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a new tale: a new beginning: a new world




☵ Lee Taemin ☘1 10 months ago
Looks around him before swiftly swimming inside the cave. It was so dark, a small frown appeared on Taemin's face. How was he supposed to find anything in here? Then he saw an anglerfish. "Okay little guy, mind lending some of your light?" He saw a small chest, dragging it out of the sand. It had a weird looking glowing bracelet and a knife, along with few gold coins. How was this supposed to be a treasure? They better be worth something, cause Taemin felt a bit disappointed. Even the fish he used, sensed it and pissed off was ready to bite him as he let go of her. "Gosh-" The merman took the chest with him dragging it away. Whatever that was worth, it definitely was better than nothing.


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LeGoLaSs 4 months ago
Question. Would it be alright for my wife and I to both join? We love to play together, but we would more than likely end up /mostly/ playing together. Though we'd both try to play with others.
Please let me know. Love you guys <3
ShyShy 5 months ago
Hansol took his leave I don’t want to hold a character I won’t use
I may come back in The future just not right now
-lait- 6 months ago
hello can I hiatus from the 31-7th? I'll be away without internet
6eed65112941c760a106 6 months ago
Please add and reserve Yoon Sunha
sapphirescar 6 months ago
please add and reserve jim jongin ^^
hesoyam 6 months ago
Chris has left. Thank you for having me.
littleranchan 6 months ago
Please add and reserve Jungkook (◍•ᴗ•◍)
MaleWifey [A] 6 months ago
➴ Wang Yibo
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Ravenz 6 months ago
I'm tempted but there's so many options that I can develop on depending on who I choose-
pink-ellie23 6 months ago
Add and reserve lee hoseok
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