A nice getaway for an elegant dinner, bring a date here or splurge on yourself. The French are most well-known for their desserts and pastries, so make sure to stick around for those!
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lee haechan 5 months ago
@ning yizhuo PP ★ PP you're right ,,, we should get them to line up for us, yeah? and we'll sign autographs.
snorts rather playfully, laughing at the idea.
mmmk, we'll just wait for the waiter then.
o—is that you asking me to take you on more dates?
we just started this one o____o
but ok, anything for you pwincess ;; grins widely.
waves over the waiter and places our order quickly.
heh, so how are you ;; i know that's kinda lame to ask on a first date but
you're finally a singer now, you've joined us :pleading:
ning yizhuo PP ★ PP 5 months ago
@lee haechan two hot people on a cute and interesting date?
i guess then everyone should be lucky to be sitting in the same restaurant as us?
hums in excitement
i think i'll like you for later. maybe you'll have to take me on more dates to find out
smiles cheekily at you
lee haechan 6 months ago
@ning yizhuo PP ★ PP duh — two hot people being hot together? cute and totally interesting.
grins widely at your agreement, nodding and placing down my menu.
so it’s settled then. a brownie bite ?? ,, sounds perfect ouo
of course, i like you. for ... maybe a little longer than later?
what about you? do you think you like me for later?
ning yizhuo PP ★ PP 6 months ago
@lee haechan o omo. we really are interesting
smiles back at you, nodding at your suggestion
oppaet is such an uwu. i'll share some of mine with you if you'd like
do you wanna share a brownie bite then? u /// u
you like me? for later too?
lee haechan 6 months ago
@ning yizhuo PP ★ PP interesting is a word... but i think we're more interesting?
grins cheekily at you, before glancing back down to the menu.
are you normal? what if you get a burger and i'll get the uwu salad
then we can share a dessert ,, if you want :twiddles:
just "you think?" i'm pretty sure i like you.
and not just for now.
ning yizhuo PP ★ PP 6 months ago
@lee haechan ooh! i really like that movie too
adam sandler and drew barrymore make such an interesting pair heh
hums softly as I glance over the menu before peeking up at you
depends... do i go for the uwu salad :twiddles: or do i eat like a normal person and get a burger?
what were you gonna get, oppa-et?
we'll see... i think i like you for now
squints at you
[post deleted by owner]
lee haechan 6 months ago
@ning yizhuo PP ★ PP me too.. i'm glad i came here with you. grins, throwing you a charming smile.
yeah, it probably is kinda clich[fancy e] but... jack and rose :pleading:
mine is fifty first dates! it's super cute, don't you think?
mm.. hums, rubbing my chin in thought.
what do you think you're gonna get?
but eh, we'll see if you still like my normal self after this date,,,
ning yizhuo PP ★ PP 6 months ago
@lee haechan i'm glad we chose to head over here then!
takes a second to think, lagging behind you for a moment
ehe... it's kinda clich[fancy e] but I really like titanic
what's yours?
carefully follows along, flashing you a wide smile when you pull out my chair, hehe-ing to myself when you notice you stumble
your normal self is alright,,, the tsun i can maybe learn to live with
lee haechan 6 months ago
@ning yizhuo PP ★ PP i know, right ?? i didn’t realize apple bees was actually a nice restaurant.
oh really? what’s your favorite romance movie?
hums softly as i walk you slowly to our table, following the waiter.
nearly trips over my own feet as i leave your side to pull out your chair.
heh. laughs nervously before taking my own seat.
i’ve heard my normal self is a bit annoying so ,, maybe that’s not the best idea. but i’m working on being less tsun, you see
ning yizhuo PP ★ PP 6 months ago
@lee haechan woah... oppa-et, this is the fanciest apple bees i've ever been to!
gives our surrounding area a once over before nudging you gently with my elbow
hey, lucky for you, i love cheesy romance movies!
just be you, sunshine, and i think we'll be alright
[post deleted by owner]
lee haechan 6 months ago
@ning yizhuo PP ★ PP pulls you in gently by the hand, swinging my car keys on my index finger.
to be honest ,,, i've never really been on a proper date either.
i'm kind of going off of cheesy romance movies and the advice that my members gave me.
rubs my nape rather sheepishly, giving you a small grin.
[post deleted by owner]
kim jongin 7 months ago
@hwang yeji Im the piece of art? You flatter me /pats my cheeks in mock shyness walking backwards as you follow me/ I’ll walk in front to protect you from danger
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana the only think i can't control myself from..
pauses for that dramatic effect, leaning in to bring their connected hands up so he could press a sweet kiss right to her knuckle.
is you.
nuzzles his cheek against the back of her palm with a content sigh.
i can't imagine a mere second without you, sana ya.
jeon sana [A] 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo we’ll see if you can.
her head tilts to the side as her gaze softens, a familiar fuzzy feeling wafting over her as she mirrors his expression.
i love you.
gives his hand a gentle squeeze as she eyes her wedding band with a smile.
being with you is surreal.
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana i'll control myself then.
sticks his tongue out at her teasingly, taking a glance at their connected hands with a soft smile curling upon his brims.
so are you.
utters without a thought, thumb caressing the wedding band that was wrapped around her finger.
my love.
jeon sana [A] 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo alrighty, but if you end up drunk like that one episode when you guys went camping... i’m taking videos.
eyes twinkle mischievously as she sips on the wine, humming in agreement, savoring the flavor.
i always enjoyed admiring skylines at night. it’s serene.
she plays with the glass in her hand, eyes drawn back to his side profile as she couldn’t help but admire him instead.
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana i'll be fineeee.
playfully rolls his eyes before lightly tapping their glasses together, taking a sip of the wine.
mmm.. tastes expensive.
with a chuckle, he sets the glass down, taking a glance out the window that overlooked the city skylines.
pretty, isn't it?
jeon sana [A] 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo you’ll get drunk if you drink on an empty stomach-
warns, her hand reaching out to take her glass, giving it a gentle swirl with a small laugh.
we’ll get your usual beer next time?
eyes sparkle as she raises her glass with a nod, gently clinking it against his.
cheers! to us heh.
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana didn't feel like it.
gives his shoulders a light shrug before he's chuckling quietly, taking hold of the wine glass to take a small inhale of it.
not my usual beer, but it'll do.
shoots her a playful grin before holding it out towards her.
jeon sana [A] 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo hours? why didn’t you snack on anything before?
frowns at his words, eyebrows furrowing together as she gives his hand a gentle squeeze.
mm kinda heh. but now i’m with you ♡ you make things better. did you sleepy well?
eyes curve upwards, lips curling into a bright smile as she thanks the waitress.
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana mmm hours ago i think?
takes the time to simply just stare at her, fondness twinkling in his eyes as he runs the pads of his thumbs along her knuckles.
did you have a nice day today, love?
as he says that, the waiter comes to serve them their wine, pouring it into the glasses she placed onto the table, wonwoo thanking her with a small smile.
jeon sana [A] 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo do i?
she retorts cheekily, flashing a polite smile to the waiter before handing him the menu, taking a small sip of water as she glances over to wonwoo.
hungry baby? when did you last eat?
concern etched into her features as she holds both of his hands tightly.
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana do you, baby? do you reallyyyy?
muses with playfully squinted eyes before he's calling for the waiter to order their food and wine, the waiter taking back the menus and wonwoo shoots him a polite smile.
mmm hungry.
reaches for her other hand, fingers wiggling with a silent request.
jeon sana [A] 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo mmm i wonder.
leans in close to glance at his menu, nodding as her lips curl into a smile.
mm that sounds good heh. let’s get that!
her index finger traces the length of his, drawing little circles as she eyes the appetizers with a hum.
cheese! why didn’t i see that one?
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana i wonder when that'll be.
hums out in thought as he looks through the drinks menu this time, picking out one of the finer wines.
let's get this one?
he points out with a smile before flipping back towards the appetizers page on the menu.
and maybe... a cheese platter?
jeon sana [A] 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo yeah, littol ones.
warmth spreads in her chest as she nibbles on her lower lip as she plays with his fingers.
pizza! let’s get classic pepperoni?
glances up from her menu to admire him, biting back a small smile as her eyes trace his features.
what wine would you like, nonu?
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana the littol ones hmmm?
holds onto her hand, fingers intertwining together as he gives hers a little squeeze.
hmmm what about pizza? and then one appetizer?
looks through the choices of pizza, debating between them all as his thumb idly caresses over her knuckles.
wine sounds goood heh.


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sprezzatura 5 months ago
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