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a new tale: a new beginning: a new world




❖ Lee Minho ☘3 9 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin I wince a little when I feel my leg hurting more but Im biting my lips and just following you right after, trying my best to keep up a natural face. Yes Im struggling with me leg, I dont know know what happened. Maybe the panther get to me and I didnt even notice upon feeling all of the adrenaline that was suddenly rushed through my body. "Well lets go then"

"Yeah you right, so please lets just get going, okay?" Smiles weakly at you as I feel the pain in my leg more clearly, but still shrugging it off. I walked closely behind you, sticking to your side as I look around here and there. Its beautiful out in here, if only I could have some time to stare at the area, I sigh before I look up at the cabins entrance and blinks a little when the snow went into my eye. "Do you have a key or something? Is the cabin welcomed to everyone?"
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H 9 months ago
@❖ Lee Minho Seungmin let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding when Minho removed himself from him. Something about the demon’s leg caught his eyes, but he felt himself get pulled up by the other and made note to question him about it when they reached the cabin. “We strayed a little bit, but it’s not too far from here.” The shifter watched in amusement when the demon fussed over the snow on his clothes, the corners of his lips threatening to curl upwards at the sweet action.

“The sooner we get to the cabin, the safer you’ll be.” Seungmin started off with Minho sticking closely behind him. They were out of danger, for now, but if the panther alerted other shifters in the area about the demon then a full-on search team would be on the look-out so they needed to hurry and stay out of sight. The walk (more like speedwalk) toward the cabin was quiet. The shifter can imagine that the demon had a lot of questions for him much like he had for the demon. But they couldn’t talk out here and so only the sounds of their shoes against the snow can be heard.
❖ Lee Minho ☘3 9 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin Looking down at you as I pant, my hands are next to your head when Im hovering over you. The position making me feel uncomfortable but right at the same time. The vision I had before was so clear, it wasnt a dream but maybe a vision that will happen eventually in the future. Im not sure, because all of it is seriously crazy like the way you look at me it making me dizzy so Im glad your wings covered us as I just snuggle to your chest and just forget about the world. "Its okay"

Suddenly my eyes snapped out and I quickly pull away from you, finally getting to my right senses. Something hurts me on my leg but I wave it away. I reach out for your arm to grab on it before I pull you up and pats away some of the snow from your shoulders as you stand up and I look around the place. "Where are we? At the cabin?" I stick to your side unsure on what to do. Looking around the place, furrowing my eyebrows, lost.
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H 9 months ago
@❖ Lee Minho This really wasn’t what Seungmin had in mind when he thought of this plan—Minho hovering above him, so close that their noses were only mere centimeters away from touching and he could see how the demon’s long eyelashes framed his eyelids despite the darkness surrounding them, and the way Minho stared into his eyes that literally would make his knees weak if he was standing. It was electrifying and dizzying in a way and Seungmin couldn’t make out why he was feeling all of this with such close proximity with the other.

“I—” The shifter nearly choked on his own words, his chapped lips when his gaze accidentally dropped to the demon’s own lips before feeling the warmth spread to his cheeks once again. “—I’m okay.” Seungmin immediately turned his head away from the other, hoping that perhaps not looking at him would make the fuzziness in his mind disappear. His wings had another idea, however, curling around Minho to bring him even closer. “Sorry, my wings have a mind of their own sometimes.” If he wasn’t flushed before, then he most definitely was now.

“…I think the panther is gone.”
❖ Lee Minho ☘3 9 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin Literally draggin you along with me through the path not even looking around because that never end very well. The creature could not be that fast right? We could still outrun it right? I was so dumb to think that, but I tried to stay on the more positive side of surviving. I didnt know where you lead me but I was followed your traces anyway, the circumstances didnt allowed me to think more, every second mattered at this moment.

Before I could even do anything my body land on the top of you and I only raised my elbow to not touch your face in the awkward way. Suddenly the flash of an image came to my mind; me landing on top of you laughing like there is no tomorrow, youre chuckling along with me, I must have said something funny to have us each other react in this way, feeling the warmth spread inside my chest before it ends and I look at you right now while the panther is hunting us. "Are you okay?" I manage to whisper.
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H 9 months ago
@❖ Lee Minho The two don’t get very far until a panther shifter appeared in front of them, letting out a dangerous growl and blocking them in their tracks. Seungmin nearly stiffened because the panther had now found the demon that was lurking in the mountains, but he stood his ground, gazing into the animal’s eyes to appease the other and to communicate that the demon was with him and did not want any trouble. But before they can properly have a conversation shifter-to-shifter, Minho had taken his hand into his and pulled him along.

On their feet once again, Seungmin had to think fast. There was no way they were going to outrun a panther, so the only solution was to hide. He surveyed their surroundings while trying to keep up with Minho and his eyes spotted a dip in the ground that was surrounded by bushes big enough to conceal them both. He tugged on Minho’s hand, changing his course of direction so that the shifter can lead.

Seungmin didn’t plan on tripping along the way, but thankfully he landed in the exact spot in the bushes with the demon on top of him and his wings wrapped around the both of their bodies protectively.
❖ Lee Minho ☘3 9 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin Of course you don't have. I smile weakly to myself, so I guess Im alone in this. Not a surprise to me. It was always like this, thinking I finally found something to move forward but eventually backing away to the start line, life is life - cruel as it is. The shadows playing around my feet trying to brighten up my mood with different shapes and I snort, the darkness is only left for me and nothing else in this world - that is my life, a demon and nothing else.

My eyebrows furrowed together when I noticed you sensed something making me look around as well. Upon hearing your voice all I manage is to nod and follow you right after. The sounds were more noticeable with every second that passed by as we were walking through the snow. Why did you wanted me to go with you anyway? Are you curious as well why Im dreaming about you? My thoughts are cut off because of the suddenly loud sound that echoes throughout the mountains and I stop when I heard the creature approaches us, the loud growl making me widen my eyes as Im looking in your direction. I dont know what it is, another shifter? Definitely because it looks like some kind of panther? It doesnt matter because it rushes into our direction and I start to run, not even thinking I have power to fight against it but the adrenaline pumps in my veins and I cant think straight as Im just running, tugging you along with me. "Come on Seungmin, come on!"
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H 9 months ago
@❖ Lee Minho “I don’t have any answers for you—" Seungmin started off, confusion laced in his words and almost frustration because he really doesn’t know what kind of trick fate was trying to pull on him. “There are many things in this world that’s quite hard to understand.” And one that really stumped him was the way the shadows under the demon’s command seemed to dance around his feet, which was definitely a characteristic of shadows that was very unusual. He let out a sigh that mirrored the demon’s, gripping the edges of the fabric with his fingers and bringing it closer to his figure once again.

The shifters ears twitched at the sound of movement around the area, meters from where they stood. Shifters were territorial and Seungmin knew that they would not be very welcoming of the demon race into their homelands. “We can’t stay here. We have to go.” Seungmin pleaded the other with his gaze, not wanting to cause a scene. He still had so many questions to ask the other and he wanted to face fate head on and figure out just why fate had sent Minho to him. But first, he had to bring him to a safe space where they could talk in private. The only place he could think of was the cabin on the outskirts of the village that he would stay in when he was in the mountains.

“Follow me, quickly and quietly.” Seungmin quickly made his way towards the cabin without looking back, knowing that the demon would trail behind him.
❖ Lee Minho ☘3 9 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin I dont even know how my eyes stayed focused on you for this whole while. There is something captivating about you that I wanna come closer but I dont know how to approach. Im not backing away with my words, I told you the truth, I know its crazy, but we gotta work this out. Fate or not. Maybe I was staring too much because I see some rosy colour spread on your cheeks or maybe its because of weather? My eyes never leave yours as Im wondering whats on your mind. Why did only I had dreams about you? If it is because of fate then it should roll the dice right before messing around.

My eyes focus on the wings, now taking a good look of it since I didnt had time to actually look more closely. They are huge and wide and I wonder if it hurts while you carring it on your back, how do you shift with it? Those wings can be closed? Im so curious about the shifter that I barely heard what he is saying. "You do? Dont you think its weird? Why do I have dreams about you?" I sigh under my breath being totally clueless and just shaking my head before I heard your voice once again, that velvety sound making me melt, but I cant help but snap a little with my calm sarcasm. "I was trying to kill someone before some pretty bird appeard and scared my prey away and interrupted me and distracted me and I hope youre happy about it-... I was just waling around"
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H 9 months ago
@❖ Lee Minho Seungmin inhaled sharply, mouth nearly gaping at the words that fell from the demon’s lips. How could have Minho seen the shifter in his dreams? Was this fate playing a silly joke on him? That’s practically impossible—was this world actually capable of tying the fates of two random people? The demon was staring at Seungmin with such intensity and another emotion that he couldn’t figure out, but nonetheless, his cheeks continued to be painted with a pinkish hue and he’s feeling warm despite the chilly climate. He wanted to turn away out of embarrassment, but he couldn’t seem to do so either, gazing into the other’s eyes with bewilderment and amazement. Something in him just wanted to stay with this demon.

“I can’t say that I fully believe you but—” Seungmin started off hesitantly, wings twitching slightly at its owner’s uneasiness. “—for some reason I think a part of me does and I don’t know why.”

Minho looked beautiful under the moonlight. The shadows surrounding the demon darkened their surroundings even more, but even then, the other still looked handsome. If only the shifter could ignore the other’s identity, then maybe it would have been easier to lead him back to the nearby village and get acquaintance with each other over a conversation in a proper setting. “You’re a demon, what are you doing in shifter territory?” Although Seungmin already knew the answer to his own question, he wanted to hear it from the other.
❖ Lee Minho ☘3 9 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin Interesting.

Feeling my hear skips a beat, sensing that something must be wrong with myself, Ive never ever reacted in this way while meeting someone for the first time but you? Who are you really? Confusion washes over my features and eyebrows furrow. I touch my chest as I feel something warm spread inside of me and coughs a little because thats not normal for me to feel this way. I shouldnt feel anything, Im dead cold inside. There is something off, but I cant take a hold of it. Also those eyes, I remember them, in my dreams - so this is the thing called fate? But it seems like Im the only one to see that.

Stares at you after you said your name and blinks a little as it again sounds familiar to me. The whole feeling is getting on my nerves. I must have seen you at least twice somewhere else Im sure of it, I never forget a face, especially that beautiful. Im gonna push those thoughts for later, the time is ticking and Im really curious upon why Im feeling like this. So with raised eyebrow I look at you before speaking out.

- Im not sure, you see.. there is something about you that I dont actually get, some part of me is saying that I know you from somewhere but I cant remember from where and.. I a.. and Im really sure that I was dreaming about you and now Im seeing you face to face and-.. I just-.. Im sorry Im talking too much, is just I dont know what to do with it or how to grasp it. You dont even know me and yet I dreamed about you, isnt it crazy? - I finish my words with a last breath before my dry lips and just sighs lighlty, wondering what are you gonna say and react about it. I know its insane, we barely met and I spilled all words out, but you have to know the truth.
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H 9 months ago
@❖ Lee Minho Seungmin could feel the warmth creep up on his cheeks, slightly embarrassed at how the other was staring so intently at him. It could mean so many things—did the other want to kill him for distracting him from his target? Steal his soul? Sell his blood to the black market? So many questions ran through the shifter’s head, but a tiny part of his consciousness told him to stay in the presence of this demon, contradicting all of the warnings his brain was telling him. There were so many things he couldn’t understand in this situation but Seungmin listened to his gut instead.

“I’m not—” If his cheeks weren’t pink already, they more than definitely were now at the demon’s teasing words, further adding on to his confusion as to why this demon was acting like this to him. “—my name is Kim Seungmin.” He slowly nodded his head at Minho’s next question, fingers consciously playing with the tips of the fabric wrapped around his being and slightly lowering his guard even more because the other actually sounded sincere for his well-being. But why?

Seungmin’s gaze never left Minho’s, watching the way he tilted his head back to let out a laugh and he really had to stop his lips from telling him how beautiful he looked when he smiled. But then his body nearly tensed when the demon commanded the shadows alive again while coming even closer. There’s something off about this demon—something different about him but Seungmin just doesn’t understand why.

“Is there something you want from me?” A question filled with various meanings as a way to test Minho in revealing his true intentions.
❖ Lee Minho ☘3 9 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin - Minho, Lee Minho, thats my name and yours is? Must be just as beautiful as you - Eyes scanning you up and down before I bite on my lip to prevent myself from slipping out some more inappropriate words falling from my lips as I roll my eyes and just shakes my head before straightens up my back and making sure I look like a decent person approaching someone instead of kinda trembling with nervousness and hands shaking.

- Are you really fine?

The shadows vanished away and my eyes can clearly look at you right now and jesus christ from upfront you look even more mesmerizing, how can someone be so beautiful? How? This not makes even more sense, your eyes are so beariful that shine so brightly in the snow, it seems like youre familiar to me, where do I know that face? Eyebrows furrows when I try my best to think about from where I know you but maybe I was not actually seeing you alive maybe I was dreaming about you? Is that possible?

Looking at the way you wrap it around yourself making me smile to myself as I look away and tries my best to keep a poker face when I look back at you but I actually burst out in laughter in front of you because this all scene is such a ridiculousness thing for me. I snap my fingers to make the shadows come back to me before I took a step towards you. Not sure on what to do know since we are both in here and your beauty is still getting me all crazy.
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H 9 months ago
@❖ Lee Minho The man who pleaded for his life took this opportunity to run, most likely already far away from here, as Seungmin could feel the shadows surround his entire being, swirling from bottom to top in a very tornado-like manner, but despite the panic creeping up his throat and his heart pounding in his chest due to fright, the shadows felt…unthreatening—almost like it was giving him a hug instead of choking the life out of him. His eyes did not waver away from the male in front of him that finally recognized the shifter’s existence and watched as the other’s fingers commanded more of the shadows to surround him and the shifter was too choked up and confused at the fact that he was even alive right now to ask who he was, what he was, and why the shadows were not eating him alive.

Seungmin did not expect the commander of the shadows to look so beautiful, nearly breathtaking, under the moonlight and fluttering snow. But , he does not have time to admire the male’s features because the other is walking towards him now and the shifter closed his eyes in anticipation for some form of pain for distracting him enough to allow the man to run away, wings curling around his body in attempt to shield him from harm.

Moments passed and nothing has happened. Seungmin visibly jumped at the sound of a snap and at the feeling of something soft and warm wrapped around his body instead of the powerful dark magic that hugged him in place, pupils peeking out from his lips and nearly gaped to see the male standing right in front of him and the words that left his lips.

“I-I’m okay,” Seungmin responds hesitantly, fingers curling into the edges of the blanket and tugging them closer to his body, wings relaxing behind his back at the lack of threat. “Thank you…?” Words sounding like a question because he does not exactly know who he is thanking, still confused by the other’s actions.
❖ Lee Minho ☘3 9 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin Something is wrong, I can feel it on my skin. I could bet I noticed a shadow on the bright snowy sky as I run towards my prey - eventually slowing down and just stops on the ground with a big sigh when I watch as the man is running away. The death can wait because I feel something is coming, something more important. I can see how the shadows are starting to play without my control and I hate that feeling. I force my mind to collect the dark pieces on the snow but still for no use, they are playing on their own, its like I really lost control over it. Whats going on?

Then I see you.

At first I squint my eyes because some snowflakes went into my eye and I blink it away. Shifter. Ive heard about them before but never saw one in front of my bare eyes, its weird, seeing them wings connected to the mans body - its weird but.. fascinating. Its almost beautiful but he is still standing (IM STILL STAAAAAANDING YE YE YE XDD sorry i had to, I love that song, ok back on track o/) looking back at me and my shadows suddenly run towards him before I force them to stay by my side when idea popped up in my head. How about-?

With the move of my hand I push the shadows towards you making the darkness surround you. You are trapped in it like a swirling tornado before I start to walk towards your small silhouette. The fire ignates with every step I take only to walk into the cold snow making air around me. I part the shadows away only to replace it with something that reminds of a blanket that you wrap yourself whenever youre cold in the lonely nights before I round my finger to wrap it around your shoulders careful to not touch the wings, of course you cant feel it fully but the shadow still lingers. I snap my finger once Im face to face with the guy that has the most beautiful features I have ever seen and the shadow turns into ashes before it floats in the air.

- Arent you cold?
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H 9 months ago
@❖ Lee Minho Although Seungmin inhabited the forest and the human lands more frequently than he would have liked, the mountains were still the home of most shifters, of his kind with wings and of all of the others without. At a much cooler temperature and at a much higher altitude than the grassy fields, the mountains were a difficult terrain to march through for non-shifters and were arguably the safest place for the Pegasus shifter to stay in if it wasn’t for the fact that he had to hunt animals and purchase supplies from the humans in order to survive. He did not have to worry about suppressing his shifting urges, knowing the region like the back of his hand if he ever did find himself in the presence of hunters (also very highly unlikely).

Seungmin allowed his wings to be free, flapping against the chilled breeze and casting shadows underneath the moonlight, satisfied with the speed he was able to reach flying to and from destinations within the mountains. Planning to retire at a nearby village for the night, the shifter slowed down in the air when sensing a change in energy a few meters away from the path—dark energy? Feeling dark energy was not exactly the norm around here and he knew better than to let curiosity take over his head, but his wings brought him closer to the source of the energy.

Seungmin heard it before he saw it—the screams. The screams sounded very close to death itself. He wanted to run away from it, but it was too late. He found himself at the very scene, the victim meeting his gaze and pleading to save his life from his attacker. The shifter froze in his tracks, despite knowing that he was definitely not supposed to be here, and he should be flying away, but there was something about the shadows surrounding him that forced him to stay. Frozen in his tracks, his wings could do nothing but wrap themselves around his body in protection, screams filling his ears and eyes not leaving the back of the assassin until the other finally turned around.

(i had to stop myself from rambling, you don't have to match this)
❖ Lee Minho ☘3 9 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin Eyes looking from left to right, focused, the shadows playing with my silhouette I let it them be just slightly moving my hand to control it, likes the way they play with each other, its out of boredom before Im looking for the man I supposed to drag down to the dark land with me tonight. The night is beautiful like always it is, the full moon is shining so brightly and Im afraid I could be visible in the shadows. So I move the place, snap my fingers to make the shadows follow me and stick to my side like little friends they are and I squat down feeling the snow under my feet and I look ahead, my senses sharpens.

I can hear him, his footsteps making my head turn to the right direction and I see him, trembling from cold, traveling alone, mortals are crazy. I look to the right when the shadow is looking back at me and I smirk a little before pulling up the dark air and raises my hand towards the human as I concentrate my mind - the shadows approaching him in a second I command it, making some scary shapes to creep him out and I chuckle a little before I raise myself and walks towards him. The shadows must be doing their work because it seems like the man is already terrfiied on whats going on and then he turns around to face me when I stand far away from him, smiling and bowing down as Im giving him my hello.

The screams you can hear from him are seriously loud they can wake the dead. The shadows accompany me when I run towards the man with full speed, chasing him.
❧ Park Chanyeol ☘5 9 months ago
@〄 Oh Sehun ☘1 Well — that's a first, Chanyeol thinks to himself, blinking his eyes at the other's reaction. To say that he is expecting this sort of response would be a lie. A few seconds ago, he was sure that the panther would either make a snarky remark to retort back, but this was different, and he isn't sure why he is flustered. Chanyeol quietly looks away, hands on his torso, crossing them together, eyes looking back at the sky that is facing him. 'Well, there's nothing that you have to thank for since I was just stating a fact, you know, it's general." He mumbles underneath his breath, nodding to himself.

His eyes flicker over to the other, squinting at the glare from the sunlight and he perches on his shoulders. "My life before the game?" He asks back, looking at the other with a small frown. "If I tell you, will you tell me about you?" He asks, lifting himself off the ground to properly sit down, back straightening. "For a starter, I recently graduated from high school, working for a convenience store while preparing for college admission exams, and you? How old are you?"
〄 Oh Sehun ☘1 9 months ago
@❧ Park Chanyeol “Gorgeous?” Sehun repeats the words that so suddenly falls from the guardians lips, the smile trading for a baffled look once his bright eyes settles onto the elf. ‘A smile looks gorgeous on you’— it’s not the first time someone makes him aware of the fact and it probably wouldn’t be the last either, nonetheless hearing them coming from Chanyeol is a surprise that he didn’t see coming. “I know.” Then he shakes his head slightly, watching the flash of emotions displayed on the other’s face, turning his head down with another smile playing on his lips. “Thank you.” Sehun adds a second later.

Sehun crosses his legs and leans back on his hands, grass tickling the tips of his fingers. On the other side of the bridge the breeze isn’t as cold and wherever his eyes land next there’s no sign of snow present. He never was a big fan of the colder season. “Chanyeol, do you mind me asking— where are you from? Like before the game, where do you actually live?” Sehun doesn’t know if it’s inappropriate to wonder about such things as Chanyeol is the first player he’s been lucky to encounter so far, but despite his general dislike towards people and social situations the other has managed to peak his interest.
❧ Park Chanyeol ☘5 9 months ago
@〄 Oh Sehun ☘1 Oh— Chanyeol thinks to himself, grasping on his satchel just a tad bit tighter, eyes never leaving the other's beautiful visage and he wonders where he could he have seen it before. Tapping his fingers against the leather material of his bag, he lets out a hum. "Right— it might be off to say this, but I didn't know that you could smile, Sehun. I mean, it looks gorgeous on you, a smile. A smile looks gorgeous on you." He rambles, clearing his throat when Chanyeol himself realizes that he isn't making any sense. He offers the panther a bashful smile, feeling the heat creeps up to his nape and his ears.

He tries to will away his embarrassment. His fingers found their way to his nape, and he cups the skin there, shifting his focus back to the bridge and the road that lies ahead. "So, where should we take a rest?" He asks, changing the topic to what matters — a place to take a break. Without saying a word, he follows the shifter, laying his bottom down on the grass, and per usual, Chanyeol lays down entirely on the soft natural carpet.
〄 Oh Sehun ☘1 9 months ago
@❧ Park Chanyeol Sehun would be nothing more than a petty liar if he didn’t agree with the other male, he could feel it too. Newfound energy coursing through his body despite the long distance he already managed to put behind him and the fact that his body should start to feel drained. And while recharged energy hooked him up with a bounce to his step as the two crossed the bridge another sense of calmness washes over him as well. Head turning from side to side as he tries to take everything in.

“Yes, I can feel it too.” Sehun agrees, sounding a only little breathless once he finally does speak up after staying quiet for so long that the other must have suspected him of not listening in the first place. Somehow it feels like the blood in his veins travels easier through his body now that they’re on the other side and once again his excitement about finally visiting the jungle spikes up to the surface. Badly contained as he tries to keep some kind of facade before the other, the gleaming in his eyes soon giving him away.

The other wobbles in his step and Sehun reacts quickly, hand wrapping around Chanyeol’s bicep and intending to pull him back, only to drop his hand just as quick when the other seems to have the situation under control. “Y-yeah, let’s take a short break. I’ve been travelling since sunrise.” Sehun hums, a little flustered, and walks over to a field of grass on which he sinks down to sit on the soft greens.
❧ Park Chanyeol ☘5 10 months ago
@〄 Oh Sehun Chanyeol couldn't contain his excitement; no one could. He is finally close to the place that he could call home. The population of elves would welcome him into their circle, and life would be better. He'd no longer dread about going from one place to another, or worry about the supply of food and water that he has. Chanyeol feels like a gust of air has hit him as soon as they step on the bridge. The river is loud, and he is positive that there is a small waterfall a few steps above their head.

Stopping dead in his track, he brings his hands to his hips, taking a deep breath before exhaling. "Right, I feel calmer now than before." He says to himself, only remembering that he is still with Sehun a few seconds later. "Right, how are you feeling, Sehun? This is our ground, do you feel the mana and power coursing through your veins?"

He walks a little closer to the other, wobbling slightly on his legs, a hand quickly finding purchase on the rope. "That would be nice. We should — you seem like you need the rest too," Chanyeol says, eyes gawking the area like a hawk, trying to find a suitable place for them to catch their breath and replenish their energy.
〄 Oh Sehun ☘1 10 months ago
@❧ Park Chanyeol “It’s not a bother though, Chanyeol. If it was then I wouldn’t even have offered to carry them in the beginning.” Sehun hums, watching as the guardian finally gives in to his proposal and dumps his load into the offered bag, he smiles slightly. Slipping the bag back onto his back, dropping the hood from his head as he follows Chanyeol’s gaze as the other tries to spot what Sehun’s eyes already managed to adjust to, giving a small nod of his head. “Yeah, the bridge is right there, we just need to pass over that and then we should be closer to the forest.”

With another motion of his hand the shifter starts walking again, following the path that leads them closer to the bridge. The closer they get the louder the noise that the river produces and Sehun jerks slightly when he isn’t prepared for the volume to violate his eardrums, still not used to his heightened senses and he briefly wonders if he ever will be. He merely flinches though, sending Chanyeol a brief look before he opts for a more confident posture and starts crossing the bridge. The view around them still manages to catch him breathless. To think that a world like this could exist, it wasn’t real but it felt real, and to him that’s all that ever mattered in the first place. Once on the other side Sehun runs a hand through his tousled locks and let’s his eyes scan the new area before them. “Do we want to take a short break or should we just keep going at it?”
❧ Park Chanyeol ☘5 10 months ago
@〄 Oh Sehun He lightly shrugs his shoulder, head shaking at the other's question. Chanyeol doesn't believe that a home needs to be anything like the ones they had in the real world. It could be a mansion, or it could be a one-room house. But he knows for sure that a home is a place where he could rest his aching muscles, and have someone worrying or nagging him. Chanyeol gulps down, letting out a sigh as he thinks about home. He misses his family, their rowdiness during dinnertime and how loud that his sister can be when he gets his feet on her bedsheets. He misses his puppy, wondering whether he's eating and playing well.

Chanyeol turns his head to the side, looking up to the shifter before he eyes the bag. Stopping in his track, he examines his bed and nods. "For now. But as soon as I find something to fix this bag, I'll take my load off yours. I don't want to make this unfair since we're travelling together. You and me, we're equal." He says, pulling out the fruits from his satchel before dropping them into Sehun's own. Chanyeol stares across the field of snow, his eyes widening as he points at the bridge.

"There, isn't it? We're closing the forest, right?" Chanyeol asks, his head leaning forward as his eyes squint, trying to catch a more unobstructed view of the bridge.
〄 Oh Sehun ☘1 10 months ago
@❧ Park Chanyeol A place to call home. Those are the words running through his head, and he steals a glance of the guardian by his side, brows only slightly furrowed as he sighs. “I don’t know about that, does it have to be a certain spot for it to be called a home?” He ponders out loud, home to Sehun had never been about safety or peace, home had just been yet another place to run away from. “Maybe, during the winter, but winter doesn’t really reach the jungle anyway.” He muses softly.

Eventually he’s able to spot the bridge up ahead before it’s possible to pick up by the human eye, and the shifter once again directs his gaze onto the shivering figure by his side. It’s cold, but not enough as to become a concern to the shifter who merely draws his robes closer to his body. Briefly wondering if the other is still doing alright, but then he realizes that the elf reached level three already and should be fine without the protection of his sacred forest and nature. “Alright, thank you for offering.”

Admittedly Chanyeol is right and Sehun was a y conversationalist, mostly because he much rather enjoyed the company of nobody but himself and so never really bothered with connecting much to other people. In the game he was no different, the panther was solitary by choice, and so was Sehun. “I guess you’re right.” He hums, although the other male doesn’t seem too keen on carrying out a conversation either, but perhaps that might just be his own fault for treating the male so coldly. “Are you sure that you’re not going to borrow some space in my bag for your things? You might drop your items and then all your great efforts would have been gone to waste, right? I have plenty of space still.” Sehun doesn’t wait for an answer as he’s already slipping his bag off, pulling it open and then offers it out towards the other player, a small smile hinted on his lips.
❧ Park Chanyeol ☘5 10 months ago
@〄 Oh Sehun Chanyeol is about to open his mouth but quietly settles down to close them, but he couldn't hide the unpleasant feeling that had stemmed from the other's words. Chanyeol is capable of protecting someone, that would never be an issue. Sure, the other has a lit bit more capability than him, but that doesn't mean his perks as a panther shifter could easily outshine an elf. Chanyeol takes pride in this race that he has placed himself. Not only for the higher HP they received at the first level but, also for the various skills and abilities they can quickly master. The elves might not be about brawns, but they're all about brains.

He looks at the other in a side glance, blinking. Well, he didn't expect it to turn out like this. Chanyeol hugs his satchel closer, breathing out puffs of cold air that steams lightly. They are passing the colder parts of the path, but soon, they'll reach the forest and Chanyeol couldn't be any happier. "Well, that's good, but under all of that shifting and furs, you're still a human. A home is always a place to go back. Don't you feel like building a place you can call home, Sehun? You know, with pots and pans, and racks, some clothes and a warm place to stay during the winter. Speaking of winter, it's getting closer, right?"

He shivers, sniffling a little. The cold is now slowly affecting him, but he is still okay. Chanyeol assures himself that as he rubs against the tip of his nose, halting in his action to turn to Sehun. "I— guess. Yes, stay for a few days. Just my way of saying thank you to you and no, don't be sorry. You seem like you rarely communicate, and for certain people, it takes time to warm up to others. I understand," Chanyeol replies, eyeing the other's hands with a small hum.
〄 Oh Sehun ☘1 10 months ago
@❧ Park Chanyeol “You’re going to keep me safe, Chanyeol? Out of the two of us I’m the one who offered you protection. Also, didn’t I say that I wouldn’t be losing control? Don’t worry about those things, we’ll be fine, but right now the only thing that is triggering me is you and your questions.” Sehun casually replies, picking up his pace once again, making an impatient gesture towards the elf that could only be translated to ‘now let’s get this over with’. If it came off as him being harsh then it wasn’t his intentions, but he doesn’t know how the handle all these questions; he’d never been very good with confrontation or any type of social situations. And even before, in the real world, there wasn’t even a single thing that Sehun had managed to control.

The path through the mountains get dryer the closer to the bridge that they get, eventually the soggy snow gets traded for patches of grass and the smell of nature pokes at his sensitive nose, in the distance he’s able to hear the roar of water travelling through the river. “You’re mistaken, I am prepared. I just don’t have a certain place to return to, nature is my home now. I have enough supplies and unlike you I’m capable of hunting and eating raw meat, if I had to.” Sehun starts, head turning left and right as sharp eyes take the new scenery that’s slowly unfolding before them in, storing the picture away and into his memories. “But since you’re offering I won’t say no, alright?” There's a small smile on his lips once he turns towards the other. If this was going to work out then he would have to loosen up a little. "Sorry if I offended you earlier, alright? If we walk a little further then we should be reaching the bridge soon." He shakes the tension out of his shoulders and hides his hands, now all human skin, into the pockets of his robe.
❧ Park Chanyeol ☘5 10 months ago
@〄 Oh Sehun "No, that wasn't what I was trying to imply, Sehun." He quickly looks straight to the other; his eyes widening as he is trying to prove that he is not lying or afraid of the other. Chanyeol doesn't know much about Sehun, but he knows that both of them need to keep an eye on the other. No matter what happens, they need to arrive in the elf village, safely. If another player decides to jump on them and triggers Sehun — he doesn't know how to make Sehun stop before things go way overboard. They wouldn't want anyone to be caught in an injury. Chanyeol also lacks herbs to provide medical attention.

"It's not like that. How do I know I can keep you safe? If it takes over your instinct, I wouldn't know how to calm you if you ever go berserk, that's all," Chanyeol explains, gnawing on his lower lip, tugging away at the dry patches on his mouth. That should be enough of an explanation, right? He averts his gaze, looking down to his boots, a small sigh leaving his lips.

His ears perked up at the other's questions. He couldn't help but tugged his left ear down, cupping it with his palm. He should have just make sure he shut his mouth close. Stop trying to make a fool of yourself; he curses under his breath. There would be no way that the panther would stay and befriend him. Although, wouldn't it be really cool if he gets to befriend all races? Easily finding a home whenever he travels far away from the forest? "You're going to continue travelling without preparing yourself? You should at least stay for a day or two, replenish your supplies and then head off. It's a bad move not to be prepared — even if you're a panther shifter."
〄 Oh Sehun ☘1 10 months ago
@❧ Park Chanyeol At this point Sehun knows in which direction they’re supposed to be headed, having studied the map enough times to know which paths to follow and so he easily maneuvers his steps through the mountains. There’s a newfound grace in his step and movements that wouldn’t have been there before. To get to the chanted forest they would have to cross a bridge into the jungle and then from there cross another bridge to reach the designated forest. Once on the other side they should just have to follow alongside the river in order to finally reach the elf village and their destination.

As long as they don’t run into another player with bad intentions they should be on a safe distance from any potential dangers, a couple of wild animals while crossing the jungle perhaps, but nothing that Sehun wouldn’t be able to either outsmart or defeat. His trail of thoughts however gets interrupted by the seemingly simple question, feet coming to an abrupt halt as he slowly turns his head to stare at the traveler, snow pooling around his feet and he crooks an eyebrow towards the other. Eyes the color of stark orange focusing on the guardian from beneath the hood. “Am I tamed?” He all but hisses, lip quirking slightly upwards when Chanyeol seems to realize his own mistake, wide eyes blinking back at him before he adapts to a more defensive posture. Sehun takes a moment to answer, a small twitch in his fingers, eyes squinting. “I haven’t actually shifted yet, so I wouldn’t know. I can’t control it yet, things just keep happening, but I’m not losing control over my instincts or actions, if that’s what you’re trying to get at. I am not going to hurt you, Chanyeol, alright?”

With that he keeps walking again, only getting a few steps before it’s the elf who stops. Slowly turning to face the other male with a gruff question at the tip of his tongue only to get successfully caught of guard by the question. “What do you mean? I don’t need a room, or a bed for that matter, I would be just fine without those things. Why, are you offering me a place to stay?” He inquires, the hint of a smile showing within his bright eyes.
❧ Park Chanyeol ☘5 10 months ago
@〄 Oh Sehun Chanyeol gazes down to his boots, a small hum leaving his lips as he notes how wet the snow is as they pool around his soles. He shakes them off, hugging his bag closer, eyes trailing over to the other's hands. His heart hammers against his ribcage, the sight of the other's hands covered with black fur and the appearance of claws sends his core shaking a little. But, he braves himself, eyes fleeting back to the shifter. "Say, are you tamed?" He asks, blinking as he tries to make sense of his words, only realizing it a tad bit later that it must have sounded rude. "No, I mean, are you still conscious of your actions when you shifted?"

"I'm not scared or anything, I want to make sure that we're both safe around one another. You know, like knowing each other's trigger and comfort point. We're travelling buddies, after all," Chanyeol explains quickly, hoping that the other understands the meaning of his words.

He stops in his track, a hand reaching over to halt the other's stride as well. "Are you saying you don't have a place to say, Sehun? It's getting colder soon and isn't it nice if you have your room, bed and all?" He tilts his head to a side, eyes gazing into the others, his curiosity and perhaps, he's already showing concern towards the other — they could be friends, right? After all, they're travelling together. Friendship is bound to occur.


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