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event: christmas
do you like editing of some kind, making moodboards? well we would love if you share them here, there will be rules though: you can only do it with characters that are participants in lith show. main theme is winter/christmas which will be displayed above all pics other types are welcomed too but they will be found as you scroll down! enjoy♥ make this beautiful~

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thinking of life

missing my past

listening to

not today by bts

Lee Seonghwa H 7 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun *laughs as you squeeze me tightly to you*
Okay..as long as you do miss me!!
*chuckles and shakes my head*
Pshhh he'll always be a gorilla to me cuz hes a big meanie haha
Choi Seunghyun H 7 months ago
@Lee Seonghwa *catches your hands and squeezed you tight while laughing at the top of my lungs*
I miss you too I just don't show it a lot
*laugh even more when you said about gorilla*
Yifan is too good looking for a gorilla but he is my big handsome gorilla
Cjamm [A] 7 months ago
/just sits and enjoys the view tbh
so beautiful
Lee Seonghwa H 7 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun *laughs softly at your antics. Shakes my head as I punch your arm gently*
Pshhh..what are you saying..? You know I’ll always miss you!
You’re the one who doesn’t miss me since should have that gorilla face *huffles out though laughs at the end*
Cjamm [A] 7 months ago
is this it?/pout
Choi Seunghyun H 7 months ago
@Lee Seonghwa I am not sure if you still missing me since there is someone now that keeping you occupied
*teasingly smile at you and wiggles my eyebrows*
Lee Seonghwa H 7 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun *cant help but laugh when you squeeze me*
I know. Sad about that.
Of course I do! I always miss you don’t i?
Choi Seunghyun H 7 months ago
@Lee Seonghwa *laugh with the poke then squeezed you*
I become busy, did you miss me here?
Cjamm [A] 7 months ago
rawr shared
Cjamm [A] 8 months ago
love it so awww
Xiao Zhan 8 months ago


guess I can put this here
Cjamm [A] 8 months ago
@Lee Seonghwa no it is written please read what is written in layouts /cries
Lee Seonghwa H 8 months ago
@Cjamm I thought it had to be Christmas theme only...
Cjamm [A] 8 months ago
Jungkook H 8 months ago
It takes one to know one.
Jungkook H 8 months ago
Ah, that makes more sense now.
Jungkook H 8 months ago
Well the picture made it seem like it and your word of "was"too.
Jungkook H 8 months ago
It sounded like, so just verifying that's all.
Lee Seonghwa H 8 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun *pokes your sides before hugging back*
Still meanie~ you just havent been here much~
Choi Seunghyun H 8 months ago
@Lee Seonghwa *hugs you tight*
I just missed teasing you
Cjamm [A] 8 months ago
the innocence in that pic probably is
Cjamm [A] 8 months ago
Jungkook H 8 months ago

oonmyun 11 minutes ago Reply

He was so young there

Is he dead?
Lee Seonghwa H 8 months ago
@Cjamm Okay, I'll try to be more creative Haha
Lee Seonghwa H 8 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun *huffs* meanie!!!
Choi Seunghyun H 8 months ago
@Lee Seonghwa *laugh*
I am just kidding mondon
Cjamm [A] 8 months ago
I should do something for you too when I get more free ; u ;
Cjamm [A] 8 months ago
when you're bored do make more
maybe you will make another new dp for me hahah
Lee Seonghwa H 8 months ago
You're not like crouched/sitting down and face seen. in any... that's why! Enjoy it haha


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swtner 22 hours ago
dropping wooyoung, don’t want to hog a character. Thank you for having me!
Yikessir 1 day ago
Lee dongwook pls!
-gonedays- 1 day ago
Can I get park seonghwa as a second
temperature 3 days ago
wait i don't think my comment reply was seen so can i get cai xukun as my second, please uwu
EtherealMoonlight 4 days ago
can i grab park jimin as my second, please? :)
_cutiepieren_ 6 days ago
Golden child's Choi Bomin for me please?
junlovebot 6 days ago
may i please reserve hwang hyunjin from stray kids?
Yeosanggie 1 week ago
hello, sorry i lost muse
yeonjun is taking his leave i may come back later on since i really like this rp really
temperature 1 week ago
i'm contemplating on getting a second character.....
alex_armanto_jk 1 week ago
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