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ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 1 month ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan *wakes up from my sleep and yawns,looks to my side and smiles as I see you asleep*
*Carefully gets up to not wake you up and puts on my robe before looking outside*
Oh its snowing...*goes to the big window and sits there,admiring the snow*
ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 2 months ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan *hums and leans down to take the tip into my mouth and on it hard*
Mmm...*swirls my tongue around and bobs my head as i take in your halfways and harder*
Ψ Greyson Dollan 2 months ago
@ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※  //my head rolls back slowly and then I look back at you as your working your hands on my thick shaft. I feel this rumbling low growl of lust erupt in my throat and i jerk softly against the cuffs around my wrist.
Mmmf— yes y. ... I do like it my mistress~"
ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 2 months ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan I love you too baby...
*Smirks and kisses down the line of your abs and reaches to your pants*
*Pulls them off along with your boxers and straddles your legs, my palms and uses both my hands to *
*Unhook my bra with one hand and throws it away along with your pants and boxers off the bed while * you like that baby?
Ψ Greyson Dollan 2 months ago
@ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※  //hums slowly from all your iness and and my gaze watches your body all on me. When you leave kisses and your passionate love Mark's all on my neck I moan heatedly and groan your name.
"I'm your love slave baby. Hmm. I love you.""
//I got this deep look in my eyes and I smirk back at you as I feel so for your y body.
"Your y one hundred percent babe."
ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 2 months ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan *smirks and nods* and my slave is so y and handsome.
*Kisses your lips passionately as my hands goes down to undo your pyjamas top,trails down my lips to your jaw and neck,presses more kisses there*
*When at your neck, your skin and oj it to leave some of my love marks*
*Pulls away and grins* now everyone will know you're mine..*giggles*
Ψ Greyson Dollan 2 months ago
@ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※  //impressed with this sudden scenario and slightly surprised at how fast you just cuffed me
"Well I am yours huh ... **chuckles softly** wow my master sure is beautiful"
ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 2 months ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan And honey...since I won the bid for you...
*Smirks and swiftly cuffs your hands up to the bed rails with a smirk*
You're my slave now..*winks*

ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 2 months ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan () aaahh..i should watch it..hehe and ugh..love the dp btw..

*Giggles softly and slowly grinds on your crotch* hmm...its pretty new so...you better not rip it..
But oh well you can if you want to..*bites my lower lip at your smirk*
I miss you..*traces my finger on your abs* it's been a while baby..
Ψ Greyson Dollan 2 months ago
@ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※  ((One of their YT vids about their tattoos. ^^ ))

"y as hell... if course I love it. Hm... "
//softly plays with the lace on your hips and smirks back devilishly with charm
ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 2 months ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan () uuuuu...y..hehe..how did you know that?

*Drapes my arms on your shoulders and grins*
No silly...just wanna know if you like it or not?
*Winks and looks back at you in the eyes*
Ψ Greyson Dollan 2 months ago
@ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※  "Is that a truck question?"
//my hands grace if your frame as I admire your being and then lock my eyes with yours.

((I just found out he has a lip tattoo on the inside and it says Grind... #facts XD))
ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 2 months ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan *grins and spins around to show you the new set I got*
Do you like it? *Grins and straddles on your lap with a smirk*
Ψ Greyson Dollan 2 months ago
@ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※  "Hm— I..."
//turns around and looks up to see you in the lingerie and cute night gown.
ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 2 months ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan *peeks into the bedroom in my new pink laced lingerie underneath my matching see through short nightgown*
ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 2 months ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan She smiled warmly and shakes her head. Greyson may be older than her but he can be as cute as a kid sometimes which makes her loves him more. He can be excited on small things just like her too sometimes. She sits down at the dining table as she waits for him to come out. "Baby...come out..let me see your costume.." she said,grinning. Rhian didn't change to her costume yet because it is sort of like a lingerie so she wants to keep it for later tonight for him.
Ψ Greyson Dollan 2 months ago
@ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※  "Omg I did bring it!" He laughed and went to go get it from his bag in her room and then he quickly changed into it. A dark long sleeve button up shirt and a black cowboy hat with a gun holster and he even had black boots and his jeans were black and he looked like a modern day cowboy. He thought it was hilarious and a little unlike him, but hey it was Halloween. He assumed Rhian was changing into hers either now or later.
ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 2 months ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan -continues-

"Or baby,you can wear your costume..you brought your costume right?" She said,smiling up at him.
ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 2 months ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan () yes please..but Rhian's costume is more like a lingerie..haha

She heard him and she blinked. "Oh you didn't bring extra?" She puffs her cheeks. "But you'll be cold..let me increase the heater.." she said and then grabs yhe remote and increases the temperature. "Warm enough for you,baby?" She asked and looks at him with a smile.
Ψ Greyson Dollan 2 months ago
@ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※  As soon ad he was all done he stepped out and wrapped a town around his waist. He then peeked out of bathroom and glanced towards the kitchen. "Uh...babe... I got pumpkin guts all over my shirt so...no shirt...just s heads up!" He mused as he still had clean bottoms and put those back on and then exited the bathroom.

((Did you still want to do the costume idea anyway?))
ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 2 months ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan () sure^^ aww..thank you for that..huhu..

She smiled softly at his words,finding it very sweet of him. She nods and watches him go inside before she gets in and closes the door cause it's getting colder now at night. She shivered a little and walks to the kitchen to reheat the dinner before serving dinner on the table while humminh a random song.
Ψ Greyson Dollan 2 months ago
@ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※  (())) yes happy Halloween! My bad it's a belated one coming from me can we still say it is in this scenario?

"Your someone I'd love to show the beauty in the world too..."
He said as he looked her in the eyes as she kissed him and he kissed her back and held her chin softly with one hand and held the shares kiss an extra moment before pulling away. "Alright I'll make it quick babe." He disappeared into her backroom and started the shower, after removing his clothes he stepped in and started washing himself up.

((I will get faster replies here soon I feel a little bad I haven't been...and right now my other muses are bit low compared to Greyson though so idk I am favoring this a bit more rn ^^;;))
ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 2 months ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan () hahaha okay^^ Happy Halloween btw..

She moves to the back to give him space and watches in awe at the magic that he just did in front of her. "Thats so amazing.." she smiled softly. "Oh we're already high up... let's not make them float.." she smiles and nods,still mesmerized by the colour of flames before looking at him. "You know,it was very very attractive,what you did just now,baby.." she giggled and hums,rubbing his clothed chest. "Yes,go take a shower,then we eat dinner..we can have the pumpkin soup for dessert.." she said and pats his chest before tiptoes to kisses his lips lovingly. "Go go.."
Ψ Greyson Dollan 2 months ago
@ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※  ((Oh well say he put them on her balcony then :) lol))

Watch this...

He placed a both his hands on two pumpkins, the candles within them were enveloped in a warm orange light and then with an illuminating sound they emerged lit and the flames were green. He did the same with the last two pumpkins and those flames turned out purple.

:" I could make the pumpkins float as well but... maybe this is good enough?" He said chuckling and the. Stretched his arms up in the air and cracking his neck. "Ah... I should shower? We can eat after?" He wanted to show her so much more but he knew it was best to take things at a good pace when it came to his abilities, being half angel and vampire also meant having powers after all.
ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 2 months ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan () hahaha actually its more like a penthouse..so it could be like a balcony with grass..hehe

She laughed softly as he stuttered,finding it so cute. She playfully pinches his cheeks and nods. She follows him and sees the pumpkins. "Oh they look nice babe... Doesn't look weird at all.." she smiled up at him and gently puts the small candles inside the base of the pumpkin. "Okay baby..you lit them up."
Ψ Greyson Dollan 2 months ago
@ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※  He has a rather embarrassed look on his face when she calls him Pumpkin Pie. "I-I dont l—look anything like a p—pie~ ... " he said back but that didn't mean he didnt like her attention, her love, and her kisses. "Pfft you're so funny babe." He chuckled looking at her. "Come here quick." He lead her outside where he places all the pumpkins on her lil porch and one in her window.

((I know it's an attic but MEH lol c:))
ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 2 months ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan Rhian had just finished cooking the pumpkin soup and switchs off the fire so it won't cook anymore. She closes the lid and looks over at Greyson,all slimy and smelling sweet like a pumpkin. She lets out a giggle and nods. "Yes please..just in time.." she goes to him and kisses his cheeks. "I think you're the pumpkin pie now."
Ψ Greyson Dollan 2 months ago
@ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※  "Danm..." Greyson said under his breath as he stared at his girls teasing swaying hips. After a little longer he finally carved out the last pumpkin. And he came back into the home a bit slimy and definitely smelling like the pumpkin soup Rhian was cooking. "I finished the pumpkins just in time to put them out. Wanna watch me light them?"
ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※ 2 months ago
@Ψ Greyson Dollan "oh its fine baby..carve them however you want...its Halloween... everything should be weird anyways." She giggled and nods at him. "Okay baby..." She smiled and purposely sways her hips seductively at him as he enters the house again just to for calling her cute pumpkin.
Ψ Greyson Dollan 2 months ago
@ᾟ Rhian Sugden ※  "Ahh... I know that. I was just excited because I forgot that I like doing things like this. Even if I carve them a little weird or something."
He flushed a little when she wiped his hands for him but he smiled softly and let her. And as soon as she was finished he went back to another pumpkin. He still had at least two more to do.and he had a whole bucket for each pumpkin filled with seeds. "Alright I should be finished soon." He raised a brow curiously as he kissed her back and pulled away watching her wink up at him cutely. "Your a cute pumpkin..." he laughed.


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i don't know his full name but he goes by Issay, can i reserve him?
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Maia Mitchell please! <3
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