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Kim Taehyung 4 months ago
@Kim Jongin An electrifying jolt erupted from the tips of his fingers as his hand clasped around the other’s; his whole body shuddering in reaction, the sensation prickling within him. Perhaps a human being would have flinched at the contact but Taehyung reminded frozen in place—absorbing in the ethereal energy radiating from the man’s palm even as he already let go of Taehyung’s. It was his orb, there was no doubt. His precious orb had found its way back to its owner—maybe it longed to be with him as much as he longed to be with it. His missing piece. Yet their heartwarming reconciliation was interrupted by the presence of the human. He knew, he was the one to leave the orb in the hands of the human all those years ago but now he was no longer needed—Taehyung just had to extract the orb out of him... if only it was that easy. Well, the hardest part of his mission was to initially locate the orb, now that he had found it, it was only a matter of time before he got it back. Right?

With even a brief contact with his orb the alien was then brimming with its intensity—it had been far too long since he last felt so alive. Vigorous. His senses are sharpened, all at once very aware their little exchange had attached the attention of handful bypasser. For cheesecake! (or christ’s sake—he always confused the two) Humans and their feckless curiosity, how absurdly inconvenient it was they reproduced at such an alarming speed. Far too many humans, far too many for him to handle all by his own. And who knows? He might need that one in particular breathing and kicking for his orb to be safe. The glare he shot towards the man is partly unjustified, it was hard to tell by his dumbfounded expression how much of the situation at hand he was able to grasp. But then again, humans were absolute morons, he wasn’t expecting much.

“Are you okay?” he asked, feigning innocence, as if he didn’t feel his own hand searing from their lingering touch. It felt oddly like that time Taehyung had the pleasure to dine on a lavish meal the earth creatures referred to as ‘Ramen’—not even the three scalding suns of his own home planet could have prepared him to the fiery blaze of tangy spices cascading down his esophagus. A harrowing experience. Only a freak of nature would willingly feast on the vicious gochujang! The same warmth he felt that day from the spicy noodles was presumably flaming the man’s fingers at that very moment, it was hazardous for a human to withhold such a powerful orb when its possessor was nearby; the orb itching to unite with its owner again. If Taehyung recalled befittingly, he has heard of a case of an intruder once exploding after stealing an akin orb. Did he care for this very human to combust in front of his very eyes? Absolutely not. But was he going to let it materialize? Unfortunately, no.

“Did you hurt your wrist? Maybe we should head to the nurse,” his voice was near whisper, commanding but gentle all at once. He couldn’t risk frightening the human any further in fear he would flee—Taehyung in no mood to chase humans too early in the day when an entity of a rock was seated at the bottom of his stomach. But frankly, he had no clue where the nurse office would be, didn’t even know if that university even had one, didn’t even go to this university, didn’t even know what a nurse is, was it some kind of a witch?—but the man didn’t need to know all that.
Kim Jongin 4 months ago
@Kim Taehyung jongin extended his hand for the frames before returning them to his face. “thank—” his countenance imbued with gratitude as he turned up to the other individual. jongin response faded into the abyss as he was taken aback by the familiar pulchritude of his appearance. he blinked slowly behind the glass, expecting the features to shift. he was waiting for the confirmation that his mind was playing tricks on him as he had been always told since the incident.

but he remained.


he gasped as the ball when flew over his head and landed in the bushes.

“stop kicking it so far!” his voice seeped with irritation. this was the fifth time hanyeol had kicked the ball into the bushes for the sake of showing off, “stop being such a show-off.” the young male grumbled insults under his breath, “stupid monkey ,” he bounded toward the woods. he pushed the branches aside and entered. as he walked down the path, he glanced side to side, looking for their soccer ball,"that butthole kicked it so far i can't even see it." with his hand on his hips, he sways from side to side, scanning the entire area.

he was just about to turn back and call for help. however, through the second layer of brush, he saw a strange cerulean light illuminating through the foliage. curious, he tilted his head and furrowed his brows at the oddity. the boy veered off the path and peeked through the large leaves. there stood a tall individual with a glowing orb in his hand. jongin’s parents probably should have exaggerated stranger danger because rather stupidly, he stepped out into the open.

“what’s that?” his eyes twinkled with desire for the object that looked like something right out of a comic book.


the male was so entranced by the other's appearance he didn't notice his rather strange speech pattern. jongin only questioned himself farther when the other’s lips turned up into a friendly smile. aliens wouldn’t know how to express themselves as humans do. he furrowed his brows, unsure of what to take of the uncanny resemblance. he supposed that he could use help either way. he took the other’s hands; just as they touched a vibrant spark burst from where they touched. the younger hissed in pain as he fell back once more, his reddened palm smoking.
Kim Taehyung 5 months ago
@Kim Jongin Rocks. Taehyung loved rocks. The earth stone, a concentrated mass carefully assembled by the hands of the universe. It was fascinating how such article came to exist with such ease on this planet yet those of his kind could only fantasize about it. Perhaps his great fondness to planet earth had originated from the very same rose quartz gem he carried looped around his neck in a necklace. For most it was a fine jewelry, but for Taehyung, a snack. The human was a flimsy being, it’s structure built on bones that could rift, its jaw clearly not meant to be chomping on the crunchy treat that was a stone—but Taehyung was neither human nor a wimp. Though he confidently was not in any way known to mankind a human, he still took the form of one for the past 20 or so years. Earth time. So it was only natural the dull ache of his jaw remained after he engulfed a deserted stone he found on the ground earlier that morning.

The partly human organs—of which humans referred to as the digestive system—residing beneath the surface of his skin were evidently struggling to do their job at digesting the stone. The heavy feeling in his gut making his steps sluggish in a manner that was somewhat unusual for a vigorous creature whose vital necessities did not include sleep. So per se, one could say Taehyung’s day was already heading towards a horrendous fate when a weakling had collapsed at his feet. Yet the alien’s eyes spared not even a glance at his direction, instead bending downwards to grasp at the object the human dropped to the ground. Ah! Glasses. A glassy artifact which humans with defective pupil use, a glorious yet bizarre invention created for the weaklings. Taehyung had been right to classify him as such.

“Clearly, you wouldn’t need them if you could,” he stated matter of factly, halting in his reach for the human’s spectacles as he pondered whether or not he should add another word. “There you go...man.” Eloquent. Such a pity it was the languages spoken within the realms had crumbled in favor of modern, less favorable figure of speech Taehyung couldn’t wrap his head around yet had no choice but to follow, to blend in. As if his alien senses were buzzing in alert he could had sensed a familiar energy whizzing through the air sourcing from the man—though only upon contact with the human he could confirm his suspicions. Once handing the weakling his glasses he offered him his hand to take, ‘killing two birds with one stone’ as humans tend to say, to which Taehyung would reply ‘what a waste of a stone’. Even as not-so-human thoughts swirled in his mind the grin smile spreading across his face was nothing short of friendly. It took years to master the artistry of smiling—he was no expert but he had been told he had a cute smile before, though he couldn’t grasp how a smile could be cute, he was content with the compliment.
Kim Jongin 5 months ago
@Kim Taehyung [sorry, it's not the best but i just wanted to get back into writing and crank it out]

“. . .” he muttered to himself under his breath as he frantically locked his bike into the stand. jongin had been putting off sleep for two days so when he finally passed out, he overslept and was now dealing with the consequences, “come on, you stupid little thing,” the male cursed at the lock that refused to cooperate with him. he had thrown on the first thing he could find; a pair of sweatpants and sweater with the emblem of a robotic organization he had participated in high school. when the lock finally snapped into place, he bolted toward the door of the building, bounding for his class. however, while biking into school, his shoelaces had come undone. running to his classroom, he stepped onto one of the laces and he went flying forward, falling face down onto the linoleum. thankfully, jongin caught himself moments before his face smacked the floor, but his ill fit glasses went flying off his face due to the momentum of his descent. the thick frames clattered across the floor and stopped unceremoniously against taehyung’s foot.

he squinted at the blur, not being against to distinguish anything. jongin frowned as he blindly patted the floor in hopes of finding his spectacles, “i-i can’t see without my glasses,” the male shakily announced in hopes that someone would offer him some assistance. scarlet smattered his cheeks due to his embarrassment; he could imagine the other students smirking at the pathetic display before them. feeling eyes on him, he was suddenly self-conscious of his unkempt appearance. as if to make himself invisible, jongin groomed his brunettes locks forward to veil his mein from the bystanders as he continued to search the floor.
Lee Hyukjae 5 months ago
@Kim Taehyung @Kim Jongin [] happy rping !!


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