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Church Pastor:


: The place where one can go to repent of their sins

: A holy place 


: Be mindful of others praying 

~ spread love and not just legs ~


Ӂ Yixing 2 weeks ago
@Ӂ Dawon I might not have expressed myself correctly then but I share your opinion on it.
/has my eyes locked onto you as your wings disappear, it is as if the wounds on my back itch/
/follow you out of the church, I want to take your hand again but at the same time don't want to make you feel too uncomfotable so I end up tugging my hands into the pockets of my pants/
You live close to the beach? That sounds nice.
/thinks about how I would like to have own place that I can call home rather than staying in the hotel for the time being/
Do you enjoy being out or staying at home more?
Also what is your favorite thing to do at the beach?
Ӂ Dawon [A] 2 weeks ago
@Ӂ Yixing Darkness is associated with Evil usually
You made it seem as though you were seeing darkness in that light
A demon is dark, but doesn't mean they're evil, some demons are the purest things I've met and can be quite beautiful
/stands up when you stand, having my wings go back into their seal/
Okay then, I will show you the beach
/picks up my sweater off the floor as I exit the building/
Thank you
/hops down the stairs and stands at the bottom of it to wait for you before I move on/
This is the direction that I take to go home too
Ӂ Yixing 2 weeks ago
@Ӂ Dawon You make it sounds like dark is a bad thing, what if it is the true good?
A demon is dark but darkness isn't bad, dear.
/jumps up from the organ and stands in front of you/
You didn't answer my question about that precious something.
Those places sound nice, take me there.
/think about your question as I have not really been anywhere
I have only arrived recently, I don't really know anything yet apart from that room where we met.
Show me the beach, sounds like a nice place.
/walks to the door and opens it for you/
Lead the way.
Ӂ Dawon [A] 2 weeks ago
@Ӂ Yixing The slightest thing that strays from perfection, from being brainwashed from God is considered unangelic.
What is exactly so dark about a demon? Other than falling because of their seeing through God and His plans?
And following Lucifer?
/swing my legs on the organ, a loud sound is made with my movement/
Somewhere else....other than downtown, the woods and the beach?
No, not really. I don't go anywhere else, why? Do you not like being in the Church?
What kind of things do you like to do?
Ӂ Yixing 2 weeks ago
@Ӂ Dawon Isn't that similar though? It's not angelic, not what you are supposed to do in his eyes.
A demon is still taken over by darkness, even more than I am.
/sees your eyes fade dark and notes to myself how God really doesn't seem to be your favorite, nods at you your actions being watched/
What was that precious something?
/sits next to you which has horrible music play from the organ once more until it dies down in the church/
Can you show me anything else around the island? There must be more places where you spend your time.
Ӂ Dawon [A] 2 weeks ago
@Ӂ Yixing Sound like any fallen
/my wing twitches under your touch, moving it to be tucked closer into my body before I look at you/
Bad girl? No, I just dont like the way people worship Him.
He deserves to be defiled and rot, just like those He has condemned.
A demon can look just as heavenly, many were Angels once upon a time you know
/I pick up the crucifix and flip it upside down, going on my tiptoes to place is back on the wall/
No, they're in the backroom, sometimes they watch me.
/I frown and look up at you, my blue eyes faded dark once more/
I stopped really following God a very long time ago, when something precious was made into something terrible.
/hops on over to the organ when you point in out, throwing myself on top of it, the keys causing loud music to sound as I sit/
Just because I have my wings, doesn't mean anything about my loyalty
Ӂ Yixing 2 weeks ago
@Ӂ Dawon It's a long story but let's say he didn't really like that I wasn't a rule follower.
/stares at you as your wings appear, I reach out to shortly slide over the softness as you turn your back towards me/
So you are the bad girl? That is your hobby?
You look angelic, a demon could never pretend to gleam as purely.
/follows you to the crucifix thinking that the humans must be truly scared of an angel wreaking havoc on them when angels were supposed to be those to save them/
/moves towards the crucifix and takes it down in one quick motion placing it onto the ground next to me/
So tomorrow you come back to see the horror on their faces?
You also don't really seem like a God follower to me.
/looks over to the organ/ Should we do something with that?
Ӂ Dawon [A] 2 weeks ago
@Ӂ Yixing Let yourself fall? Interesting.
What did you do? To make God throw you out of Heaven?
/as I sit on the alter, I allow my wings to come out of the seal, the shimmer beautifully in the light that streams into the church/
No, I enjoy seeing the horror on their faces as an Angel ruins their church
/lifts a foot and kicks over the candle by the altar before I stand up on it and turn, so that my back is to you/
Yet, everyday they fix everything up and say nothing to me
I wonder why-do they know I am not a demon pretending to be something heavenly
/hops down and moves to the large crucifix at the front of the church/
Help me take that down?
Ӂ Yixing 2 weeks ago
@Ӂ Dawon It is, definitely. Might be one of the many reasons why I wanted to fall.
That might be it, yes.
/I sigh to myself as you let go of my hand as I had wanted to enjoy this for longer, I hope that I can get back to holding yours soon/
/follows you inside the church, a smile reaches my own lips as I see yours, it makes you look even prettier than you already are in my eyes/
So that's your favorite thing to do? Confuse the priest with your presence?
/chuckles as I walk up to the altar/
Seems innocent, I expected it to be something more severe like playing on the graveyard.
Ӂ Dawon [A] 2 weeks ago
@Ӂ Yixing Heaven is boring. Many of them act all the same-the immense love and trust for Him.
You feel the chill of the winter because you fell don't you?
Only one time I was able to experience such things, it was a lovely thing being able to feel human for the time the event went on
/I pause when I feel you grab onto me, nervous for a moment before i realized that you were merely preventing your fall/
/I let go of your hand and nearly skip to the church doors, a wide smile formed on my face as I look back at you, my eyes sparkle in their heavenly blue/
Come then, you're very slow
/pushes the large oak door open and slips into the church, I shed my sweater that hid the tattooed seal along my back/
It's very fun you see, to see the confusion on a priest's face to see an Angel be here
/I walk to the altar and hop onto it, swinging my legs/
Ӂ Yixing 2 weeks ago
@Ӂ Dawon Heaven is boring, isn't it?
/I am confused as your hand tightens around me not sure whether it is a good or bad/
Why not?
Winter, right. /looks up at the sky as I think about your question/
Snow is nice when it's only there for a few days, I think I prefer warmer seasons though.
/almost tumbled because of the root but I hold on to you and catch myself/
/sees the church in front of us, I do not yet want to let go of your hand so I slow down a little as we walk over to it/
Then show me what you like to do around here.
Ӂ Dawon [A] 2 weeks ago
@Ӂ Yixing I used to watch a lot in Heaven, since I didn't have anything else to do
But no, it's not my favorite thing to do
/my hand tightens around yours when you rub your thumb over mine/
Please don't do that.
/my head turns so I can look at you out of the corner of my eye/
Yes, I do. I only just started knitting because it was going to be winter here.
....do you like snow?
/steps over a root so that I do not trip, soon a clearance appears in front of us/
ϗ Taeyang 1 month ago
@ϗ Kim Jisung () ϗ Taeyang 1 second ago Reply
* rolls dice * gets a 2
same 100-2-2

*I watch you and quite amazed at how easy you turned those two to sins. I smile at you, softly clap my hand and snap my finger. Two men from the church change their seats and sit beside an elderly woman who is sitting at the back alone. They occupy both sides making the elderly woman in the center, they didn't waste so much time as they forcefully take all the valuables from the poor elderly and leave her stunned in her seat still shocked that she got robbed in a church*
it's a draw
ϗ Taeyang 1 month ago
* rolls dice * gets a 2
ϗ Kim Jisung 1 month ago
@ϗ Taeyang () Well that was a sad roll... 2

*the tiny creature heads off towards two people off by themselves. I concentrate watching them eager kiss and evenutally head for a more private room* ...The smaller they are the dumber it seems...
ϗ Kim Jisung 1 month ago
* rolls dice * gets a 2
ϗ Taeyang 1 month ago
@ϗ Kim Jisung () We can start whenever you are ready, just roll the dice.

*I chuckles and turns to you with still the smiles on my face* and you think I will easily get nervous for someone who is just specialized with only one sin *I mockingly chuckles after using the exact words you used earlier. My eyes swing from your face to your hand and I nod with a bit of amusement* looks we have a few magic tricks up in your sleeves. You may start whenever you are ready.
ϗ Kim Jisung 1 month ago
@ϗ Taeyang () Oooh. That makes way more sense than what I was thinking.

So I'm the weirdo who forced himself to specialize in a single sin then. Lovely. Nervous? I don't get nervous. I make others nervous. *creates a shadow creature on the palm of my hand*
ϗ Taeyang 1 month ago
@ϗ Kim Jisung () we will roll until both of us got the total of 100, it will be multiple times.

My sin *I chuckles and hum afterwards, smirking at you for a second* I am just an ordinary demon, sadly I am not one of the princes of hell but I assure you I am not someone you can take for granted. Are you nervous?
ϗ Kim Jisung 1 month ago
@ϗ Taeyang () So we just roll against each other multiple times or just once? Wanna be sure is all.

Well this is quite tempting. Would be better if I knew your sin....
ϗ Taeyang 1 month ago
@ϗ Kim Jisung I believe that is what I said *I furrowed an eyebrow at you with a smug smile* we only have a simple rules, we have 100 people inside. If you manage to turn most of them into a demon or make them do something sinful that will placed them in the book of hell you win.

() we use the dice here to be fair for us.
ϗ Taeyang 1 month ago
@ϗ Kim Jisung I believe that is what I said *I furrowed an eyebrow at you with a smug smile* we only have a simple rules, we have 100 people inside. If you manage to turn most of them into a demon or make them do something sinful that will placed them in the book of hell you win.

() we use the dice here to be fair for us.
ϗ Kim Jisung 1 month ago
@ϗ Taeyang () Its alright dear ^^

for a lifetime? That sounds pretty damn good... *looks at you then the people* What rules if any are there?
ϗ Taeyang 1 month ago
@ϗ Kim Jisung () forgive me for missing this, I honestly forgot.

Whoever wins become a for a lifetime *I smirk after glancing at you and returning my focus at the church* you win I will become your but if I win you will become mine, that's a good one *I crossed my arm on my chest and keenly watching the people inside* are you up for the bet or not?
ϗ Kim Jisung 1 month ago
@ϗ Taeyang *watches you curiously as you move making a bigger space next to you* But a bet is useless unless one wins something. *keeping a close eye on you as I fill the now empty space next to you*
ϗ Taeyang 1 month ago
@ϗ Kim Jisung *I mockingly chuckles at you, moving a little to give some space for you to sit beside me but courteous is not a demon thing so I keep quiet and let you figure it out yourself* there are a lot of sins that can be used against them, wanna bet? I can turn more sinner than you.
ϗ Kim Jisung 1 month ago
@ϗ Taeyang You can do worse then lust? *chuckles* And sin do you plan to use against them? *I smile amused that anyone could believe that they would be able to beat lust*
ϗ Taeyang 1 month ago
@ϗ Kim Jisung *tilt my head, frowning as you appear out of nowhere and knows what you are up to* your sin? I can make them sinner than what your sin can make. *I look back at the church entrance, glancing at every soul* you are no match for me.
ϗ Kim Jisung 1 month ago
@ϗ Taeyang *appears behind you* Most of them are upset by succumbing to my favorite sin.
ϗ Taeyang 1 month ago
@ϗ Kim Jisung *Sitting at a bench, overlooking the entrance of the church with some churchgoers and boredom can easily be spotted in my face as I am watching everyone with a keen eye* they are just wasting their time in talking to a line that no one is there to listen. I crossed my feet, leans on the backrest and take my time to study the people inside*


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