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Kim Doyoung 4 months ago

the younger boy couldn't help but laugh, not caring in the slightest that he'd flung his lover away as a human sacrifice. if anything, taeyong managed to become even cuter when scared and doyoung, despite being scared less, was grateful for the precious images he'd be able to lock away in his memories. the rest of their friends paid no attention to the two of them, hardly waiting for them to keep up as they were a noticeable distance apart. suddenly caught up in his own thoughts of whether he was allowed to take this opportunity to be more touchy with his boyfriend or not, he lost his footing as taeyong crashed into him.

"hoLy!" he shrieked, his logical brain knowing that the employees weren't allowed to touch them but his more panicked side being completely convinced that one of them was out for murder. tripping over his own foot, he crumbled to the floor with a startled yelp before turning around to shoot the perpetrator a sharp glare- only to soften /just a bit/ when he saw who it was. "i'd like to think we're even now. if anything, i'd just be glad to make it out alive." he managed a light laugh, dusting himself off as he offered his hand to the other once more, ready to leave this nightmarish hell.
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Lee Taeyong 4 months ago

the rebuttal on the tip of taeyong's tongue evaporated as his body was forced into the dark corner, into the personal space of the female poltergeist--his heart stopped for a moment, and clearly she wasn't interested in scaring them more than the initial jump, but her lingering stare... that was enough. taeyong was weak in the knees, voice caught in his throat and his palm hits the floor as he buckles momentarily, then launches himself in doyoung's direction.

"AAAAARGH, DOYOUNGGGGGG!" taeyong roars, fright transforming into annoyance, and fright again as he dashed around the next corner, babbling apologies and pleas of mercy as he nearly knocks over another actor. he could barely breathe with the way his heart pounded in his chest. "Just wait till we get out of here, Kim Dongyoun--mmph!" he's met with doyoung, catching up to him and walking right into his broad back.
Kim Doyoung 5 months ago
@Lee Taeyong doyoung had been the first to bring up the idea to go to the carnival for some halloween fun. he had expected a cute date, lots of hand holding, sharing food, winning prizes, all that cute . what he didn't expect was for their friends to have overheard the idea and tag along. fast forward to several hours later and you had a very grumpy do young, silently murdering his friends with a glare whenever they had their backs turned to him.

the good thing was that lee taeyong? he was a complete wimp. no one questioned it when he held onto the younger boy's had as they made their way through the haunted house and doyoung was glad that he could have at least sOMETHING romantic come out of this failed date.

"geez, hyung. your endless chatter is enough to drive those ghosts away so calm down. tsk, such a baby." he couldn't help but tease the other, it just came so naturally. doyoung had no idea where it came from but he was overtaken by a sense of /false/ bravado the minute they stepped into the house, ready to show taeyong just how manly and dependable his boyfriend was. "honestly, i'm younger than you and look at me- totally fi-aAAAAAHDHFAJKSF." his high pitched screech was accompanied by his body flailing around to hide behind taeyong, shoving him towards the female ghost that had jumped out from behind a wall, as if he was offering him up as a sacrifice.
Lee Taeyong 5 months ago
@Kim Doyoung Taeyong wasn’t scared, not this time. No, sir. Not even when they faced the entrance of the haunted house, dark and eerie, with howls and screams echoing in the background—they didn’t sound like a recording.

His palms were a little sweaty, but that didn’t change his vice like grip on Doyoung’s hand. He held it like his life depended on it as the part time shift worker dressed in a shoddy zombie get-up waved them inside. “— , we’re really doing this— Oh god, oh god, /oh god/.” Taeyong hated everything about Halloween except the candy.


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