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jeon sana [A] 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo she glances up at him with a proud smile, warmth blooming in her chest as she reaches out to caress the back of his hand tiredly.
you’re so cute. i can’t believe he’s here with us ;___;
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana oh —
pursing his lips tightly, he carefully takes yunseong into his own arms, gently tickling the baby boy’s cheek with his fingertip as he lets out the softest coo at the sight.
he’s perfect. you’re perfect, sana ya. you did so well.
jeon sana [A] 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo she nuzzles her nose against his cheek, eyes filling with tears once more before she glances at him carefully, nudging yunseong in his direction.
d do you want to hold him baby?
let’s out a shaky exhale as she couldn’t help the bright smile on her lips.
our beautiful baby boy.
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana with a breathless laugh, he turns to her to wipe away any bit of her tears before watching as the nurse hands him to her, immediately gulping down the lump in his throat.
hey there, little guy.
he greets softly, carefully holding yunseong’s hand, unable to keep his eyes off the baby.
he’s beautiful.
jeon sana [A] 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo our baby boy—
her eyes well up with tears- from the pain or joy or whatever she was feeling, she wasn’t too sure herself. she sniffles, the initial pain growing fuller as she could now breathe properly, peering at the nurse carefully before she takes him into her arms, sniffling.
hiya, yunseong ah. we’ve been waiting to meet you. ;__;
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana “just one more..”
the doctor says, coaxing the baby out. a few short moments later, the sound of a baby crying fills the room and he sees the nurses clean the baby after cutting the umbilical cord. he watches in awe as they carry the little baby to them, now wrapped snug in a blanket as he’s still calming her down from her pain.
oh my — baby ,, baby look at him.
jeon sana [A] 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo n nonu-
her voice croaks as she wheezes, gasping for air as she glances at him. sweat rolls down her features, her lips curling into a tired smile only to grimace from pain, inhaling sharply before pushing hard once more, panting between grunts.
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana that’s it! that’s it, sana, come on baby.
the doctor encourages her as well as he’s trying not to wince at the squeeze to his hand, merely rubbing her back to provide as much comfort as he can without feeling too helpless. it took a few moments more before the doctor says she sees the head but he tries to fix all of his focus on her instead.
she sees the head! you’re almost there, baby!
jeon sana [A] 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo her eyes grow wide as she holds his hand tight, letting out a shout as she clenches her jaw, pushing with all her might. her cries grow louder as the pain grows, turning her head to groan loudly against the back of his hand, knuckles growing white.
a aH! nonu it huRTS AAAAAH!
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana i love you too, so so much.
he wraps an arm around her shoulder, pressing a kiss to her head as he tries to soothe her the best he could. the doctor has her legs propped up and spread as she checks once more, telling them both for her to start pushing.
oh! oh — you got this baby. pushhh!
jeon sana [A] 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo a a centimeter more?
she gasps out, eyebrows furrowing as she glances over to him with a tired expression, squeezing his hand tightly as her own eyes squeeze shut. her breath grows heavier as she’s given a short break from the contractions, mumbling quietly.
nonu, i love you.
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana the doctor comes in and puts on gloves to check how far she’s dilating before telling them both they need a centimetre more before she could start pushing. he rubs her back soothingly, merely watching with wide eyes as the nurses and doctors prepare everything in the delivery room.
thats it baby, you got this. you can do this.
jeon sana [A] 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo gripping tightly at his hand, she couldn’t help but releasing cries of pain, her knuckles turning white as she squeezes her eyes shut. her chest heaves as she tries to breath, even the slightest as the pain overwhelms her body, breaking into a whimpering mess.
babe i- it huRTs. it hurts so bAD—
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana i wish i could.
with a frown, he tugs off her clothing and has her change into the hospital gown, tying the knots by the shoulders before he lays her down on the bed carefully. he then changes himself into the set of scrubs, setting their clothes aside in the bag as he presses the call button for the nurse.
just hold and squeeze my hand. bite it if you need to? heh.
jeon sana [A] 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo with large puffs of air, she wobbles up, standing next to him as she could only muster a nod, gripping at his arm tightly as she keeps a hand on her stomach, letting out a pained groan.
c can we trade spots now? c c can you do this part instead ppang and be a male seahorse?
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana of course not.
he grabs the bag once more and hooks it to the handle of the wheelchair, combing through her hair carefully as he pushes her to wherever the nurse is leading them to. they arrive at a room and the nurse helps him lead her to sit on the bed before she hands them the gown and scrubs to change into, telling him to call right when they’re done.
alright! come on, baby let me help you change mm?
jeon sana [A] 1 year ago
@jeon wonwoo everything was a blur as she could only focus on the contractions and pain she felt, letting out small wails of pain as she grips at the wheelchair’s arm rests tightly, jaw clenched as she glances over to him, sweat forming over her brows.
d don’t leave my side? please?
jeon wonwoo 1 year ago
@jeon sana hi! hello! can i get some help here?
he calls out as he carefully leads her into the emergency room, a staff quickly coming by to settle her into a wheelchair. he gets to the desk and sets the bag down to fill in any necessary forms, squinting as he readjusts his glasses.
right — is that all? yea?
jeon jungkook 1 year ago
[ ] okAY i'll post there hehe
jeon chaeyoung 1 year ago
( do you wanna post in the house nOW )
jeon chaeyoung 1 year ago
i scan the room once more just in case and settle into the wheelchair comfortably once i'm sure we've got everything.
oh okay, heh.
looking down at hana, i give her forehead a kiss and coo at her as she breathes in and out softly.
home home!
jeon jungkook 1 year ago
carefully holds hana in my arms as i grab the bag of your things, checking around the room in case we missed anything.
mhmm, i've checked us out so we can leave now.
watches you in worry, carefully handing the little baby over to you as you get wheeled down to the lobby.
we're going homeee, hana ya!
jeon chaeyoung 1 year ago
i sit up on the bed, wincing as i get up on shaky legs and close my eyes.
okay, i can do this.
straightening up, i take a few steps around the room, getting used to the feeling before i sit back into the wheelchair, holding my hands out for hana.
i think we're ready to go?
jeon chaeyoung 1 year ago
( o ok i'll skip for us )
jeon jungkook 1 year ago
[ ] do you wanna timeskip or :O
jeon jungkook 1 year ago
you're small to me.
utters against your lips before pressing a gentle kiss to your tiers, reaching to carefully trace hana's little face with my fingertip.
i think they need to do a checkup on you and her first before we leave.
jeon chaeyoung 1 year ago
hey, i'm not even that small.
huffs and tilts my chin up to guide you to me to share a kiss, soft and prolonged. smiling against your lips, i tuck away your fringe and sigh, looking to hana again.
when do you think we can take her home?
jeon jungkook 1 year ago
she does. so small like her mama.
teases you playfully as i let out a soft chuckle, eyes solely fixed on hana as she sleeps in my arms. i take a glance at you, leaning in to press a kiss to your forehead once more.
yea, they are. i can't wait to introduce her, heh.
jeon chaeyoung 1 year ago
i watch as you take her from me, leaning against the pillows as i sigh in content at the sight, reaching out and pulling away the blanket from her face.
she is really tiny .. do you think she takes after me?
i keep one hand on your arm, rubbing my thumb back and forth against your bicep as i look to hana with a tired smile.
do you think the others will be happy to see her too?
jeon jungkook 1 year ago
o o oh..
gulps down the lump in my throat as i carefully take the little baby into my arms, taking note of how small she was in my embrace.
she's so.. so tiny.
lets out a shaky exhale but a wide smile forms on my lips, leaning down to carefully press a kiss right to her forehead.
hello, hana ya. you're finally here hm?


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