A nice getaway for an elegant dinner, bring a date here or splurge on yourself. The French are most well-known for their desserts and pastries, so make sure to stick around for those!
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jang wonyoung 2 months ago
@kang chanhee [ h ] notices your head drooping and is quick to keep the comforting tone in her voice, reaching her hands out to carefully lift your head from its falling position with her fingertips.
keep your head up, prince! no need to apologize, it's okay to be like that so you shouldn't be sorry for being yourself. unless you're hurting other people intentionally, then in that case, it is not okay to be yourself. but that's besides the point!
she scurries into the building seeing that the door was propped open by you and does a playful curtsy as she passes you by.
why thank you, sir!
jang wonyoung 2 months ago
@kang chanhee [ h ] don't be suuuuper cynical chanhee! now, if i remember correctly.... applebees is this way....
park seoham [ h ] 3 months ago
do they serve teokkbokki here
kwon jiyong 3 months ago
@im jinah Mmm good choice indeed. I will happily help host that big drinking party, gonna get wild and drunk. I can also be the one who holds your hair if it comes to that point of vomiting.
*chuckles softly and tilts my head*
Why not two parties, one big drinking one and a general one?
*Drums my fingers against the back of the menu and nods as I gradually peel my eyes away from the letters in front of me to look at you.*
Mm, I believe so.
*I raise my hand to catch the attention of a worker who eagerly comes over with a notepad and pen already in their hand.*
"What will you be having?"
*They ask you first, with their hand ready to scribble down our orders.*
im jinah 3 months ago
@kwon jiyong *I grin and nod my head as I hear you, completely forgetting about drinks*
Ooh, now that’s smart thinking. Okay mmm I’ll have a daiquiri! But for once I’m not pregnant definitely a big drinking party- we’ll just a party in general.
*I look through the menu one last time before finally deciding what I want, closing the the menu*
Okay, I’ve decided! Have you?
kwon jiyong 3 months ago
@im jinah it really does and its only pictures, imagine the real deal.
*Peeks just in time to notice that cute pout of yours, making me grin and coo softly.*
We will have a big drinking party for sure. How about you get a version of the drink, I know it's not the same though.
*Looks harder throughout the list, finding it hard to pick something as it all looked so good*
This is hard, harder than a test.
chong elkie 3 months ago
@christian yu she points at the applebees that takes place across the street, soon facing him with a curious smile. "i heard applebees is good for their pastries and breakfast foods, how about we get the waffles there for today?" she asks, almost enthusiastically.
im jinah 3 months ago
@kwon jiyong Everything looks so good...
*I say with a smile, I look at the drink section and point to a fruity drink with a pout*
Okay, once I give birth and can drink again we’re going out for drinks!
*I chuckle and look through the menu some more*
kwon jiyong 3 months ago
@im jinah Very cute~
*Moves my chair slightly and sits down before I nod at the hostess for her help. I take a menu to flicker through the different meals to pick from.*
Hmm yes I am getting something, not too sure what though.
*peeks my eyes up and chuckles*
You won't be eating alone.
im jinah 3 months ago
@kwon jiyong *I chuckle as I look at the picture of Aera, and I before putting my sweater pocket* Aww thanks, yep I’m raising my own little strong girl squad!
*I nod my head, giving you a smile of encouragement*
You’re welcome Jiyong!
*I follow you and the hostess to a table, sliding in and thanking her before opening up the menu*
*I open my mouth making an “o” as I look through the menu*
Are you gonna get anything? You can’t let me eat alone
kwon jiyong 3 months ago
@im jinah  I am glad its going smooth, I would be scared if it wasn't and if I were in your position.
*hums and pauses in my walking to glance over at your phone only to smile brightly at the image* 
She's so cute~ she's going to be just as pretty and brave as you. Strong girl squad.
*chuckles and raises a hand to reasurance its okay and to make sure I didn't dampen the mood* 
Don't worry, good things will come when I wait patiently for them. Thank you Jinah. 
*steps in afterwards and flashes a smile at you* 
No problem.
*i lift two fingers up at the hostess and spoke out to her* 
Table for two please~
*she nods and grabs some menus from the main desk before asking us to follow her.*
[post deleted by owner]
im jinah 3 months ago
@kwon jiyong *I nod my head, smiling proudly*
Yep! My first kid, her name is Aera... Thank you, she’s an angel so thankfully this pregnancy has been smooth sailing.
Hold on...
*I take out my phone and press the lock screen before showing you the screen, a picture of her and I on it*
That’s her...
*I put my hand on your shoulder, giving it a squeeze*
Don’t worry Jiyong, it’ll happen for you! I’m sure you’d be an amazing dad.
*I chuckle as I walk in first, looking over my shoulder at you*
Thank you...
kwon jiyong 3 months ago
@im jinah oh wait-
*My eyes widen at your words.*
You have another kid, damn you are an amazing parent to handle the pregnancy along with a toddler.
*Chuckles and rubs my nape.*
Mhm, and sometimes the public gets involved in the relationship that it isn't private anymore. But....I swear one day, even if its gonna be rough I will have one child at least.
*We reach the restaurant and so I open the door for you to step in first*
beauty first~
[post deleted by owner]
im jinah 3 months ago
@kwon jiyong It’s been four years, since I’ve had Aera, I think it’s tome to bring a new little huddle of joy into the picture!
*I nod my head understandingly, letting out a breath*
Don’t worry I get that, it can be hard. It’s like we have all these eyes on us and everyone has something to say, as if they know what’s best for us.
kwon jiyong 3 months ago
@im jinah *smiles brightly as my eyes follow to your hand then back at your face*
Just a couple of more months. Oh, eager to pop another baby so soon~? Oh of course I do, I really want a daughter so badly but its been hard with my fame and having relationships.
im jinah 3 months ago
@kwon jiyong *I nod my head as I hear you, looking down at my tummy and giving it a pat*
Very excited! She’ll be here soon enough, I can’t wait to have another one. Do you want kids?
kwon jiyong 3 months ago
@im jinah *Gently holds your hand and leads us to a restaurant, glances over with a calm smile.*
You excited for when the baby comes?
jordan kelsey knight 4 months ago
@im jinah [alright! ]

smiles at the waitress after I've settled things for later on for the three of us and watches her off before returning to my phone to scroll through it, humming softly as I take a sip from my glass of water and patiently waits for you and Aera to arrive.
im jinah 4 months ago
@jordan kelsey knight [ h ] () doesn’t matter to me love!
jordan kelsey knight 4 months ago
@im jinah [ 1st or 3rd? hahaha ]
jung jaewon 4 months ago
jennie kim 4 months ago
jennie kim 4 months ago
jung jaewon 4 months ago
jennie kim 4 months ago
jennie kim 4 months ago
w w w wrestle alligators
jung jaewon 4 months ago
jung seonhye 4 months ago
i’m so confused what do you guys do in your free time


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pathetique 14 hours ago
stares in
love4you 15 hours ago
may i cc kim minji to Jessica Jung please?
-fairybread 1 day ago
can i have huening kai back skdhskdh
bluestar7 1 day ago
Rip can I get jooheon back? Please?
peachygods 2 days ago
may i reserve park junhee of a.c.e?
wassowasso 2 days ago
could i get donghae back or is that a no-no? ;;
venusmoon 4 days ago
pls take my cute back
bangchoy 4 days ago
jiho is gonna dip, can't keep up with school and stuff :<
satania 4 days ago
daisy ridley please
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park sungjin for third please ouo
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