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Zayn Malik 9 months ago
@Warina Hussain Zayn:

The King stood on the dais, aloof in his presence despite the fanfare and festivities that surrounded him. The palace buzzed with an eerie sort of joy, the kind that signaled the impending doom and sorrow. The servants bustled about setting everything for the 100th ceremony, the throne room of the palace decorated in simple ornaments for the upcoming wedding; jasmine garlands hung above the dais, their sweet scent permeating the air even through the smokes of oud and embers that wafted around. A quartet of musician sat beside the stage, the sitar and harp chiming harmonically in the light summer breeze.

Tawny gaze that reflected gold in the midday sun shifted warily around the room, his fingers finding the handle of the sheathed scimitar that rested on his hip as if to find comfort in the weapon. Zayn had eschewed the traditional wedding wear, clad in a simple yet regal garb of a white khamees and dark trousers that was held together with a thick tikka sash the color of the royal house, the amaranthine-tinged cloth a stark contrast against his bronze skin. From his peripheral vision, he spied the priest lighting the incense sticks, waving it around as he chanted in quite tones the holy verses of the Koran and the King could only let out a quiet sigh; how long would this go for?, he thought to himself as he watched the servants put the final touches to the blessed rite.

The King bit back a morosely snarky remark, his grip on the bejeweled handle of his sword tightening a fraction as his mind wandered off: it was ironic how what would normally be called a blessing would be caused by a curse. Kismet really had an awful way of turning lives around. Brought out of his reverie by a tap on his shoulder, his eyes fell to the captain of the guards who stood by his side, the brawnier lad’s visage turned away to face the doors.

“She’s here, sayyidi,”Khalid announced in a quiet tone, gaze the color of a stormy sky dotted with concern as he turned to face Zayn whose features glazed over with calculated cold, the anticipation of meeting his new bride rushing over him.

The King stilled as the sound of marching boots and hooved steps of horses approached. The priest stopped his chanting in turn, lips downturned into a somber moue as the three men on the dais watched the approaching bridal concession; one with worry etched over his visage, one with resigned grace and a pair of gaze that resembled a lion’s unreadable. Ten young girls lined themselves by the grand entrance where the warm white curtains billowed in the air, dainty hands poised over baskets of rose petals to welcome the new Queen with.

Rolling his shoulders in a slight motion so as to relax his posture, the grip on his scimitar loosening as he stepped forward and off the platform, the strides he took to the portico cool and collected. On his right was the captain of the guards, Khalid Khan dressed in the uniform of midnight colored cloth, shoulders adorned with badges and stars that signified his dignity and status as the King’s military captain. On his left was the priest, a frail and shriveling man with hair so white and fine, it caught reflection of the sun in the light. And in the middle was Zayn himself, the King of Kings, the heartless and coldblooded monster with a face rid of emotions save for the hooded ember colored gaze that hid a story that could never be spoken of. Their steps paused a few inches away from the carpet of rose petals, the last few fragile ones taking their time to settle on the ground even with the gust of wind that unsettled some as the doors opened wide. Multiple shadows caught his sight, the sunlight that barred his vision causing the embers of his orbs to lighten a tad as he stared at the newly arrived. The fanfare of music that had risen dwindled down to mere silence save for the light summer breeze that echoed gently against the marble walls of the grand portico, the attendees’ breath baited until the King spoke.

“My Queen,” the gruff yet slightly musical tone rumbled and as if on time with the moment his hand lifted as an invitation, the servants bowed to their new Queen in welcome.


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sparklygayassglitter [A] 4 months ago
【 L O V E ♫ S H O T ♫ 2.0 】—OPEN NOW!

cancel 7 months ago
reaccept dawg please
Queenofsins 8 months ago
I have a question about second Charas
First is the non Male ban lifted? Because my first is female so I wanted to get a Male
Second the public room thread atm I only have threads in those hidden rooms do I need to get one in a public room too or do they also count?
And Third I have to make an advertisement blog no problem with that at all but like when it come to HTML I have two left hands so dose the blog have to be made pretty or can I just make it like a blog post about the rp and how it is and why I like it?
Oh and need help to make a desicion because right now its between park junhee because someone recomend him to me or Huang Jingyu. I need a chara that looks like he can be both top and bottom so I'm still a little between chairs on who
darkdesires 8 months ago
hello hello, could I have Selena Gomez added for me please? Thank you
athanasiax 8 months ago
please add and reserve lin yun. thanks!
lucky4432 8 months ago
hey, can i reserve min yoongi if he’s available?
ProudShawol 8 months ago
May I have park jimin
Harmonix 8 months ago
Hello, could you add & reserve the japanese model Rina for me please? :3
athanasiax 8 months ago
I would like to join but I just created my account and I can't upvote yet D: I keep forgetting my password for rr huhuhu is there some way I can prove I'm not a creep second profile for more characters kind of little person? Q n Q
Naheehee122 8 months ago
Can you add and reserve Kim Nahee for me please?
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