You buy stuff here. Includes a variety of shops, ranging from lower end, casual wear, to luxury goods. Also includes a food court and some smaller stores with snacks and desserts.
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kim taehyung 10 months ago
@jennie kim hey! why do you assume i'd be near all the lingerie, huh?
raises a brow in amusement and feigned hurt, putting a hand to my chest to act aghast. once you part from me i look over to the women's section, putting my hands on my hips before i start to pick things out. there are clothes hung over my shoulders and arms, just until i actually find myself in the lingerie section.
hey there.
turning around, i grin cheekily and lean down to smooch your forehead.
all done?
jennie kim 10 months ago
@kim taehyung returning your kiss eagerly, i then squint up at you and stifles a laugh with my teeth sinking into my lower lip.
with all the stockings, uh huh. i'll come find you in a bit, i'll be sure to check the lingerie section first.
parts from you with my hand lingering onto yours for a moment longer, shuffling off over to the men's section with eyes glazing onto the clothes offered onto the racks and shelves. about ten minutes pass before i'm sauntering back to you, clothes folded on my arm, as i peek over your shoulder on my tippy toes.
whaaatcha doin'? heh.
kim taehyung 10 months ago
@jennie kim i'm pretty sure everyone knows by now. how can we make it more obvious?
my hands immediately go to your face even after you try to part, tugging you in for one last fleeting kiss. it's chaste but full of affection, eyes swimming with giddiness.
okay. don't have too much fun, hm? no surprises. i'll be over in the women's section with all the.. stockings and stuff. yeah. hope i don't get lost.
jennie kim 10 months ago
@kim taehyung jokingly rolls my eyes, nosing into your shoulder eagerly.
you already spoil me, tch. mmm, we should—even though everyone already knows. i swear, you can tell from a thousand miles away that i'm in love with you.
loosens my hold onto your hand just slightly, evidently reluctant, only to then gesture to a section over on the right.
i'll be over there, yeah?
kim taehyung 10 months ago
@jennie kim what if i told you i want to spoil you too? we should get something thats matching, by the way. that way everyone will know.
following after you to the shop, i lean down so my lips brush over the top of your head and nod shortly after.
go crazy, babe. let me see what you’ve got. i’ll be trying to figure out what’ll look best on you.
jennie kim 10 months ago
@kim taehyung clothes, food, even like a watch or rings—anything you want. just wanna see that handsome smile on your face.
presses a chaste kiss to your bicep with a widening simper before pointing to a nearby shop, tugging you lightly.
i'm gonna go pick out clothes for you to try on, you can do the same for me if you want, babe?
kim taehyung 10 months ago
@jennie kim spoil me? what do you have planned?
raises a brow as i tuck your hair behind your ear, curling my free arm around your waist to pull you as close as possible.
jennie kim 10 months ago
@kim taehyung loops my arm within yours comfortably, interlacing my fingers between yours as we make our way in.
mmm, caaaan i spoil you today? heh.
yoon dowoon ✧ [A] 1 year ago
@kim hyunwoong "It could be that you like the taste sometimes but not necessarily crave it. That's just a theory though," Dowoon replies, hoping he wasn't rambling too much. He presses his lips together and makes a small nod. "I do! It's especially good when the tartness of the lemon cuts through the sweetness of the cheesecake."
kim hyunwoong 1 year ago
@yoon dowoon ✧ “Yeah... sometimes I really crave coffee though I’m not that much of a coffee person...?”, he explains and scratches his chin. “It’s more the caffeine I guess...” He smiles at the other softly and then let’s his hands rest on the table. “Does that mean you like lemon cheesecake too or...?”
yang jeonginu ✧ 1 year ago
@felix lee "hey, nothing is wrong with the usual." he scrunches his nose, a smile on his lips. while waiting for you to choose your own flavor then tell our orders, he admires the various colors of ice cream presented, then is promptly brought back to the present. "yeah! uh... how about by the window?"
yang jeonginu ✧ 1 year ago
@felix lee he takes a look at the menu, scanning the options available before settling on a personal favorite. "i'll take a mint chocolate chip," he beams.
yoon dowoon ✧ [A] 1 year ago
@kim hyunwoong Dowoon hands his menu to the waiter as they take it away from the two of them. "Yeah i do like a subtle lemon flavor but not too strong or else it'll be tooo sour. You're only getting an ice coffee?" Dowoon looks back at Hyunwoong, fiddling with his fingers under the table.
kim hyunwoong 1 year ago
@yoon dowoon ✧ He waited for his date to place his order, smiling softly. When it was his turn to order he adverted his gaze to look at the waiter: "I'd like some ice coffee.. thank you." The waiter left after noting their orders down and Hyunwoong could look at Dowoon again. "You like lemon?"
yoon dowoon ✧ [A] 1 year ago
@kim hyunwoong Dowoon nods in response to Hyunwoong's question. He keeps the menu open rereading the item he wanted for a couple of times before the waiter heads over to their table. When the waiter arrives asking what they would like to order, Dowoon goes first. "I would like two scoops of the lemon custard ice cream in a cup." He closes the menu and looks at Hyunwoong curiously waiting for what the other man is going to order.
kim hyunwoong 1 year ago
@yoon dowoon ✧ In Hyunwoongs opinion one could never give Dowoon enough credit. "Yup, I know what I'm gonna get.. what about you?" He already looked around for a waiter to call over so they could order. Once he spotted one and made eye contact he signaled the waiter that the two of them are ready to order.
yoon dowoon ✧ [A] 1 year ago
@kim hyunwoong Hearing that Hyunwoong was enjoying his company made Dowoon feel really happy with his lips curling into a wide smile that he couldn't contain. "Oh stop, you're giving me too much credit. I do the same, I'm usually in the studio or at home, im never really out until now. You're right, it's such a nice day to go on a date with you~"
Dowoon realized he was probably taking too long deciding on what he should get. Since there were many things on the menu, he picked something off the menu that caught his eye. "Are you ready to order?"
kim hyunwoong 1 year ago
@yoon dowoon ✧ To say he was flattered was an understatement. Hyunwoong tried to hide his blush by turning his face to th side a bit and covering it with his hand. God, he felt really glad and quite happy to know that the other enjoyed being with him. Because he felt the same. “I’m glad you’re getting to relax... well, my day so far is great as well thanks to you~ and lately I’m either in the studio or just at home relaxing as well... theres not too much you can do lately so... but at least we can go on this date~”
He lowered his hand to show the other his soft and genuine smile.
yoon dowoon ✧ [A] 1 year ago
@kim hyunwoong Dowoon furrowed his eyebrows, trying to decide what to get on the menu. He racked his brain in what he wanted to get knowing that he shouldn't break the other's bank, but then again it's just a cafe and items here shouldn't be that expensive. "My day has been so far since I get to spend it with you~ Recently I've just been relaxing and recuperating from life. What about you?" Dowoon mentally wanted do die from cringe from the first sentence but he wasn't wrong. He was genuinely happy to spend his time with Hyunwoong.
kim hyunwoong 1 year ago
@yoon dowoon ✧ Hyunwoong leaned back in his chair while looking through the menu. He knew what he wanted to get befurehand and just checked if they really had it. And they did. But he didn’t set the menu down just yet because he preferred to keep his hands occupied... otherwise he wouldn’t know where to put them and he’d just be... awkward. Tho he did want to reach out and hold dowoons hand. He didn’t know if that was appropriate though. “So, how was your day? What’re you up to lately?”
yoon dowoon ✧ [A] 1 year ago
@kim hyunwoong "Sometimes it's trying their best. This is the sometime." Dowoon looked up to his forehead and mentally pat his brain. He followed Hyunwoong to the table he wanted to sit at. Dowoon wanted to scream at the chivalrous man in front of him, but he did his best to press his lips together and smile at the other while taking a seat. He quickly grabbed the menu in front and slowly held it up to possibly hide his burning red cheeks. "Alrighty let's see what they have here." Dowoon couldn't help but think of the other man sitting across from him, already missing holding his hand. He looked at the menu to distract himself but it didn't help that his indecisiveness prevented him from choosing something off the menu when everything looked so good.
kim hyunwoong 1 year ago
@yoon dowoon ✧ “Well, it seems like it’s working pretty good today~”, the rapper said as he headed to an empty table for two that was sat outside underneath an umbrella. He, the gentleman he was, pulled out a chair for dowoon before he sat down himself. There were menus on the table in front of them already so he just grabbed one. “Alright, choose whatever you want~”
yoon dowoon ✧ [A] 1 year ago
@kim hyunwoong Though drummer boy was a universal nickname for Dowoon, hearing that phrase come out from Hyunwoong's mouth made his legs turn into jelly. "Sometimes this brain is just full of mush and it just stops working." Dowoon poked his forehead, as he talked about his brain. He's surprised his brain is even spitting out coherent sentences. Not even realizing the gradual stop, they make it to the small quaint little cafe. "Oh sure! Maybe on the outside under the umbrella. We can enjoy the nice weather that's out today!"
kim hyunwoong 1 year ago
@yoon dowoon ✧ “You’re making wonderful use of it, drummer boy, don’t worry.” God he just wanted to hold and squish the other then and there but they were both in public and walking so that had to wait. It felt so nice being around the other because nothing seemed pressured and it was just.. such a healing atmosphere. They soon arrived at the cafe which didn’t seem to be too crowded. “Do you wanna choose where we sit?”
yoon dowoon ✧ [A] 1 year ago
@kim hyunwoong Dowoon couldn't help but feel warm from the slight pda but also jittery as this is their first date. Holding Hyunwoong's slightly bigger hand, he couldn't help but lightly swing their hands with each step he took. "I have to use this brain of mine somehow right?" Dowoon wanted to hide from the words that just came out his mouth as they were not what he would usually say but at the same time it seemed right.
kim hyunwoong 1 year ago
@yoon dowoon ✧ He couldn’t help but laugh softly at that. “Well aren’t you a practical thinker, huh?” Hyunwoong found it endearing, really. Dowoon was so cute in his own way and with his own charm and that was probably one of the many reasons why Hyunwoong was so drawn to the other.
yoon dowoon ✧ [A] 1 year ago
@kim hyunwoong *a slight pink tinge forms on the tips of his ears from the smallest form of affection. Following the initiator's movement, he starts walking alongside the other man* Oh that's a good idea since we can excercise out the food we're about to eat. We still have to stay in shape.
kim hyunwoong 1 year ago
@yoon dowoon ✧ Well, I was thinking we could go to the cafe first and then just walk around shopping a bit if you’re fine with that? *he holds the others hand with a soft smile as they start walking*
yoon dowoon ✧ [A] 1 year ago
Woong is my main but i wont mind giving u some attention mingi
yoon dowoon ✧ [A] 1 year ago
@kim hyunwoong *seeing the older male's outstretched hand, he doesn't hesitate to reach his hand out to hold it* we shall go! Where to first?


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