food market

If you're looking for something different than your usual fancy dining, the central food market is the spot! This place is filled with local friendly faces, and yummy food that can't be found anywhere else but here. Venture down the plethora of food stands and try every little thing or settle down for some good grubbing. Everything is made fresh for you right in front of your eyes!
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food market
lee naeun 2 months ago
@seo youngho Naeun was happy to be spending the day out with her boyfriend after what felt like forever since the last time she had spent time with him. Taking the man’s hand in hers and interlacing their fingers as they walked, she looked back up at him, “How about korean bbq?” She tilted her head slightly at the end of the question, her own gaze flickering to his for a moment before turning her attention to the path ahead again.
seo youngho 2 months ago
@lee naeun Johnny walked along the side walk and headed towards the nearest food market, it was a rather boring day so better way to spend it than to hang out with someone? That's exactly what he did, taking naeun out to get lunch for the day in a casual date. He turned back to look at the shorter woman walking beside him, "what are you in the mood for, babe?" His umber orbs scanning over the female's expression as he awaited and answer. He wasn't in much of a rush today, so he gave her time to think as they continued walking to their destination.
kim jiho 9 months ago
@kim jisoo cLINGS ONTO YOU
kim jisoo ᶠ 9 months ago
@kim jiho heh I thought so
smOoches your cheek you’re so cute : D
kim jiho 9 months ago
@kim jisoo tHROWS YOU HERE owo
kim jiho 9 months ago
@kim jisoo :O oh no wrong jisoo
kim jisoo ᶠ 9 months ago
@kim jiho is thROWN HERE ; A ;
is this a k k k kidnap
kim jiho 9 months ago
@kim jisoo tHROWS YOU HERE owo
song mino [A] 10 months ago
@song dahye Your suggestion eases the pressure off of my shoulders over having to decide what we should eat first. I could feel the distance gnaw of hunger in my stomach as you mention 'kimbap' and 'tteokbokki', and I nod along to your words. "I am starved-- I haven't eaten anything since...lunch, so that sounds like a good plan." It was silly to say that I did happen to eat a rather large lunch just earlier that day with a few non-celebrity friends; but I was, in fact, a fairly large man that towered over most of the people that passed by us. When you press yourself up to whisper into my ear, a light shiver runs down my spine at your breath, but I stifle a laugh at the ticklish feeling. Not giving a damn that we happen to be quite popular rappers/singers out in public, I lean down just a bit further and steal a sweet kiss from your irresistible lips, the feeling of your lips against mine sending a warm rush to my heart before I give you a goofy and giddy smile. "Sorry-- I couldn't resist." A sheepish laugh leaves my lips before I hum in thought at your words. "Hmm, maybeee.. we can purchase some soju or beer and take them back home? I think Chungha is okay with babysitting them for the night-- or we can pick up the kids, putting them to sleep... and then have our own little fun......after dark?" My eyebrows wiggle at you in a playful manner while my voice lowered to emphasize what couldn't be said out loud. As we continue to walk, the focus of my gaze follows your finger to the food tent just a few more steps in front of us. My eyes glaze over the menu, searching for tteokbokki before I spot it listed under the noodle dishes, and I gently pull you forward to the tent. "Yes, let's go here. They have tteokbokki--". Once we're inside, the restaurant lady yells from across the tent and directs us to sit down at an empty table, so I pull you along with me to a table in the back corner, a more secluded area before sitting down in one of the chairs. "Is there something specific that you want to eat, babe? I just want some tteokbokki-"
jung wheein ♘ 10 months ago
sorry i died for a few days but im back for the time being
lee jongsuk 10 months ago
lee jongsuk 11 months ago
lee jongsuk 11 months ago
jung wheein ♘ 11 months ago
thanks seolhyun!
choi yewon ★ 11 months ago
congrats team beldam says congrats \o/
jung wheein ♘ 11 months ago
we guessed lucas as kihyun/hyuk right LMAO
jung wheein ♘ 11 months ago
jung wheein ♘ 11 months ago
where are you guys
jung wheein ♘ 11 months ago
omg lucas session is about to happen
ahn hyejin ♘ 11 months ago
jung wheein ♘ 11 months ago
damn i went to sleep too so i missed two sessions
lee jongsuk 11 months ago
oh crap sorry wheein dbbfbfbfb i fell asleep
jung wheein ♘ 11 months ago
song mino [A] 11 months ago
r i p wheezin all alone
jung wheein ♘ 11 months ago
we didnt talk about jungkook LMAO
jung wheein ♘ 11 months ago
[] im at work rn so sorry for late replies

but yeah i think jongho could be mino
lee jongsuk 11 months ago
but i could be wrong
lee jongsuk 11 months ago
i really think jongho could be mino
jung wheein ♘ 11 months ago
but spoopy could be any of the admins?
jung wheein ♘ 11 months ago


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honeypie 1 day ago
can i get lee ahin as a second?
kurozu 2 days ago
can i get roh jisun as a second >>
dreamland 3 days ago
may i reserve mark lee please & thank you?
if he's available,,,i checked themasterlist but II'm dumb and miss things
astrophile 5 days ago
wait can i get suho back im
so sorry TT_____TT
aisling 5 days ago
hello it me ><
can i pretty please get huang renjun back? thank you!
[comment deleted by owner]

I'm currently doing a thesis about korean roleplay (what is it and what motivation people have to do it and write with each other). To give a bit of feedback, my master is Communication, Culture and Information Technology ^_^ and my field is internet so I've decided to choose a topic that I've done for years and literally saved my when I was sad or felt no one understood me.

All this to say I have a form I would like to ask you if you could publish this form on your ooc group so that roleplayers and writers will fill it out! By putting their e-mail in the end of the form, in the section of the contest, everyone will automatically participate in the contest to win BTS' Map of Soul: 7 album (random version)! ?

Thank you so much!

I would join the roleplay but seems wrong to join just to post this - if you post on your ooc group I will be really thankful!

The link to the form:

chaoticttalgi 1 week ago
etoile 1 week ago
let me rejoin wkdneodj
venusmoon 1 week ago
can i cc nancy
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