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a new tale: a new beginning: a new world


the tree that provides you with magical fruits which give back half of your hp lost in speed of light, guardians say it's as a thank you gift from nature from protecting it. tribe men say it's the gift of gods.



➴ Lee Kiwook 7 months ago
@❧ Park Chanyeol Kiwook blinked a little confused and then chuckled softly when he heard the other's words. For a moment he searched in his bag for something and then finally found some bread handing it over to Chanyeol. "Here! It's not much but you can eat and it helps! At least a bit!" He totally got the way the other was. Food was necessary and while he was able to run on barely any food for a while he did get grumpy after a while. A state one should rather not try to find him in. He huffed and looked at the items and then carefully took them. "Thank you so much."
Still Kiwook was unsure if he could use them properly and if he was any help of defending the village. "You are very sweet, you know?" He tilted his head curiously. "I didn't expect to meet friendly people around here, if I am honest." He had already stumbled across a few unfriendly creatures after all and sadly he was quite clumsy.
"What about you? Are you safe here?" He asked, having heard a few rumors about dangerous creatures around here. Hopefully the other was safe.

(Sounds good. We can talk in DMS about what we wanna do!)
❧ Park Chanyeol ☘5 7 months ago
@➴ Lee Kiwook "Well— " Chanyeol started, feeling suddenly shy and embarrassed at his way of talking to the traveller. He must have sounded a bit rude or demanding. Scratching the back of his head, he shook his head. "Please, don't be sorry. I just— I haven't eaten yet, yup, so I'm a bit— well, I'm a bit agitated. How about you?" He asked softly, not wanting to scare the younger even more. The other had gone through a lot also to reach the sacred tree, finding an elf to help with his quest could only be pure luck. "Cya, I will remember that name." Chanyeol had whispered, letting his words to be taken away with the wind. There wasn't much left to do, especially for Chanyeol. Cya would have to take the items blessed by God and brought them over to his village. He should be able to defend his place quickly. "Yes, of course. I could only help you up until this point or else; you might not be able to complete your quest. But, do know that I will be praying for you and your people's safety, Cya."

[] it is so late— and so short too— but we should plot for more, something that they can do together without it feeling awkward? maybe, after kiwook succeeded in defending his territory?
➴ Lee Kiwook 7 months ago
@❧ Park Chanyeol Kiwook was impressed by how much the elf seemed to know. Had he been here for long? Or was he just a person of this game, made by someone and filled with knowledge. But he seemed different than those characters he had met, those villagers he had seen that were clearly not played by a real person. So he wondered if the other just had been here for a while. "Oh! Right! How rude of me," Kiwook said while following the other, blushing a bit. He had not even noticed that he had not given the other his name. He should not have been this rude. "I am sorry. My name is Kiwook. Friends call me Cya," he said and rubbed his neck shyly, almost stumbling over some root but catching himself pretty easily. He was clumsy in general so he easily caught himself whenever needed.

With wide eyes he watched where they went, the tree growing bigger and taller the closer they got and once they were so very close, he wondered how old such a tree must be that it was such a majestic tree. "This is hella big," he mumbled and blinked at the other, tilting his head. "Woah, you can just... take such things and give it to me?" He looked at the other, still not sure if he could easily accept such an offer. The elf was helping him immensiley but he was still worried he was straining his luck. "Are... you sure ?" He stared at the scrolls and then at the man in front of him. He wanted to ask so many questions but he did not dare at the same time, he was feeling so much respect.

(it is perfect, do not worry!)
❧ Park Chanyeol ☘5 7 months ago
@➴ Lee Kiwook That morning, he had planted the seed that had suddenly appeared in his inventory. It was odd, and he didn't know who but nothing could hurt him — not when it seemed to be given by a friend, not a foe. And he'd like to treats other as such — friends. "I see. Alright, I know where you are heading, and I know what you must do to help the villagers. Come along now, and I'll show you the way." He whispered, offering the other a small smile before he started walking once more. His destination that morning was to enter the sacred land of the elves, blessing the humans and animals alike. And clearly, this new friend of his needed it the most. "You haven't told me your name yet, hunter. I couldn't possibly be calling you hunter, right? Or do you prefer it that way?"

It wouldn't hurt; a small chatter wouldn't hurt, especially when the boy seemed very friendly as much as he was looking a little lost in the forest. The walk to the sacred tree wasn't long, and before they knew it, they were standing right in front of it. The tree trunk was wide open as if allowing creatures to take shelter in it. The barks were carved with inscription. But they weren't there for those spells and magic. Chanyeol pushed his hand, letting it seeped into the trunk, and he slowly pulled out rolls of threads. "Here, put these along with the gates of your village, tie them for they act as a defence mechanism. Anyone that forcefully tries to get into your village will be thrown away with an explosion. You will be able to protect your village and the people who reside there."

[] I am so sorry, it's short too ><
❧ Park Chanyeol ☘5 7 months ago
@➴ Lee Kiwook [] yeah, and i'm still busy— i'll try to reply back to you ;;
➴ Lee Kiwook 7 months ago
@❧ Park Chanyeol With a surprised expression Kiwook looked at the other. It was the first time he was meeting a guardian, even more a forest elf, so he was impressed. The other was pretty tall and he wondered if all guardians were - he just did not hope so because he'd be pretty intimidated. Though the other was tall in height he looked quite gentle and friendly, but it also was the way he moved and acted, maybe even the way he spoke. Tilting his head slightly up to look properly at the man, he heard his question. The other must have been here for a while, of course he knew a lot then.

"Yes, for the quest," Kiwook said and nodded eagerly. He wasn't here to kill animals just for fun - he was not good with killing anyone as he barely had any weapons or experience. Though he was amazing with finding people and animals, following traces and other hints. He was probably more a finder than a hunter but that was something else. The amount of India the other - Chanyeol - gave him was a lot and the human nodded eagerly so the male knew he really meant it. He his lips and tilted his head a bit.
"Uhm... I should be at level 2 after this," Kiwook said and nodded. Yes, the animals hunted had been the first quest so now he was here for the second quest.
"I haven't been here for long," he admitted gently. "But yeah, the village I'm staying in needs help and I... Am not much of help so they sent me." He rubbed his neck slightly. He was probably also not extremely welcomed there but that was a different story. "Monsters attacking, I've heard." He then smiled at the other. "You don't have to worry," he said, his voice a lot gentler now. "I am not here to harm any animals more than I have to." If it wasn't needed he would not do it.

[It's fine, don't worry! <33]
❧ Park Chanyeol ☘5 7 months ago
@➴ Lee Kiwook He slowly raised his brow at the call, and he knew, he couldn't escape this, so Chanyeol turned his head to the said voice. His morning walk would have to wait, he thought to himself, bringing his bow and arrows closer to his side. The man, Chanyeol thought as he eyed him from the head to his boots. Clearly, he was a hunter of some sort, his satchel seemed light, and he had dawned on light clothes and armour. Yes, his morning walk would have to wait because as much as he would like to finish his rounds in the wood quickly, he knew the player needed help. He slowly walked to the other, the scent of blood in the air that Chanyeol promptly turned his gaze to the bag hanging on the other's side. "Hunting? For your quest?" Chanyeol had simply asked, and with a nod, he offered the human a smile.

"My name is Chanyeol, and as you may have noticed, indeed, I am an elf. And you," He paused, his smile deflating but his gaze was still warm as if it was on default for elves to look kind or friendly. "Are you here to level up, Sir? If so, what is your current level, and what are you supposed to be working on for now? I'll try to help as much as I could." He continued, offering the other yet another smile. "However, I have to remind you not to hunt too much of the animals here. You can always gain them, but I'd recommend not to go for the small ones. They are, after all, very much under our protection. But, alas, for now, let's focus on your quests."

[] I am so sorry — it took me this long.
➴ Lee Kiwook 7 months ago
@❧ Park Chanyeol The woods around here were different than from the human part of this world - bigger, brighter, greener, stronger. Kiwook was not entirely sure where he was though his map called this place 'changed forest' and if he could believe what the people said, then this place held guardians. Not that Kiwoon had already spotted one, he was pretty sure they were hiding from him. Which was no surprise, after all he had just hunted three small animals down. A rabbit, an old one that had seemingly been ready to be caught, a rather big bird Kiwook had no idea what it was called and, well, a snail. Which might surely be a little uncommon, but he could eat it for dinner as his quest required so it hopefully counted. He did, in fact, planned to eat the snail. It was not the first time after all and he knew that snails rarely tasted like anything aside from the spices they had been cooked with. Carefully he stuffed the third animal into his satchel while he kept walking.

After all he was here for a reason other than his quest.

The town he was currently housing in had been attacked and while Kiwook was not a good fighter yet, he had been given the task to talk to a guardian and ask for protection. A sigh left Kiwook's lips. He might have not done the best thing with killing the animals beforehand but he just really wanted to level. Having to do the tasks where he was not even allowed to fight was not for him. He wanted to be part, show how well-skilled he was. At least he hoped he would be. Tilting his head he blinked when he saw a rather tall person - no, this surely was not just a person. An elf! His eyes lit up and he grinned, rushing towards the creature before whoever it was could disappear into the forest again.

"Excuse me, sir? Are you an elf!" That might not be the easiest way to approach someone, but that was his way to approach. He could be quiet if needed but he usually was full of energy and easily excited. Wary of stranger - but this one was an exception.
❧ Min Yoongi [A] 9 months ago
@❧ Lu Han Oh this man made him so angry. Yes, he might not have made all the right decisions with lighting a fire but he had no idea where he was. He had never been all alone in the forest where it was dark - aside from that one time as a kid and he'd rather not remember that - and now this was shaming him for not being perfect? He had been scared - but he would not say that - and cold so why was that a big mistake. He had not harmed anyone with that, he had kept the fire low and barely helping but it had kept him alive and given him a place to warm up to a bit.

Why he left the town? Yoongi snorted. He had not even made it to a ing town. He did not even know there was a ing town around, all he had seen was forest and creatures he'd rather not see again. And now that idiot was shaming it for him.
"Because," Yoongi started, basically spitting out the words while he tried to control his anger, "I've not even been to a ing town yet." He wished he would have. Then he would not been here. "You really think I'd be here and light a fire if I knew where the town was? Use your ing brain!" Oh he was angry. He was angry and ready to attack as well but he did not want to. He knew he had not chance anyways if he fought the other. He could win a fistfight with a human but probably not with someone who had ing nine tails.

"I called you a ," Yoongi repeated, not caring about the warning. If he died, he died. At least he would not freeze or starve to death. He was angry. He had not eaten in over a day, he had not been able to sleep and he craved music while he was freezing in this damn forest. Yes, he was not ready to harm any nature. He was not here for that. But he wanted to go home and he probably had never been this homesick he had turned this suicidal and angry. "Yeah, I am a ing weakling, I know. But actually that is all I know ever since some game took me here." But this guy was probably born here. "But who am I to blame, you probably now everything about people here. Attacking them instead of asking. Really damn smart of you." Oh there were so many more rude words on his lips but he was not here for spilling them. If he did, he'd have a slit throat the second he spoke them. And his throat already hurt enough.

Then a robe hit him in the face and he blinked confused, looking at the man in front of him. Or elf. Or whatever he was, he could not remember what fighter he was. "What damn sacred tree?" He asked and frowned. This damn virtual reality was really here to get him confused. Great. He huffed. "I cannot leave to my town because first I do not have a town and second I have no idea where it is. As I said, I would not be here otherwise." He held the robe and even though he did not really feel like using it, he did. He was smarter than that, than not using it. He put it around his cold body, feeling a bit better right away.

"Listen, I am not here to hurt anyone or anything," Yoongi said, trying to calm himself a bit and the other as well. "I just have no ing idea where I am, how I got here and what I am supposed to do!" He huffed and looked, for a very long moment, as lost as he was really feeling. "All I want is to go home to my piano and eat." And with that his stomach made a really loud sound. Oh great, how embarrassing.
❧ Min Yoongi [A] 9 months ago
@❧ Lu Han This was the first time Yoongi had felt utter fear in this new realm. Before he had been surprised and on edge, yes, a bit wary of his surroundings but this was totally new. No one had done anything like this to him before and his eyes widened. He had seen someone come and he had even put on a friendly even though nervous face but now this creature had his hands around his neck and it was slowly getting hard to breathe. He tried to pry those hands off of his throat and he whimpered. That hurt. .

"Can't breathe-" Yoongi started and tried to get in air but it was hard to do so. "Can't- reply-" But the other did not seem to let go and that is when Yoongi snapped. He could not just hang in there and do nothing. It was not like he had never fought and he would definitely just die like this. Letting one hand go from the stranger's hold, he moved it and a huge amount of earth hit the man in the face. He used it to kick him against the chest and therefore loosening the grip, falling down. Hurriedly Yoongi ushered away before moving his hands again and hitting the man in the face with some water from his waterbag.

"I was cold!" And he still was. His body was still trembling from the cool air night. He was just wearing a shirt and some pants and his damn shoes were wet just like his socks. "I was just warming myself up!" He took another step back, ready to defend himself if the other got closer. "I was not here to harm! I can use earth and water to make sure the fire stays tiny or stop it from turning into something bad!" But this idiot did probably not care about that. Yoongi had not the best abilities yet, no. But his abilities were nice and he had used the day to train them.

One of the reasons why he was tired. Tired and grumpy and his throat hurt. He was not here to hurt the nature. He had even made sure the fire was small and only dead branches had been used and a spot the earth had long abandoned and would never be fertile again. And there this was. Attacking him with no real reason. He could have talked. ing talked.
"Thank you for the claw warning, I am staying far away from your damn hands, !" Oh he was pissed. He was so damn pissed but he did not want to hurt anyone, he was not like the other. This just made him so angry.

Just this afternoon he had been thrown into a world he knew nothing of. He was in a world he just did not want to be in. He was on edge and tired and just wanted to go home and now this idiot was here, attacking him. He gently touched his hurting neck and looked at the man. How had this guy been able to lift him up even? Yoongi knew he was skinny and not heavy but this? This was just an insult to himself.
❧ Min Yoongi [A] 9 months ago
@❧ Lu Han It was cold and dark and Yoongi had never been the biggest fan of darkness while being outside. Or, to be more specific, in the wilderness. Because right now it was exactly where he was. A strange forest full of weird creatures he had never met before. He had read about them, yes, on his phone, but it had also stated that forest elves were actually not the strongest and while he would not have minded dying while playing the game he did mind dying while being in the game. Or at least after the near death experiences. He really did not want to try and end the game with dying just to figure out he would not wake up afterwards.

Somehow he had found some flint stone to turn on a small fire. It was tiny but it warmed up his freezing body. He was not dressed for an adventure like this and he really had not found a place where to get better clothes, warmer clothes so right now he was holding his hands in front of the fire, hoping it would make him get his muscles from being so stiff back to at least slightly relaxed.

Hearing branches break, Yoongi lifted his head and looked around. Maybe he was getting quite paranoid, after all there were so many creatures who might see him as their lunch – or maybe more like a snack, as Yoongi was quite conscious about his height and weight. He definitely would not make a good lunch after all. He huffed, shaking his head while he got a little closer to the fire. He had made sure to keep it small. He had also made sure to have a spot of dry earth around it so no fire would spread and he had sealed it with a few stones, keeping it safe and sound. He loved nature, he did not want to harm it but he also loved life and was not here to die anytime soon, especially not from hypothermia.

Sighing he closed his eyes and brushed through his hair. Hopefully he’d just survive the night. He would figure out where to go the next morning, even though he’d probably be horribly grumpy as he was tired and just wanted to sleep. But out here alone it was not a good idea to take a nap. While his mind drifted off different places he flinched when he heard another sound. “Who’s there?”


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