❖ storm forest


a new tale: a new beginning: a new world




❖ Xiao Zhan 3 months ago
@➴ Wang Yibo I think we'll have better luck getting herbs and fresh meat than going to the market.
-chuckles and spins my flute around-
-looks around the area as we walk and come to a stop as I spot a white rabbit-
-smiles and quietly approaches it-
-holds my hand out to it and it actually climbs onto my hand-
-holds it close to my chest as I pet his head-
-looks up to you and runs to catch up to you-
I think this little guy got lost... he's not supposed to be here.
-holds him up and nuzzles my nose with his-
so cute.
-smiles and continues to him since he seems to enjoy it-
➴ Wang Yibo 4 months ago
@❖ Xiao Zhan Listening to the other as he picked his items up and putting it into his inventory, he couldn't help but to think of that possibility that some may or may not have found a way to head back to the real world. Something that he wished to go back to if he have the chance to stumble upon the way back one day. "I'm glad that I do have my key weapon with me before these other items that got stacked and put on hold" He spoke casually as he waited for Xiao Zhan, still distracted by the thought of how people started disappearing and that the place was silent again. All that with the town looking like a ghost town instead of how lively it seemed when he first arrived. Wondering in correlation to the time spent here in game and the real world he couldn't help but to imagine that time might be slower here that when they somehow managed to escape everything would feel as though nothing has happened in the present world they came from.

Allowing himself to drift in his imagination bubble for a little longer, he hasn't noticed how the other was looking his way at all only until the voice drew him out. Turning over to look at Xiao Zhan, he smiled before nodding as he took the first step out of the cave that they were in. He knew that they were still awkward around each other but that couldn't be helped and it's bound to get painfully silent during their trip. Although, they could get to know each other better in hopes of breaking their awkward barrier first. "Should we head straight to the human land to hunt for food and pick some wild herbs first or the market?" he asked as he looked over to his companion for opinion.
❖ Xiao Zhan 4 months ago
@➴ Wang Yibo "Right now, hm?" he smiled slightly and nodded his head. In honesty, his music could work both ways, it could scare animals away, but it could also entice them to come closer. However, since Yibo didn't like to listen to music while traveling, Xiao Zhan slipped the flute back around his waist and stood up. "The shops are like that some times. I think it's because characters in the game are probably signing off ... they've probably found a way to get back to the human realm, and chose to abandon everything here." he said as he started walking out of the cave with Yibo. "Until we receive our items, we just gotta be careful and find our own solutions to things."

Xiao Zhan didn't have a doubt that the other was skilled. He was most likely more powerful than him, but like he told Yibo before. He didn't care much for confrontation unless it was necessary. If anything, he didn't mind much about dying in the hands of this man if it ever came to it. 'Why are you thinking like this?' Xiao Zhan said to himself. He shook his head at himself and looked over at Yibo who was probably thinking that Xiao Zhan was a strange person now. "So, lead the way," he said and gestured for Yibo to take the lead in their travels. Of course, he knew ways to the mountains, but he wanted Yibo to take them the way that he was more comfortable with.
➴ Wang Yibo 4 months ago
@❖ Xiao Zhan Although the journey would mostly consist of detours to all the different markets to get his items, his end goal was still the mountain top. Wanting to do something that he has been wanting to do for the longest time yet which was stargazing and to relax for the time being away from any dangerous creatures. Or at least that was what he was planning to do with or without a travel partner for the time being. Upon hearing what the other said all he could do is shrug at it before casually musing "I'm not afraid, if you were to try to attack me I'm confident in taking you down since I've been training. But for now all you showed is nothing but kindness, no matter the class if I feel comfortable then that's that I guess." He was only confident since he still has his necklace and the fact that his dagger has properties to weaken those of the demonic class as well. Though he has been careful with it for the time being not wanting to hurt the other by accident.

"You'll find it somehow, I'm planning to leave now if you don't mind. I might drop by some places to check on the skill and abilities that they owed me also those markets that still owed me certain items even after I paid for it already." He spoke as he stood up, lightly stretching to loosen up his tensed muscles. Already having a route in his mind so that it wouldn't be much of a hassle to get to different places before the mountains. He slowly shook his head at the offer before speaking again "I'm not the type to listen to music while travelling, also it might draw unwanted attention. I prefer stealth still in this game world, as much as fighting along the way would give me the training I need I would like to conserve energy and only fight when we are hunting for food. Not making a sound too, it'll be harder to hunt if I accidentally scare the creature off." Looking over at the other, a half smile appeared before adding "Let's go whenever you are ready."
❖ Xiao Zhan 4 months ago
@➴ Wang Yibo Xiao Zhan looked at Yibo as the other suggested for them to travel together. He wanted to immediately agree, but at the same time, he didn't want Yibo to pity him. He gave the question a thought and finished his soup before giving Yibo his answer. "I ... I wouldn't mind, but, are you sure you want to be seen with someone like me?" He cleared the bowls and placed them back in the inventory. "Not many would offer to travel with a demonic creature like me because we're not very trustworthy." Of course, Xiao Zhan wasn't anything like the rest of the ruthless demons, but Yibo didn't know that.

"As for a quest, I have one that I have to do to level up, but I have yet to find the item that I need." he sighed and leaned against the cave walls as he twirled his flute in his hand, "so until then, I am completely free to do what I want." he looked at the other and gave him a somewhat of a smile. Yibo was a nice person, one of the few that Xiao Zhan has met. He was a bit awkward as Xiao Zhan himself was, but he didn't mind it in the slightest. "Did you want to go now?" he asked, "or did you want to stay here for a bit? if we do, I can play some music with my flute. I can do that as we're traveling also." On his own travels, that was one of the many things he did. It helped pass the time.
➴ Wang Yibo 4 months ago
@❖ Xiao Zhan He was hesitant on one hand, knowing that they weren't exactly the two classes that would be seen together. There was a part of him that wanted to ask if the other would like to head out on an adventure together for just a bit. Since there wasn't much for himself to do other than going around to train himself and buying more things on impulse at the markets that he deemed to be somewhat useful to his journey or simply some items that he thinks is a good accessory to have with him for the sake of the looks of it. With the bowl of soup handed to him, he nodded in appreciation before scooping a spoonful of soup, blowing at it before drinking it. Letting out a short satisfied hum, drinking a few more spoonfuls of the soup that warmed him up and filled his belly.

He slowly looked up towards where the other sat, although he may be a little oblivious to feelings most of the time but he picked up the ability to observe. Yibo noticed that the other definitely seemed a little down and the hint of glistening eyes that looks as if the tears would just fall in an instant. He carefully placed the now empty bowl down on the ground, looking away and towards the outside of the cave. Clearing his throat, he then quietly asked "Well I was thinking of exploring alone but maybe we could head towards the mountains together. I mean if you are heading off to complete a quest after this maybe we can head to another place next time." Speaking wasn't the best or coming close to one of the traits he is confident in, just hoping that it didn't come off negative as he awkwardly toyed with his dagger.
❖ Xiao Zhan 5 months ago
@➴ Wang Yibo Xiao Zhan nodded his head along as Yibo talked about his next possible destination. He wasn't going to ask anymore than that, because he knows the other probably didn't want to tell him more. Things are better kept unsaid at times, because you never know who you can trust. Xiao Zhan set their food out when he finished and smiled slightly. "There, all finished." He said and offered a bowl of food and spoon for Yibo. "I hope it's to your liking."

He then picked up his own bowl and started eating. As they ate, Xiao Zhan really tried to think of where he would go next. There were many places for him to choose from, but no matter where he went, he felt like he wasn't welcomed nor safe. The loneliness of when he was truly alone, after his family died, hit him and without meaning to, a single tear left his eyes. Feeling the cold droplet run down his cheeks, Xiao Zhan brushed it off and turned his head down so Yibo wouldnt see. Last thing he needed was anyone to see him crying. Not that he was.
➴ Wang Yibo 5 months ago
@❖ Xiao Zhan Nodding as he observed how the talisman was properly used he has no worries of setting anything he owned on fire if he were to get a little careless with handling the fire talisman. Listening to how Xiao Zhan offered to craft some fire talisman for him, he did wanted to have some more on hand in case of any emergencies especially in this game realm. The fire talisman was more versatile in a way as both a defensive and passive item that could be used to his advantage as a mere human race in the game. But couldn't really bring it up as the other has already offered so much and showed him such kind hospitality while they are here. He did have some interest now sparked in him to want to learn more about magic but there was nothing much he could do with his class apart from the items that he can get his hands on like the cross and fire talisman that was given to him. Sitting back as he watched the other begin cooking for the both of them, he carefully draw his dagger out to clean with the cloth of his shirt. Yibo only looked up occasionally as the aroma of the food drifted into his nostrils, he nodded at the other's words before shrugging.

He has no idea what else he could be doing other than leveling up at this point in time, as much as it the fun goes in getting stronger with all new items in his inventory or on himself. He basically was done familiarizing himself with the game realm or at least where places are, he was probably heading out of the dark lands after this. Not that he didn't like the place, he wanted to go somewhere that he can just spend his time star gazing and relaxing himself. "Probably the mountains or a clear meadow. Less danger, it's relaxing." He simply answered without giving away too much of his personal plans.
❖ Xiao Zhan 5 months ago
@➴ Wang Yibo "Hm~ you can or you can basically use it on anything." He smiled and looked at the other as he was examining the talisman. "Dont worry, you wont accidentally set it off. I made it so you can control when it activates." Xiao Zhan pulled out a fire talisman from his inventory and held it up, "see? Watch." He threw it into the air and with a snap of his fingers, the talisman lit up the cave ceiling for a brief moment before disappearing. "I actually have the ability to summon fire, so I dont really need the fire talismans anymore. But if you need any, just tell me and I'll craft you some." He said and tied his hair back into a ponytail with his red ribbon. "Alright..." he mumbled to himself and started cooking. Cooking in this realm was much easier than in the human world, but Xiao Zhan liked to do it the old fashion way.

When Xiao Zhan was a kid, he would always help his mom and sister in the kitchen. He was mostly there to be the Guinea pig but he learned their skills just as easily as he did here in this world. "Me?" He thought about the other's question to him and he shrugged, "this world is so wide. I can go anywhere. So, I honestly dont know where I'll go or do." He looked at Yibo, "what about you?" He asked.
➴ Wang Yibo 5 months ago
@❖ Xiao Zhan Listening to the other talking about being here for a long time, enough to be exploring all the possibilities of creating his own magic he had nothing to say except for how much he admired that. Taking the fire talisman from Xiao Zhan with a small nod, he carefully examined the talisman that was hand drawn all while trying not to accidentally activate the talisman. "Thank you for this, i assume that I just have to throw it towards a pile of wood to set it off?" He quietly asked making sure to clear his doubts or else it would end up being just like the crane that he didn't know how to use before now. Carefully keeping the talisman with his prized dagger, it was treated with utmost respect and importance. Looking at how Xiao Zhan started pulling out some ingredients to balance out the array of meat that he got, he nodded at the suggestion before staring at him as he answered "Can't we have both? I can store some stew as a part of my inventory that could aid in my journey, or some cooked meat will be good too."

Yibo look over at the amount of food that was available before them, it was definitely enough for them. More than needed in fact but it felt necessary for him to take it all out now, both to share and for the other to help him in cooking. "What are you planning to do after this?" Yibo asked casually to keep the conversation going, as much as he likes silence for most parts. He grew to miss his teammates that he has been living with and got pretty used to the noise, it was to the extent that he needed someone to talk to or just people talking in the background.
❖ Xiao Zhan 5 months ago
@➴ Wang Yibo Xiao Zhan smiled and rubbed his nose out of habit. "Well, I've been here longer, so I've had more time to work on honing my skills." Digging into his robes, he pulled out a talisman and handed it to Yibo. "Here, you can have this. It's a fire talisman, it helps when you have no resources to make a fire." The fire talisman was one of the many different crafts he made also. With time away from people, Xiao Zhan came up with many different ideas for things. He always had a knack for imagination since he was a kid, so it carried on with him in this world. The only difference was that he could actually bring his imagination to life if he tried.

At the different ingredients that Yibo pulled out, Xiao Zhan was in awe. He's been hunting once or twice, but he's never been this lucky at getting this different quality. "You sure do have a lot." He pulled out some of the vegetables that he had in his inventory. "Well, we can make stew, or I can make us sushi with the seafood." He looked over at Yibo. "What did you feel like eating?"
➴ Wang Yibo 5 months ago
@❖ Xiao Zhan The only other reason to why he was keeping his distance with the other and being cautious was not because he was afraid that Xiao Zhan would attack him. It was in fact the least of his worries if he were to be fighting him, he was more afraid that he would be the one hurting him with the dark cross necklace that has the power to absorb demonic powers. He knew that the other had already offered help to absorb those powers out but the image of the other getting hurt by it was deeply engraved in his mind. Yibo took the cross that was exposed and hid it beneath his shirt while the other started to make fire just like the other time. Listening to the other's explanation of the paper crane he couldn't help but to look at him in awe, handing the crane to him as he listened while learning how this magical item worked. "It's amazing how you are able to make your own magical item as well, a mere human like me would never be able to do it. Even with you making fire so easily, I have to say it is a great skill to have rather than spending time with sticks and stones." He commented as he stared at Xiao Zhan.

Learning how the crane finally works was a good thing since he could find the other a little easier than simply letting fate allow for them to meet by chance again just like how they met now. "Now that I know how to use this, maybe we could meet more often and easily." he commented before settling down on the ground by the fire, he slowly took out all the ingredients to share with the other in exchange for the food that will be cooked. Mostly of meat, some seafood that was give to him by a kind merman that he met and few ingredients that he bought off the market, last but not least a huge watermelon. "It's mostly meat, I haven't really go to the market that much to get any vegetables but I did find this nice watermelon. Feel free to take any extras that are left over after cooking with it." Yibo spoke as he motioned to the array of food that is laid out in front of him.
❖ Xiao Zhan 5 months ago
@➴ Wang Yibo He could tell something was wrong with Yibo like his guard was up. Xiao Zhan didn't blame him, he was pretty much used to it by now. With him being a demon servant, a lot of the other creatures feared him. He wasn't as strong as the other dark creatures, but he was among one of the ones that were. Mostly, because of the time he's been trapped here. Xiao Zhan took out wood from his inventory and chanted a small spell. With a snap of his fingers, he started a fire.

At the other's words, he turned to look at him and at the paper that was unfolded in Yibo's hand. Xiao Zhan slightly smiled and took a step closer to Yibo but kept a distance enough to keep Yibo from feeling threatened. "Mhm, it's my own creation." he held out his hand for the paper so he could show Yibo how to use it. "You don't need to have anything to write," he explained, "all you need to do is close your eyes, say what you want to tell the recipient as you fold the crane back up, and blow softly on the wings. It'll then come to life and fly to the person you're thinking of, even if you don't know where they are. When it reaches the person, the message will appear on the paper and then it'll return to you." This messaging crane was the first crafted item that Xiao Zhan had ever made. One of the many items that he's ever been proud of.
➴ Wang Yibo 5 months ago
@❖ Xiao Zhan Looking down at his necklace upon the mention of it, his eyes widen as he stared at the other getting reminded of the image of him getting hurt because of its powers the other time. He quickly grab onto the cross before shaking his head, quietly speaking as he look at Xiao Zhan with a look of worry "I don't want to see you hurt again, if anything I will discard this magical item when the time comes." Yibo already had plans to use this necklace as an explosive in the first place the moment he laid his eyes on it for the first time in the shop. Even with no knowledge of how to use magical items here, it was by instinct that he already made plans for how he should use this necklace when the time comes. "Mn." he responded with a short hum of agreement at the suggestion that they should head to the cave where they were at a few day ago.

Following behind the other, he was careful to not get too close. Keeping a safe distance as a precaution in case the other would end up taking a strike at him. Even though they have met before and already was friendly somewhat after the first time, he still couldn't let his guard down especially when the classes they chose somewhat are on the opposite end. With Xiao Zhan speaking again, it startled him even without any expression. Looking at the other, he nodded at the question before grabbing the crane that was unfolded into a normal piece of paper. "You didn't and I didn't have any thing to write with. Is this by chance a magical item as well?" he asked
❖ Xiao Zhan 6 months ago
@➴ Wang Yibo "I guess I did." Xiao Zhan returned the smile with a small one and tucked his flute to his side again. "Really?" he approached the other and his smile slightly faltered at the dark aura he felt around the other. Either Yibo had another dark amulet or the one he had now was quickly filling up with too much dark energy again. His eyes fell to the dark cross around the other's neck and back up to Yibo again. "Before that, did you want me to help you again?" he asked, his hand already on his flute, ready to take it out again. Last time, he wasn't prepared for the amount of dark energy, but now, it didn't seem too bad.

"Let's go to the cave again before it starts raining again first." Xiao Zhan suggested and gestured to the cave they were in days earlier. Like he told Yibo before, no one knew about the cave but them. As he led the way again, Xiao Zhan couldn't help but keep looking back at Yibo. It wasn't because he was worried Yibo wasn't going to follow him, but more because Yibo was looking for him first. No one had ever looked for him before, at least, not unless they were wanting to kill him. Then again, he did give Yibo the crane. "Wait ..." Xiao Zhan stopped when they were in the cave and turned to Yibo, "Did I... forget to tell you how to use the thing?" he smiled sheepishly. "The crane I mean."
➴ Wang Yibo 6 months ago
@❖ Xiao Zhan As Yibo was cleaning his weapons and putting the necklace back on himself once more, he was contemplating if he should actually try to look for the male whom he met here once. Staring blankly at the new dagger that he got he wondered if there was even a chance that he could trouble him to help him extract the amount of dark energy that the necklace has already absorbed again. However, he shook the thought of it away as he remembered just how much pain Xiao Zhan went through the other time. He never wanted to see that pained expression of him ever again as he felt bad. As he was just sitting with his back leaning against the tree he heard a soft sound of a flute from a distance still not close enough to him at the moment. But he made no move as he quietly listened to the soft melody of the flute that was played, he knew in his heart it was something that he heard before and it was only from the time he met the other.

As the song got louder, his head turned towards the direction of the flute. Upon seeing the familiar figure of the other and how he was greeted at, he gave a small smile and nodded in acknowledgement. Keeping the dagger away immediately into his holder, he greeted back "Hello there, Xiao Zhan. I was going to find you be I guess you found me first." He then chuckled to lighten the mood before he continued "Shall we head somewhere else? I got loads of ingredients that we can share."
❖ Xiao Zhan 6 months ago
@➴ Wang Yibo Xiao Zhan came to a stop by a small river when the rain stopped. He looked up at the still darken sky and thought back about male who was still in the cave. "I wonder if he left already." he said to no one in particular. At the presence of his familiar that he left behind, he smiled softly and sat down by the stream. Pain rushed through him again and he clenched his chest as he spat out more blood. He scooped up the water from the river and washed the blood from his mouth. Him spitting out blood was nothing new, if anything, he was used to it by now. His familiar placed a hand on his shoulder, silently asking if he was okay, and Xiao Zhan turned his head to look at him. "I'm okay." he said, slightly weak now. "I'm okay."


Days have passed, and here Xiao Zhan was again. The stormy forest was always a place he found himself coming to. It was probably because he liked being in the darkness, and he liked the rain. Of course, the only thing he hated was the thunder, but he always got by with just blowing his flute to cancel out the sound. Like how he was doing now. It was a soft song he played but it kept his mind from the past. At least for a while. At the shadow of his familiar soaring passed him, Xiao Zhan looked up and smiled. His familiars had gotten addicted to listening to him play; they loved it so much that they would linger closer to him just to listen to it.

At a presence that seemed familiar, Xiao Zhan stopped playing the flute and looked up to see Yibo. He still looked the same since the last time they've met. he just looked a bit stronger, and it looked like he had more equipment. Yibo was most likely working on his leveling up, more than he was himself. Xiao Zhan wanted to continue leveling up, but at the same time, he didn't. He just wanted to travel around and enjoy whatever time he had left before his powers would drain him dry. Every time he used his cursed weapon, it took a piece of him. "Hi." he said softly, but loud enough for Yibo to hear.
➴ Wang Yibo 6 months ago
@❖ Xiao Zhan Yibo was definitely keeping track of his time well in the game for the time being, he too wondered if time would be a concept anymore if he continues to live in the game realm. Listening to the other who was poking at the burning debris with a stick, he could not help but to think of how miserable it was for the other to even think it was alright to not return to the real world at all and live in this game realm forever. He pursed his lips to form a thin line as he thought silently about time would even matter anymore if there was no way of getting out at all and when he was getting used to this world. Sure it did feel lonely and reminded him of the time he spent before finding home with his alliance. Looking at the white paper crane that was on his shoulder now, Yibo looked up at the other blankly staring at him wondering what it was. Listening to the other's explanation with a mind that was processing the fact that the other was leaving already, he did not clarify how to use it. He definitely did not have any thing that he could use as a writing material but it was too late for him to ask as the other has already left the cave. He did felt the presence of something but he figured that it could be one of Xiao Zhan's familiar, paying no attention to it as he stayed in the cave for a little longer till the storm completely subsides.


He has to admit that he has gotten a lot better after he got himself stocked up on a few more items from what he had started out with. With lots of ingredients that he bought from the market and some fresh goods that he has gotten from a kind merman he met. There was no worries for food apart from the inability to cook and make anything good, the only things that he could eat are raw ingredients that he bought that requires no preparation which he has no problem with. There was still no need to contact Xiao Zhan to cook for him but it would be a good chance to share some of his ingredients. He figured that he would let fate do its job as he made his way back into the storm forest after many days has passed. Still learning about the game and having his new dagger that has a weakening effect on demonic creatures if they are hurt by it, Yibo thought that it was only right for him to test it all out for himself and hopefully meet the other by chance.

Yibo started hunting those demonic creatures lurking in the storm forest again, absorbing those demonic powers with his necklace already effective in weakening them but with the added effect from his new dagger it only became easier for him to do his hunt. He was being careful still to not get the necklace too dark before retreating off to the outskirts of the forest nearer towards the dark land's town. Resting by a tree again, he quietly look down at his dark cross figuring that it would also be good if he could learn about using magic items.
❖ Xiao Zhan 6 months ago
@➴ Wang Yibo Three days? Xiao Zhan looked at Yibo as he talked and some how forgot about the storm raging outside of the cave. Instead, he started to wonder when he was first trapped in this game. It was a blessing for him... but he honestly couldn't remember how long it's been for him. Xiao Zhan looked at the flames of the fire and took a stick beside him to poke at the burning debris. "It's good that you've found others to be close to." he smiled slightly, "But, unlike you ... I wouldn't mind if I returned. Honestly, if I could, I would want to live here forever." Even if he was to go home, return to the world where he actually came, there wouldn't be anyone waiting for him. Everyone he ever cared about all left him to a place that he couldn't reach, at least not while he was alive.

Xiao Zhan pulled out his inventory and took out a paper crane. After blowing a small breath of air against it, the crane came to life and flapped its' paper wings. It fluttered over to Yibo and landed on his shoulder, becoming still once more. "Keep this crane with you." Xiao Zhan said as he stood up, brushing the dirt off of his robes, "whenever you want to meet so I can help cook for you, just write on it and it'll find its way to me." With that he placed his hands together and respectfully bid farewell to Yibo before heading to the cave's entrance. It was still raining, but a little rain never hurt anyone. As long as the thunder subsided, Xiao Zhan didn't mind it at all. He turned to his familiar lurking in the shadows and he smiled. "Make sure he gets out of here safely before you return to me, okay?" he said so only his familiar could hear and he stepped out into the rain.
➴ Wang Yibo 6 months ago
@❖ Xiao Zhan Frowning as he wondered why the other isn't even wouldn't even be worried about not having more money but he could only deduced one possible way and that is if the other has been around in the game for a really long time and has gotten lots of money in other ways while he is here. He did know about the thing that one can get money from on a daily basis but his luck hasn't worked out for him at the game. But one thing for sure was that he was not comfortable not paying for the cooking service although there was a solution that did come across his mind and that was to bring more ingredients or materials than what was needed so that the other can have it as a form of payment on top of the food they can share after it is cooked. That was if they ever met again after this time or if the other would even remember this small talk they have about cooking any food with the things that he would bring.

He quietly sat there staring at the fire for a moment while sipping on the soup, turning his head to watch as the other set down the bowl and almost curling up with how he was hugging his own knees to his chest. Listening to him, it only gave him the distant feeling that he once had with everyone and everything. Though one thing he was right about was that the other has been in this game realm for quite some time. Especially with the familiars and different skills including the items the other possess, it was not something that new players could get in a few days. With the loud thunder crashing in the background, Yibo noticed how the other shook and squeeze his eyes shut. He figured that it was a probable traumatic incident that linked with the weather, not wanting to poke his nose into something private. He shrugged it off as he calmly answered to the question, keeping the conversation going to hope that the other could take his mind off the loud thunder. "Well I've been here for two or three days as you can tell from how I have nothing, I have to say though. I would return to the real world if I could, the friends I've made who are in the alliance, we became close enough to call each other family."
❖ Xiao Zhan 6 months ago
@➴ Wang Yibo "I guess you're right..." he said and and ate more of the stew. "But, I can assure you that I am not worried in the slightest about money." Which was true because he was as what other people call it, "loaded." His luck at one point was so good that he hit the jackpot four times in a row and thanks to that, he maxed out a few of his skills and has bought almost everything in the shops. Xiao Zhan wasn't gloating of course, he just wanted to let Yibo know that he would keep his word and just help cook the food without pay. Then again, if Yibo shared the food from time to time, then Xiao Zhan would definitely not disagree to that. There were certain food that he hasn't tried cooking before and he would love to do just that. Cooking was the closest thing he had to his sister after all. Every time he cooked, he felt like she was there beside him.

Xiao Zhan looked up and over at Yibo as he spoke to him. Realizing that he was tensed up, Xiao Zhan set his half eaten bowl of soup to the side and pulled his knees up to his chest. "I ... honestly lost count." he laughed softly with a hint of bitterness. "I honestly don't care either." Even if he was to go back to the real world, there was no one waiting for him. If anything, he rather lived here and possibly die here. It was silly to think like that, but he had no one left. "What about you?" he asked and shut his eyes as another loud roar of thunder shook the cave. His hands clenched around his knees tightly until his knuckles turned white.
➴ Wang Yibo 6 months ago
@❖ Xiao Zhan Looking at the other as he kept his clean knife away in his knife holder, give a small nod of appreciation when he took the bowl of stew from the other. Quietly sipping away at the warm soup to warm his body up from the inside out, enjoying the delicious soup something that he rarely got even in the real world since it consists of mainly take-outs or instant food most of the time for the time spent playing the game with his alliance to train for the annual league and to fight for the glory of being at the top. Nodding at the question he look up from his bowl of soup with a raised brow at the other's words, he could not understand how one would not accept money especially with how important it was when they need to get skills, equipment and additional items. He most definitely didn't feel comfortable with getting things for free, even though he was technically supposed to be the one providing the raw ingredients for the other to cook. It still didn't feel right to be charged nothing even for a cooking service as such.

"It's not right to not pay for a service." He simply spoke before taking another sip of the soup, eating a piece of deer meat along with it. Surprised that there wasn't any weird or strong taste to the meat like he thought it would have, chewing slowly on the tender meat as he listened to what the male said. He could only disagree that he tend to say weird things because he hasn't heard anything weird from him at all. He could understand the part where he doesn't speak much to people at all for most parts since he was once like that as well before he got into the gaming league. Hearing the thunder, Yibo looked out only seeing the storm getting stronger with a sigh knowing that it was going to be a long wait, he turned back only to notice that the other was slightly trembling. Unnoticeable but he could tell that the other look afraid, thinking of what he could do to distract him for a moment before clearing his throat to break the silence and the other's thoughts. "How long have you been here?" he asked randomly hoping that maybe a conversation would help distract the other from being scared of the loud thunder.
❖ Xiao Zhan 6 months ago
@➴ Wang Yibo Xiao Zhan let out a breath that he didn't know he was holding when Yibo told him that the stew was delicious. He smiled slightly and took the ladle back, stirring the stew again. With his cooking skills maxed out, he wasn't that surprised that the stew was good, but he was a bit subconscious since he wasn't cooking for himself. Xiao Zhan scooped up a bowl full of soup and handed it to the other. "Well, there is plenty, so eat up." he said and scooped himself a bowl. He breathed in the soups aroma and hummed softly to himself before eating. At the other's words, Xiao Zhan stopped eating and looked at him. "You would?" he asked and looked down at his bowl of soup. No one has ever said that to him before. Then again, he has been alone since he could remember.

"I don't need money." he said and continued eating, "If you bring me the ingredients ... I'll cook it for you. No charge." He wasn't even sure what he was saying anymore. Yibo is a hunter and he was a demon. Their classes weren't very friendly with each other, and yet here he was, offering to cook for the hunter. "I mean ... as long as you bring me the ingredients, it's no problem for me to use my cooking skills to help you. That's all." he tried to explain but it didn't really change from what he said before. Xiao Zhan sighed and leaned against the limestone walls, "I don't talk to people very much ... I tend to say weird things when I do." he said and chewed on a piece of carrot. As a kid, Xiao Zhan was always awkward, but back then he was a cute awkward, now he was just weird. Xiao Zhan snapped back into reality when a loud thunder roared outside the cave. It made his flinch a little but he bit the inside of his mouth to keep from shaking any more. Rain was okay with him, but the thunder was a bit bothersome.
➴ Wang Yibo 6 months ago
@❖ Xiao Zhan He wasn't paying much attention when the other was preparing the ingredients to cook with the meat that he presented in front of him, too tired in his case. The fight with the pack of wolves did take a toll on his body, very much like in the real world he felt his muscles tensed up on reflex. Sensitive to his surroundings his head snapped towards the direction of the male as soon as he heard the whistle. Noticing two other strange creatures appearing by the side of their master, his hand clenched onto his hunting knife once more. He has yet to be exposed to other things like having a pet in this game, but his senses could never be wrong when he felt the pet's protectiveness over the male. Yibo flinched unable to move back any further, staring straight at the bird like creature that was approaching him but almost let out a sigh of relief as he saw Xiao Zhan standing in between him and his familiar. He would be doomed for if he were to pick up a fight with that creature, a complete disadvantage on his end if it were to attack him. He could never question it though, he understood the importance of having a familiar by a player's side and especially in a lonely world like this where the players are constantly fighting for their own survival and not little to no friends available. The familiars are more than just a pet at this point, a faithful companion that would keep them company.

All that he could observe from the other and his two familiars, he could only deduce that the other has been here for quite sometime and rarely made contact with other players. Something that he was expecting for himself to be like after they eventually part ways to carry out their own task. He was still staring blankly at the other with no emotion or thought written on his face, that was until he was offered the ladle with some stew scooped. Listening to him, he gave a small nod as he took the ladle, giving a first taste of the stew. He was pleasantly surprised by how good it tasted, maybe it was because he was hungry but it did taste good to him with ingredient like deer meat being used. "Mn. it's good." He complimented before handing the ladle back to the other, feeling warm on the inside after taking the first sip of it. Definitely something better than his first meal in the game, with no cooking abilities he could only have the peasant meat over the fire and overcooking it with no knowledge on how long it takes to be fully cooked.

"If you sell this, I would buy it from you. Though I don't have much to offer other than the few gold I have." He spoke, genuinely speaking other than the short answers that he always gave. He knew for a fact that he could store food in his inventory and eat it at a later time and thought that it would be a good thing to buy the stew from a good cook like the other.
❖ Xiao Zhan 6 months ago
@➴ Wang Yibo Deer meat. That was something he has yet to work with, but it didnt mean that he couldnt cook it. Xiao Zhan maxed out all of his cooking skills so he could cook anything and make it delicious. After going through his inventory, he pulled out rice, carrots, potatoes, and flour. All the ingredients he needed to make stew. With a quick work, he chopped up all the veggies and the meat before putting it in the pot. As the stew was cooking over the fire, Xiao Zhan whistled out and his two faithful familiars appeared to his side. One being a hybrid bird and the other being a cat folk shaman. A smile appeared on Xiao Zhan's face and he petted the bird like hybrid. "You two are probably just as hungry, hm?" He asked them and pulled out food that he had prepared before for them. The two of them accepted the food, but their eyes stared at Yibo with uncertainty. The Trico made a move towards him when Xiao Zhan stood in front of him.

"Stand down!" He said sternly. The Trico looked between the two of them and let out a huff before flying back into the stormy sky. The feline shaman gave them a bow before returning into the shadows himself. Xiao Zhan sighed and turned to Yibo. "Sorry about them. They're my only companions in this world." He said and sat back down, checking on the stew. Ever since Xiao Zhan received them, they've been the only ones Xiao Zhan had ever been close to. Other players might think of their familiars as slaves or fancy pets, but Xiao Zhan treated them with the utmost respect. Because of that, they were easily attached to him and was overly protective of him.

Xiao Zhan scooped up a bit of the soup and blew on it softly before handing the ladle to Yibo. "Here, what do you think about it?" He asked and smiled slightly. "I've never worked with deer meat before, so I hope I cooked it justice." As he waited for the other's response, he bit his lip in anticipation. The only one's whose ever tasted his food was his familiars and himself, so it was a bit nerve racking.
➴ Wang Yibo 6 months ago
@❖ Xiao Zhan He remained silent afterwards, just watching the other look up towards the sky with his eyes closed, he knew that he shouldn't press in on personal questions now just by observing his actions. Respecting the personal space as he stood in the rain without moving for that brief moment after the question he asked, only to follow without a word when the other started moving again. Allowing himself just for once to be lead into a temporary shelter in a cave not too far from where they were. All he could think of was to stay under a shelter for as long as till the storm is over. Thankfully there wasn't anything in this cave, watching the male pull out things out of his inventory he still couldn't get used to it even with full awareness that he was now in a game itself. Curiously observing from a distance as the other as he lit up the fire by using a talisman, definitely an easier method but he knew that it was one of the things that his class can never do. Sitting down near the fire with a comfortable distance away, he crossed his legs before taking out his hunting knife and began cleaning it off the blood stains.

With the question, the thought of food that never crossed his mind for a single bit through all this time ended up making him feel hungry from not eating anything throughout the day. "Mn. I don't have anything, only deer meat if you like." Yibo spoke, thinking about the deer in which he hunted the day before for his quest and not using it yet. Something that could save him from his hunger but he had no knowledge on cooking, only focused on leveling up and getting his starter equipment for the time being with the limited amount of money and how he was still getting used to the system of getting skills. Opening his inventory, he took out the deer meat the he has gotten and placed it on a flat slab of stone then pushing it to the other. He couldn't sit still and not contribute anything when he led to this shelter and now getting offered some food that the other could cook for the both of them. Leaning against a wall of the cave while his cloak was still on, he made no intentions to remove it no matter how wet it was from the rain. Staring blankly into the fire as he rested, exhausted from everything that he did already.
❖ Xiao Zhan 6 months ago
@➴ Wang Yibo Yibo. He would have to remember that. Though he didn't know when they'll ever meet again or if it would be on good terms. With Xiao Zhan being a demon class, it was hard to stay on good terms with the other classes. Especially when his class was blamed for a lot of destruction. As the sky above them thundered and the rain started to pour, Xiao Zhan closed his eyes and let the rain hit his face. The first time he came into this world, he came to this place and just stood there as rain poured all over him. He had no idea as to why he did it, but it probably had to do with when his life in the real world. The world he never wanted to go back to.

After a moment, he opened his eyes again and looked at Yibo who had stepped closer to him. "Over here." he said led the other male to a nearby cave. The cave was a dead end, but it was shelter nonetheless. Xiao Zhan dug into his satchel and pulled out a pile of wood from his inventory. After stacking them neatly against each other, Xiao Zhan pulled out a talisman from his satchel. With a small chant, he placed the talisman on top of the wood and a fire started. "This should last us until the storm subsides." he said before standing back up and started undoing his cloak. His robes were also wet, but he could easily dry that while sitting by the fire. "Are you hungry?" Xiao Zhan asked as he looked through his inventory. "I have some food in here I can whip us up something to eat."
➴ Wang Yibo 6 months ago
@❖ Xiao Zhan Yibo was on high alert as they walked, he knew that he met a pack of wolves from before and he wasn't sure if he could do it again while trying to protect someone else. Holding his weapons in his hands, he was ready to strike when needed. Keeping a distance still close enough for him to rush up but he stayed at the back, it was still the game realm that he was in after all and one that is so dangerous it was one for themselves. Flinching when he heard the other speak, almost thinking that it was an attack at first he didn't felt the need to say anything about that comment of his decision on keeping the necklace as a weapon of defense. Not sensing any more immediate danger from the path they took, he kept his hunting knife but held on to his shuriken as a precaution. As the other broke the silence between them once more by introducing himself, finally knowing the name of this stranger he gave a small nod in acknowledgement before saying his name just loud enough for him to hear "Yibo.".

He didn't know if there was any point in telling the other his name but he couldn't remain silent after he was asked since it would be rude especially when the other already told him his name. In this vast world he wasn't sure if they would meet again, with their different class they may meet again but who knows if they would be on this friendly terms or enemies that would attack on sight. Yibo caught the other when he fell back, still expressionless as he nodded and help him to balance again. At that moment instead of noticing the male's expression he looked towards the sky, there was that familiar earthy smell that signifies that it was about to rain that could never be missed.

Looking back down from the sky he quickly followed the other once more until it started pouring, that can never be a good thing with them being in the forest still and it was dangerous since the other was hurt as well. Not knowing where they could go he could only ask at this point no matter how he wish to not speak much. "Is there an abandon place or anything that we can take shelter in?" He asked while pulling the hood of his cloak to cover his head more, staring at the male who seemed to have froze on the spot ever since it started raining. Carefully approaching and closing in the distance they pulled apart he added "What's wrong?"
❖ Xiao Zhan 6 months ago
@➴ Wang Yibo Xiao Zhan knew that the other was close behind him. He didn't know whether it was because they were happening to be going in the same direction, or the other was following him. Either way, Xiao Zhan was a little grateful. In his state, Xiao Zhan was useless if he got ambushed. Demon class or not, no one is safe in this area. It's every man or creature for themselves, or so Xiao Zhan had learned since being in this world. Most of the time, he was always attacked by NPCs that represented the other classes, and always, he was alone. Of course, he had no one else to blame but himself for being that way.

At the other's words, Xiao Zhan turned slightly to look at him. "A defensive weapon that can literally blow you up into bits." he said and turned back to face the path. After a moment of silence, Xiao Zhan let out a sigh. If his sister was here, she would've probably smacked him upside the head for not having any manners. "My name is Xiao Zhan." he said and turned his head to look at the other again, "What's yours?" not that he would ever see this man again after today, but he never forgot who he met. If anything, Xiao Zhan would try to avoid him like he did the others, it was for the best. He needed to be alone. At least that is how he always saw it as.

Another gust of wind pushed past them, but because of how Xiao Zhan was right now, he lost his balance and fell back against the other. Xiao Zhan looked up at the other and a light but unnoticeable blush appeared on his cheeks. He cleared his throat and straightened himself, keeping his head down as he stepped away from him. "Right ... let's get going." he said and continued walking. That moment definitely took him off guard, and he really needed to get out of here before ...
...just then the rain started.
➴ Wang Yibo 6 months ago
@❖ Xiao Zhan Noticing how the stranger intuitively stepped back, he did not move any closer to remain the probable safe distance that he closed in subconsciously when he wanted to take a closer look. Maybe curiosity would really kill the cat but satisfaction brought it back, he just had that compelling impulse of wanting to know more, sure it may be for his quest but the longer he stayed around he felt as though the other wasn't really acting like how he thought those who chose the demonic class would be like. Thinking that they would be merciless and brutal in their ways to take any chance they could to wipe out anyone who comes close, or at least that was what he would be like if he picked the demonic class in the first place.

Remaining expressionless when the stranger said that he was fine he could see that the other was clearly lying, yet he didn't say anything else apart from staying silent with no intention to leave. Knowing that he would do the same as well if he were in that situation since they are strangers. But he did helped him extract the dark magic powers that was stored in his necklace though it really wasn't all that necessary in his eyes. With the male leaning against the tree with a pained expression, he clenched his fist as he watched the other resisting the urge to go forward. Hearing the first question he spoke simply "You're hurt." Looking into the other's eyes with a blank stare, he wanted to help watching the male stumble, then looking back down at his necklace when the other mentioned about his necklace. It did revert back to how it first looked like when he bought it from the shop, he could only reply without thinking much nor speaking much "Doesn't matter, it's a defensive weapon."

Yibo was feeling conflicted at the moment if he should even offer help to this stranger but he doesn't have anything of use apart from the dark cross that has already proven to have a negative effect on the other. All he could do at the moment was stand by without a word but always ready to attack anyone or anything else that comes by their path to silently help the other for the time being. To repay for the help that he gotten for the necklace, and allowing him to further understand how it works now. "Lets get out of here, you're hurt." Yibo spoke again emphasizing that the other was hurt with hopes that the male would follow and not stay in such dangerous place in that condition. Still expressionless as he fixed his cloak, making sure that he is covered not that it matters with the stranger since he could still see him.


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