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send your submissions here, we'll be taking any suggestions and constructive criticism. if there's any blatant rudeness or disrespect then welp this room will have to go. click the pic in the room to be redirected. or if you don't care about anonymous, you can post directly in here. 

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kim nomjoon 4 months ago
pls accept hwan at the new place i beg : ; ajajandnsm
yoon dowoon ✧ [A] 4 months ago
this was a test of your adrenaline system
bona____kim 4 months ago
hey so like, was this a late april fools bruhs
cho miyeon [A] 4 months ago
for those who need a clearer deadline!
you have until friday, april 30th 5pm GMT-7 to reserve
cho miyeon [A] 4 months ago
cho miyeon [A] 4 months ago
@lee taeyong [ sh ] lee taeyong [ sh ] 3 minutes ago Reply
How long do we have to reserve

i'm tagged you here!
you have about a day to reserve here at say! after that, you'll have to do so during general reservations.
i know you know we know lee know 5 months ago

@yoon dowoon ✧ @wong yukhei @na jaemin @koo junhoe the boyfriend is finally home from war and this could we have our old room back por favor graçies (minho & minsu)
also could we update the room pic to this? just made a small adjustment to it <3
choi tired yewon 7 months ago

@yoon dowoon ✧ hewwo can i have a room for me (yoobi)
thong mino [A] 7 months ago
⭒ // ʀᴇǫᴜɪʀᴇᴍᴇɴᴛs ғᴏʀ ᴀ ᴘᴇʀsᴏɴᴀʟ ʀᴏᴏᴍ

- first and foremost, be sure to tag an admin or your request might not be seen.
- the person making the request must have already obtained 2,500 points.
- when making a request, please include the following:
 1. who the room is for (you OR you and your partner)
 2. a SFW image you would like to use for the room layout

- important things to keep in mind:
 1. personal rooms will receive inactive room warnings after one (1) week of inactivity. if the room is not reactivated within 24 hours, the room will be revoked. retrieval will be up to an admin's decision.
 2. if the room holder goes on hiatus or semi-hiatus, the personal room will be safe from inactivity warnings.
wong yukhei [A] 7 months ago
i made the rooms owo
kento yamazaki 7 months ago
9 + 1 7 months ago

@thong mino lisa and i would like a room, please!!
[post deleted by owner]
bae joohyun 8 months ago
lee sunmi 8 months ago
kim taehyung 8 months ago
jeon chaeyoung 8 months ago
wu yifan [A] 8 months ago
kang mina [A] 8 months ago
yoon dowoon ✧ [A] 8 months ago
yoo shiah 8 months ago
choi jongho 8 months ago
park jinyoung 8 months ago
im done with the activity check
dilraba wu 8 months ago
nancy mcdonie 8 months ago
yoon jeonghan 8 months ago
han seungwoo 8 months ago
myoui mina 8 months ago
jung whew in 8 months ago


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realllllmino [A] 4 months ago
hi there!
we're closed now but you can join our chaotic family at SAY 3.0!
sprezzatura 4 months ago
i hate myself HAHAHA work killed me
can i please get hwi back i will take care of him i swear T_T
chikookiehope 4 months ago

pxssionfruit 4 months ago
h hewwo
c can i get jimin back pwease? i pinky pwomise i will be active o ///// o
haejangguk 4 months ago
can i have one (1) lee chaeyoung please, and thank you ><
godzilla 4 months ago
i contemplated this for like- 3 days dfgdfg
may i have son naeun pls?
comets 4 months ago
choi san pls?
wiggly 4 months ago
kang yeosang pls
sprezzatura 5 months ago
can i get a second now :((((
asueki 5 months ago
jo yuri pls!
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