ι¢є яιик

ι¢є яιик
For a cute date on the weekend, or to hang out with friends, or even for renting to pratice if you want to become a professional in ice skating.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 9 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) I call just about everyone that.
*shrugs snd gives a smile as I stand*
Nice name, well I'll be going now
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 9 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) *deadpans slightly*
Well aren't you a charming little one...what's your name anyway?
*tuts the shrugs, chuckling slightly*
I mean I did say five, so, sure.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 9 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) Hmm, he's a packmate, no passive aggressive thing about it really.
Just had to talk to him
*tilts my head slightly*
I'll give you credit, you haven't threatened to break my jaw at least for still being here.
*gives an amused look and shakes my head*
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 9 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) Uhuh, you're cute.
*rolls my eyes and shakes my head*
Do I? If I do it's not even intentional. I don't care that much for my social status.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 9 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) Five then.
*grumbles, muttering something about pushy omegas*
*blinks and stares at you for a moment*
I've never once used alpha status to do what I want, thank you.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 9 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) *deadpans slightly and looks over at you*
So skate around, not like I'm watching.
If he isn't here in ten then I'll leave.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 9 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) *hums and goes back to my phone for a moment*
Guess I can wait just in case
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 9 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) Are you one of Shoma's friends?
*blinks and eyes the wall pointed at, huffs slightly deeming it too far*
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 9 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) *nods my head a bit*
The little alpha? yeah, that's him
*hums slightly*
I could have sworn that he said he was coming today, damn.
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 9 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) *hums and looks up at you raising a brow slightly*
I thought Shoma was meant to be here, you seen him?
¢нσ куυнуυи (α) 9 months ago
@нαиуυ уυzυяυ (σ) *hums once he arrives at the rink and peers over the barrier to look about briefly then goes to sit in the stands to wait, scrolling through my phone*


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Panda_PrinceJae 7 months ago
is this rp still open?
djinnamon 8 months ago
Reece King pls
tenpachi 9 months ago
I’m so sorry to say this, but Zhengting and Shoma will be going.
It was nice RPing here while it lasted <3 Thank you for having me, it was truly fun :’)
ubebread 9 months ago
hi sorn is leaving. thank you for having me <3
pinwheel 9 months ago
jungkook dipped
kodachrome 9 months ago
Yuqi left, thanks for having me!
ChoiKyun 10 months ago
Kim Jisoo please
RabInA 10 months ago
Can you add Myou Mina for me?
Amberflame 10 months ago
OuO May I snag Lee Donghae for a 3rd character now that I have over 100 points on Kyu?
-promise 10 months ago
Can you add Hanyu Yuzuru and Son Dongju
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