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➴ Lee Kiwook 4 months ago
@❧ Park Chanyeol "But what if you get hurt, Chanyeol?" Kiwook shook his head. Surely, he did get the other's reasonings but he also knew that working on something this dangerous alone would not be good at all. "I cannot just leave knowing you are getting yourself in so much danger." A monster made of fire could be quite a troublesome creature, yes, but he was sure there was something he could do, anything maybe. He did not really care what it was but he did not want to leave. "I can hide, maybe. And make sure I stay safe. But, really, I cannot just leave you behind. You are my friend and getting yourself into something this dangerous alone? Nope. Not gonna happen. Who even was so stupid sending you here all alone?" He frowned and shook his head. "Not clever, no matter how strong you might be."
❧ Park Chanyeol ☘5 4 months ago
@➴ Lee Kiwook With a shake of his head, Chanyeol lowered his head. Well, there could be another way; however, would it be a safer way to help and protect the villagers and farmers. There was a daft of wind entering the cracks and holes of the temple walls. It wasn't safe for anyone, and he knew there was no other way, and he hoped Kiwook understands his reasonings. "The monster is made of fire, and for it to be defeated, it should be overcome with the element of earth. We never know when it will hover over the small houses in the village and burn them to the ground." He continued, offering the male a small smile. "And so, it's best if you leave, tell the villagers close by and help them to evacuate. They should trust you more than I do."
➴ Lee Kiwook 4 months ago
@❧ Park Chanyeol "Uh, I don't know. Why are you here?" Kiwook asked back and tilted his head a bit. He had not known it was in any way bad to be here, after all he had been wandering around here for a while already so he had not been able to meet anyone along the way. He had not been surprised, it was not his first adventure trip he had made all alone without meeting anyone. Though now he had met someone and it was a very pleasant meeting.

"Mh? So they sent you?" He frowned and looked at the other, not really happy with the other male's words. Why were they sending him all alone? If it was really as dangerous as the other claimed, why was he alone here then? "If you should not be alone here, you should not either," Kiwook said and had the urge to reach out for the other's hand but held back. After all they barely knew each other, sadly. "Is there not a different way to defeat the demon?"
❧ Park Chanyeol ☘5 4 months ago
@➴ Lee Kiwook He thinks he would find only himself in the temple. Admittedly, it could be an issue if others are there at the same time and in the same place. The temple is no longer safe, even for elves, so when he sees a familiar face, he makes his way to Kiwook. "Wait," Chanyeol says, putting his bow away, letting it be placed over his shoulder. "Kiwook, wait, hold it. Why are you here?" He tilts his head, holding the other's arm. "It's not safe here. Have you heard? A demon has attacked the northwest village, the crops died, and now they need the monster to begone. You shouldn't be here, Kiwook. It's dangerous for you."

Chanyeol knows that the other is still going from one level to another but at a languid pace. He wouldn't be ready to face the monster. Chanyeol doesn't have the nerve to have Kiwook help him too. He couldn't do it when he knows that it is better to know that the male is safe from harm.
➴ Lee Kiwook 4 months ago
@❧ Park Chanyeol Fighting off a monster and helping protect the village Kiwook currently lived in had been not that hard, luckily, especially not with the help of the guardian he had visited earlier. The scroll the other had given him had built a good defense and finding a few more traps had worked amazingly. The monster had still damaged a few houses but aside from that everyone was safe and sound and unharmed. He still preferred to not have to do that again.

So right now he was out to do his next mission, ending up in a different area than he had wanted to. Anyways, it was an interesting place though it did give him the creeps. Luckily to him he had not heard rumors about this place as otherwise he might not have entered it - okay, he probably would have entered it anyways because he was a reckless idiot and just loved adventures. The thing he had not expected was to see a face he still clearly remembered from a short time ago. It was the guardian that had helped him protect his village.

"Chanyeol?" he asked surprised and a bright smile was seen on his face, totally oblivious that they were very close to something very dangerous. But who cared? He was seeing a nice face, someone he'd like to call friend even. "What are you doing here?"
❧ Park Chanyeol ☘5 4 months ago
@➴ Lee Kiwook He has heard of rumors — a monster of the dark has breached into the human land, crossing boundaries and causing terror amongst the mortals. And him, even though he had nothing to do with the general population, it seemed like this sudden appearance of a monster was threatening the harvesting of crops. Chanyeol must help the farmers. He couldn't watch this year's crops going to waste, and so, he has been going from places to places, seeking for ideas on where the monster might have gone. Garnering all the details, he heads straight to the old, abandoned temple and watches in awe at the sight of the building. Shivers run through his spine, and he dreads going inside, knowing too well that there is a creature waiting.


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