A] 1 year ago
jung seonhye [ sh ] 1 year ago
@jung jaewon despite the coldness of the water that is dancing across her skin, kissing jung jaewon felt like sunshine was radiating throughout her being. she feels his lips against her own, so soft and angelic, tasting like fireworks exploding in . the warmth flows down , through her bones and her blood, and seeps into her soul. the intensity of this kiss is so different from all the other ones they'd shared, as if they were fighting to make up for all the time they've lost. the sane part of her tells her to stop and push him away, but her body reacts before her mind and her hand wraps around his nape, her fingers tangling themselves within the wet strands of his hair.

she remembers their first date and their conversation about where they hoped to be in fifty years. in this moment, she knows that even if he knocked on her door fifty years from now and told her he needed her, she'd still drop everything just to be there for him. but she hopes that, fifty years from now, the only reason he'd knock on her door would be because he misplaced his key. no matter how much she denied it, jung seonhye is still a fool in love. and that means, just for this one moment, she would be selfish. she would forget about everything else and worry about all the consequences later. with their bodies flushed together, her lips fervently moving against his, this moment is their own. it is all that matters.


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