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Personal thread room for Chaeyoung x Jaehyun.

[SH] Jung Jaehyun [11/21] 5 months ago
@Park Chaeyoung initially, his mind was quick to jump to the conclusion that he was doing it wrong, there was something horrible with his method, or he was pressing too hard – but then his queen was lifting herself to sit up facing him and it was her gaze that spoke volumes. there was dark curiosity simmering within her orbs along with this confidence of the power she held that only few could exude well.

he sat still, awaiting his next instructions. the supple, soft finger pads that traversed up his chest were not unfamiliar, but it was this out-of-the-blue interruption of his massage session that sent his alarms blaring. chaeyoung never turned down his massages.

"you'd kill for me. you /have/ killed for me."

that was true, yes. despite the mirth lighting up his beautiful mistress's face, jaehyun's face remained neutral. the only indication to his confusion was the slight furrow in his eyes brows and the way his cheek dimpled just barely in thought.

"not that i require it, but i want to see just how desperate you are to please me. are you up for it, baby?"

the confusion grew deeper.

if it were anyone else, the assassin would have vehemently denied the desperation. but this was park chaeyoung. the only woman capable of bringing jung jaehyun to his knees (willingly, even). was fierce devotion and loyalty the same as desperation to please the same? where did the boundary materialize? or did it not exist at all, instead existing as a gradient?

he would have assessed their situation for longer had it not been chaeyoung gazing at him expectantly; he knew she loathed waiting.

"um... of course, my love. i'd do anything for you," he sounded like a broken record right now, but there were no other suitable words to express his love, "but... may i ask why this appeared out of nowhere?"
Park Chaeyoung 5 months ago
@Jung Jaehyun legs bend at the knee and chaeyoung let's them swing back and forth idly in the air, occasionally crossing them and uncrossing them. it's all to show her leisure. jaehyun is hers and only hers, the pet that would never bite the hand that feeds it. chaeyoung yawns and nuzzles her cheek against the silky sheets, the familiar scent of a mix of formaldehyde and his cologne permeating her senses.

his touch instantly relaxes, almost like a sedative. her body melts against the bedding and almost, her thoughts wash away. for a moment her mind goes blank, the otherwise curious side to her dying off at the sensation of his hands rubbing the stresses of her week away. he toils over her body so eagerly, digging his fingers into her flesh until the annoyance of her thoughts bother her once more.

chaeyoung opens her eyes, casting them upon jaehyun with fierce intensity. she reaches out to wrap lissome digits around his wrist, bringing his movements to a halt. sitting up, she pulls her golden locks away from the oils and over her shoulders. scooting closer to him, she walks two fingers up his chest from his arm, to his shoulder, to his chin to which she holds loosely in between her fingers.

"you'd kill for me. you /have/ killed for me." chaeyoung laughs almost deceivingly innocent, a chime soft and quiet. "not that i require it, but i want to see just how desperate you are to please me. are you up for it, baby?"
[SH] Jung Jaehyun [11/21] 5 months ago
@Park Chaeyoung trudging around his apartment in search for the lost oil vials seemed like an effort too many – especially when he had a task more worthy of his attention right here. so while chaeyoung undressed for him, jaehyun quickly settled by the side of her prone form, pushing up his sleeves as he awaited her wordless green light.

it came in the form of her closing her eyes. within the next blink of an eye, his calloused hands were pressing into her milky white skin, expertly avoiding jostling the straps of her underwear as always. with how many hours he had spent in this exact position, jaehyun didn't even require his eyes to be open. he knew his queen's body better than the back of his plam.

for a while, a comfortable silence had blanketed the couple, jaehyun silently working his way down the smooth back and loosening up the knots in the lithe body before him. the peace was pierced by an unusual question; chaeyoung's words were nothing out of the ordinary, but her tone was what captivated his attention. yet, he didn't let this falter his hands' movements.

"I'm nothing if not your pet. I live to serve you, my love," he responded quietly. reverently. if it were any other day, he would have ceased the conversation at that and resumed his duties. but it was that tone.. nevertheless, jaehyun attempted to phrase it in a non-assuming manner.

".. is there something you require me to do, my dear?"
Park Chaeyoung 5 months ago
@Jung Jaehyun if there was one thing that chaeyoung was absolutely sure of, it was that jaehyun would die before refusing her anything she wanted. for some reason he was infatuated with her, fiercely and violently loyal to her--not that she minded. chaeyoung had always been a bit of a demanding presence.

his acquiescence to her request comes too fast but she likes it that way. she parts away from him to tug at the silken dress draped over her figure, letting it slip away from her shoulders and come over her head before it falls to the ground without so much as a whisper. slender limbs follow suit as she lays belly flat against the bedding, hair pulled over her shoulder so it splays around her like a golden cloak.

"oh i know." she sighs, closing her eyes as she waits for the familiar touch of his roughened hands against her porcelain skin. but just how far would he go for her? he'd kill for her, die for her, kiss her feet if she asked him to. which, she's pretty sure she /has/ asked him to.

the question bothers her until it scratches at the pit of her gut, and finally her voice breaks through the otherwise silent room. "jae, honey? you're my good pet, hm? you'd do absolutely anything for me, isn't that right pup?"
[SH] Jung Jaehyun [11/21] 5 months ago
@Park Chaeyoung more a puppy at her feet than one of the city's deadliest assassins, jaehyun let out a quivering sigh, content to feel those slender digits card through his jet-black locks. his head followed every movement his mistress, his puppeteer, dictated without an ounce of retaliation. the delicate brush of her breath against his skin was like the whisper of a gentle breeze, one that brought any man calm and peace within.

right now, jaehyun was ascending to the heavens. any time spent with chaeyoung was worthy of worship and praise.

"of course, my queen," his words were a mere exhalation of air, just loud enough to be audible. he idly tried to recall last where he had placed the oils he often used for these spontaneous massage sessions.

normally, one would prioritize undressing and slipping into more comfortable attire after a long day. not jaehyun. if chaeyoung allowed him to, he would rush to do so. in the event that she refused, he would remain as such, almost like a computer program awaiting its creators instructions. there was not an instance of action he performed of his own free will, within her presence, without her consent.

"you know I'd do anything for you."
Park Chaeyoung 5 months ago
@Jung Jaehyun ( no worries! it was a great starter bb )

silk had never felt quite so pleasing in this moment. the way it caressed her skin as she runs her fingers across it, the folds of disruption following in her wake. chaeyoung never thought she'd be living in the lap of luxury like this. there isn't a day that she regrets tapping into the darker side of herself, where twisted laughter was the melody of her life.

jaehyun's apartment is quiet. there's nothing eerie about it except for her presence. it's like there's a sense of calm, some type of equilibrium, but the turbulence of her presence is enough to offset everything. chaeyoung lifts her hand, lazily fixing her eyes upon perfectly shaped and manicured nails. it'd only be a matter of time before he came home.

the door clicks shut and the first thing that falls into her line of sight is white tarnished with specks of crimson stretched across broad shoulders. an appreciative hum reverberates from within her chest and she shimmies up to the middle of the bed, legs placed daintily together. it takes him a little too long to unbuckle his gun and holster, but his senses finally manage to catch sight of her and she's pleased. the annoyance ebbs away.

the kiss to her hands is soft and she waits before threading her fingers almost uncharacteristically affectionately through the silky tresses of his hair. "hi baby. just felt like dropping by." with a pregnant pause, she slides her finger down the line of his jaw and tilts his chin up, leaning down until their noses almost touch and her breath ghosts over pale cheeks. "my body aches. you know what to do, don't you? no one can quite massage me like you do."
[SH] Jung Jaehyun [11/21] 5 months ago
@Park Chaeyoung [[ I tried to keep it short so you don’t feel too pressured– but don’t feel like you have to respond with the same length at all! ]]

it wasn’t often that jaehyun was needed specifically. their boss was quite adept at making sure they were the kings, monopolizing their district. occasionally, some nitpicks would try to engage into a “who’s is bigger” competition, but the results were always the same – their fearless leader would always come out on top, because she had people like him at her beck and call.

this time, those imbeciles had proved to become a larger thorn in their side than initially anticipated, hence his assignment. it hadn’t taken jaehyun long, but it had interrupted his rather relaxing weekend.

it was needless to say that heads had rolled within minutes.

now, with only a tiny splatter of crimson on his pristine white shirt that gave away his activities, jaehyun strolled into his apartment complex, his gloves off. he discarded those carelessly onto the table as he made his way into his room, eyes still downcast upon his phone while he unbuckled out his handgun and holster from his waist.

it was the man’s heightened senses and sensitivity to his environment that alerted him to another presence in the room. yet it was far from familiar. the signature perfume invaded his nostrils as dark brown eyes slid up to settle upon the gorgeous woman seated on his bed.

park chaeyoung. his queen.

“this is a pleasant surprise, o’ beautiful chae. to what do I owe this visit to?” the tall man murmured reverently, already on his knees in front of the divine lady so he could kiss her hands delicately.
[SH] Jung Jaehyun [11/21] 5 months ago
@Ten Leechaiyakul [[ thank you! ]]
Ten Leechaiyakul 5 months ago
@Jung Jaehyun [ +* ] changed it for ya!!
[SH] Jung Jaehyun [11/21] 5 months ago
@Ten Leechaiyakul [[ thank you ♡ ♡
also this is dramatic but
can the room name be changed to
“how far are you willing to go?” lol ]]
Ten Leechaiyakul 5 months ago
@Park Chaeyoung @Jung Jaehyun [ +* ] here is your room!! have fun!!


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