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​​​​​​might find fairy elves spending their nights here in the trees.



☵ Felix Lee [A] 6 months ago
@➴ Chris Bang It was obvious how the other wasn't pleased in the situation one bit. Felix's eyes that kept scanning other to help him try to read him more stopped. Yes, he stopped. Felix's lips curved down and his eyes exposed how sad he felt. He was lonely and like some brat he didn't know a better way how to gain attention from the other than playing dirty tricks and talking back, obviously it wasn't the best move but it hurt his ego to say anything back or follow the later. Human was obviously mature enough to ignore someone like Felix and the merman realized it... maybe that was why it hurt in his chest, even a mere stranger would rather walk away than deal with him.

Just like that the merman jumped back into the water and disappeared. He didn't disappear for good, his familiar gave his clothes back which went back to inventory of Felix's since in merman form he didn't need any clothes. A loud sigh escaped his lips. Human's clothes laid in front of him along with the heavy guilt which felt like rocks on his chest, getting heavier the longer he stared. ''FINE'' childishly he groaned. The Siren argued with himself inside his head to leave it be, to leave and continue what was he doing or return those clothes to the owner and his inner voice won him over.

It wasn't hard to find the ship of pirates but it was quite dangerous to show in front of them, afterall even if no player is higher lvl than Felix there were still npc who were programmed to be the bad guys, to hunt and sell or even kill the mermen along the other rare species like phoenix or pegasus. Just Felix's tears or lips could do a lot, and to think what those evil minds could do with his fins or scales... the creator was confident, he felt like god sometimes but there were moments when even him had to stay on guard. That's why he waited for perfect timing which appeared to be a late, starry night where Felix used the waves to lift him up so he could place nicely the folded clothes of the man's he met earlier.
☵ Felix Lee [A] 6 months ago
@➴ Chris Bang The man before him indeed looked like a private guy, the way the silence followed them the merman could feel the human was scanning him, planning something...silently and suspiciously yet nobody could tell much just by looking what happens in that man's head... is he a good guy or a bad one? It was still a question for Felix. But what the grey haired guy knew was that the man was indeed attractive, charming maybe even. It wasn't human like which made him question the other even more. Felix's legs trembled a little from sudden shift and movements as he managed to stand up. His eyes however focused on the alluring man: jaw curved gracefully around and the strength of his neck showed in the twining cords of muscle that shaped his entire body; strong arms, bold thighs and calves, a firm chest and abdomen, he’s got that tone of skin which could make anyone want to leave a mark on it, to add up to the art piece, adonis look going on, dark eyes that made Felix weak at the knees even his voice trembled for a moment before he could even get out a word.

''W-what? You wish to fight me ? You know it's no use'' he mocked the other man but the silence followed that, even birds stopped singing for that short moment till Felix's loud clumsy gulp broke it. '' he cursed in his mind but why? There was this powerful atmosphere going from another, it suffocated Felix a little, it was quite dominant as if the smaller should submit to him but it was only what happened inside the Siren's mind the more he stared so he knew what to blame... definitely those damn, dark, enchanting eyes.

The merman wiggled out of the robe, making it drop in the river, a smirk grew on his lips. If human planned to steal it he won't be able to do that now since Felix's familiar got to work and take it to secret spot where Felix could find and even if he wouldn't the merman and the marine like familiar could communicate trough the mind signals, just like those theories how dolphins talk to each other it was for Felix. A merman. His lightly scaled shoulders exposed to the sun, his body down the visible collarbones turn a little paler if someone would dare to stare for long could notice the light shade of tones change to paler one bit by bit, from his toned chest and abdomen and that same shade follows all down to his feet since the legs that switch adapt to the abdomen skin color. Kicking off his shoes into the water was yet another bold action made by the merman ''I am wearing underwear I won't take off more than I did now so are we even?'' Siren raised his eyebrow to the taller man.
☵ Felix Lee [A] 6 months ago
@➴ Chris Bang The Siren was ready to grab the human's hand and drag him to the depths of the water. Not to kill though. He would've used an excuse to kiss the other and actually lead him where the pirate's clothes were laying but... as Felix noticed before the taller man in front was indeed unpredictable 'is it how youth act nowdays' he thought like some grandpa even though only two years passed when Felix last seen the actual world instead of this magical new dimension. Being suddenly grabbed and pulled up caught the merman off guard, he indeed got silently excited, human was so strong it attracted him even more but that wasn't his priority...yet.

better idea? what was that supposed to be? Does he have intention of killing and selling him? Felix hissed underneath he closed his eyes as aquatic lights that reminded of fireflies surrounded him. Yes, the Siren switched to his human form to be less valuable to the pirate. His tails switched to legs and some clothing appeared too, it was quite revealing though, an open wide blue that reminded of pure waters robe, and red briefs that cupped his lower part body well, geta shoes to match the robe but honestly if he was about to fight he would rather kick them off as soon as possible. His toned muscles and a little tanned body revealed, he wasn't as pale as snow, his skin was much darker than his hair indeed, he liked to swim on the surface so maybe that was it, finally under the sun, out of water even from small distance his freckles were exposed along his sheepish grin. ''what will you do now, human? I wouldn't suggest you to pick a fight a fight with me, I would rather choose equal competition'' he sounded cocky and partly the creator was like that though honestly he had many different sides of himself.

Even though the merman was in his human form because of how much he adapted to life in water his human body had spots of aquatic scales, on his neck, shoulder and other body parts, just small spots that nicely faded along the skin yet they shined beautifully under the sunlight.
☵ Felix Lee [A] 6 months ago
@➴ Chris Bang “Hey, can you give me my clothes back?” the man in front of him spoke and the only word Felix heard echo inside his head was 'B U S T E D'. Would it be smart to play dumb and answer with 'what clothes?' probably that wasn't it. It was quite complicated situation when Felix hid the clothes on the different land. In the end he didn't answer. Not straight away. Their gazes met and the merman could definitely tell the human in front of him was lost in deep thoughts as well. They were both scanning each other presence.

''come closer'' Felix's gaze locked with the human's, he tried his best not to focus on the bellow the waist body area as it was quite distracting, honestly he wasn't sure how it looks, not detailed he only had rough image because of how his eyes kept running from it and focusing anywhere but not there. From the other side it must be a funny sight, even the scaled boy knew that yet he couldn't fight against it.

The merman extended his cold, webbed hand, few aquatic color scales following it. ''You will need to follow me if you wish to get your clothes back, human'' he spoke though Felix had no idea how would the man in front of him react. He was indeed quite unpredictable and hard to read, his reactions were not ordinary and maybe that attracted him a little, maybe it was a reason why the merman was willing to give the stolen clothes back for the man. Most people would not agree to follow the stranger but who knew, maybe the man in front of him was fearless one afterall?
☵ Felix Lee [A] 6 months ago
@➴ Chris Bang Felix wasn't sure why but he enjoyed watching the other man, he wasn't very tall but definitely taller than Felix, he could see it. The merman could only watch from distance he wasn't like the wild creatures... shifters, their eyes could see from distance, they could probably notice the face features of the human but not Felix, all he saw was the face shape and dots where there supposed to be eyes, nose and mouth. Quite disappointing. But he did see from distance the muscles it only made him curious, if he sees the form of the other from distance how toned will his body be from up close? The merman his lips and dipped underwater, his tail made the splashing sound but maybe the man wouldn't notice since the siren wasn't the only creature here, there were many fishes and other unknown creatures.

Felix's heart lost it's regular rhythm just the thought that he was going closer to the man made him lose his mind, he never was that close, his head was filled with many thoughts, merman's eyes shut and once he opened them to check if he didn't swim too far, he indeed did. His face almost bumped into great shaped , he wanted to touch it but he had no time with his fast swimming he speed up and disappeared, his rough end of his tail did slap that as he did so but he was sure that human couldn't see more if he looked only the tail of a merman's if he time that is.

Felix didn't swim too far, he stopped near the nearest rock to hide behind it just to see the reaction of the human's. He didn't expect too much from it as the light haired man obviously didn't panic as most of the players, he calmly bathed in the water where he could be hunted down anytime, and even now once he got out of the river and stepped on the solid surface, walking to the spot where his clothes laid with disappointment in his face instead of anger and checking who could have stolen. It wasn't what Felix expected, honestly. He liked the hide and seek games but the human seemed different. Was he tired? he thought. Or maybe injured somewhere?

With a small worry the merman swam closer and decided to just reveal himself, it would be just too cruel to leave a man all alone in jungle. He reached the bottom of the river and mystically floated up to the surface, slowly revealing his face right to his shoulders. Felix's cheeks were still slightly flushed, of course he was now seeing everything up close, his eyes ran around, he had no idea where to focus. Human's face? The nature? Hands? Or maybe those plump lips that distracted him as much a the man's crotch did.
☵ Felix Lee [A] 6 months ago
@➴ Chris Bang Felix was roaming around the waters, after-all every spot, region, ocean he considered his home no matter what dangers it hide, he knew few tricks and tips to advantage him when it came to survival. Once the merman decided to reach the surface he noticed a very amusing view quite further from him, it was a human. Definitely not a NPC, he was very good at recognizing them, he was the creator after-all. Felix's wet shoulders got to see the sunlight as well as his white hair it was the kind of colour that looked white until something that was really white was held against it. Then it took on a more yellowish hue, a little creamy. For a siren his tail was very rough as he chose this type of design himself, at first glance he could always come off as a simple merman even though he did have some aquatic scales follow up his shoulders on some spot, yet it softly blend it with his pale skin and the gill slits that were not so easy to see above water, hiding on the sides of his neck. That was how he looked, and the beginner players would definitely be taken aback from his appearance and with no muse of killing Felix had no intentions to reveal himself and shock the others.

Instead he had a game of his own, the way the siren kept himself amused. Seeing people bathe wasn't first time for him, it was always his guilty pleasure, to scan the nice built people had just like the one in front of him. He seemed quite young yet he had quite toned body or so it seemed from distance. Using rocks as his advantage Felix has swam a little closer, sneaking and hiding. His slightly scaled hand which had his fingers fused together and create so called webbed fingers which would help him swim faster reached towards the clothing resting on the rock against the sunlight it was obviously drying but was the boy the type to leave it be? No. He grabbed on the fabric and pulled it in the depths of the water, his speed was indeed inhuman. Felix made it to the other land to place it there and came back just in ten minutes, of course that land wasn't on the other side of map, it was actually quite close by but not revealing it was the part of his silly, childish game.

Once again he reached the surface, his shoulders exposed to the sunlight and his eyes focused on the attractive body. Felix was aware, he liked guys instead of girls and watching them was his guilty pleasure he would never admit on his own. The merman bit on his lower lip that was moisturized well by the saliva which collected just from the view. ''just a little turn'' he whispered to himself. Just few steps to the left and the human would catch the perfect lighting, his wet body shined under the sun...just a little more and Felix would see how much of a man the human was. Yes, he was quite curious of the crotch area, his cheeks flushed red and his breathing slowen its pace, the young male was indeed a little excited but there is no harm to secretly watch, was there?


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