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❖ Kim Sunggyu 5 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin (Hahaha, it's okay bub. You can take as much time as you needed. No need to rush~)

Sungkyu let out a small laugh while shaking his head. The shifter must be absolutely livid by now. But, well, he can't resist the temptation to tease the man. He is a fox, and fox trait is being mischievous.

"Well, to answer your question, one, nope, I'm know exactly why I here," he muttered while leering at the man with an eyebrow raised. "And two, I also knew exactly what I'm facing."

He paused then turned around to face the man and looking into his eyes before grinning widely like a maniac.

"After all this is not my first time facing them."
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H [A] 5 months ago
@❖ Kim Sunggyu The amount of times Seungmin rolled his eyes at the other’s words was already at an incredible number despite only being in each other’s presence for a short while. The demon really enjoyed pushing the shifter’s buttons for absolutely no reason and he was definitely getting sick and tired of it.

Who was he to judge him on his ways of getting some gold around here? “If I’m an idiot then so are you since you’re also here.”

There definitely was something hiding in the shadows of this cave and it most definitely did not sound very friendly. He shot the other an annoyed glare. It was not the time for jokes. “Why are you here if you knew that there was a creature in this cave?” If he was alone, he wouldn’t have a problem, but the demon made this quest so much harder than it should.

[ kill me now—didn’t mean to make you wait this long I’ll get my together I promise ]
❖ Kim Sunggyu 5 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin (It's okay, bub~ Don't worry :3)

Sungkyu let out a small laugh when the shifter growled. It's amusing to see the man trying hard to keep his temper in check and not to explode. The more the man tried to resist, the more he will taunt him.

"What an idiot." he muttered then shrug when he heard the man answer. He shake his head in wonder. Just how much an idiot is he to accept the job for a mere coin? Without knowing anything nonetheless.

He raised an eyebrow at the man question. He doesn't even know about the creature resided inside the cave that guarding the stones?

"What sound? Your stomach sound?" he teased before shrugging and walking a few step ahead of the man. "I wonder, how you still alive being this dumb." he muttered again after while shaking his head. Well, hopefully the man wouldn't faint when he saw the creature.
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H [A] 5 months ago
@❖ Kim Sunggyu “I don’t exist to entertain you.” Seungmin rolled his eyes at the obvious amusement in the other’s words. He knew that the demon enjoyed pulling the shifter’s strings and even though it made his blood boil, he knew better than to explode. After all, he was here on a quest and the other was merely just a distraction.

“I’m not dumb! I was too busy looking around.” Nearly growling at the demon, quickly turning to face him with absolute irritation and a glare. “A human asked me to find a certain gem in exchange for coins. That’s it, okay.” Seungmin knew that his response lacked purpose and the reason why he would take on such a mission that would land him in the dark lands, a territory that does not benefit the existence of his species. But he didn’t bother going into detail. He didn’t owe the demon more details.

The shifter halted in his steps at a mysterious sound coming from deeper inside the cave, ears twitching towards the direction it came from. He raised an eyebrow, assuming that the sound wasn’t the demon’s doing. “I’m not the only one who heard that right?”

[ sorry for taking so long! i kept my changing my idea for this plot ]
❖ Kim Sunggyu 5 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin Sungkyu shrugged his shoulder, the grin still etched on his face as he put his hands crossed behind his head and continue walking deeper into the cave. He knew that the rare gems was somewhere deep inside the cave and he knew it wouldn't be easy to acquire it. He was really excited to see what the outcome will be.

"Not really. But I'm kind of bored right now. So why don't you entertain me at least?" He said offhandedly, knowing it'll ticked the shifter more.

"And I heard you the first time. But what quest? And from who?" He asked again with a mocking tone in his voice. It's really interesting to watch how the shifter will react to his taunt. Beside, since he knows how kind and gullible the shifter is, he was curious as to who and for what purpose did they send the Pegasus shifter deep into the dark land knowing it'll be a suicide mission since it's a place where the creature that wanted the shifter the most, lurking around. And how much an idiot the Pegasus shifter is to accept it just like that?

"Or are you that dumb to not catch the meaning?" He added with a smirk, leering at the shifter.
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H [A] 5 months ago
@❖ Kim Sunggyu Seungmin really tried his hardest to ignore the demon walking beside him, surveying the surroundings for anything that came close to the description of the gem he was looking for, but the demon made it extremely hard by not keeping his mouth shut and being extremely annoying. They did not get off on the right foot during their first meeting, both getting on each other’s nerves with their sharp tongues and empty threats, but never actually going as far as violence and trying to physically harm each other. Both trying to be more mature than the other, but if it prevented from them going after each other’s throats, than one can suppose that it was a good thing.

“Will it kill you to answer a question?” Seungmin snarked back with an eye roll. He continued deeper into the cave with no signs of the gem. The shifter would have probably found it by now if he wasn’t so distracted by the presence of the other. “I’m here looking for something—for a quest.”
❖ Kim Sunggyu 5 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin Sungkyu rolling his eyes while walking deeper into the cave when he heard the man answer. Typical answer from the shifter. Then again he already expected that kind of answer from the man. He doesn't know why, but the man were always hostile with him since beginning. But he was too lazy to correct it and just let the man do whatever.

He blinked and rub at his eyes for a bit when the light illuminating the dark cave suddenly, making his sensitive eyes almost go blind with how bright it was. He turned then tsk-ed when his eyes landed on the crystal on the man hand. The light was too bright for his eyes, but it was necessary for the pegasus shifter, so he can do nothing except let the man be.

"What make you think I will answer that question of your, huh?" he asked the man back; face still looking ahead with a grin etched on his face. He was bored, so why not entertaining himself by playing with the shifter a bit longer?
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H [A] 5 months ago
@❖ Kim Sunggyu Seungmin brushed the other’s question about manners with an eyeroll. He proceeded to enter the cave as well, not caring at the way the other practically scrutinized his appearance in his territory. “No, I don’t want to die. I’m just trying to complete a quest and then you won’t have to see me here.”

The shifter dug into his satchel, feeling for the crystal with his fingers. When he found what he was looking for, he brought the crystal to his lips, muttering the magic words. The crystal illuminated the path that led deeper into dark cave with a bright, white light. Unfortunately, there was only one path so Seungmin fell in pace with the other, but most definitely leaving a large between their figures. “Out of all the caves in this forest, why are you in this one?”
❖ Kim Sunggyu 5 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin Sungkyu squinting his eyes while looking at the shifter; hands folded in front of his chest. He let out a snort when he heard the man words.

"Don't you know courtesy? I ask you first. It's rude to answer with question. Don't you have manner?" He said while stepping closer towards the cave.

"Beside," he paused as he stood at the entrance besides the Pegasus shifter; head tilted slightly and a smirk adorned his face, "Do you really want to die that much, eh?"

He honestly didn't know what the man thinking, lurking around in the dark land. Didn't the man know that he was on the list? If it was another demon, the Pegasus shifter will surely be dead.

"Go back to your land if you want to still be alive." He murmured before entering the cave without looking at the man.
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H [A] 5 months ago
@❖ Kim Sunggyu If Seungmin had a choice, he would rather not step foot into the Dark Lands for any reason whatsoever. But at this point, he didn’t really have much of a choice since he was running out of coins and the only quest he managed to take on was to retrieve some rare gem from a cave in the Mist Forest—out of all places—for an elderly elf since guardians were vulnerable in the Dark Lands.

The atmosphere in the Mist Forest did not affect him as much as it would the guardians, but he definitely did not feel comfortable being surrounded with so much darkness and dark magic that could potentially strike from behind the shadows and kill him. Despite the uncomfortable and nearly suffocating ambiance, Seungmin continued forward, trying his best to quickly find the cave that possessed the stone and get out of the Dark Lands.

The shifter sighed in relief when he finally spots the cave in the near distance, its description matching exactly to how the elderly illustrated for him. His lips turned into a slight frown when he realized that he was not alone, and the other’s presence was not one he was particularly happy about running into.

“I’ll answer your question if you tell me why you’re here too.”
❖ Kim Sunggyu 6 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin Sungkyu was trudging in between trees and shrubs that littered along at the western side of the mist forest. His small yet sharp eyes looking around as if searching something that was hidden by the mist. He humming lightly once in a while then twirling around in another. Today, he have two things in mind; a rare gemstone and strawberries.

A rare gemstone? Well, he planned to make some necklace then putting some magic into it then toss it into the human land to see what will happen when some human find the magic infused gem just because he was THAT bored yet in mischievous mood. For strawberries? Well, he has an unhealthy amount of obsession with that certain fruits after taking a nap.

He walk further into the forest with bouncing steps, twirling here and there, feeling slightly excited before stopped on his track.

He frowned as he see someone lurking around the cave that housed the rare gem. He let out a resigned sigh when he got closer. The Pegasus shifter.

"What are you doing lurking around a cave that far away from your home?"
❧ Min Yoongi [A] 6 months ago
@➴ Chae Hyungwon "I have to admit, I only heard negative rumours about pirates," Yoongi mumbled, still a bit cautious but maybe that was his original form. Cautious and ready to bolt if someone tried to hurt him. Surprised he blinked when the other touched his ears and he huffed slightly, putting his hair back to cover his ears. He kept them hidden, most of the time. Quietly he watched the wound disappear and then took his hands away, nodding. "It should be okay now. Though I might be able to mend skin, I cannot repair clothing."
➴ Chae Hyungwon 6 months ago
@❧ Min Yoongi "They must have been the bad pirates, but you can meet nice ones like me as well" He says with a small smile as gasping softly to touch the points in the the others ears "thats actually pretty cool honestly" he smiles looking at his own shoulder when the smaller Male placed his hands over his shoulder
❧ Min Yoongi [A] 6 months ago
@➴ Chae Hyungwon "Well, I have only met a crew of pirates that kidnapped me so there is that." Yoongi huffed and then relaxed a bit. The other was friendly and he felt like he could believe his words so he nodded.
"I just... Am careful. Sorry." He had not wanted to hurt the other with his words after all, he had just been scared.
A small snort left his lips. "I'm an elf," he said and lifted his hair from his ear to show him the pointy ends. "I can heal with, well, my hands mostly." He carefully held one close to the wound and concentrated. It was warm where he touched the other's skin and it slowly but surely started to heal.
➴ Chae Hyungwon 6 months ago
@❧ Min Yoongi Watching with a small bit a relief Hyungwon moved away a bit to show he wasnt going to hurt the other after hearing about the kidnapping ,"Ah but you know not all pirates are bad right? i mean i was helped by a real nice one" He says looking at his shoulder nodding his head "oh how can you heal it? do you have the herbs to do so?" He asked looking back at the male smiling softly
❧ Min Yoongi [A] 6 months ago
@➴ Chae Hyungwon When the elf was touched, his first instinct was to step back, get away. But the other was gentle and probably even careful with how he moved so Yoongi sighed, putting the knife away and nodding. "Last time I met a pirate, I got kidnapped," he explained and sighed, shaking his head. "Sorry, I got scared this might happen again," he added and showed the man a small smile before he frowned, looking at the wound. "It's not too bad, but it looks nasty." He carefully pushed some fabric away. "I can heal it," he then offered. He was not the best at healing but he was really trying and he should be able to heal this.
➴ Chae Hyungwon 6 months ago
@❧ Min Yoongi As Hyungwon looked confused he took a small step closer to the other and patted his shoulder softly, He shook his head softly and gave a smile "Yes I am a pirate, but im not with a crew so you dont have to be scared. I also wont hurt someone who saved me, so" He says and places his hand on the others to lower the blade keeping his small smile "Just put this away, im not one to fight unless necessary" He adds looking at his shoulder and sighs putting the hand on it "is this bleeding bad?"
❧ Min Yoongi [A] 6 months ago
@➴ Chae Hyungwon Even though the other looked rather confused, Yoongi was still tense and unsure about this. "You are a pirate, right?" His hand shot up to his ears, making sure the pointy end was covered by his hair. Last time time a pirate had realised what he was, he had been kidnapped. He was definitely not looking forward to doing that again. He kept a step away, but he had the urge to help the other as there was a wound on the other's shoulder, just a tiny one but still. It must have been from the fall. Yoongi cursed himself silently. Being an elf made him want to help so easily.
"So... your crew is not here to... this is not a trap for me?"
➴ Chae Hyungwon 6 months ago
@❧ Min Yoongi hearing the others words as he watched the male look around and cut something he fell landing on his back with a small gasp of pain, He stood up holding his back a little as he brushed himself off making sure the net was off him. "Thanks" he says before he looked up to thank the male when he seen him looking confused holding up a knife "What do you mean a trap?" He asked looking around the woods then back at the other "why the hell would I put myself in a trap?" Hyungwon said back crossing his arms
❧ Min Yoongi [A] 6 months ago
@➴ Chae Hyungwon "Well, I'm Yoongi," the elf gave back right away and checked the trap to find out how to get the man out of it. Huffing slightly he noticed how and sighed. "Okay, this might hurt a bit," he said and then cut the vine in half that was holding the net up. He was not strong but he had some proper equipment. With a dull sound the other guy landed on the ground and Yoongi reached forward, helping him out of the net - but then recognized the clothes and immediately stumbled backwards. Oh , his luck was definitely not good. Hurriedly he looked around the trees, trying to listen to every tiny sound - a pirate. And where a pirate was, there was his crew, right? What if that had been a trap. Holding his knife in his hands he looked at the man, not attacking but in a defensive way.
"Is this a trap?"
➴ Chae Hyungwon 6 months ago
@❧ Min Yoongi Hyungwon jumped a little when he heard a voice and gave a sigh of relief when he spotted the man on the ground "Yes I need help, I was passing the tree and got stuck up here" He says as he looks the male up and down figuring out if he knew him or not. Seeing that he has never met the male before he held onto the ropes making the net trap. "my name is Hyungwon if you were going to ask" he says softly
❧ Min Yoongi [A] 6 months ago
@➴ Chae Hyungwon Yoongi was out and about when he noticed he was lost, once again. Confused he looked around, frowning. There was some fog around him and it was pretty clouded up in the sky. "And I thought it would be a nice day," he grumbled and sighed while he took a turn to the left, hoping his instincts would somehow take him back to his cabin. He was tired anyways so why not go home and nap some or try to meet one of the fellow elves.
'Home'. As far as he could call it that - he had built himself some cabin from wood and earth as he had not dared to claim one of those cabin's people had talked about.
Just when he was about to turn left again he decided otherwise and turned right just to stop in front of a trap - a trap with a what looked like a human inside.
"Hey, how is it there?" he asked, sounded pretty serious and dry while saying it. And he had thought he'd be the only one stupid enough to end up in a trap - that was a story for another time. "You need help?"
➴ Chae Hyungwon 6 months ago
@❧ Min Yoongi Hyungwon wondered around the forest with as he sighed, he was looking for something to hunt in order to boost his skill but not being able to find anything for a few hours made him grow tired as he kept walking around. He soon gave up and took a look around seeing he ended up in an unfamiliar part of the forest, the mist was thick and he could barely see where he was going at this point. Looking around wondering how he ended up so far in the forest and how he will be able to get out. Groaning as he kicked a nearby tree walking past it to hear a snapping sound. Stopping in his tracks to figure out where the noise came from, Before he knew it he was up in the air captured in a net hanging from the tree, He looked for his small pocket knife but failed to find it as he groaned sitting still in the net hoping someone would come by soon


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