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Personal thread room for Eunwoo x Soojin.

Seo Soojin 5 months ago
@Cha Eunwoo "cha eunwoo, look at me." though soojin was slurring a little, her voice was firm as she spoke to her best friend. for a moment, she was appalled, the fact that eunwoo didn't really think she could do anything to even match what the bastard who broke her best friend's heart did... with a shake of her head, soojin reached up, giving eunwoo a flick on the forehead, the tip of her finger throbbing from the impact, and she narrowed her gaze. only when eunwoo finally looked at her did she speak up, leaning in closely. "one day, you're gonna find a better than he was. you're gonna find someone who's a better , a better face, a better god damn personality-- and you're gonna forget about him."

soojin stared for a moment, incredulous. was he really going to keep arguing with her? with eunwoo insisting on another drink, the girl shook her head, tsking under her breath before knocking back the rest of her drink. the alcohol burned the back of , but she didn't care. if anything, eunwoo's words stirred a fire inside of her, and when she turned her head, she lifted a hand to shake a finger at her best friend. "you're forgetting about toys, y'know. they've got stuff for that. strap-ons. i bet we could go into an adult store-- there's gotta be one around here somewhere-- and i can buy one. i'd you better than he ever could." if not for the alcohol, there's no way soojin ever would have made a suggestion like that. who would've thought that something like a few drinks would get her to suggest such a thing, especially toward her best friend?
Cha Eunwoo 5 months ago
@Seo Soojin Eunwoo sighed out of frustration as he shook his head at the girl. He knew she wouldn’t understand, after all he didn’t expect anyone else to, not when he was sure that not everyone is like him, that not everyone is willing to keep a relationship going even though their partner is undeserving just because they get the privilege of a good . In fact he was sure that it’s a rare occurrence to find anyone similar to him, or at least share some similarities with him. And that only made him want to drink more, but sadly his cup was empty and he knew that he shouldn’t risk stealing his friend’s glass for the second time because nothing good will come out of that. “Sooj….soojin ah, do you realize how ing hard it is and how time consuming it could be to find a good ? I don’t want a random dude to give me a head in the bathrooms or something like that…you wouldn’t understand” ironically he was sounding so serious, but considering how slurred out words were leaving his mouth, and with the way his eyes were hazed, he suspected anyone would even consider taking him seriously. So the fact that Soojin is still there listening to his bull only shows how much of a good friend she is.

A loud laugh was heard over the way too loud music, Eunwoo throwing his head back as he laughed. Never in his life would he have expected such words to come out from the girl’s mouth. “Oh god, you must be kidding” he commented, before adding more words to avoid being misunderstood, as his friend has been nothing but great with him and he doesn’t want to be an to her. “Sooj, the whole point of him being good was the fact that he knew how to well, and you know that means him using his , aka s every guy has….the key word here is ‘guy’ ” he chuckled “last time I checked you didn’t have a , so how in the world can you expect to better than him when you don’t have the equipment necessary for it” he shook his head, his head buzzing “god, sooj please get me another glass” he pointed at his empty glass.
Seo Soojin 5 months ago
@Cha Eunwoo "you're gonna keep saying that, that no one's like him--" soojin cut herself off, her eyes narrowing as she reached up to catch eunwoo's finger while he waved it in her face. in that moment, she made the mental note never to bring him drinking after a heartbreak. either he was a lightweight, or he was really too far broken for something like this. "you havent even tried. how do you know that there's not another good out there?" lifting her hand, she gestured out to the rest of the room, but eunwoo's head was down and it was no use. for a moment, she panicked. was he going to have a meltdown? was he going to start sobbing while slumped against the bar looking like a reject? relief flooded her veins when he lifted his head, but only after a few seconds did she really catch on to what he was saying.

"excuse me--" soojin's brows furrowed when eunwoo took her drink from her hand, but she didn't argue. clearly he was desperate, and even though she knew the feeling, she wasn't someone to wallow in her feelings like this. no, you were supposed to pick yourself up and dust yourself off, not spend a few days drowning in alcohol and whining to your best friend about a guy. with a sigh, soojin dove into her thoughts, letting eunwoo go on about his ex while lifting a hand to call for another drink. it was brought to her quickly, and while resting her head on her knuckles, she sipped from the glass with a raised brow. "you could easily find another good if you just looked." maybe it was the alcohol, but as she leaned in, soojin slipped her index finger under eunwoo's chin, gently urging him to look up at her. gently grasping his chin in her hand, she gave him a sweet smile. "im pretty sure i could you better than he could."
Cha Eunwoo 5 months ago
@Seo Soojin “no, no, noooo” Eunwoo shook his finger right in front of the girl’s face, and if he didn’t know better he may have caused him some serious eye damage. Thankfully his finger didn’t go anywhere near her eye. “they’re not like him, no one here is like him!” he finally stopped waving his finger around, letting his hand fall down on the cold surface followed by his face, again. “guys, girls, I don’t care…..they won’t be anywhere good as him” the sober him would surely regret the drunk him rambling like that, acting as if the world is about to end just because of a good . Closing his eyes, he let out a deep sigh. Thankfully he’s not the type to cry out when he’s drunk or he would have made a great scene sobbing his eyes out on Soojin’s shoulder while he commented about how much he misses the boy. So at that moment he thought maybe he needs more alcohol in his system to keep himself together….well sure that didn’t make sense, but by now everything seemed like a good idea. “A drink, I need a drink” he mumbled, this time slowly raising his head unlike last time.

Taking the glass that was situated between the girl’s fingers, he didn’t care if she would hit him for taking what’s hers, after all she could just ask for another, which was something he wasn’t capable of doing in his current state. So drinking the whole in one shot is what he went for, and the moment he was done, he groaned at the taste before fearlessly asking his friend to get closer as if he’s about to tell her the biggest secret in the world only to say what he wanted to loud and clear for everyone to hear. “He was such a good , Sooj….You don’t even know how good he was in bed, now I….How am I supposed to find another one!” thank god the music was loud enough to make his whining hard to hear. “no one would understand” his slurring wasn’t getting any better, and it was a proven fact by now that he’ll wake up feeling like and hate his life a bit more.
Seo Soojin 5 months ago
@Cha Eunwoo soojin sipped delicately on her drink. she felt the buzz, of course, but it definitely wasn't anything like what eunwoo was feeling. maybe her master plan had gone down the drain. for some reason, eunwoo was not reacting the way she expected. instead of getting hype, of getting over the ex that was getting him down, eunwoo was moping and slowly turning into a puddle of self pity. she couldn't stand it. they had been best friends for years, and to see eunwoo like this, especially over some douche bag, she was getting sick of the way he spoke. it's like he was losing a piece of himself all because the he had been getting for so long up and moved on. "do i really not get it, eunwoo? you sure have been telling me all these things since we got here."

"oh shut up. you're way better than what the was treating you like. he was probably just using you, but you're way better." the girl lifted a brow while peering over the rim of her glass, the edges of her vision just a little fuzzy. lifting a hand, she gave the bartender a sweet smile, asking for another drink. when it was brought over to her, that same smile lifted her lips in thanks, and while she listened to how her best friend spoke, both the way his words slurred together and the way he spoke so lowly of himself she downed the alcohol. who wouldn't, after listening to everything that had been going on? after taking the last few gulps of her drink, soojin slammed the glass down, turning in her seat to look at eunwoo. "besides, stop complaining. you can get plenty of good s in other places. just look around here, there are a tons of guys. i'd say girls, but you aren't even into them."
Cha Eunwoo 5 months ago
@Seo Soojin Sighing, Eunwoo placed his head on top of the cold surface, the beating music entering his ears, and the strong alcohol invading his insides, were doing nothing to make him feel any better. Contrary, he was drowning more and more into his self misery, starting to become pity over the smallest things because he simply didn’t know what to do with himself anymore or how to deal with this whole situation, the question ‘why’ appearing more than a few times the more he kept on drinking. Who in the world thought this was a good idea? That alcohol would make him feel any better? Oh yeah, Soojin, aka his best friend seemed to think that this is the appropriate way to get him out of his pathetic state, and to get him to forget what happened to him over the past few days. If only if it was that easy, if only he was able to move on that easily.

“You don’t get it, sooj” he slurred his words, snapping his head up so fast that it made him feel even more dizzy than he was feeling earlier. “he may have been an to the others, but he wasn’t like that with me! he treated me good, and I…” he slapped his hand over his chest as he talked about himself “….I don’t know what happened….I don’t know why he got bored of me…” yeah, the alcohol was really not helping at all. “Am I a boring person? Am I the type to bore others after a few s?” he looked her straight in the eyes as he kept asking things he probably wouldn’t have asked sober. His ears slightly tinted red along with his cheeks from all the vodka shots he had been sipping on. “I’m one hella good !” stating this out loud was probably not the best idea out there, but what did drunk Eunwoo know about what’s good and what’s bad, especially not heart broken drunk Eunwoo.


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