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☵ Jay Park 7 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 (SH) "I hope so," Jay said and he did believe Seungmin. He knew he himself could be quite intimidating and as they knew each other at least briefly, it was easy for Jay to know that Seungmin was not telling the truth. But who would suspect the other to be a shifter? Surely not many, he was sure of that. There was no reason to it, after all Seungmin looked like a simply human. Soft and gentle and oh so innocent. Though he was pretty sure he was not entirely. "You really need to learn some tricks to make sure to stay safe and sound." He was not really up to save the other if or more when he got into trouble though he would. He somehow felt a little responsible.

"Yeah, unless you see another person offering it," Jay snorted amused and shook his head slightly. He did not mind it, not really, but he was amused at how surprised Seungmin was. Of course he could just let the other get caught, ignore that they knew each other but this was not how and who he was. He was reckless and mean but he was not entirely heartless. "I got myself a big room for the night so you can stay there too. It has enough space. And we can ask for food." Unless Seungmin had already eaten but he did not mind it at all.

Taking fast steps they reached their goal and Jay opened the door for the other. "I see you figured it out, mh?" He said rather amusing while he helped the other inside, following him as well. He then kept walking, stopping at a room in the back of the hallway and opening it with a key.
"Come in."
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H 7 months ago
@☵ Jay Park “I-I’m usually a lot better at this, I swear!” Seungmin nearly huffed, lips jutting out into a pout. Now, he looked completely incompetent to the older when that was not exactly the case. Jay always had the habit and ability to fluster and catch him off guard, whether it was back in the previous world or in this one. Sure, it was true that Seungmin never bothered to react to him in the real world, but now that they were actually having a proper conversation with each other and the fact that Jay knew his secret, it would definitely be in his favor to keep the peace.

The shifter’s eyebrows furrowed, frowning at the information that fell from Jay’s lips. “I guess I have to be extra careful from now on.” Hiding wasn’t Seungmin’s favorite thing to do, reminding him of bitter emotions and memories, but the older did have a point. As much as he really didn’t want to stay cooped up between four walls again, he really had to heed the warnings. “With you?” Seungmin couldn’t help but let his eyes widen at the surprising suggestion. He never thought that Jay would even offer his help after warning him. “I mean—if that’s okay with you, thank you.”

Seungmin’s guts didn’t disappoint him this time, matching his pace with a smile. It would have actually devastated the boy to know that someone he was acquainted with from the previous world would want to inflict harm on him. “Sinking ships—“ He let out an audible gasp and prevented himself from saying anymore by slapping his palm on his lips. A sea creature, not a simple one as that. He shouldn’t say it out in public so he made sure to keep it to himself as he continued to follow the older.

[ i—no—that's okay asdfghjkl; ]
☵ Jay Park 8 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 A small chuckle left Jay's lips, shaking his head a bit. "You are not good with hiding, you know?" he said and just hoped Seungmin was a lot better when people who actually wanted him or his head or whatever those people wanted from the shifter. Otherwise the other would be easily caught and dead or imprisoned if he did not react fast enough. Of course Jay heard the whisper and just smirked amused. He would not answer on that comment, after all he wanted Seungmin to put into it whatever he wanted. Though it was not meant in a negative way, more neutral than anything though.

The squeak was adorable, just fitting to Seungmin, after all he was quite young after all. Sometimes Jay forgot the factor age though most time it was very important. "You should not," Jay said and shook his head. He was not sure if it would be really dangerous but the chaos inside was really something Seungmin should not end up in, especially not in the fist fight. The other surely knew how to protect himself but that maybe not. "Then I guess you should be more careful. I heard they would engage some new people. More experienced ones as it would still be rewarding," he said and his lips. "So... you should stay hidden for a while," he said and shook his head. "You can come and stay with me for the night," he then offered, not really knowing why he said it but why not? They were better of together than being apart.

An amused chuckle left Jay's lips and he looked at the shifter, tilting his head. "You are guessing," he then said and thought for a second if he should admit it. He then shrugged. "Yeah, I am not a human," he nodded and looked at Seungmin while he slowly walked. "But no, I am not here to take your blood away," he said and a small smirk was seen on his lips. "I give you a hint: sinking ships might not be caused by a simple sea creature." He winked at Seungmin.

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〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H 8 months ago
@☵ Jay Park . How did Jay see through him so easily? Was it because Jay had already known him from the previous world? “It’s not—“ Like a deer caught in the headlights, Seungmin had to stop himself from gaping and instead opted to duck his head in shame, biting the corner of his lower lips in slight frustration. His secret was now at the mercy of the merman and that didn’t sit very well with him. “Suits me? What’s that supposed to mean?” Seungmin mumbled between his lips, a slight whisper but loud enough to have been possibly heard by the other.

He nearly squeaked at the sudden movement, but allowed himself to get tugged away from the cabin by the other. Also almost getting whiplash from how fast Jay seemed to go between a teasing tone to one that actually sounded worried, the shifter pursed his lips to a slight frown while soaking in the information. “I have a room booked in the tavern, actually. But I suppose I probably shouldn’t stay there tonight.” He tilted his head, humming in thought. “A little bit? Not by a lot. I can take down inexperienced hunters and pirates but a group of experienced ones would be difficult.” Although slowly, he had been crawling through quests by quests ever since he had been thrown in the game because he knew he had to get stronger in order to survive.

Seungmin mirrored Jay’s look with a raised eyebrow of his own. “Since you’re not jumping at the opportunity to take my blood, am I right to think that you’re not a human either?” He was shooting his shot, hoping that he was correct and that Jay was genuine in not wanting to harm him because he really didn’t need a magical creature trying to come after him. Humans were easy to handle, for the most part, but the other magical races were definitely not.

[ i deserve to be slapped by your tentacle for taking so long— ]
☵ Jay Park 8 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin There was a look in Seungmin's eyes Jay could not hundred percent tell what it meant. It was some kind of distance, defense? Maybe protection. Jay had been through so many curses to see if someone was hiding something from him - something that had helped him many times in business and now, once again, it made him wonder what the other was hiding from him. Though it was easy to guess with the topic Seungmin was talking about. He was either a hunter or the shifter he was talking about. And even if they were not close, Jay could easily guess what Seungmin was.

"It's you they are looking for," the tentacle merman said and smiled amused, tilting his head. Yeah, it fit. It was different than what Jay had guessed Seungmin would choose but it still somehow fit. "Suits you," but oh it made his existence here so much harder. He tilted his head to the other side before shaking his head slightly. It was dangerous for the kid. He carefully took him by the arm and walked away from the tavern. It was not safe for the other to stay here. "Where are you staying tonight? You need to be careful, they have a pretty detailed description of you," he said and frowned a bit. If someone had the talent to draw from scratch they would easily find Seungmin.
"Have you managed to level up?" He knew he himself needed to level up more though he had not had the energy nor interest in doing so. Though maybe now he might have a reason why.

"Is that so?" The older looked at the other, eyebrows raised. Oh, he knew the other was pretty stubborn but he also knew that it was dangerous in this world. He himself was part of the reason why the ocean was dangerous for most people, no, most ships. Not every person on the ships he sank died. But most did we swimming was something not everyone was good with.
"I'm not here to be your enemy or rival," he then said. Maybe he liked some good competition, yes, so what? But in this world they were not fighting the same fight, they probably didn't even have the same goal. So why would Jay want to cause Seungmin harm when instead it might be a lot more interesting with the kid around.
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H 8 months ago
@☵ Jay Park Seungmin observed Jay’s reaction to his question and prepared himself to react in a manner that hopefully hid his own motives to whatever came out of the older’s mouth. Just because they were acquaintances in the previous world, did not mean that the other would not be a threat if Jay found out his true identity. If Jay truly was a human, it would be highly possible that he would change attitudes drastically in the face of a pegasus shifter that was worth enough to be hunted by most hunters and pirates that were currently fighting in the establishment beside them. On the other hand, much like Seungmin, Jay might only look human and be of a different species. But the shifter was not going to take any risks, even for the sake of a familiar face.

“I’ve gathered some information while I was in there,” Seungmin replied, gesturing toward the door of the tavern with a disapproving look. “Have you heard anything about a hunt for a shifter? I think they were talking about it before the fight broke out.” He brought his gaze back to Jay, slightly tilting his head in question. The older was hard to read and that made it that much harder to stop himself from accidentally spilling too much.

Seungmin nearly scoffed, rolling his eyes at the other’s obvious ego. “I don’t need your protection, Jay. I can handle myself just fine.” The corner of his lips threatened to drop to a slight frown. “I was just caught off guard back there for a split moment, but I would’ve gotten out of there even without you.” He couldn’t help but act a bit defensive, knowing that Jay looked at him like he was still the kid that followed his parents around during meetings. Seungmin waved off the topic of being stuck in this world with a shake of his head. Unlike the other, Seungmin wasn’t sure if he truly believed deep down in his heart that he wanted to go back to his previous life.
☵ Jay Park 8 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin It was easy to notice that Seungmin was on guard and Jay was not sure if it was because of him or if it had other reasons. Eventually it probably did not matter as they were in a world where being on guard was the best thing you could do anyways. Especially was Seungmin did not strike Jay like a human. Yes, Jay found the other pretty spoiled and such things but aside from that he was also pretty sure Seungmin was someone who would not choose a mere human. Not because he found them unworthy but because he was sure Seungmin was someone who'd need some kind of magic in his life. Because he was not one to fight with bare hands - which was nothing bad as, clearly, Jas had not chosen a human himself.

"Which one?" Jay asked as he had heard quite a few rumors about many kinds of hunts. The hunt for mermaids, the hunt for shifters, the hunt for some guardians as well. He found all of it pretty stupid but that was not for him to judge, probably. He still had to completely understand this place yet. He had not been here for very long so it was no wonder he might need some more time to get the hang of it. Surely, most of it was easy but the world was big and he was sure there were quite a few. "But yeah, I heard about quite a few hunts. You need information?"

A chuckle left Jay's lips when he saw Seungmin's reaction on the noise. "You are safe here as long as you are with me." He might be a business man but he was also pretty muscular - he did work out quite a bit after all. "Guess we both are stuck here," he said and shrugged slightly. "Nothing we can do about it for now." Though he just hoped there was a way out. This place was nice but he preferred the real world.
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H 8 months ago
@☵ Jay Park Seungmin tried his hardest not to roll his eyes at the amusement painted on Jay’s face at his reaction. He was just caught off guard—nothing more, nothing less. He knew that he was just a young, spoiled kid in the other’s eyes. That was always the vibe that radiated from the older whenever they crossed paths and most likely why Jay chose to ignore him. Seungmin didn’t blame him really, since his own actions mirrored his. Never expecting to run into him in this game, at least this situation caused them to finally speak to one another.

“Yeah, information.” Words laced with hesitance to continue. There was something about the way Jay looked at him, as if the older could read his motives. Maybe Jay was also a hunter that was a part of the hunt? Or maybe Jay really was just there to drink beer? Or did the other actually figured out his identity during such a short exchange? The shifter wasn’t too sure, choosing to be careful with what he was going to share. “Have you heard about the hunt that everyone else was talking about?”

Seungmin scrunched his nose in distaste at the sounds of violence coming from inside the bar even when the door had been shut after they ran out of the establishment. “Oh, thanks.” The shifter wasn’t expecting such a quick complementation from the other. “Well there isn’t much I can do anymore since I’m stuck here, I guess.”
☵ Jay Park 8 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin Watching the kid pull away from him made Jay smiled amused. The red blush on the other's cheeks was adorable and Jay wondered how much younger the other was - he looked pretty young right now. This honestly was not a place to be for Seungmin. Jay knew that the other was pretty spoiled but there was nothing else he knew about the other and maybe that was his own fault for never being too interested into him. It was not Seungmin's fault, at least not entirely. But to Jay that kid was boring, too much age difference, too spoiled and too little to get to know about him. During business meetings Jay was busy with making new business friends and he had no time to babysit the other - or get to know him as a friend. He barely had any friends and he had no time for those so he did not need any anyways.

"Information, mh?" Jay tilted his head curiously, waiting for Seungmin to keep talking. So they actually did the same. How amusing. Now Jay just really wanted to know what kind of information Seungmin had been here to gather - had it to do with what he chose to be? From the outside he looked like a human but then again Jay did too, for now.

"Oh, congrats," Jay said honestly surprised. He had known that the other was young but not that he was this young. He really meant it. "Yeah, me neither," he then admitted and looked around, from the inside of the tavern he could hear people fighting and shouting and all he could do was shake his head. "I was checking fi this game is really as promising so we could buy it." He rolled his eyes. "Did not expect to be in here either." He shrugged. He was trying to make the best of it. "Though in the tavern I did the same. And enjoying a beer, to be honest." Because this entire place was crazy.
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H 8 months ago
@☵ Jay Park Realizing that he was still in Jay’s arms, Seungmin quickly pulled away from his hold. Heat rushed to his neck, feeling slightly embarrassed that they bumped into each other during such a situation. “Yeah, you too…” It was kind of awkward, really, and he knew that Jay would definitely be amused with his reaction. The shifter didn’t know how to act around the other since the only time they saw each other were during business meetings and business parties, where Seungmin was dragged by his parents to join even though he would rather be at home. He always spotted Jay since his parents were always invited and Seungmin’s parents regarded Jay quite affectionally as Jay’s parents did with him, but never once did they really have a proper conversation with each other; neither of them approaching one another. Sometimes, Seungmin thought that the other simply hated him so he mutually ignored him.

“I—” If Seungmin wasn’t flushing yet, then he definitely was now. “I was only there to gather some information.” The shifter couldn’t tell if Jay was also a human, deciding to keep wary for now and keep his façade up. Although there was a part of him that told him that Jay wouldn’t harm him in this world, the shifter could never be too careful.

Seungmin lowered his gaze at the golden question, biting his lower lip at the accusing tone in the other’s voice (at least, that’s what it sounded like to him). He didn’t expect to run into someone he knew from the real world and so he wasn’t prepared to answer the question that opened up many thoughts and desires deep in his heart. “I was curious.” Well, that was part of the truth. “I was accepted into a university. I didn't expect to actually be trapped here.” He peered up to the older with a raised eyebrow. “What about you? What are you doing here?”
☵ Jay Park 9 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin Feeling Seungmin react to seeing the face of his saviour was interesting. He had only met one person he had known from his real life before and he still had not entirely recovered form that yet. He had not known that this kid might break his heart but he was no one to easily admit his emotions so it had hit him harder than expected. But he was good with ignoring personal problems after all. "Nice to meet you here, Seungmin," he said amused while he closed the door behind them, the fresh air hitting him a little by surprise. It had gotten colder than expected.

"I was just drinking some alcohol," Jay said and shrugged slightly. He knew he was good with holding his liquor, luckily, though right now he wished he had drunken more to just be part of the fun inside. He'd easily win but not only because of the amount of muscle he had. "What about you? You clearly looked like you don't belong." Which was funny because out of all places he had expected to find someone he knew he had not guessed it would be this place. Not the tavern. Especially not Seungmin.

"What are you doing in this game at all?" Jay had never thought that the spoiled kid was even allowed to play such games. They clearly weren't good enough for him. Or at least his parents would have said that. Jay didn't like Seungmin's parents but his own were close with them so there was that. Didn't mean he had to try and befriend their son who was quite a bit younger anyways. "Shouldn't you be at home and prepare for whatever your next appointment would be?" Or maybe university, it was time for that kid to go there, right?
〄 Kim Seungmin ☘5 H 9 months ago
@☵ Jay Park The tavern wasn’t a place Seungmin frequented whenever he arrived in the human village, preferring to stay away from the ransom location filled with drunk pirates and hunters that did nothing but gossip and cause trouble. Especially since the Pegasus shifter had just slipped away from a group of young hunters that found him lurking the jungle with his wings exposed just a few days ago. The shifter knew he shouldn’t be risking blowing his human disguise, but the hunters were particularly set on capturing him this time around and he wanted to be a step ahead of the chasers. The best place to eavesdrop on their upcoming plans would be the place they felt free enough to talk and discuss their strategies over alcohol and bar waitresses that wore skimpy outfits—the tavern.

Seungmin took a seat at a vacant, single table on the corner of the establishment, pretending to be engaged in the jug of beer that was placed in front of him by one of the waitresses. He wasn’t much of a drinker, only taking minimal sips here and there as he gazed around the room with his ears open for any sort of gossip. It didn’t take long for conversations about him, the Pegasus shifter that had escaped, to flood the room, feigning ignorance while memorizing their agenda in his mind.

Conversations died at the sound of glass breaking and shouts of vulgar words thrown from one male to another. A bar fight had broken out so suddenly and Seungmin was near the line of fire when he felt himself get pushed, falling right into firm arms and a protective hold around his waist. “Who—” His words get caught in his throat when he faced his savior, eyes widening at the appearance of a familiar figure, someone he didn’t expect to see in this world. Seungmin didn’t protest being pulled toward the back exit, still slightly in shock at the other’s appearance. When they were at a safe distance from the violence, the shifter turned in the other’s arms to finally get a proper look at him. “Jay? What are you doing here?”
☵ Jay Park 9 months ago
@〄 Kim Seungmin At this time of the day the tavern was crowded with people, squished together like small ants they were in this universe. Most of the people here were male though aside from the waitresses there were a few women, entertain the men with barely dressed bodies that did not interest Jay Park one bit. He was not here to get laid, neither by a lady nor by a man. If he wanted he could go and find himself someone but right now he did not care about that. What he cared about was small talk. People spoke a lot when they were drunk and often had so many more interesting things to spill than when in the right state of mind.

By now Jay had already heard all kinds of talk - about a Pegasus shifter who had escaped the hunters a few days ago, about one of the younger hunters going missing recently but also about creatures who had been winking boats recently. That, he guessed, had been him. Though by now they had stopped talking and had reached the time where the guys were pressing their faces into the women's s. Time to leave.

Getting up, Jay Park put a few gold coins on the table while the shy waitress smiled, taking the money and bowing a bit. He didn't really give her another glance, instead he grabbed his clothes just to dodge a bottle of beer that shattered on the wall next to his head. That he had not seen coming. Blinking surprised he looked over, seeing one older man punching another into the face. Not a bad right but definitely too weak to get th other guy down. If he was not too tired by this he would have endulged himself some more but right now he just wanted to leave. That was when his eyes spotted a person he recognised. Could that be? Possible, that kid had always been full of surprises. He shook his head and dodged a bad left punch just to get to the guy he recognised who was a little too close to one of the assaulters, getting pushed and therefore falling right into Jay's arms.

"Hello," he said and pulled Seungmin closer, making sure no fist would hit that guy while he made his way towards the back exit that was pretty close. For a moment he noticed a worried glance from the waitress but he ignored it, getting the other and him outside. "Hope you did not want to be part of that."
〄 Choi Hansol H 10 months ago
@➴ Lee Hoseok -shakes head slowly talking to make sure it didn't spit fire again-
I was just being chased a couple days ago and couldn't even blow fire~
So now that I can it's weird
Uhm...don't know but I did not know this place existed until now. So I think I want to explore
〄 Choi Hansol H 10 months ago
@➴ Lee Hoseok /I sight to myself before yelling at the sudden voice which caused flames to come out his mouth suddenly
/covers my mouth since I did not know that and I quickly turning around with wide eyes
/covers my mouth again before nodding my head since I seemed to not be able to make the flames stop every time I talk
/I blink confused before taking a deep breath and take several step backs before trying to speak again
Yes I am~ hey I’m not blowing fire anymore woo
/I first pump the air with a wide smile
〄 Choi Hansol H 10 months ago
@➴ Lee Hoseok /walks around completely lost and slightly freaking out/
/I had managed to leave my map somewhere and now I was completely lost and had no idea where I was besides maybe a bar/
/sighs softly looking around scratching my hand/


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