ι¢є яιик

ι¢є яιик
For a cute date on the weekend, or to hang out with friends, or even for renting to pratice if you want to become a professional in ice skating.
нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) 2 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Whatever
*pushes off the barrier*
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 2 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) I call just about everyone that.
*shrugs snd gives a smile as I stand*
Nice name, well I'll be going now
нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) 2 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) little one?
*raises an eyebrow*
Yuzuru. is my name.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 2 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) *deadpans slightly*
Well aren't you a charming little one...what's your name anyway?
*tuts the shrugs, chuckling slightly*
I mean I did say five, so, sure.
нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) 2 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Im not stupid.
There is no way I would have the strength to do that.
However I could probably slit your throat with my blade.
*smiles sweetly*
Now how about you off and if I see Shoma I will tell him you were here.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 2 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) Hmm, he's a packmate, no passive aggressive thing about it really.
Just had to talk to him
*tilts my head slightly*
I'll give you credit, you haven't threatened to break my jaw at least for still being here.
*gives an amused look and shakes my head*
нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) 2 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) what are you doing looking for Shoma any way?
*raises an eyebrow*
is it some weird 'passive aggressive' alpha meeting
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 2 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) Uhuh, you're cute.
*rolls my eyes and shakes my head*
Do I? If I do it's not even intentional. I don't care that much for my social status.
нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) 2 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) *raise an eyebrow*
Sure you didnt...
*shakes my head a little*
youve got the attitude of 'I am alpha I can do what I want"
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 2 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) Five then.
*grumbles, muttering something about pushy omegas*
*blinks and stares at you for a moment*
I've never once used alpha status to do what I want, thank you.
нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) 2 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Hes not going to be here in 10.
He knows to check the damn schedule now.
*shakes my head a little*
Just becuase your an alpha doesnt mean you get to do what you want.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 2 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) *deadpans slightly and looks over at you*
So skate around, not like I'm watching.
If he isn't here in ten then I'll leave.
нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) 2 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) *skates around warming up for a bit before heading over to the barrier near you*
I said this was a private session.
That means kindly off.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 2 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) *hums and goes back to my phone for a moment*
Guess I can wait just in case
нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) 2 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) No.
*gets on the ice and starts skating around*
*barely focused on you at all*
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 2 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) Are you one of Shoma's friends?
*blinks and eyes the wall pointed at, huffs slightly deeming it too far*
нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) 2 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) *points at a wall*
Schedule for ice time is over there. If he's got time it will be up there.
*shrugs a little and walks off getting on the ice*
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 2 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) *nods my head a bit*
The little alpha? yeah, that's him
*hums slightly*
I could have sworn that he said he was coming today, damn.
нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) 2 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) Shoma? He's the little one right.
*shakes my head a little*
Haven't seen him today.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 2 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) *hums and looks up at you raising a brow slightly*
I thought Shoma was meant to be here, you seen him?
нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) 2 months ago
@¢нσ куυнуυи (α) *comes out from the back rolling my neck slightly*
*looks over when I see you and frowns moving over to you*
Private session. Please leave
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 2 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) *hums once he arrives at the rink and peers over the barrier to look about briefly then goes to sit in the stands to wait, scrolling through my phone*
нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) 3 months ago
@υиσ ѕнσмα (α) Lolol sorry. I keep missing djot cause of the skating ]

*finishes up the program frowning slightly before starting it again pushing yo get through it*
*starts struggling more with the jumps as the program goes on but keeps the same flow through the program*
*breathing heavily by the time it's finished*
*skates around the edge once getting my breath back*
*glances over at you when I notice you but doesn't say anything about it*
*practice a my jumps for a while working through techniques and strengthening each carefully*
*comes over near where you are after a bit*
If your hanging around come down here and make yourself useful.
υиσ ѕнσмα (α) 3 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) ((8’D Yayyy! \ouo/))

[skates off of the rink myself and changes out of my skating shoes, keeping them in my gym bag]
[decides to stay for a bit since it won’t be a while until my brother would be done with his work too, and I’ll be able to fetch him afterwards]
[sits on one of the seats and watches you skate, observing your moves more attentively now that I don’t have anyone else to pay attention to]
нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) 3 months ago
@υиσ ѕнσмα (α) Hnnnng]

*looks over as I hear the commotion watching them all get off before turning back to setting up my music.*
*checks the time and sighs a little*
*waits until the last one is off before starting my music again starting to flow through the program effortlessly filling more of the rink than before clearly more relaxed with no one else on the ice *
υиσ ѕнσмα (α) 3 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) ((Hnggg
υиσ ѕнσмα (α) 3 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) ((*squeals* Nuuu spare me from all the noms!))

[tries to instruct my students and succeeds to do so for a while, correcting their flaws and honing their skills, while at the same time reminding them to not stray too far]
[would glance at you from time to time and admire you for a bit, before getting back to teaching]
[doesn't realise how much time passed until I look at my watch and saw the time]
Ah, training’s over, everyone, you can leave now. [smiles a bit as my students cheer happily and start skating towards the exit of the ring, some thanking me as they left]
нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) 3 months ago
@υиσ ѕнσмα (α) [nomnomnomnomnom]

*finishes off the first run through and heads over to fiddle with the music a bit before skating around going over it in my head*
*lets out a breath after a little bit glancing over to see how long I've given you with your students before getting ready to run through again*
*pushing a little harder this time but still seemingly to flow effortlessly through the whole thing*
υиσ ѕнσмα (α) 3 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) ((*squeals* Nuuu, no eat me!))

[is supposed to be teaching, and is totally not distracted by you]
[keeps getting brought out from my train of thoughts by my students and manages to help them out with what they don’t understand before being distracted by how graceful you skated]
[is impressed by how good at skating you are and is officially spellbound by you, attention only ever leaving you when my students call me]
[ushers the students so they won’t block your way as much as possible]
нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) 3 months ago
@υиσ ѕнσмα (α) [ nom nom nom]

*starts setting up my music and evreything glancing back over when I hear you*
*works out a reblock that i can do for the program to avoid that half as much as possible at least for the bigger jumps and such*
*finishes setting it up and heads into the right spot getting one of my team to push the play button*
*flows effortlessly through the program somehow dodging through the students when I do have to venture into that half while making it look like I was supposed to do it all along.


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Panda_PrinceJae 4 weeks ago
is this rp still open?
djinnamon 1 month ago
Reece King pls
RinYukituji 2 months ago
I’m so sorry to say this, but Zhengting and Shoma will be going.
It was nice RPing here while it lasted <3 Thank you for having me, it was truly fun :’)
ubebread 2 months ago
hi sorn is leaving. thank you for having me <3
nessuno 3 months ago
jungkook dipped
mammon 3 months ago
Yuqi left, thanks for having me!
ChoiKyun 3 months ago
Kim Jisoo please
RabInA 3 months ago
Can you add Myou Mina for me?
Amberflame 3 months ago
OuO May I snag Lee Donghae for a 3rd character now that I have over 100 points on Kyu?
NotteStellata 4 months ago
Can you add Hanyu Yuzuru and Son Dongju
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