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Hwang Hyunjin 2 months ago
@[H] Lee Felix [11/25] Hyunjin was beyond flustered.

He walked into the room with little to no expectation for he's too preoccupied by his nervousness on how to confess to the boy he likes, when Felix just sat there, wearing a large shirt and boxers with wet hair. Talk about how he literally feels like a pre pubescent boy who has too much energy. He could hear the wheels inside his head working, thoughts splitting into two categories. The decent and naughty ones.

"Hi, uh.." he trailed off like the dumb that he is. Hyunjin still doesn't have the heart to bare himself open, probably because he knew his mind was too filled with clutter that he'll end up saying all the wrong things.

He wanted to say everything that his heart has been telling him to. The smallest things that he notices about the other, the way how his heart beats a different rhythm when he has him near. Words couldn't explain what he felt for the boy and it felt suffocating to repress these feelings deep inside him. But he didn't know how to form words that would justify the way he feels for Felix. Cliche, and cringe-worthy but Hyunjin likes him too much to start rambling a confession. But all at same time, he didn't want the other to think or feel like he was used.

The time they shared in the practice room was indeed mindblowing, stimulating and highly ual. But those are the results of Hyunjin's desire to hold and take Felix as his. However, his puny dumb self doesn't have enough courage inside him to strike up such a conversation even with this kind of exclusive space provided for them to talk.

Closing his eyes and cursing inside his mind, Hyunjin just thought to just blurt it out and pull out on the open. "This afternoon-"

"Hyunjin!" the door flung open revealing a stack of blankets and pillows, carried by Felix's mom. Wow, Felix's mom has the best timing. Note Hyunjin's sarcasm basically overflowing to the floor.

"Yongbok, you sleep on the floor! That's the least you can do for our Hyunjin, okay?" Felix's mom says as she unceremoniously flings the blankets on the floor. "Have a goodnight sleep, Jinnie. You too, son. You two need energy for your classes tomorrow. Don't forget to say goodnight to your parents, okay?" She reminds Hyunjin before ushering him into the bathroom. "Its near midnight, son! Get to washing up, so you can get some rest okay? I'll get to bed now, boys. Goodnight!" She says before waving bye, closing the door behind her.

And with that, the room was yet again filled with silence. Hyunjin almost groaned, he turned to Felix, his cheeks again heating up at his failed confession. "Uh, i'll take a shower then." he says before hurrying to close the door behind him.

Echoes of his thoughts filled his mind as he washed away the sweat, the soreness and the that was the result of this day's unforgettable experiences. As he took his time washing, Hyunjin built up his courage, chanting some sort of self-encouragement whilst washing his hair with the same smelling shampoo that must be Felix's.

Damn does it smell good. It smells like Felix and everything about the boy, Hyunjin finds intoxicating. Its like an addiction. An addiction he knew he wouldn't be getting rid of any sooner.

When Hyunjin finished dressing up, he felt like his legs were jellies, because he knew he cannot delay this any longer. If they sleep now and he wasn't able to say his feelings to Felix, he knew the moment they had that night will be just a misunderstood eruption of ual tension. And so, mustering up all the courage he has in every cell of his body, Hyunjin walked towards Felix's bed whilst rubbing a towel on his wet hair, effectively covering his eyes.

Damn was he nervous,

He sat on the edge of Felix's bed and cleared his throat, "Felix, this can't hold any longer. I-," Hyunjin paused looking into Felix's eyes. "I want to talk about what happened at the practice room. Because," he exhaled, he let go of the breath he didn't know he was holding. "Because to me it isn't just some ual tension. Its so much more, lix."
[H] Lee Felix [11/25] 2 months ago
@Hwang Hyunjin "Thank you, lix. I know I'm asking for too much but really I want to explain-"

Wait no, were they going to talk about what just happened? Should Felix be happy- should he be scared? Should he-

"Oh Hyunjin! Look at these!" And there goes his mother. Felix would like to call it the 'perfect-timed blessing in disguise' Relief washed over his whole system when the 'talk' had been pushed for later, he definitely thinks he wouldn't be able to stomach their conversation, he'd probably end up covering his face the whole entire time, nodding and just humming to Hyunjin's words.

Or worse, Hyunjin would probably drop the 'haha, hey? what just happened was.. well.' and break his heart? nice. Definitely nice.

He was so deep in his own thoughts, the realization dawning on him that his photo album would be exposed to his crush- . It's too late now, he supposes. Felix covered his ears throughout his mother's 'babbling' aka story telling about little Felix growing up into what he was now. God was it awkward.

He ended up dragging his sulking to his own bedroom, closing the front door with a soft click, before grabbing a fistful of his own locks, tugging on them in frustration. God was he a ing Idiot. He just really invited his crush over, who he had just ed with, and was about to share a room with him? Oh ing no. Wait how about he jump from his window and run to the streets? No, that'd end up pretty badly.

Felix lets out a pitiful whimper, burying his face between his tiny palms. Yeah he's ed up big time. Royally ed up, really.

He doesn't even know how long it had been since he was sprawled on his tiny- deluxe bed, staring up at his mint ceiling, still clad on his practice outfit.

He knows he deserved a shower or something, but.. well he was just too lazy to get up and do it really. So Felix ended up rinsing himself fairly quickly on the shower, immediately bathing in a huge oversized shirt, not bothering to put some pants on, opting to go for his boxers instead because really, it was a pain in the to sleep with on his legs.

Sitting himself back down on his bed, a phone held on his hand, his other hand drying his hair up with a towel, he almost didn't noticed Hyunjin's entrance, his eyes flitting to the elder boy. "Oh, Jinnie, come in! come in." Props for his voice for not wavering...

"As you can see.. my bed is... yeah small, sorry. ." Felix breathes out, a sheepish chuckle leaving his lips before gnawing on them. "You can.. sleep on it instead? I can sleep on the floor, really." Felix continued with his ramble, already getting to his feet.
Hwang Hyunjin 4 months ago
@[H] Lee Felix [11/25] It's an understatement to call Hyunjin a disgrace to his own self. He is embarrassed to the point that he wanted the ground to eat him whole. How could he just crash at the house of the boy he's liked after sleeping with him but never clarifying his feelings?

Be ashamed of yourself, Hwang Hyunjin.

Lost in his own thoughts of how he'd punch himself if he was Felix, Hyunjin didn't even pay much attention when Felix's mother welcomed him in. Smiling the best he can even with the bothering on the back of his mind, Hyunjin felt so cozy and welcomed by Felix's mother whom he met and talked to on video calls when she'd call Felix. She's a lot like Felix, comfortable and Hyunjin could say that the visuals does run in their family's blood. God, it makes it more embarrassing to ask to crash with them.

"Have you told your mom already?" He snapped back to his senses and found himself sitting down beside Felix. "Well, I already told her I'll crash somewhere else so, I'll tell her I'm with you later." Gulping all the shame stuck on his throat, Hyunjin opened his mouth to say something, finally to explain himself. "Thank you, lix. I know I'm asking for too much but really I want to explain-"

"Oh Hyunjin! Look at these!" Felix's mother came back in to the living room, photo albums in hand; effectively putting Hyunjin's explanation to a pause.

He's very much thankful to Felix's mom for letting him in at this time of the night and also letting him stay with them for the night but he could've used a bit more time to tell Felix that he wasn't some jerk who was only after the with Felix. Exhaling heavily, Hyunjin turned his attention to Felix's mom who is more than enthusiastic to show him the young Felix, recorded in different photos. And he had a sudden lift in mood as he sees photos after photos of the adorable young male who's eyes looked like the galaxies. His spirits suddenly being in a better mood as that part of Felix's past become known to him, as if he's getting another glimpse of that part of the boy's life he missed.


After a quick meal that Felix's mom prepared, Hyunjin was given a set of shirt that he could use for the night.

"This is Felix's. They're baggy so they'd fit your tall physique." Felix's mom said, admiring Hyunjin all of a sudden. "Wow, your parents must be proud of you. Hyunjinnie, you're really tall and good looking. Also, Yongbok tells me you study well too. You must be your family's pride." The compliments made Hyunjin's heart flutter, it felt like a welcome approval from his crush's own mom. "Well, I'm very thankful, eommeoni. I think you're very gracious to me to even let me crash at this time of the night. I'm really sorry for the bother," he says shyly, bowing twice. "Felix studies well too, eommeoni. A lot of people in our major likes him too. He's a very smart guy too."

Intruiged, Felix's mom mused, "Really? Is my Yongbok popular among the students?" Blushing, Hyunjin could only nod with the question thrown at him. Because, hey, its true. People from school really liked Felix for he is talented, helpful, good natured and of course, extremely good looking.

Trust him, he could here his subconscious tell Felix's mom, Hwang Hyunjin knows.

Finally putting their subject to rest, Felix's mom told Hyunjin to go find Felix in his room and he'll bring him some blankets. And Hyunjin couldn't be anymore terrified. The last time they were in the same room that's not in the presence of another person was this afternoon and they ended up tangled together, having . What more that he's going to sleep in the same room, with a bed around?

Hyunjin's mind played games with him and he paused just in front of Felix's room.

No. He thought, he's not going to be a ing jerk and get distracted by his desire for Felix.

He's going to explain himself and tell him it wasn't just a pull of ual tension. Felix deserves so much more than that. And with a pounding heart, he turns the knob and meets the boy with star-peppered cheeks.
[H] Lee Felix [11/25] 4 months ago
@Hwang Hyunjin Felix felt his smile drop at the thought of Hyunjin feeling awkward around him. He knows he totally shouln't make a big fuss over an unanswered question— damn Felix stop being too sensitive maybe.

Was what they did really serious? Okay maybe it was but he didn't know it'd be at a point where Hyunjin would really ignore him and just feel as if there's a huge barrier between thwm.

Felix hated it.

He felt small as he tugged on the strings of his hoodie, insecurity bubbling up and over his chest as the thought of ruining ties with Hyunjin crossed his mind, which caused a tearing in his heart.

Felix didn't steal a glance again to Hyunjin, remaining silent as they trudged their way towards his house, a small silent chuckle leaving his lips as he cracks a joke. “ And thirdwheel Woojin and Chan? If you want to, go ahead. But you know those two are.. uncontrollable.”

Finally appearing on their doorstep, Felix had pushed the doorbell with the pads of his fingers, the door opening with his mother beaming at him. "Yongbok! I called you on the phone for a thousand times— and you didn't pick up! Lee Yongbok, do you want to be grounded again?” And the scolding of his mother reached his ears, turning red as he felt extremely embarrassed over his mother's outburst in front of Hyunjin.

“Mom.. my phone died..” Felix answered back in his native tongue, rubbing his nape sheepishly. “And— I brought Hyunjin with me.”

“Is it too hard to charge it? And— wait. Hyunjin?” His mother peeked behind him, eyes widening as she sees the tall raven. “Oh how embarrassing of me. Come on in, Hyunjin, son. Make yourself at home! Oh it's late, do you still have to go back home? You can stay for the night— oh and you're so thoughtful for bringing Felix back home!” His mother rambled, ushering both the boys inside Felix's house, Felix sporting a 'help' look as his mother went on and on with her random rambles.

“There are snacks in the fridge and drinks too! I'll be right back to show you something Hyunjin, please make yourself at home!" Felix's eyes widened in horror, the thought of his mother bringing his childhood album and showing it to him brought a new sense of panic to his body.

Once his mother scrambled away, Felix lets out a heavy exhale, peeling off the scarf from his neck and dumping it over the couch, slumping on it immediately with a whine. "I'm sorry about my mom. She... I told you she wanted to meet you.. badly.." Felix stated in an almost pained voice, peering up at Hyunjin after his snuggling session with the pillows on the couch, making space for the said male.

"Have you told your mom already?" Felix pipes up in concern, staring at the elder as he settles himself down on the couch beside him.
Hwang Hyunjin 4 months ago
@Lee Felix Call it cheesy but Hyunjin never imagined that walking the way towards Felix's house could be this romantic. If only he could reach out to hold his hand, but Hyunjin knew the order of the things they did for a relationship has been ed over the moment they decided to e at the floor of the dance practice room.

Shaking his head, why does his ever so active mind always in the way of his romantic thoughts?

Felix's small frame looked especially shining under the bright moon tonight, and Hyunjin couldn't help but wonder what he did in this life that he got the chance to meet someone like him. In the 7.53 billion people in this world, the probability of meeting someone your exact ideal type is almost 1 to none. But how could Hwang Hyunjin be this lucky to meet someone who's eyes is a door to the galaxy, and smile like the purest angel in heaven?

, Hwang Hyunjin is a real love sick puppy.

“Why are there no stars tonight though?” Felix asked. Hyunjin has an automatic answer but his lips didn't open to say it. But he could only smile, knowing that Felix's cheeks are peppered with the only stars Hyunjin would like to touch and kiss. Clearing his throat, Hyunjin decided to keep their awkwardness at bay. He didn't want Felix to feel uncomfortable around him, he wanted him to slowly feel that Hyunjin does harbor feelings more than just desire. "Lix, I hope I'm not intruding your private space. I could just knock on Woojin and Chan hyung's house, and crash there." he explains, totally trying to make sure if the other is okay with him coming home to their house.

Is he meeting Felix's mom tonight? For the first time in person, and not on video calls? Oh lord, he didn't think this over.

How could he stay calm when he literally just ed her own son a few hours prior?

'Hello, I'm Hyunjin, the boy who screwed your son at the dance practice room a few hours ago. And did I mention I'm in love with him too?'

Unconsciously, Hyunjin let out a heavy exhale and when he turned his head up, he was surprised to see that Felix was already about to turn to a house.

Oh yeah, they're here.
[H] Lee Felix [11/25] 4 months ago
@Hwang Hyunjin Hyunjin’s hand was on his cheek, the pads of his fingers creating a tingling touch against his freckles. He was aware with how his sensed heightened at Hyunjin’s action, eyes trained on the way Hyunjin’s plush pillowy lips would part to utter a word, only to shut them tight again.


About what happened a while ago.


“We—! Oh my GOD. We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to .” Felix waved both of his tiny palms in the air, quickly dismissing Hyunjin so he could also try and drop his embarrassment and guilt for actually /and possible/ seducing his older friend to sleep with him. God he was a big idiot.

Felix mentally whined when he felt Hyunjin’s warm palm leaving his skin, an unconscious pout forming on his tiers. Yet, he listens to the elder explaining himself about how he needed a place to crash onto for tonight. And this only made Felix feel guiltier than ever.

“My parents totally won’t mind! Mom loves you though.” Felix mumbles the last part under his breath, eyes already rolling at the familiar voice in his head that belonged to his mom— “Yongbok! Bring Hyunjin in here sometimes, I wanna see his pretty face in real time!”

A wish was about to be granted. Damn.

“Let’s... go?” A smile formed on his lips, nodding his head to the direction of their house street. He lets his feet walk towards the familiar place called home in a monotone.

And just like every other cliché late night walks that only ever happens in dramas Felix loved to cry to in his bed at night, the moon was up and bright, illuminating the dull dark skies with its elegant glow, /and it also highlighted Hyunjin’s features under the light and he looks breathtaking ./

“Why are there no stars tonight though?” Felix hadn’t been aware he had spoken that out loud, curiosity evident in his voice as he shoves both of his hand in his hoodie pockets, the chilly midnight breeze forming a smoke in both of their lips everytime they talked.

Felix wanted to make a joke along the lines of “Haha! Maybe because the stars are on my cheeks right now! Care to wish? I will grant you whatever wish you want! Except maybe.. maybe.. a house and lot or.. a car..”

Felix shakes his head at his own stupid thoughts, a giggle escaping his lips as he turns back around to stare at Hyunjin. “Have you ever seen a shooting star before?”
Hwang Hyunjin 4 months ago
@Lee Felix “Get off? Why break no nut november?”

Hyunjin heard himself snort before his mind could process what the other boy just said. The laugh bubbled from deep inside him that he couldn't help but laugh lightly. He probably startled and embarrassed Felix but he just found the blonde funny. Especially the look on his face, extremely sleepy yet in panic. Right here, is one of the reasons why likes him dumbly a lot.

“I’m dumb. I know. BUT! I’m dumber when I’m half asleep.” With that Hyunjin nodded gesturing that he understands but he did forget they were about to get off the bus- startled, as Felix dragged him down, he let himself be tugged down by the blonde, almost missing their stop.

Now starts a new struggle for Hyunjin. Where the heck is he supposed to sleep? Maybe Woojin's? His senior, Kim Woojin's house is only a few blocks away from Felix's but how is he supposed to sleep there when Woojin lives with his boyfriend Chan? He exhaled heavily that he was sure Felix could notice. His eyes whipped back to the boy in front of him as he called his name.

“Thank you.. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Ugh, this is the most embarrassing moment of his day.

So far, his day was uneventful but that ing moment at night changed everything. From rehearsing to kissing the boy he's had a crush on the whole year, to ing on the floor of their dance practice and even to the awkward moment at the bus; could Hyunjin be ever more unlucky? Now he needs to ask Felix if its okay to sleep at his house.

Scratching the back of his head, he exhaled heavily, he didn't want to do this but, his heart felt very happy about the situation. He looks at Felix, practically staring down on Felix's beautiful eyes and his cheeks, adorned with sparkles of his freckles; something Hyunjin wanted to reach out and touch every time he meets the other boy. Coming back to reality, he found his own hand reaching out to Felix's face.

. Did he just reach out of his thoughts?

"I...." he trailed off, unsure of what to say. But then what is he supposed to say when he's lovingly caressing his 'friend's' face like this all because he thought his freckles looked so good; that he thinks Felix is beautiful?

Oh it. Let these feelings drive you, he mentally said.

"Lix about what happened a while ago.." he paused, looking for anything in the other's eyes as a no sign. When he found none, he found his voice once again. "I want to tell you something..." , he's scared. Hyunjin never felt this nervous and scared in a while. He's usually the chill and YOLO kind of guy. But Hyunjin has never felt this panicky about anything. Except Lee Felix.

Lee Felix is indeed an enigma.

Its exactly the reason why he's the only one who has penetrated through Hwang Hyunjin's heart.

Cowering upon the situation, he exhaled heavily and dropped his hand. "Lix, I really want to explain myself but I'm feeling really really burdened. And to tell you the truth," he starts biting his lip, sheepishly. "I don't have any place to sleep at because mom didn't want me to go home at this time. And the last bus has gone." He paused, his hands together in complete embarrassment.

"I really want to talk about us. This," he looked at Felix, eyes wanting to explain his feelings but is failing. "but I know this isn't the best moment. Especially when I'm asking if I could crash at your house. Only if your parents would approve though," he smiles hesitantly and awkwardly.
[H] Lee Felix [11/25] 4 months ago
@Hwang Hyunjin Awkward. That was one word to describe their bus ride to his home. In Felix’s defense, who on earth would just act normally after uh some ‘session’? Felix’s confidence even falters just by remembering the events that played out through his mind. And god he knows know red his cheeks probably were now, and he’s pretty sure it’s not caused by the cold breeze—

‘Forget about it!’ Felix tells himself, his gaze locked on the window side of the bus, appreciating the beauty of the cityscape. The darkness lit by a few lights. His thoughts ran about a hundred kilometer per hour. He can’t shake it off of his head.

To make matters worse. Hyunjin offered to get him home. Great! His crush— scratch that, this boy who he probably likes more than just a crush was seated beside him, a feet apart from each other and it was making Felix antsy for every second.

It’s hard to turn his head now. Not when he knows he’d dissolve in this gooey giddy highschool-girl feels when he stares at Hyunjin’s pretty features. he really kissed him didn’t he? Ah no, he also had his in him! Absolutely amazing.

Felix rolled his eyes to himself, embarrassment creeping up on him at the fact that the feeling Hyunjin’s lips against his is still tingling.

And just like every other overthinker, Felix fell to the realms of sleep, unknowingly dozing off.

Shaking. He was being shook awake when Felix fluttered his lids open. The blaring digital clock at the overhead of the bus indicated it was 10:45. , it was that late?

“Get off? Why break no nut november?” Felix rubs his eyes, voice an octave lower, his words slurring as he tried to hastily get himself up, wobbling a little after swinging a backpack on one of his shoulders.

It only registered to Felix who on earth just shook him awake when Felix was about to walk out of the bus, eyes widening as if he had just been hit by a truck, quickly whipping around to see an equally shocked Hyunjin. Hyunjin.

“. What did I just say.” Felix had both his palms on his chest now, completely forgotting what he had just said— maybe a nasty remark? an insult? Holy .

As soon as Felix saw Hyunjin’s lips part for a remark, Felix held a hand up, “Look—“ He pauses the other, his cheeks quickly reddening into a crimson hue. “I’m dumb. I know. BUT! I’m dumber when I’m half asleep.” Felix reasons out, quickly breaking into a sheepish grin.

The bus engine started to work again, which made Felix’s eyes go wide again for the second time tonight, quickly grabbing a petrified Hyunjin by his arm, dragging him to the exit door.

“! That was almost.. I don’t wanna have a roundtrip around Seoul again.” Felix retorts as soon as they already headed out of the bus station, clutching onto one his straps tightly.

This is it. The cliché moment whether he chooses to kiss Hyunjin goodbye (god he should stop watching dramas) or just wave at him and walk away. “Hyunjin..” Felix starts, his gaze dropping to the floor, eyes trained anywhere but the taller. “Thank you.. I’ll see you tomorrow?” Felix looks back up, a small smile on his lips, eyes hoping for the elder to stay a little longer with him, more time to talk about what they had just did. More time to sort his feelings towards the elder.
Hwang Hyunjin 4 months ago
@Lee Felix awkward was one word to describe the bus ride to felix's house.

felix seems to be so tired, after all they did quite a lot today. tons of routine checks, detail matching and- hyunjin could feel himself become flushed once again at the reminder of what they just did at the practice room. it was risky, hot and perfect. he loved every single moment, but that's what he is scared about. he enjoyed it too much, because his feelings were confirmed to himself as soon as he unconsciously said the three words, the truth always comes out unexpectedly.

just like anyone who got themselves tired the whole day, hyunjin could see felix dozing to sleep. a soft smile is immediately upon his lips. poor felix. chuckling to himself, he proceeded to lean felix's head on his shoulder. anything to make felix at least comfortable to their travel.

hyunjin's home is indeed quite the other direction of felix's neighborhood. it'd take at least a 30 minute bus ride and it's already almost 10pm. it'd be difficult for him to find his way home but for hyunjin its a small sacrifice. he wanted to make sure felix comes home safe and of course, that he's not feeling used. because hyunjin felt like he took advantage of the blonde.

what if felix was just going through something and he just felt bad for hyunjin getting ?

what if hyunjin unconsciously coaxed felix into sleeping with him?

his thoughts ran wild that he failed to notice that his hand was just beside felix. he almost jumped out of the bus in surprise when he felt felix's hand on his. , he felt so ing dumb. it was just his hand, why is he so embarrassed that he could feel the heat of his cheeks turning up so hot?

he wanted to hold his hand, tell him that tonight wasn't just lust and desire. hyunjin wished he could be brave enough to tell him he meant it when he said he loves him as they were ing. that every thing he did with him is induced by his feelings that has always been there since he first met the blonde when he transferred.

the ringing of his phone startled hyunjin for the second time in this bus ride, and the lockscreen blinked his mom's number and he immediately answered the call. a worried voice welcomed him asking him why he isn't home yet. "uh, yeah mom, i need to get my friend home first because he's uh too tired and got sick while rehearsing." he says, peering a glance to the sleeping yongbok on his shoulder. his mother responds with a suggestion of sleeping over at felix's house.

oh no no no. hyunjin is already panicking at the thought of it.

not because he didn't want to but if he stayed the night with felix, it'd just lit another fire in the pit of his stomach. and he couldn't have that now that he's had a taste of how beautiful lix feels that way and how good it feels to kiss him. he can't have a at his friend's house can he?

"i'll," he paused, thinking over his mom's suggestion. he didn't want to worry her either though. thinking that he could sleep over at another friend's house and not at felix's, he finished, "i'll sleep over at my friend's house mom. please sleep now. i'll text you when i wake up tomorrow. i love you mom." he says before putting the call off.

the idea of sleeping over at felix's like this is like a dream, but hyunjin knew he can't. not if he's already in love with the boy who probably has no feelings for him in return. he exhaled, heavily. it felt weird.

but soon, their stop comes and he had to wake the other boy on his shoulder. shaking yongbok's shoulder, he woke him up softly. "lix, we're here already. we need to get off."
[H] Lee Felix [11/25] 4 months ago

@Hwang Hyunjin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zVLwsIsQuk

phase 2: feelings discovery

felix lets his head roll back to stare at the ceiling. still feeling his post-partum creating a dull buzzing all over his chest. he was aware he was still trembling but it felt nice. it felt too good actually.

"i enjoyed it too."

the words echoed in his head like a mantra, each loop making felix slip further away from reality. he. enjoyed. it. too. what does it mean? was it the ? was it all for the ing? felix was aware it was his fault they ended up doing such scandalous unholy act inside the dance studio they've been practicing for a while now.

oh my god he was such a fool. he just ed his long-time crush. his dance partner who he had to be performing with in a few weeks. THE HWANG HYUNJIN. felix mentally groans at how stupid he was. what if they'd be awkward after this? what if hyunjin would stop practicing with him and call it quits. this was a one-time thing right?

a one-time thing. damn that hurted.

felix lazily raised his arm up to grab his sweatpants, chuckling at the other's remarks despite the salty undertone he could read under it. "thanks." felix mumbles, wincing as he tried to sit up. grimacing at how filthy he felt, and the still dripping from his entrance wasn't too palatable either.

"o-oh. yeah... thanks." felix definitely did not miss how red the elder's ears were, and he's pretty sure his ears were also as red as the other's. his heart swelled though, thinking how hyunjin really cared about him with how a simple act of kindness was being thrown at him. would they ever be able to talk about this again? probably not...

felix panics a little as hyunjin spoke up again, whipping his head in a flash before seeing the elder point towards his- oh god. "i uh. i'm.. i can.. ." felix stammers with his words, now too flustered to actually let his words continue for him so he just nodded. "i'm sorry." felix mumbles sincerely, a pained expression on his face despite his cheeks reddening in color- soon turning crimson probably.

he sat still, letting hyunjin clean him up, wincing harder everytime hyunjin would wipe at his oversensitive rim (yikes he's ed). "thank you, i'll wash your handkerchief." felix tried to mutter, despite the embarrassment creeping up on him, standing up with a groan because wow damn he felt ing sore. pulling his sweatpants back up, and crawling to his bag to get his spare hoodie, wearing it up and over his head, he made the mistake of staring at himself in the mirror, eyes widening at how messy his hair looked.

"are you sure? my place is a little.. far from here." felix turns around, the blush on the elder's face present and it.. was endearing to see it on his pretty face. felix was already packing his stuff up, turning back hesitantly to the mirror to try and tame his blonde locks. "you don't have to.. but if you insist." felix adds.

this will be one long night ahead.

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Hwang Hyunjin 4 months ago
@Lee Felix hyunjin could feel himself slowly climbing back to reality; back from his high.

he just had in the practice room, with the boy he's been attracted to for months now, even before he could tell him how much feelings he has surpressed for him. can hyunjin be more embarrassed? it felt right, just hugging the other male like that after a very heavy and intoxicating . even though it bothered him so much, feeling felix's warmth even after , felt right. hyunjin wouldn't deny how he's at least hopeful, that there's something there more than just ual frustration and lust.

"god, . you're thick." hyunjin's ears began turning red as he got up, turning his back on the younger. he could feel felix trying to light up the mood but hyunjin couldn't shake off his embarrassment. gulping all his pride, he took his handkerchief from his discarded pants, and began wiping the remnants of his on his , and felix's on his stomach.

"uh," he begins to mumble after he's pulled up his pants, and are settled on his hips, after he had a good quick glance on the lines felix had marked on his back (putting on a shirt too). he turns to felix still reeling from his own , and he couldn't help but stare, not at his body or even his that he loved- but just at felix, his mind filled with thoughts of wanting to not just sleep with the boy but to able to hold his hand too.

"i love you, lix. oh " it echoed in his head, repetitively. did he hear? or did he think it was just because of the spur of the moment? hwang hyunjin must've gone crazy for a moment. did he say it out of a hurry? he didn't. he knew he didn't.

but he was afraid. afraid that he's falling too hard, too fast. that felix would think it's too fast.

instead of addressing it like he should, he became a coward once again. he cracks a smile, and scoffs. "thanks for the compliment, lix. i enjoyed it too." he says a sarcastic tone to him to tease the other male before passing him his sweatpants. "here," he says softly putting the pants on felix's hands. "hey, i hope you don't mind, i'll-" he says already wiping lix's stomach. "i want to help you, uh, clean up." he says feeling a bit bashful now that he's back onto his right mind.

already wiping lightly with his handkerchief he wondered if they'd have any time to talk about what happened tonight but he thought it'd be felix's call to do that. besides, hyunjin was the first one who got . he felt like he kinda jumped on felix. guilty, that he is. "uh, lix," he began, his voice clearly laced with hesitation, he looks at felix's , incredibly getting hot in embarrassment. "do you want me to help you clean, uh, that, up?" he says, pointing a finger towards his . and quickly trying to change the subject (which by the way, sounds pathetic) with his eyes avoiding felix's. "do you mind if i walk you home? it's kinda late too." he says, after clearing his throat, a blush on his cheeks.

( this is short, but because i didn't wanna godmod you heh )
[H] Lee Felix [11/25] 4 months ago
@Hwang Hyunjin it was the beginning of the ing endgame when hyunjin started pushing his deeper back into his gaping hole, like damn where it should belong. hyunjin even obeyed his suggestion like an obedient puppy and felix doesn't know if it's a blessing or a curse- probably a mix of both. felix was well aware of the stretch his thigh were taking as hyunjin obscenely pushed one of his knee up, aware of the drool painting the side of his cheek as hyunjin ed harder- more desperate in his overly-dued abused walls.
god, hyunjin was so ing beautiful like this. was this even a crush? was this /only/ even a crush he's feeling when he was literally savouring hyunjin's look- ing ethereal. the blaring lights of the studio did nothing to hyunjin's beauty, his sweat glistening prettily against the shine of the bulb, his pretty plush and even more swollen lips parted as he lets out lewd groans and moans of felix's name. felix starts severely writhing under hyunjin when he leaned over him, staring directly at his ruined state.
should he be embarrassed? should he cover himself-? though, these thoughts never came to his completely ruined brain as hyunjin started whispering filthy promises in his ear, his hands which were previously clawing on the smooth wooden floor shot up to hyunjin's back, his nails digging in the pale back of the elder. and felix was no man to deny such pleasure, so what would his potty brain do?

add fuel to the ing fire.

"yeah? i look pretty like this?" felix taunts him, his head tilting almost innocently as he grins lazily at hyunjin, despite his lips literally slick with spit, hyunjin got him ing drooling- he couldn't be blamed, really. "i t-told you." felix couldn't even believe himself when he heard the most flirtatious giggle leaving his lips, pulling hyunjin against him, their bodies flushed as he desperately tries to his hips back to hyunjin's . god, he could feel every twitch and drag of the elder's length in him.
one of the things felix never regretted to this day- was letting hyunjin him. hyunjin's - well. does it even need a ing explanation? it was really ing perfect. perfect to hold. perfect to blow. and it felt even more perfect inside him. his was curved a little, and he could feel hyunjin's veins dragging lewdly against his flushed walls, clamping down against the tortorous ing in and out of him. how would he ing forget this without getting hard honestly? could he even perform on-stage
with hyunjin without wanting to bend over for the elder-? well, that's a thought he could definitely think about next time.

next time.

would there even be a next time? felix asked himself despite hyunjin's brutal ing, his neck straining as he throws his head back against the floor, hyunjin's name falling off of his lips like a prayer, and when those words (next time, hyunjin said) were uttered, felix felt himself getting dragged closer and closer to his . hyunjin's hand were quick to clasp his aching , deprived of attention as it drooled an obscene amount of precum on the elder's much larger hand. ", hyunjin, you're so ing good for me."
felix whispers, unable to stop the shaky undertone his voice creates. he knows hyunjin's impending wasn't far from him when hyunjin's s ed up the rhythm they built, going erratic and sloppy- and the whispered "oh baby, i'm close" was enough for felix to work his hips harder to get the elder's deeper inside his needy wet hole. " inside me. . i want it. please, i want it." felix's hand went to the elder's hair, tugging at it roughly as hyunjin's eyes fluttered close.

and one could only guess what happened next- the lewd noises of skin-slapping-against-skin, random /and oddly sensual/ songs were also reverbating around the room, and the two silhouettes of pretty boys ing like animals on the floor were visibly through the mirror, pleasure painted on their faces.

"hyung hyung hyung hyung-" felix repeats over and over, sweaty bodies joining on the floor as felix created his own territory down hyunjin's pretty unblemished back, his nails creating love lines. hwang hyunjin. pretty hwang hyunjin who smiles at everyone during dance lessons. polite hwang hyunjin who bows at everyone first thing in the morning. is the same hyunjin ing his incredibly great into his 'friend's' wet gaping hole.

"i love you, lix. oh "

suddenly, the ing wasn't what came to felix's mind. this was too intimate- and the fact that i only brought felix closer and closer to his end made him conclude that this was no longer innocent giddy crush he's harboring for the elder. those three words slipping of hyunjin made felix wild, his eyelids trained hard against the elder's squeezed-shut eyes, admiring his pretty face as he uses felix like his ing toy- and god did it felt amazing.

and with the lists of hyunjin being perfect- felix couldn't even believe his mind when he felt hyunjin come deep and dirty inside him, and boy did he felt /full/, he could almost taste it in his tongue. if ever- it only made felix praise hyunjin, trying to the deeper inside him. "so good, so good, so, so, so, so good." felix tells, his eyes rolling at the back of his head as hyunjin abuses his prostrate, seemingly determined to
make a mess out of him, and boy was he succeeding. "- ah!" felix yells, holding hyunjin for dear life as he shoots out strings of white onto the elder's tight abs, his own stomach flexing as he pants- an aftershock of his massive . he literally could see spots of white dancing in his vision and he hadn't been aware of the soft ", i love you." leaving his lips- too inaudible for the elder to probably hear.

the oversensitivity hit last as hyunjin continued to into him, shaking his head as he tries to push hyunjin off of him. "n...no more.." felix croaks out, his energy seeping out of him quickly.

and just like that, hyunjin stops, crashing on top of felix- ugh he was heavy.

"hyunjin.. you're heavy." felix whines, though, his actions contrary as his fingers card gently through the elder's locks, his nose lightly nosing through the messy locks, somewhat proud of how messy he made it- heh.
"get up. m'sensitive." felix reminds him, and when the elder finally pulls out, felix lightly winced as he felt his sensitive hole puckering, hyunjin's seeping out of him- seemingly straight out of a . "god, . you're thick." felix complains even more, trying to close his legs, only to groan as it cramped, covering his eyes with his forearm as he tries to recovery from his intense . hyunjin- of course, ever miraculous hyunjin was already on his feet, trying to dress himself back up-
"wait for me, you literally.. ed me until i can't move not just my limbs, but my whole entire body, man." felix lightly jokes- well /half/ jokes, struggling as he tries to sit up, rubbing his eyes as he squints to find his sweatpants on the floor. "hyunjiinnn.. grab it for me."
Hwang Hyunjin 4 months ago
@Lee Felix his image, his friends and the things people would say suddenly became white noise behind hyunjin's reasoning. usually, he's much careful and smarter than this. his ual life will be very well hidden from most of the world but here he is, on the floor, his hard inside his 'friend', uncontrollably and racy noises from his filling felix's to the hilt echoed inside the room.

felix's face is beautiful as ever, sweat on his skin, eyes closing due to the euphoria of their bodies connecting, hyunjin felt pride in his chest when he heard felix whispering no, answering his questions. oh how he loves it when felix becomes honest like that.

hyunjin too can hear the footsteps and mumbling from outside but he was far gone to care, he just prayed people wouldn't be too interested about the music still playing inside the room at this late night. but felix's scream might be difficult to explain but damn, instead of scaring him, it turned him on to have such an effect on the other male. hyunjin closed his eyes, his arms straining to protect felix from falling, groaning a series of "ah's" and moans of delight every time he slams into lix's tight wet cavern.

“hwang hyunjin.. please. you own me, you own all of me.”

own. it echoed in hyunjin's mind, he owns him. and that's all it take to make his s more menacing, his nails digging marks on felix's skin but just as he's about to trail his hand to catch felix's on his hand, felix had a different idea. feeling his lips on his, hyunjin's reminded how much his heart swells at the fact that felix is giving him consent to do this, meaning he wasn't the only one harboring feelings. it made hyunjin weak in the knees for a moment and relished in the soft like cloud lips of his baby boy. hyunjin kissed him as if he needed his lips like air, trying to out the breath out of him, wanting to make sure felix feels how much he wants him. and much to hyunjin's surprise, felix was planning something more.

surprised at the scandalous position, hyunjin took a minute to just stare at how beautiful felix looked lying on his back, legs spread, gaping for him. but felix taking charge like this, snagging his and put it back to his like its where it actually belonged turned him on, oh felix drives him crazy. accepting the younger's suggestion, hyunjin pulls felix's one knee up and began ing in, harder this time, and does it feel different. "yes baby, you like being a for hyung," he whispers, leaning one arm to lean over him, looking at felix's face as he ceaselessly pound into him. "you look so good like this, i think this is one of your best looks, with my in you." he says, finding balance with his knees on the floor, one hand flying to felix's , pumping up and down. "maybe next time i'll give you head," he remarks, looking on felix's , thumbing felix's slit.

oh you bet hyunjin's gonna let this chance go. he's going to inside him, and not let him clean up. he's ed up like that, he wants felix to feel his dripping out of his gaping , an evidence hyunjin will enjoy remembering after tonight. it was a welcome image and it began throwing hyunjin to the edge, "oh baby, i'm close." hyunjin whispers, his hand making faster movements in sync to his hips ing into him. "i'm so ing close, i'm going to inside you, i want to see your gaping, dripping my all over." hyunjin says, his eyes fluttering close, nearing his limit.

there's this moment when your stomach tenses and you feel like everything's about to explode, and its just how hyunjin's feeling right now. this is the first time he's touched felix intimately and , did they take it down so fast, ing like animals in the brightly lit dance room, mirrors all around them, saying dirty nothings to each other like a real live . hwang hyunjin's mind is reeling from the high felix' has brought upon him. "i love you, lix. oh " he says unconsciously.

people say their inner most thoughts in moments of pure sadness or happiness. and hyunjin's definitely not sobbing sad.

hyunjin didn't cease his force in ing, the euphoria drugged him to fasten his pace, his hand not leaving felix's determined to make the other come in his hand. "that's right baby, come undone for me." he whispers, "come with hyung." and with a few more s, hyunjin came hard and deep- and , he could only guess a lot. " ." his continuous curse mantra.

but oh, he isn't stopping. even with the after shocks of his , hyunjin kept his pace, and rhythm waiting for his muse to come undone. he panted, "yes, yes, baby, just like that. my ." he ushered the other male, continuing his even force in every .
[H] Lee Felix [11/25] 4 months ago
@Hwang Hyunjin this was it. hyunjin’s feral side. felix had never /ever/ in his nineteen years of living thought that he’d drive someone insane up to the point of possessiveness, his velvety walls clamping and hyunjin’s drooling deeper and deeper inside him like a ing . despite looking completely disheveled, and the rough action of hyunjin’s practically plowing in and out of his , felix’ takes his time to brush hyunjin’s damp fringe off of his face.

the look of pure delectation written on every surface of his pretty face, his eyebrows knitted in a pretty wrinkle, his eyes practically devouring felix and felix lives by it. hyunjin’s attention. it’s almost romantic, really. with felix tightly clutching and holding onto hyunjin, his forehead pressed against the elder’s as he mutters soft mantras of “hyung, hyung, hyung.” it was enough to convince that— this was way too intimate for it to just be called casual ing. his own leaking a happy trail on hyunjin’s clothed stomach, rubbing against the fabric almost sinfully as he forces himself up and down like a ing toy for hyunjin to use.

“no.. no no no, no. god no.” felix frantically shakes his head, his breath ed up as he whines the words out, the thought of someone else ing him didn’t even crossed his mind. he wouldn’t bend for anyone else rather than hwang ing hyunjin, hell. he’d even let hyunjin him even on the cafeteria, right in front of everyone where he’s aware that hyunjin’s admirers would be staring, watching hyunjin felix like he needed it to ing breath, he could send those flirty girls and guys away as he would wink at them, making his moans loud and clear as hyunjin hits him from behind— .

the bite on felix’ lips made him shake harder, the sting of hyunjin’s fingertips digging on his skin, knowing they’ll leave an imprint later on. for the love of god, felix was getting anxious despite how euphoric he felt, hyunjin’s was so wet inside him, the filthy noises of skin slapping against skin was evident— and he noticed the nearing footsteps of someone outside– !

felix tried to pat hyunjin’s cheek, wanting to warn him but as soon as he was pushed off rather roughly, supporting his hand against the floor to avoid getting a blow on his head— hyunjin didn’t even give him a damned warning when he felt hyunjin’s rock hard entering him, letting out a scream at the sudden intrusion. .

he was ing made for hwang ing hyunjin’s . felix concluded that as he desperate sobbed on the floor, his nails clawing against the wood in hopes of grounding himself, but he was far too gone— too ing gone that he forgot that there were still people outside the damned studio.

felix didn’t even realized he started crying when he tasted the salty fluid on his lips, his drool practically leaking to the floor as he pushes his back against hyunjin’s rough pounding. and if felix thought hyunjin was gonna finish him like this— damn was he ing wrong.

he lets out the most ographic and goosebump inducing scream as hyunjin hurls him up, his arms behind him rendering him helpless as hyunjin relentlessly jabs at his prostate, his body thrashing wildly at the sudden immense pleasure, and when hyunjin’s words were obeyed by him— felix almost cums on the spot.

he looked like a ing , taking hyunjin’s like he was breeding him up, his lips parted obscenely as he sobs, and begs and whines for hyunjin, his tears neverending at the pleasure caused by the elder— and felix convinces himself that he’s ed up because he felt so ing pretty like this.

he could see their filthy reflection on the mirror, their position nothing more than pure sin as felix takes hyunjin’s needy s from behind, his arm trying to struggle free from hyunjin’s grip but weakening at every touch on his sweet sweet spot.

“im yours. god . im yours.” felix babbled almost inaudibly, his voice slurring as hyunjin’s pace went rougher and rougher— but he was ing thankful for hyunjin holding him like that— if it weren’t for hyunjin, he’d probably turn like a useless doll all weak on the floor, his chest heaving rapidly as hyunjin’s lips bit and on his neck, his hot breaths driving felix even crazier. the words hissed on his ear was what made felix turned completely ing dumb, his mind all clouded with being claimed and marked and ed by hyunjin until hyunjin is satisfied, thoughts of him clawing to hyunjin on the corridors for support as he limps his way— he’s gonna be hyunjin’s toy now wasn’t he? felix’s eyes roll as he felt hyunjin hitting the tiny sponge that brought his body writhing underneath him repeatedly, his voice turning into a high-pitched whine as he struggled to comprehend hyunjin’s words in his dumb-ed state. “ah.. hnggnn.. i-i’m h-hyungs.. hyung’s pretty baby boy..” he struggled to get the words out, his voice dissolved into a high-pitched mess, one that he uses whenever he does those stupid aegyos— but this time it was all unconscious, felix just couldn’t think straight anymore. “hwang hyunjin.. please. you own me, you own all of me.” felix whimpers, his arms trying to find purchase as he finally broke free from hyunjin’s grip, pulling hyunjin closer to him for his life as hyunjin continued to wreck him from behind— but it wasn’t ing enough.

their mixed groans and filthy whines echoed around the room, the mirrors only amplifying their sinful ministrations as felix ducks his head down, just taking his hyung’s s obediently— but he doesn’t want it like this— no he doesn’t.

it tooks all of felix’s strength to stop hyunjin’s hips hammering against him, pulling his abused puffy hole from the elder’s , connecting their lips in a more desperate, needier liplock, doing all of this as felix turns around, slowly lowering himself back until his back hits the ground, spreading his legs in front of the elder’s view, and he knows he looked way too ing ographic like this.

there were dried tears on his cheeks, his face was forever flushed pink, and his hair was disheveled but felix wanted to make things easier for them as he grabs hyunjin by his collar, pulling him down as felix grabs hyunjin’s , plunging it back inside him with a sweet sweet moan. “. wanted to see you.” felix admitted before breathing there, laying there, pulling hyunjin closer to him as he starts to spread his thighs further. “im.. flexible.. i know you know that..” felix starts, his rare shy demeanor getting to him as he purposely sticks his tongue out. “you can lift one of my.. knee up.” felix inquires him, moving his hips to hyunjin’s back inside his puffy and tortured walls. “dont hold back, hyung.” felix’s whispers, cupping hyunjin’s cheek with a flirtatious smile, his eyes dropping to hyunjin’s lips. “breed me. dont stop until you milk yourself dry inside me.”

and if that won’t make hyunjin him to the heavens, god forbid, felix will do it himself.
Hwang Hyunjin 4 months ago
@Lee Felix the vivid imagery felix just painted for hyunjin's creative mind to feast on is too much for hyunjin's brain to process. the other hyunjin inside his body was already unleashed but the soft rational side wanted to fight back, trying to gain control but failing miserably. all hyunjin wanted to do is feel felix's walls squeezing his and hard in and out of the other male but oh felix's words are just so intoxicating he already feels like coming right then and there.

felix being lewd and telling him in detail his fantasies of hyunjin made him want to do it for him. he wanted to slam him against somewhere, the hell out of him and make him walk like his legs are giving out on him. he wanted to make felix remember how he plowed himself inside and out his , and so no one else will satisfy him like hwang ing hyunjin would.

felix's screams of pleasure is hyunjin's life achievement. the ecstasy from his screams fueled hyunjin's lust, his energy up to the top, and he knew once he starts he won't be able to stop. lee felix is up for a ride and an unexpected turn of events.

“my ing turn.”

hyunjin would be lying if he said he didn't expect this from felix. felix has a tendency to be a brat; talking back and taking charge of what he wants once in a while. but what he didn't expect is how fast everything happened. the next thing hyunjin knows, the head of his is surrounded by felix's rim, taking him in so good, as if his hole was molded just to squeeze hyunjin's girth snug and tight. it took all of his energy to not slam inside in one . he wanted to let felix do what he wants because hyunjin mothering has the best pay back in mind.

hearing felix and ask him to him hard is only fuel to hyunjin's fire; with that, his hands grasps either sides of felix's hips and he began enthusiastically meeting every time felix sunk down with his forceful upward making his reach deeper into felix. oh god this is where he can finally ing use his endless stamina and energy. ing lee felix until he cannot walk. hyunjin began his slow then hard then fast rhythm and his fingers began digging into felix's skin. "are you planning to show or do this to anyone else, felix? because i might have to show you no one's gonna you like i would." he responds before taking felix's lips into his, biting harshly on felix's lower lip.

oh my dear lee felix, hyunjin thought as he closed his eyes as he continued his feral .

this is the animalistic side of hyunjin as if chasing his release was the most important in his mind but no, the only thing on his mind is to keep ing felix as long as he can until he can no longer remember any past experience or would he ever want someone else to keep their inside him. hyunjin's a possessive man, even the thought of sharing felix with anyone else aggravates him. oh hell no.

when felix told him to look at them in the mirror, hyunjin finally found his smirk back as he looked at how glorious felix looked throwing his head back at every bounce on his . "you ing like riding hyung's , you . that's it." hyunjin taunts, before pushing felix to the side, pulling himself out and positioning felix up on his all fours. and in a speed of lightning, hyunjin spits on his hand and rubs it on his before slamming back inside felix. "that's it, you wanted to look at us ing right. ing look at how much of a you are for my ." hyunjin says to felix's ear when he pulls on both of felix's arms so he's situated arching his back, staring back at his reflection as hyunjin plowed on his hard and fast.

"you're mine, lee felix. no one's going to have a taste of you but me." he says before pressing a kiss on felix's neck, and nipping to mark him, a step towards claiming the other male his. "everyone's going to know. they'll see my marks on you, they'll see you limp while you walk and they'll know i own you. all of you." he hisses in his ears before pulling all out and slamming back in hard, picking up the pace. "that's right baby, who owns you baby?" he taunts, once again, a devilish smile on his lips. "who owns you lee felix?"
[H] Lee Felix [11/25] 4 months ago
@Hwang Hyunjin like a magic trick, hyunjin fell for it. hyunjin fell for felix’ ing like a cute little puppy. felix groans loudly at his words, his fingers abusing his raw puckering hole as he stares at hyunjin’s beautiful sin-filled eyes. “i think... ah..” he tries to form a word, only to stop every now and then as he s himself in a sharp of his fingers, making him let out a pathetic squeak, his free hand scratching against the smooth wooden floor. “.. hyunjin..” felix sobs, his lips parted in an obscene hot gasp, unable to form coherent sentences anymore— but managed to push through. “i think.. of you ing me against the school desks.. where we ing.. share that one ing boring class..” felix grits his teeth, pushing his fingers deeper until all of it is buried inside him, slowly moving it in lewd little circles. “youd.. me.. by the front.. .. and ground your in me like youre marking me... claiming me..” felix whimpers, the movement of his fingers mimicking the way ‘imagination hyunjin’ would into him, his legs threatening to close at the onslaught pleasure— “and then you’d lift one of my ing knee up, and just pound into me.. yeah .. fast and hard until i’d feel your up until my ing stomach, hyunjin. .”

felix’ brain to mouth filter officially crumbles down, staring at hyunjin’s thick girth, wanting nothing more than to bounce on it, make hyunjin scream his name. but— not yet. felix thinks he wants to break hyunjin more. harder.

“ me please.. hyung.. your fingers are so much longer than mine— so much bigger i— ah!” and then his fingers were roughly tugged out of his hole, his rim puckering obscenely around the air as he hyunjin and practically devours his fingers— he totally did not expect hyunjin to go down and start eating him out like he was a five course meal— felix couldn’t stop the sobs leaving his throat now, his tiny hands automatically dropping to tug on hyunjin’s dark locks, his hips stuttering in immense pleasure. and then the thought— the ing thought of limping his ways through the corridor, a rough reminder of how hyunjin s him, made him scream and cry and practically brought him to heaven had felix whining hyunjin’s name like a mantra. “hyunjin.. ahh... hyung hyung hyung please...” felix composure crumbles, his mind all hazy with lust and pleasure and just bits of hyunjin hyunjin hyunjin. he couldn’t even stop the embarrassing needy gasps coming from him, his developing abs flexing with every of hyunjin’s tongue against his hole, his legs shaking and trembling hard. “nnhh.. i’m your hyung.. please..” felix almost forgets the concept of control, it felt way too ing good to be pliant under hyunjin’s touch, his skin igniting with fireworks and euphoria, hyunjin’s face looking so ing pretty with him lapping felix up like he was made for it. god he was so inlove with this boy.

just a day ago he remembers going to the cafeteria, buying a chocolate pudding and shyly offering it to hyunjin— god, would those thoughts even matter? felix wouldnt need to buy hyunjin chocolate pudding anymore for breaktime. he’d just drag hyunjin to the bathroom stalls, spread his for him and let his hyung gladly eat him up.

felix was so deep in thoughts that he didn’t even know he was subconsciously parting his lips like the good ing he was for hyunjin, letting the elder’s long and pretty fingers to enter his mouth, his tongue flattening and lapping against it like it was hyunjin’s . happily at it, letting it pop off his mouth with a loud pop, a small flirty smile resting on his lips.

the first scream felix released that night was from hyunjin’s torturous hands. hyunjin’s fingers were digging deep inside him— stretching him open like he never did before, and pumping his with so much vigor felix’ hips jolted repeatedly— and that’s when he screamed, breaking out into pathetic whimpering and as hyunjin’s perfect ing fingers brushed against his sweet sweet spot. felix pushed the elder off by then, feeling the onslaught of an impending — too early for that.

“my ing turn.” felix’ demeanor was back, the satan inside him was back when he roughly shoved hyunjin back to the floor, straddling his hips as he pumps hyunjin’s sharply, just enough for it to drool precum, and the next thing he does— he lifts himself up, tracing hyunjin’s tip against his needy needy hole, and slowly lining it with his rim, gently sitting down on hyunjin’s .

“ing finally! !” felix whisper-groans, his head resting against hyunjin’s shoulder as he fel hyunjin’s snuggling against his tight walls, lifting his head up to press his forehead against hyunjin. “you wanna know how i want you to me?” felix whispers, gently lifting his hips up a bit, testing out the waters as he smirks prettily against hyunjin’s lips everytime he bottoms out, hyunjin’s hips jerking. “like this.” felix states, before lifting himself up until only hyunjin’s head is wrapped snuggly inside him, slamming back down with a whine. “i love it when you’re rough.” felix informs him, his panting increasing as he starts to roughly bounce on hyunjin’s . “.. hyunjin youre so ing big.. so ing amazing inside me hyung..” felix whimpers, leaning in to slick his tongue against hyunjin’s lower tier, his hips not faltering as he drives hyunjin’s girthy again and again inside him.

“d’you think you can me harder?” felix whispers, suddenly stilling his hips as he gently directs hyunjin’s head to the mirror, giggling flirtatiously. “look at us.” felix tells him, only to start riding hyunjin’s again with determination as hyunjin looks at the mirror. “im your , hyung. all yours, all— ah! ing yours.” felix gasps, clutching tightly on hyunjin’s shirt as he bounces like a in heat. “please give it to me. me like you mean it. .. me until i cant ing walk.” felix starts blabbering pleads, mewls of hyunjin’s name as he drives his back against hyunjin’s swollen , desperate to find his prostate.
Hwang Hyunjin 4 months ago
@Lee Felix hyunjin could clearly remember the first time he laid eyes on felix. he is that beautiful boy from australia that turned everyone's head with his polite deep voice and scattered stars of freckles adorning his cheeks. never in his wildest dreams did he think he'd see him on his knees; his mouth stuffed to the brim with his own . to say that he never imagined this is a lie because all he had wanted all semester is taste felix's lips and have a piece of him.

images of hyunjin's slightly different touches, lingering hand holding and extra body rolls when around him flooded his mind and look at them now, intimate as , risking the chance to be caught by anyone at all just to get a piece of each other. hyunjin could vividly remember how many times he'd himself hard, whispering felix's name while ing on his bed late at night, imagining how pretty he'd look, legs in the air, his nestled inside felix's tight snug . hyunjin's wildest dream is ing happening right before his eyes. oh it couldn't get better than this, getting a from felix is a bonus from the lustful blessings.

oh but hyunjin's so god damned wrong.

“watch me, pretty boy.”

after losing the euphoria of felix's mouth's warmth on his , hyunjin's eyes doubled in size when felix removed his sweatpants and in a beat he was spreading his legs, fingers dipping into his beautiful puckered . oh how much tighter would it feel around his girth when it's hard to push those fingers of felix's in?

hearing felix talk about how he's finger ing himself to thoughts of hyunjin got the other male hotter and bothered (if that's possible) and so he resumes to kneel on his knees, mesmerized upon the look of felix, raw and his fingers buried in his own . hyunjin's hand found itself on his own , pumping at the same pace felix is pulling his own fingers in and out of his . "how do i you?" he asks, his eyes changing, he's no longer thinking of what he's doing, hyunjin's lost in his lust. "does it feel good with hyung burying his in you, fast and hard?" he asks, his other hand positioning itself unconsciously on one of felix's thighs. oh how milky and smooth his skin is.

"would it feel better with hyung's fingers ing you?" hyunjin says as he reached to stop felix's hand from pushing in and out of his . bringing it to his nose, he inhaled felix's scent, its so good it feels like a drug to hyunjin, his responding positively. hyunjin's tongue then tangled itself on felix's fingers, the fingers that just have been from his . "you taste so ing glorious, lix." he says, after a loud pop of releasing felix's fingers from his mouth. "oh baby, hyung's going to open you wide with his , you better look forward to it, i'm going to you so hard you won't be able to feel your legs for awhile, hm?" he said, his voice so sweet yet taunting. "my pretty baby, you won't have to yourself from now on, because hyung won't let you. he won't let you touch yourself." hyunjin's eyes is no longer the nice hyunjin's. "hyung's going to take care of you now." and with that hyunjin dives himself into the sweet le where felix's fingers were just at, lapping at felix's juices, tonguing felix's hole enthusiastically before peppering and kiss on felix's balls to his . "tell hyung," he says in between kisses, "how do you want hyung to you?" he taunts the other male, daring him to tell him in detail of the lewd things he wants hyunjin to do to him. "tell me one by one. and then maybe i'd let you. if you're a good boy."

but hyunjin knew he'd let felix do everything he wants at this point. he's whipped and he's sure felix knew, the brat ing knew how much he affects him. lee felix yongbok has hyunjin where he wants him and hyunjin has to make felix bend into it.

hyunjin's tricks aren't finished. as if his hole for awhile isn't enough, he offers his two fingers to felix, ushering the other male to on his fingers. "now, you don't have to feel lonely finger ing yourself. you can ask me." hyunjin says as if he's talking to a much younger male. "tell hyung if you want his fingers or his and they'll be ready for you, my ."

if this was just the regular hyunjin he'd be too embarrassed to say these things but with his mind hazy with thoughts of felix coming undone because of him, hyunjin's innocent and pure self is gone. far too gone.

with every single from felix's expert tongue, his fingers coated fully with his saliva, as if he needed more lubricant, hyunjin reached for felix's and began pumping up and down whispering, "mine, all mine." , claiming felix's every crevice as his. hyunjin slides his fingers down to felix's , expertly pushing two of his fingers in felix, relishing the tightness of the male on him. "oh, baby. you feel so hot," he remarks, eyes fluttering close as he slowly pumps his fingers in and out of felix, his other hand pumping his .
[H] Lee Felix [11/25] 4 months ago
@Hwang Hyunjin okay, maybe felix was not just a brat but also a ing tease. like pft? whats new? hes very certain he was born with his dna consisting of 80% brat, 120% tease. but thats besides the point- what really matters right now is that hyunjin’s is happily going in and out of his wet cavern, not even one bit bothered by the fact that he was swallowing hyunjin like a ing champ, his tongue lapping hyunjin’s precum like its the last ing meal he’d get. was felix really a tease? or was hyunjin making felix ?

hyunjin looked so ing good like this, his thighs trembling hard as felix claws on them, his eyelids fluttering prettily and god his adam’s apple is bobbing every now and then. his swollen pink lips are parted, spewing out the most lewd gasps and whispers that felix knows he’ll be ing himself to for the next few days— god. and the moment felix finally deepthroats the elder— felix knew he hit his spot. next thing he knew, he was pulled off from the elder’s raging member with a pop, a thick string of saliva connecting his lips from the tip of hyunjin’s , and he was absentmindedly grinding down against hyunjin’s hand, needily wanting friction.

and then hyunjin was kissing him, desperately. their tongues trying to fight for dominance, and felix was certain hyunjin could taste himself. thats better, he wants hyunjin to know that thats how ing great he tastes— felix /definitely/ did not expect hyunjin to push him back down on the floor, his knees hitting the floor a little too roughly, and was guiding his red raging length past felix’s abused lips. he happily takes it in though, rubbing his lips against the tip before taking ahold on the elder’s , going back to pumping what felix couldn’t reach as he starts to aggressively bob his head, hyunjin’s hitting the back of his throat repeatedly which caused the corners of felix’ eyes to turn watery.

he looks... so ing wreck. he knows because there were ing mirrors around them, and god he looked like a indeed. his lips despite being wrapped around hyunjin’s like he was some sort of a cocksleeve, his face was messy with spit and drool and hyunjin’s precum oozing out of his lips— and he was like he was filming an a against hyunjin’s .

worth it though as he looks up at hyunjin. hyunjin... from above looks ing ethereal. despite the fact that felix was literally getting his mouth ed hard by his co-performer aka crush aka the dude he has been himself to aka the dude he nuts to aka the one he wants to hold hands to and kiss everywhere around the campus— was literally showing rapture as he forces his in and out of felix’s lips. god, how could he fall harder for hyunjin? was it even possible?

once he felt hyunjin’s getting bigger and bigger against his warm wet mouth, felix pulls off, hyunjin’s precum abundant on his tongue, and felix dived back in to clean hyunjin’s of any fluid, before maneuvering himself to get his sweatpants off.

it was now or never. felix thinks as he pumps hyunjin’s again, delightful at the sight of his wet wet , lathering the precum on hyunjin’s slit with two of his fingers, pulling hyunjin down with him as he settles himself in front of hyunjin, the elder’s lobe with a smirk as he whispers.

“watch me, pretty boy.”

thats the last warning felix gave before he was sitting in front of hyunjin, spreading his legs widely— obscenely as he dips two of the same fingers (which had hyunjin’s precum) against his rim, his abused bottom lip tucked tightly against his teeth, only to pull them back out and circling them around the puckering hole. “this..” he starts, his chest heaving he tries to push his middle finger in. “is what.. ah.. i f-ing.. do..” despite stuttering with his words, felix managed to push his middle finger inside him, eyes almost rolling back at the sensation. “everytime.. you ing..tease me.. hyung..” felix delivers the next words with difficulty as he starts to pull his fingers in and out, his walls clamping down against his fingers— not deeming the lubricant enough, felix pulls his finger out, spits on his fingers before pushing two of his tiny digits inside him— his thighs twitching as he does so, a lewd gasp torn from his throat as he starts to scissor his fingers inside him.

“hyunjin.. hyung..” he sobs, throwing his head back, the arm supporting him on his back starting to shake as he starts to roughly finger himself, his legs spreading even wider for hyunjin to see.. all for hyunjin to indulge. “you.. i always think of you ing me.. but youre a ing coward.” he whines, his lust-filled gaze falling and staying at hyunjin’s blown orbs. “but cant you see?” felix whispers this time, his voice falling into a high-pitched whine. “i think of myself being ed open by your ing .. and god... your fingers. theyre much longer than mine.. much bigger, hyunjin..” felix smirks as he focuses on hyunjin’s reactions, his fingers disappearing again and again from his hole, the squelching of his fingers ing himself echoing the room. “why wont you me hyung? am i not pretty enough?” felix finishes his words, pulling his fingers out of himself as he scoots closer to hyunjin, his cheeks flaring as he pulls his asscheeks apart, almost showing off his hole to the elder. “or do i have to do it myself?”
Hwang Hyunjin 5 months ago

@Lee Felix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAYgZEMMWxo

known for his friendly and polite exterior that drove both women and men crazy for him, hwang hyunjin usually doesn't let his cool fawn. he's always composed, all smiles and his mouth spouts the most gentle words. but holy does felix bring out the inner monster inside hyunjin. usually, hyunjin would mind the time and place for things, but look at him almost like in a ography scene, getting down on the cold floor of their dance practice room, surrounded by mirrors that reflects lee felix's glorious spectacle of a view.

with a series of curses, and lewd comments, the public will cower at the other side of hwang hyunjin they'd be seeing if they were to catch them in this position. who knew that these two men would be pushing their friendship's boundary at such a place, right?

"you like that?" hyunjin almost responded too enthusiastically to his question but he could only groan in response with the pleasure that travelled from his groin to his head. hyunjin was too stimulated, if he really let go of himself, felix won't be clothed for too long, if it was up to him, felix will be on fours, bending and that glorious in the air. he could almost imagine how felix would look like and screaming his name as he pounded on his with his , hard and fast, just like how hyunjin likes it.

skin so milky like snow, smooth as baby's , felix's is beautiful. hyunjin could only imagine how beautiful his body would be without clothes on. all he wanted to do is rip all of felix's clothes off of him; make the situation even. thus, hyunjin slipped his fingers on the waistband of the other male's pants, and lands his palms on felix's own ; palming it gently, applying pressure in every circular motion, in act to return the favor.

feeling felix marking him is one of the hottest things hyunjin could ever imagine and feeling the male nip on his neck, drove him ing crazy, if it was possible, hyunjin's throbbed harder. hyunjin was only about to begin praising his baby when felix slid down his body, and took his head into his wet and hot mouth. his wet tongue made hyunjin dizzy in lust. . he can't lose control, this is felix, he was afraid he'd be too much and break the other male.

", felix." he groaned, adjusting himself up so he'd watch his own disappear inside felix's hot and glorious mouth, eyes almost begging for him to use him. it was enough of a sight to behold that something inside of hyunjin snapped and he forgot the thoughts of being careful. in an instant, hyunjin pulled himself off felix's mouth and kneeled, before catching the younger's mouth into his- almost tasting himself in felix's tongue.

this is the real hyunjin.

as soon as he got to felix's lips, its also in a flash that hyunjin was on his feet, his hand on his guiding it on felix's juicy lips that are almost red and swollen from kissing and . forcing felix to take his into his mouth, hyunjin began rocking slowly, in and out, feeling felix's tongue taking him to the pits of his lustful mind.

groaning in pleasure, he began rocking deeper, both hands on either sides of felix's head, pushing up until where felix could take him, forcing felix to take him and almost choke on him. "that's right, baby, you take my so well," hyunjin began saying, his eyes trained on the sight of felix's mouth stuffed with his own . "you look so good my , my . oh baby," he groaned, eyes burning with want.
[H] Lee Felix [11/25] 5 months ago
@Hwang Hyunjin all it took was hyunjin's touch against his bare skin for felix to /completely/ succumb under hyunjin's fingertips. felix's conscious mind tells him that if they go further than this, further than feeling each other up, the chances of getting caught are a strong 89, but do felix give a ?

not at all.

"felix, i want to feel you. i want all of you." hearing those sinful words fall from hyunjin's lips made felix visibly tremble in pleasure, blood coursing through his veins in warm delight, his own fingertips feeling hyunjin's soft soft skin, grazing the milky surface with his touch. felix almost blushed at the sensation of hyunjin fumbling with his ing s, but with how red he already was, could it be possible? and he cursed at how his body reacted to hyunjin's actions like he was made for it. like a single touch from hyunjin would erupt and create a pleasurable chain reaction.

explosive. hyunjin's touches were explosive, leaving a hot trail on his skin, his lips quivering as he lets out shaky breaths of delectation. and even if felix was afraid that hyunjin would push him off after what he's about to do, he just really couldn't stop himself. the look of pure euphoria on hyunjin's face was what made him feral, hyunjin looked so ing pretty, already so wrecked just by a pathetic . felix flashes an unconscious smirk in triumph.

but then hyunjin's lips were spilling confessions of him beating himself off by the thoughts of him, and the thought of hyunjin desperately, his hands on his , thinking of the things felix would do to him, god. felix was ready to give his everything to this boy. felix could only utter a strong whispered "", his voice lowering in pitch, getting rougher as he starts to move his fist on hyunjin's member, the slick of hyunjin's precum creating a lewd squelch, moving his hand a little rougher to watch hyunjin's hips stutter, and hyunjin looked like a ing angel ready to be corrupted. felix dived back down, his lips nibbling and creating lilac hues on hyunjin's neck almost possessively. the urge to mark hyunjin was so strong he couldn't help himself. he wanted hyunjin to perform on stage with him, his two top buttons of his shirt undone, and felix's marks on his skin visible for everyone to see, .

"you like that?" felix subconsciously starts to drift onto his native language, his attention focused on hyunjin's tip, his precum oozing prettily from and felix's chest swells at the fact that hyunjin was open and ready to be devoured all for felix. every whine and groan from hyunjin would cause felix's own to twitch uncomfortably in his pants.

by now the music on the background was drowned by felix's hand pumping with vigor on hyunjin's s. and felix was aware of his own heavy breathing, and then hyunjin had to ing call him "baby",

he gets off of hyunjin's hips, only to crawl down, with his tongue wetting his own tiers, leaning down and rubbing his swollen plush lips against hyunjin's drooling tip, tongue poking out to generously on the elder's slit. felix had his fair share of blowing before, not gonna lie, and yes felix does love giving heads, but felix giving hyunjin head? he'd ing do it everyday if hyunjin would let him. hyunjin's precum tasted salty obviously, but there was this tinge of sweetness to it and felix is quite surprised at how much he's loving the elder's taste.

" you taste so ing good, hyung.." felix mumbles, unaware that he spoke it out loud to the elder, letting his lips enclose against hyunjin's head. hyunjin was ing big, and felix /knows/ how lewd he looks like with his lips almost shyly on hyunjin's tip, his hand still pumping on the base. the sweet sweet moans coming from hyunjin spurred him further, taking more of the elder's member in his cavern as he starts to bob his head lightly, his tongue flattening on the elder's slit as he picks the pace up. determined to make hyunjin crumble, felix's free hand finds hyunjin's, guiding the elder's hand on his lilac locks, before dropping his own hand to grip on hyunjin's thigh, going deeper and deeper to take more of hyunjin's member.

hyunjin's weighs perfectly on felix's tongue, he was big, a little thicker than average, and it was- just perfect for felix. his lips were wrapped tightly around the elder's length, forcing his gag reflexes, letting the elder's hit the back of his throat, out at the sensation, felix looks up at hyunjin. as if conveying the message to him;

use me.
Hwang Hyunjin 5 months ago
@Lee Felix "don't stop."

just two words and it felt scandalous in hyunjin's mouth but this is the moment he realized there's no going back. months of figuring out what he really felt for the australian, hyunjin finally decided to let go of all reasoning and answer from deep inside his desires, want.

kissing felix is like being into a 3rd dimension; his mind hazy with thirst, he wanted more of him, taste all of him; his skin burned like the speed of what's happening is giving him a whiplash. one moment, they were dancing, the second, felix called him hyung. and it brought them here, with felix straddling and practically ing his mostly clothed . hyunjin found himself at the sight of felix above him. it was indeed a sight to behold, and it'd be forever etched on his brain, one memory that will definitely get him off faster than any other lewd he could ever find.

hearing felix's pants felt sinful and just like every other sinful things, its pleasure to his ears, almost tasting the sweet immoral whispers coming from the other male. hazy with want and lust, hyunjin could only flutter his eyes close as felix picked up the pace, humping his with so much gusto, making him want nothing else but to slam himself inside felix, and feel that tight squeezing him, and hear felix moan his name, again and again.

does felix know what he's asking? hyunjin then reaches out for felix again, this time, placing his hands on felix's hips and pressing himself against the other male's s, making the friction so delightful, it made hyunjin groan loudly. "felix, i want to feel you. i want all of you." he says, his hands, making its way under felix's shirt, his fingers deftly finding felix's protuding s, rolling them with his fingers, making sounds that completely expresses the feeling of rapture as the pace gave him so much more pleasure. with a whisper, "i'm not thinking of stopping," he then, opened his eyes, meeting felix's humps with his own. "not at all."

getting caught.

let everyone find out.

hyunjin ing doesn't care.

the kisses he's leaving on his neck felt hot, as if it was a trail of fire igniting more desire in its wake. how is it possible that every cell in hyunjin's body responds to everything felix is doing? maybe he wanted lee felix more that he realized. and thank god the other male doesn't seem to mind the attention hyunjin is giving him.


this sight is to behold for its lewd content that hyunjin couldn't compare to anything else, felix expertly pulled on his pants, exposing his raging hard on. the hard that is all because of him. "you see what you do to me, felix?" hyunjin grunts, "this is how i end up every night, with thoughts of you, you ing tease." he admits to every time felix leaves him with a every time they finish a routine. as felix deftly handles his , hyunjin's eyes fluttered close, relishing the feel of felix's soft tiny hand on . hyunjin couldn't even begin to fathom how pleasurable it is to feel felix's hands on him. its glorious. "baby," he moaned, .

lee felix is definitely something else.
[H] Lee Felix [11/25] 5 months ago
@Hwang Hyunjin obscene. that one word was enough to describe the oh so filthy sounds of lips smacking against each other. and felix? it's like, he couldn't get enough of hyunjin. his head buzzing pleasantly as he lets his lips slide against hyunjin's plushier, velvety lips. felix was a biter, and how could he not stop himself from doing it? hyunjin reminded him of the chocolate mousse he always loved to snack on. he gently nips against the elder's lower lip, his tongue slicking hyunjin's lower tier, and the saliva that connected their lips when he pulled away was so obscene.

god, hwang hyunjin was a great kisser. felix kissed a lot before, okay, he could admit that. but when it comes to hyunjin, his sense of control for kissing vanishes, he just wants it sloppier and sloppier, filthier.. messier. he was so lost in the haze of lust just by kissing hyunjin, unable to recognize the panting voice, which was which. but felix knows, he was ing whining against hyunjin's lips.

so much for practicing, felix would love to slack even just for a day just to do this again with hyunjin. the string connecting their lips added to felix' frenzy, his fingers tightening against the elder's locks, before tugging his head back up a bit roughly to smack their lips, all tongues and teeth. the kiss was getting messier, more desperate, and he could feel his own lips sting, but he couldn't get ing enough. he wants to devour hyunjin, he wants him there and then.

it was a punch to his gut when he leaned back just a bit to gasp for air, fingertips gently brushing away hyunjin's fringe from his eyes, and . he looked so good like this. his beautiful soft brown eyes looking droopy, eyelids lidded, his cheeks were flushed a pretty red and his lips- god . felix's favorite asset of hyunjin was his lips, and now that he sees hyunjin's lips all puffy and red and swollen for felix, he almost went feral.

and then hyunjin's lips were trailing down, lower and lower from felix's lips, and god . would he sound desperate if he begs for hyunjin to mark him? he doesn't even care anymore, he'd let hyunjin maul his neck if he wanted to. the thought made his twitch in its constraints, and he knows hyunjin was trying to fight for control, but he doesn't want to give the elder the pleasure of controlling- maybe later.

"hyung likes that very much," hyunjin said, his voice raspy and already sounding wrecked. "more."

felix might be too mean for doing this, but the moment he heard those words falling off of the elder's lips like honey- felix lost it. he pushes hyunjin down against the floor roughly, hand on his chest, his hips moving harder, faster, more desperate in circles against hyunjin's arousal, throwing his head back in pleasure, his lips parted, before diving back down in, and it's almost like he's humping hyunjin, ", you're irresistible." felix groans, his breath coming out shakily. "you want more? how far do you wanna go?" despite felix' ministrations, he wants to hear hyunjin say it. he wants hyunjin to say how much he wants him.

"because if you tell me to stop.." felix pauses, panting heavily against hyunjin's lips, his fingertips struggling to pull hyunjin's pants down. "i'll stop.. but if you wanna go further, i'm not gonna hold back." felix finishes, his lips trailing down to hyunjin's neck instead. the scent of hyunjin's sweat overwhelming his nose, his tongue lapping hungrily against the elder's neck, pressing open-mouthed kisses as he lets his hand slip under hyunjin's waistband, tugging his crotch out of its confinement, sitting back up with a triumphant smile, the tip of his tongue the corner of his lips, his tiers parted as he focuses his gaze on the elder's raging hard-on, mentally cursing at how the size of his hand makes this even more lewd.

he lets his thumb dig into hyunjin's slit, delighted at the precum as he lathers it all over hyunjin's tip, rubbing his palm over the spot a few times, lifting his head back up to see how wrecked hyunjin would look like already.

oh how felix wants to break hyunjin a little harder.
Hwang Hyunjin 5 months ago
@Lee Felix hyunjin knew the song and choreography by heart and mind but what made this dance more sensual is the fact that his mind is running with thoughts of how he'd love to run his hands on felix's beautiful skin, and how he'd be able to kiss those lips so plump and beautiful and keep it on him. how it'd feel to have felix on his arms, how he'd look with pleasure painted across his angelic features. becoming bolder with every step, hyunjin began giving eye contact to the frozen felix from the mirror, he made sure to keep his eyes on the other male while making those moves that he knew would affect him.

god, even if he just stood there, hyunjin wanted him.

having had his own experiences, hyunjin had never felt like this with anyone else he's been with. he'd never had that feeling of desire that strikes through his resolves and rationality. but for felix? its like he has no sense of embarrassment, sanity or even the fact of being judged. he threw it all away. just for lee felix.

as the music faded to nothing, breathing heavily, he let his arms fall limp on each sides of his body- his eyes trained on felix. he wanted his message to come through. it's okay. come to me. he wanted felix to come to him, he wanted to do things to him, kiss him, taste him, claim him. and just like the skies have given them a little push, ride resonated the whole room.

such a great timing.

thank god for lee felix's quick wits, hyunjin followed every movement the other male made, it began to intoxicate him, eating him whole and hyunjin knew he'd let felix have his way. he'll pleasure the smaller boy, give him everything he wants, make him whisper his name again and again. every touch was filled with sparks, the tension palpable, he could almost feel everything even with his clothes on. its an understatement to say that hyunjin wanted to immediately have his fill of the other male but he wanted to be everything felix wanted. he wanted to make felix more. and so he followed his lead, closing his eyes as felix run his fingers through his hair, small moans of pleasure escaping his gaping mouth as he laid on the floor, felix climbing on top off him.

ing finally.

this morning, hyunjin thought today will be just another day of beating off after a very sweaty rehearsal with the boy he has been attracted to for months. he never thought he'd be on the floor of the practice room, felix's hands traveling from his arms down to brushing on his hard on. hyunjin surpressed his own groans, running his hands on felix's smooth arms, ushering him to continue. he was about to get the best lap dance of his life and he's willing to give felix the pleasure of breaking him raw.

his skin felt like its on fire, he's running hot with only from the touching and what more if he has finally tasted those lips he has dreamed of for so many times? but as soon as felix began grinding against him, his smallest amount of consciousness and reasoning vanished to thin air, rather, he'll let go of his self-restraints and do everything without holding back.

and finally, when felix's lips come crashing down on his, hyunjin thank the gods. felix kisses so good, that when hyunjin kissed back it felt like nothing he's ever done. but it was too quick for hyunjin's liking. with the action on his crotch, and felix's voice whispering "hyung" to him, he reaches up and pulls down felix back down by the back of his neck and caught his lips on his once again.

if there's anything hyunjin's sure he's good at, its kissing. his lips moved demandingly, yet slow, letting his tongue linger on felix's lips, before lightly nipping on his lower lip. gasping for breath, he moved towards felix's jaw peppering kisses, his other hand supporting felix's neck, making a trail of hot kisses down to felix's neck. before whispering, "hyung likes that very much," he said, his voice raspy, strained. "more."
[H] Lee Felix [11/25] 5 months ago
@Hwang Hyunjin grab. lift. pull.

and hyunjin was left wearing his white wife beater, all felix did was turn around for like- a minute tops, and when he turned back around- he sees such visual images? and felix would be lying that such images of hyunjin, a dripping sweaty hyunjin stretching his limbs to warm up for a routine, with his damp fringe covering his eyes, wouldn't be added to his list of 'potential jerk-off ' folder in his brain. well ing okay hwang ing hyunjin! felix was mentally cursing in his head. there was no way this ing was not flexing- and the smirk he has on his lips were too evident to be ignored. he was literally implicitly taunting felix. and felix?

felix wants to kiss it out of his stupid ing pretty face.

and then suddenly, hyunjin didn't even give the other a warning- the song of their routine booming through the speakers and ! felix wasn't even on his starting position yet- but not that he minds- because he was glued on the corner of the room, unconsciously staring at hyunjin that he almost forgot that he also has to dance. he was frozen in the corner of the room, his mouth gaping absentmindedly, and his gaze was focused onto the powerful fluid dancer who goes by the name hwang hyunjin. how his movements were so powerful, exceeding confidence and how his limbs were almost popping deliciously to the rhythm, felix couldn't stop himself from staring- hyunjin looked so ing scrumptious...

and then hyunjin was staring at him- did wait- did the? oh no! . he only noticed their piece for the dance routine came to an end, the familiar fading of the music, and then felix feels his cheeks heating up. a deer caught in the headlights. .

and so his gaze fell onto hyunjin's pretty soft brown ones, which were now staring right back at his own orbs.

felix felt it. the tension. the shift in the room. the air was getting a little warmer, or was it only him? and maybe felix could tell that this moment was actually destined for him, hyunjin's phone which was still plugged to the speaker was on shuffle, and the moment the song- the very familiar song of somo's legendary ing song.

he remembers the first beat of the song by heart, and then suddenly felix could feel his hands itching to touch. hyunjin was just staring at him from there, as if waiting. felix totally did not just let his gaze trail down from his pretty eyes down to his- . hyunjin was hard, no- he was raging hard. oh no, felix definitely had to do something with it.

and like the demon that lived in felix, he didn't even wait for another song lyric to come up as he strides towards hyunjin in confident steps. hyunjin was done showing himself off. it was lee ing felix's turn to show himself off. and boy was hyunjin going to love it.

now now, felix wasn't really good at sensual songs- he was /ing/ made for it. and the moment the first part of the song came up, felix stops right in front of hyunjin,

" take off those heels, lay on my bed."

not breaking eye contact with hyunjin as his palms gently lay against the elder's sweaty clothed chest, trailing it down to his torso-

"whisper dirty secrets while I'm pulling on your hair"

-before letting it come up and around hyunjin's back, his fingers threading through the elder's damp locks, gently tugging them twice to match the beat. and then felix was smirking, hyunjin looked adorable like this, lost, but adorably hot. it's almost like he's letting felix take control of him. he was moving hyunjin to his liking, and he was living for it.

the transparent windows of the studio, it was past ten in the evening and he doubts people would be here to see whatever the they were about to do anyways- and if they get caught? does he care? even better. the thrill of being caught as felix' hands drop lower, maneuvering hyunjin's arms to wrap around his waist, pushing hyunjin a little too hardly until the elder's back would hit on the floor.

he wondered.. 'had hyunjin ever tried experiencing getting a lap dance? well-' it's his ing lucky day. felix was straddling hyunjin's lap, and from this angle- god forbid, he wanted nothing more than to just pounce on hyunjin. he continues to move his body against the rhythm of the songs, his hand occasionally brushing against hyunjin's hard on. and okay, yeah, hyunjin's big. what a ing treat.

felix's mind feels hazy when the song was nearing the chorus, and he lets his body move on auto-pilot. slipping his hand underneath hyunjin's ing beater, feeling the soft tummy of the elder- the developing abs grazing against his fingertips, and then he was leaning down, his nose touching hyunjin's.

and when the chorus came in, felix firmly down against hyunjin's groin, matching his hips with the tempo, all the while parting his lips, letting his tongue slick hyunjin's plush lower tier. . he loved the power he had, and when the song went back to the verses, felix crashes his lips against hyunjin's, unable to hold the groan leaving his throat. his lips felt so soft, so delectable, velvety. felix wants to bite down on it hard, watch it turn red and swollen. he tilts his head to the side, letting his tongue pry hyunjin's lips open, before pulling away with a teasing smirk. "you like that..?" felix whispers, voice hot and a bit shaky as his hips continued gyrating against hyunjin's , his own crotch rubbing against the elder's. "..hyung?" felix smiles, eyes turning dark as he finishes his sentence.
Hwang Hyunjin 5 months ago
@Lee Felix poised, straight forward and unabashedly confident.
three things that can be easily used to describe hyunjin on a daily basis.
but lee felix yongbok is testing all these three "theories" in one ing day.

for a fleeting moment, hyunjin let himself panic inside his head, thinking of all the things that could probably go wrong in this kind of situation he's stuck in. he began reiterating what exactly is happening.

hyunjin and felix are just practicing for an upcoming evaluation which decides whether their grades will make the cut for their modern dance subject. hyunjin, who doesn't usually pair up with anyone and likes performing alone, challenged to join hands with someone and create choreography but it'd be a lie if hyunjin doesn't mention that one of the reasons why he actually didn't mind the idea is because it's felix that he's getting paired up with. felix is a very talented dancer; full of energy, skillful and most of all, a fast learner. besides the fact that he's so attractive that its practically distracting hyunjin every time they're together- felix definitely is the perfect dance partner for him.

next point of his mental discussion; lee felix just called him hyung. okay, there is no way of running through this without admitting to himself that he has a thing for being called hyung. but, there's an exception. this "hyung" kink, if you would, only applies to yongbok himself. hyunjin is only a few months older than felix, so they're basically same aged friends and the fact that he called him "hyung" sends a different kind of trigger at the back of hyunjin's mind that sends a spark down his ing smart . great timing, buddy. awesome!

and last but not the least, hyunjin doesn't want to ever admit it out loud, at least not now, he's attracted to the boy. come on, who wouldn't be? lee felix is basically the golden boy with every aspect of him is so ing likable.

hyunjin shakes his head, to rid himself with the ridiculous arguments he again has made on his own. but as soon as he tried to think happy thoughts, felix had the audacity to surprise him by wrapping his arms around his shoulders, putting his face on hyunjin's sweaty neck in the process. hyunjin stiffened in surprise and another part of his body become stiffer. sweet jesus.

almost gasping in felix's sudden remark, hyunjin stammered for words. "l-lix," he paused, trying to gather his scattered wits. "what're you doing?" he's confused. all of a sudden? what is this boy doing? driving him crazy?

and as if its not enough to blast hyunjin's brain, felix began whispering on his ear, and he can feel his soft lips light as a feather on his burning skin. and is hyunjin sure that his is practically protuding enough to call anyone's attention. this is the worst day to be wearing these kinds of pants, hyunjin swore mentally.

"able to wake myself up with that." he catches felix say after snapping back to reality after a moment of complete mind explotion. hyunjin furrowed his eyebrows, suddenly intrigued. he knew felix had a thing for aegyo but what he did to him wasn't exactly aegyo- it's basically 'teasing'. was the blonde boy teasing him? no, no. hyunjin denies to himself, no way in hell that the boy's testing him, not lee felix. unless...

hyunjin's mind started working double time as he walked over to the speaker to play the song once more. if his suspicions are right, he can either crumble under felix's spell or maybe two can play at this game. but hyunjin needs to put his theories first to the test. gulping at the risk of what he's about to do, hyunjin crouches down, pulling his pants higher subtly and pressed play on his phone. with one more heavy exhale, hyunjin turned back to felix, with his pants now tighter around his groin area, a proudly protuding. "alright, from the top." but before he could start dancing, hyunjin pulls the black shirt he has off of him, leaving him in his white wife beater.

if there's anything hyunjin can proudly say he's y at, its his dancing. his dance line is approved by everyone who has watched him dance, and can he use this to his advantage. two can play at a game. hyunjin began dancing to the song more sensually, grooving and putting more force to make his dance line pop. he glanced at felix consciously, trying to gauge his reaction.
[H] Lee Felix [11/25] 5 months ago
@Hwang Hyunjin "get up, lee yongbok." felix groans in distaste at the mention of his korean name, god what was his grandpa thinking when they named him that? "don't call me yongbok!" he retorts in a demanding voice, his eyelids still threatening to close, his lips forming in a pout, and maybe, felix indeed was better off asleep.

hwang ing hyunjin was a demon- no he was a demon disguised as an angel. who gave him the audacity to breathe- to just breathe and take felix' whole breath away. god, felix was so ed, with hyunjin standing there, drops of sweat cascading through his pale skin, and felix could hear himself swallowing a lump in his throat when images of pushing hyunjin against the mirror- caging him in and kissing the daylights out of him. felix would definitely want to hear hyunjin whine against his lips, felix wanted to bite onto the plush tiers of the elder to know how pillowy soft it actually was, maybe he could also go down for the elder there- no- no! felix get a grip of yourself!

he knows he was being scolded by hyunjin, and despite how felix could be quite sensitive when it comes to criticism, felix paid no attention to hyunjin's words, seemingly letting the words enter his ears, then going through his other ear. he feels guilty for just letting hyunjin talk, and his voice was drowning out from felix' head.

and he lets hyunjin talk, and all he hears is 'blah! blah- blah!' in his head, wow so much for trying to change his bratty nature, felix only rolled his eyes upon hearing the elder's steps getting louder and louder, and he was so ready to be dragged off the ground by the elder, but when he hears the pause right after replying to hyunjin with that- felix cracks an eye open, and felix was quite amused to hear hyunjin cursing- it was faint, but felix certainly heard it, and oh? huh?

felix was still letting his lead loll against the floor, staring at hyunjin, and he.. seems.. out of it? felix's gaze trailed from his damp hair, down to hyunjin's defined arms, and it went lower and lower to his- oh my god. no way! . hyunjin was hard? WHAT? felix' brows furrowed- was it why hyunjin sounded annoyed? did he got hard from the adrenaline rush? and maybe felix would have bought that reason, but when he heard how shaky hyunjin's voice was when he commanded for felix to get up, felix /knows/ it wasn't all just the adrenaline rush.

and so felix gets up, rubbing his hands to his face as if waking himself up- but the reason was to actually suppress the smirk threatening to break into a grin at hyunjin's reaction. once he removed his hands from his face, felix sluggishly walked towards hyunjin, and hyunjin was totally NOT expecting what happened next.

felix' footsteps were slow, but heavy and then suddenly felix draped his sweaty self all over hyunjin, his chin resting against the elder's shoulder as he gently wraps his arms loosely around him, and then he was burying his face against his neck, inhaling his scent. "you smell sooo good." felix remarks, and no, this wasn't a common thing to happen but not entirely new either-

hyunjin, a person who smelled like lavender and lemon even without using perfume. felix knew after a couple of times of practicing together. felix at first wondered what was smelling so pleasant in such strong whiff at the air- but when he realizes it's actually hyunjin. hyunjin's sweat to be exact.

hyunjin's sweat was on a whole new level of fragrance. no, felix doesn't have a sweat kink, thank you very much! but his ing sweat smelled so pleasantly good, felix couldn't get enough of it, if ever, felix would definitely love to have hyunjin's scent as his perfume- okay maybe that sounded weird but, damn.

this was felix's way of asking for a lot more time of break, for his legs to recharge a bit until he can use them again to its full extent, but thinking about hyunjin's reaction a while ago, he wondered what had triggered hyunjin's poor ? with this angle, felix could see hyunjin's sweatpants, and though his bulge wasn't as evident as it had been, felix's mind started reeling- and then he had a guess in his mind.

felix continued to nuzzle hyunjin's sweaty neck, occasionally and 'accidentally' letting his lips brush against the soft skin, before he whispers against it, his voice lowering by an octave. "hyung, you smell so good..." felix was quick to drop his head down subtly, and when the happy thing on hyunjin's sweatpants were visible again, felix wanted nothing more than to throw his head back, laugh at hyunjin and tell him how THIS boy was into-

the boy had a thing for being called hyung- felix won't lie, it's hot, that fixation is something he'd also gladly practice when having with someone, but to hyunjin? this gorgeous guy who had been present a few times in his filthiest wet dreams, he'd /gladly/ let this man indulge in his fixation. felix couldn't stop the snort leaving his lips, and as he lets his hands unwrap from hyunjin's waist, letting it go loose down to his hips and subtly brushing the back of his palm against his groin, felix bites his lower lip in triumph, finally lifting his head as if all he just did wasn't ual-

"okay, i was able to wake myself up with that." felix announces, the smirk never leaving his lips, and he lets his limbs stretch, before cursing when he felt his sweatpants being tighter than it should. , well okay, it's not only hyunjin then. felix should probably save the boy from embarrassment, but god, this was HIS only chance of playing with hyunjin- the only chance to tease his crush for like, a few months now, a crush he wanted to have in his bed and whisper cute little things against his ear.

felix was a demon, yeah, he was, so when he walked towards the front of the mirror, bending down just to maybe flaunt his a little, and subtly wiggling it as if he was still 'stretching' he turns around, staring at hyunjin with the same position. "you good to go, jin? let's do it from the top." oh felix was surely going to have fun with this pretty boy.
Hwang Hyunjin 5 months ago
@Lee Felix you better believe hyunjin when he says he's going to go hard into practicing to receive compliments and achievements. the boy was raised to basically compete with himself and always strive to outrun himself. never satisfied with his last, hyunjin furrowed his brows, polishing his angles, dance lines and most especially, his foot work. he can never create mistakes that will maximize his weak points, no, hyunjin will never let that happen. he will show he's in charge no matter what. with the sweat resting on his forehead, his drenched shirt and itchy legs symbolizing the amount of pressure he has used on them, hyunjin turns to his friend, hands on his waist.

hyunjin couldn't even believe his own eyes when he first landed sight on felix. a beautiful boy with freckles adorning his cute cheeks, a deep voice which he has no idea where it comes from and a set of exemplary dancing skills; it sounds to good to be true but oh hail the gods took their sweet god damn time to perfect one lee felix and now he stands before him.

with a supportive family and non-judging group of friends, hyunjin has always been open about his ual orientation. he becomes attracted to men as often as he is to women. considering the fact that hyunjin has quite the popularity on both genders, he isn't exactly too bothered about anyone judging him for being ually flexible. but will have to admit, whenever he stares a second to long at felix, it makes him feel something he wasn't sure is wise for their friendship.

clapping his hands to get the other male's attention, hyunjin stood there looking at the seemingly tired felix who's almost crawling towards their bags. hyunjin indeed has a mindset as strong as his stamina, thus, he wanted to share the tip to felix considering that they were indeed good friends. good nature, great mindset, hard work is all what one needs to succeed, hyunjin believes.

"get up, lee yongbok." he says referring to felix's korean name. hyunjin has one hand on his hip, the other combing through his thoroughly wet hair. "we have another hour to go, lee. if you want to pass this evaluation, you need to beat your body with your mind. tiredness is all in the mind, man. mind over matter." he tries to reason to his friend with his "convincing" arguments. even though his friend may have a naturally negative mind, hyunjin isn't going to let him ruin himself like that. crouching down to grab his water bottle, he took a swig before turning back to felix who seems to be lying on his back, eyes closed, almost dozing off.

with the time he's been with felix, he began thinking, has he been too obvious? hyunjin would like to confess that sometimes he lingered too long with hugs, touched him even though not totally necessary but to his defense, felix is indeed huggable. there is something to him that pulls hyunjin in, he's a magnet, intoxicating at times even. he can hear felix grumbling, so he looks up, an amused smile finally making its way to hyunjin's sweaty face. how is he so adorable even when grumbling something about their ty university?

felix has always given hyunjin some kind of a comfortable feeling, as if he belongs to be beside felix. its so natural that even though they're practically new friends, hyunjin became so accustomed to having him around that his classes without felix felt long even though they only run for an hour and a half. hyunjin has images of felix tattooed in his brain that if he was asked to paint a picture he could clearly draw felix's glorious locks, his hair which hyunjin love running his fingers on; felix's freckles who makes him so unique and beautiful; and even the smallest details of felix's eyes when he smiles.

shaking his head, hyunjin straightened himself ready to pull felix off of the ground to start another round of polishing the choreography details. he took wide steps with his long legs towards the other male- "hyunjinnie hyung," he stopped dead in his tracks, mind short circuiting, a tell tale spark running from his ears, to his brain towards his groin.


if there's anything that turns on hyunjin so much he'd have to beat it out by himself, its getting called hyung in such a whiny voice. and it doesn't help that his same aged attractive friend said it in his whiny raspy voice, making hyunjin's mouth run dry, eyes widening at the sudden surge of ual tension. he looked down on felix's face, and , bless this awesome timing to get a . hyunjin glances down on his semi-tight pants, feeling a tent beginning to grow. "" he curses under his breath. with a shaky tone, he clears his throat, trying to get back to his footing. "lee yongbok, get up."
[H] Lee Felix [11/25] 5 months ago

@Hwang Hyunjin ↪ starter.
phase 1: accidental discovery

panting. felix was panting halfway through their nth routine as he takes a double step, twisting his legs to land smoothly on his knees, but with his legs threatening to give in on him, he was only able to muster a half- landing, his knees making a rather loud contact with the floor of the dance practice room. his face contorting in pain after a few seconds of the impact, a groan leaving his lips as he stares at hyunjin in the mirror. making a 't' sign with his hand. ing hyunjin.

you see, felix, a foreginer who only a had a few months of stay in korea, to pursue his career, wasn't really delighted with the current situation he was in. he wasn't delighted, he was BLESSED. sure, their language here was ing hard to start off with, with him mustering a curse in his native here and there whenever he couldn't express things he couldn't say because of the language barrier, but man korea was ing nice. their performance art major cluster was a monster. like, no really. it's what felix ever dreamed of in his whole entire life.

great university with an anime-like serenity, pretty uniforms, colorful hairstyles, pretty people, pretty hyunjin. ing hyunjin.

felix was aware of how loud his panting was, his lips parted in hopes of air to rush back into his body. now now, felix was sure his stamina was pretty nice, but they had been going at it with the same difficult routine for hours now. the clock hand signifying that they were here for 6 hours now. felix was slightly pissed though. hyunjin's stamina was on a whole other level. felix was crouched down, still trying to numb the pain on his knees for a failed landing, but hyunjin was just.. there. standing and running his damned fingers through his wet locks. and he stilled looked gorgeous as hell.

yeah, felix was certain he was straight back when he was in sydney. pretty girls, nice waists, , asses, damn. but with the said guy literally breathing right next to him came into his life, his whole concept of heterouality had crumbled down to pieces. hwang hyunjin with his stupid pretty face, stupid ing giggle, stupid bright smile- ugh.

maybe, just maybe, felix had been crush on the barely older boy for a while now. i mean, who wouldn't? after he fluidly delivered his own dance piece during their auditions, felix was sure he had never seen someone else dance as if they had their own stage to themselves. someone who wanted your attention to just focus on them. no one else, not even the annoying lights blaring, just how their movements create a whole other story. and that's not the only thing, felix also got close to hyunjin- which is a curse more than a blessing itself.

hyunjin has a habit of clinging, yeah, that wasn't new. felix would be silently studying for his midterms and he would feel a leech clinging against his back, and yes it's hyunjin. you hear a dramatic whine about how lemonade were made too bitter instead of sweet? still hyunjin. and the same er was the one who dared to choreograph most of their routine for their dance showcase. felix was more on lower body movements, foot work and all that shenanigans, but hyunjin was a fluid dancer. he was all hips s, body rolls and chest movements and that's somewhat felix's weakness, but who was he to tell hyunjin that- no we shouldn't do that- when just even staring at hyunjin doing their routine was ENOUGH to distract felix himself when they dance in a huge mirror.

so much for that, felix felt like he was going to pass out. he dropped down on the ground, crawling his way to the corner of the room where their bags were placed, pulling out a bottle of water desperately and quickly gulping it in a heartbeat, the remaining being splashed on his face. "god, ." felix curses- or more like whined, his limbs uselessly laying in his sides. "hyunjin, are we really not allowed to tone down some of the steps?" he asks, eyes finding the other's brown orbs.

felix wasn't shocked to see hyunjin was still slowly polishing his own steps, he was impressive at his stamina, him and his dancing. felix expected a reply from the elder, but suddenly the notion of sleepiness were getting to him, his head threatening to loll back against the wall, his eyelids feeling heavy. he dared to stretch his arms out, slipping a hand underneath his huge black baggy shirt, and angrily staring at the air conditioning system placed on the wall. "ing university can't even afford a higher quality ac with all that fees they asked." felix groaned, his voice getting groggy and dropping an octave lower.

felix told himself that maybe hyunjin wouldn't mind if he just, had a power nap for five minute tops, letting his eyelids fall shut faster than light as he hugged his knees, he could feel the uncomfortable trickling down of sweat on his body, his hair dripping, making him look like he just showered. and he was almost reaching the dreamland, his arm only a few inches away to touching the soft cottony cloud in his dream and then-

he hears hyunjin's faint scolding in the back of his head, and that made felix irritated, only opting to hug himself closer with his arms, his head situated on his lap, his cheeks squished against them. "hhnnng.. five more minutes... please.. hyunjinnie hyung.." felix mumbles, his voice changing to what he calls as his 'aegyo' tone, wanting to really just succumb to the sandman for even just a few minutes.
Kim Sehyoon 5 months ago
@Lee Felix @Hwang Hyunjin [] happy rping !!


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