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christopher bang 1 week ago
@lee minho /falls silent and let's you do as you please, just caressing over your hips gently as you relax. leaning close, I press a few kisses along your jaw;
my arms curl around your waist as you lean against me, eliciting a low hum at the movement, allowing you to set the pace.
Careful, love..
lee minho [A] 2 weeks ago
@christopher bang /holds up a finger for you to just give me a minute as I settle myself down on my shaft. I soft whimper leaving my lips after a moment as I wrap my arms around your shoulders/
/pants out slightly pressing against your chest slowly starting to lift my hips before lowering them again/
christopher bang 2 weeks ago
@lee minho /a low groan spills from my lips as you take in more, hands rubbing your thighs and hips.
/mumbles, leaning forward to press kisses against your collarbone, knowing it cant feel too great right now.
lee minho [A] 2 weeks ago
@christopher bang I won't..
/mutters softly alowly lowering myself down onto your shaft. A loud moan leaving my lips as my heas falls back trying my best not to show the slight pain that comes feom going raw/
christopher bang 2 weeks ago
@lee minho /my hands are quick to slide up your thighs to your hips, humming lowly at your hand around the heated flesh. squeezes your hip when you shift.
Don't hurt yourself, love.
lee minho [A] 2 weeks ago
@christopher bang /stripping out of my jeans it I dont hesitate to move over to straddle your hips. A hand wrapping around your shaft giving it a few slow not really caring on being prepped or not as I hover over your shaft/
christopher bang 2 weeks ago
@lee minho /noting the way your nose twitches, I offer another squeeze for the hell of it, having no choice but to remove them once my jeans are down and I'm being forced back to sit. looking over you, I take the freedom for a moment to get comfortable, leaning back against the couch in a rather inviting manner.
lee minho [A] 2 weeks ago
@christopher bang /nose scrunching ul slightly trying not moan at the feeling of your hands on my . Huffing out softly as I quickly undo them and push them down out of my way. Hands then moving to your chest to push you down onto the couch so I can wiggle out of my jeans
christopher bang 2 weeks ago
@lee minho /my own fingers slip passed your waistband to cup your beneath the material, offering another squeeze.
Take what you want then.
/muses, glancing down at your hands before an amused grin forms over my lips.
lee minho [A] 2 weeks ago
@christopher bang /returning every peck with a little hum as I'm pressed to you. Nods my head a few times biting on my lower lip gently/
It is..
/moans softly at the squeeze to my . Letting my hands slide down to undo your jeans/
christopher bang 2 weeks ago
@lee minho /my lips stay over yours, pressing a few pecks to them as I drag you flush against me.
If that's what you want, baby boy.
/mutters, eliciting a small grunt at the tug as my hands sink lower to offer your a squeeze.
lee minho [A] 2 weeks ago
@christopher bang /hums faintly as I slightly pucker my lips in thought thought at the kiss I easily tilt my head to press my lips fully against yours.
Let me go for a ride..its been awhile~
/purrs lightly tugging on your lower brim/
christopher bang 2 weeks ago
@lee minho What do you want first, sweetheart?
/sinks my hands down to your waist, leaning to press a kiss against the corner or your lips.
lee minho [A] 2 weeks ago
@christopher bang /grins a bit at response and turns slightly to press against you slightly. My hands sliding along your chest while biting down on my lower lip gently/
Hm perfect~
christopher bang 2 weeks ago
@lee minho /eliciting a low hum as I pull away, seemingly thinking about your response, I decide to caress over your cheek.
You can have whatever you want today, baby.
lee minho [A] 2 weeks ago
@christopher bang /just letting out a hum at the click to your tongue though keeping my eyes shut. Hums softly at your question lightly scrunching up my nose/
hm not sure..
/whispers out though blinking a few times at your words suddenly. A deep blush forming on my cheeks and lips slightly parting growing more needy by the second/
Can't...can't I have both?
christopher bang 2 weeks ago
@lee minho /taking a minute to admire your features when your eyes close, I offer a faint click of my tongue.
Hm.. I suppose that would depend on what my princess is in the mood for.
/mutters, leaning close to your ear to whisper my next words.
What do you want, baby boy..? You wanna sit on daddy's ? Or, do you want my spilling down your throat?
I still owe you that bottle, so in the meantime, I'll just have to make up for it.
kim namjoon 1 month ago
@han jisung it does! it does-- especially the fishnets hnn
han jisung [A] 1 month ago
@kim namjoon Doesn't it~?
grins a bit
kim namjoon 1 month ago
@han jisung !!

oh boy-
how come I didn't see this on my replies tf

but that... that looks nice. real nice :")
kim namjoon 1 month ago
kim namjoon 1 month ago
And why am I gettin near sleeping time orz
kim namjoon 1 month ago
Could definitely see Jisung in that hnn
kim namjoon 1 month ago
han jisung [A] 2 months ago
hums faintly at the nuzzling as well as enjoying the kisses to my nape. Lips pursing slightly at your words but I jod a few times deciding its best to listen.
Okay...have a good day, love.
Leans up to peck your lips before waddling to bed.
kim namjoon 2 months ago
Oh baby..
Nuzzles against the crook of your neck where I leave traces of my kisses on your soft skin.
Wish I could have helped you there instead of your teddy, baby. I'll take care of you soon, yeah? Daddy's gotta go for a bit. Sleep well, okay? And you'll be rewarded.
han jisung [A] 2 months ago
eyes falling shut feeling both arms around me before letting out a faint hum and nodding my head slowly.
yes daddy...teddy smells like you..
kim namjoon 2 months ago
Smiles out of endearment down at you, turning the device off so I could hug you with both arms and kisses on the side of your face, whispering.
Were you thinking of me while you rode your poor little teddy?


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redsnow 5 days ago
uwu hellooo~
may I have Xiao Zhan and Taehyung of BTS?? please and thank youuuu?
nunchii 1 week ago
Hey. Can I?
nunchii 1 week ago
I'll come back soon. Love you, Sungie.
venice 2 weeks ago
hey hey can i get jongsuk back-
sorry i switched accounts heh
sushirollxo 2 weeks ago
May i reserve lee sungkyung pls
almightykeytten 2 weeks ago
Oh. May I get Yoo Youngjae as a second?
nunchii 3 weeks ago
Hey love, can Namjoon and Francisco be put on a week semi-hiatus pls. Thanks!
thanatos- 3 weeks ago
Song Mingi please
kageyamatobio 3 weeks ago
park jimin please
nunchii 3 weeks ago
Dumb question but, by everyone you mean internationals are allowed too, right?
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