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LeGoLaSs 3 months ago
Question. Would it be alright for my wife and I to both join? We love to play together, but we would more than likely end up /mostly/ playing together. Though we'd both try to play with others.
Please let me know. Love you guys <3
kittyxcat 3 months ago
im leaving as hyungwon
ShyShy 3 months ago
Hansol took his leave I don’t want to hold a character I won’t use
I may come back in The future just not right now
-lait- 5 months ago
hello can I hiatus from the 31-7th? I'll be away without internet
6eed65112941c760a106 5 months ago
Please add and reserve Yoon Sunha
sapphirescar 5 months ago
please add and reserve jim jongin ^^
hesoyam 5 months ago
Chris has left. Thank you for having me.
littleranchan 5 months ago
Please add and reserve Jungkook (◍•ᴗ•◍)
MaleWifey [A] 5 months ago
➴ Wang Yibo
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KunxCheng 5 months ago
I'm tempted but there's so many options that I can develop on depending on who I choose-
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