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Yuta Nakamoto 3 months ago
@Ahn Heeyeon As students slowly filed into the lecture hall, Yuta struck up small talks with his friends, chatting about the newest series they’re reading or the latest TV series they’re chasing and the upcoming sports competition that would be aired. At some point during their conversation, Kun excused himself so he could continue with his revisions and start his studies for the next chapter that the professor would delve into for today’s class. Yuta talked to Douyong for a bit, but with Kun in the middle blocking them, their discussion soon died and they went off doing their own activities.

Yuta decided to waste his time away by scribbling nonsense and doodling chibis on his exercise book, chin propped on his palm and elbow on the table as he moved his pen, crossing the words he wrote wrongly and scratching the chibis he didn’t like. Soon, all the students had arrived and took their respective seats, talking amongst themselves while waiting for the professor’s appearance. It didn’t take long before said man entered the class, and everyone’s eyes were instantly on the figure that had followed behind him into the hall.

Yuta’s interest was marginally piqued when the professor introduced the transfer student, his random scribbling and doodling halting as he paid attention on the new face. The person was a female, pretty face, healthy figure, nice fashion sense. Yet, as his gaze landed on the woman, an odd sensation overwhelmed him — a spine-chilling, throat-drying feeling that left him gasping for air, cold sweat breaking out and a sudden urge to lurch his breakfast.

Yuta couldn’t explain it, but there was just something /wrong/ about the female. He glanced at the other students in the lecture hall to find that no one looked ready to faint like he did, and turning his gaze to his friends, he noticed an anxious frown on Kun’s face and Douyong fidgeting nervously in his seat. Usually, he would be relieved if his friends were just as uncomfortable as he was, but this time, something about their discomfort set off red alarms in his head, yelling at him that something was terribly wrong and he should make a run for his life.

“Yuta Nakamoto, we expect you to be her guide for the day.”

It was as if someone had splashed cold water onto him. Yuta didn’t notice the hesitation in the professor’s voice, nor did he realise the slight pause between his name and the command. He heard what the professor wanted him to hear, and only one thought crossed his mind as he blankly stared into space.

‘I’m doomed.’

Yuta had to physically shake his head in order to snap himself out of his thoughts. What the Hell was he being scared about? Why was he suddenly freaking out over a transfer student? He was just asked to show her around, it wasn’t as if he had been sent to the dean’s office. Glancing over to his friends, he found that both of them had went back to doing their own things, either preparing their stationeries or flipping to the page the professor told them to open on their textbooks.

Maybe in an attempt to comfort himself, Yuta imagined the look of anxiety from Kun and the jittery reaction from Douyong. That must be the explanation. There was no way his friend were just as ready to hide like he had been, and the thought made him flush in embarrassment, looking away.

Yuta managed a smile by the time the transfer student, Heeyeon, had taken a seat beside him. He had planned on concentrating on the Professor, but then Heeyeon started speaking to him, so he turned his attention to her instead. He was confused at first by what the other was talking about, wondering what she had meant by ‘seeing him up close’.

Her next line was just as confusing as her first, and he couldn’t help the confused noise that left him. Yuta has never met this girl before? What on Earth was she going on about? Had he encountered at some point during his life but forgot about it? That shouldn’t be possible, his memory wasn’t that bad!

“After all, you worked so hard to get me here.”

That shouldn’t make sense at all, yet, not long after confusion settled in him, a sudden thought crept up from the back of his mind, and realisation dawned on him as horror took over his initial puzzlement. He thought of the supernatural and demons, about summoning rituals and magic circles, regarding a warehouse and his group of friends. He remembered opening his eyes to nothing, and feeling disappointment about it, as he left the depot with his just as equally disheartened friends.

A choked sound left Yuta, unable to stop the stuttering as he spoke, “Y-You’re a demon...?”

She couldn’t be serious, Yuta was overthinking too much. He forced out a laugh, though mentally winced at how obviously strained it sounded. He was being irrational here, obviously demons don’t exist. There had been no results when they tried the conjuring ceremony, recalling very vividly that there had been no demons whatsoever in the vicinity of the room they were in nor on the property they were on. The awful feeling he felt when he saw her was just a sudden mood whiplash, like those emotions a person experiences when they wake up one day suddenly feeling a heavy burden on their shoulders.

“You’re kidding?” Yuta whispered, looking at Heeyeon in disbelief. “What are you pulling at now?” He tried for a chuckle, and was glad it sounded a tad natural than his laugh. “Have I met you somewhere before?”

Yet, the more he focused on Heeyeon, the more terror Yuta felt. It was something he couldn’t quite lay his finger on — more weight was added onto his shoulders, and suddenly there’s a pressure on his chest, forcing the air out of him. He didn’t notice his hands trembling until he dropped his pen, startling himself, quickly picking it back up and gripping it tightly. He was scared, but of what? What was making him so scared?

Yuta glances at Heeyeon again, smiling a bit. “It’s nice to talk to you, Heeyeon, but we should concentrate in class...”
Ahn Heeyeon 4 months ago
@Yuta Nakamoto When dark forces laid dormant, it was usually with reason. Having been buried away centuries ago by the efforts of hard-working, but annoying, priests and their counterparts. If it were left up to them, all demons would be wiped from the world. If every human was as painfully holy and stubborn as priests were, there would be no evil powers lurking in the shadows of this plane. But thankfully for demons, most humans weren't. They were naturally sinful beings, their curiosity always being the death of them. In that way, demons thrived off of them. There was no human that walked this earth that hadn't been curious of evil, of terrifying darkness, at least once in their lives. As soon as they got those inklings, those curious thoughts, demons usually acted, taking advantage while they could of their ignorant nature. That was something that good would never be able to remedy: the natural curiosity of humans.

Depending on who you asked and in what era, you would could hear varying accounts and names of one of the most terrifying dark forces to ever exist in this plane and others. One whose name was rarely spoken due to the fact that even the sound of her name was enough to give her power. One who was never summoned unless the summoners had a death wish. Once she appeared, she didn't leave until she had wrecked everything in sight. While most demons were thankful to those who summoned them, this one was only wreckless and annoyed. To her, summoning was foolish and demeaned her power. She did not need humans to speak her into existence, because she /was/ existence. She'd been around since the dawn of time and had taken pleasure in doing damning human souls.

It was for that reason that when that ignorant group of human children spoke her name, calling her to their realm, it struck fear in the souls of many. Her summoning shook the grounds in both the upper and lower realm, causing whispers and even cries among those of good and even those of evil like herself. No one was quite prepared for such a terrifying presence to rise again, and many were hoping it wouldn't. But the seance was happening and judging from the rumblings in their realms, was working well. A sinister energy was rising, leaving the depths of the lower world and making its way to the middle realm, earth. And there was nothing anyone could do about it.

These kids had just raised one of the most ancient powers of Hell.

She stood in the darkness of the shabby room, black eyes focusing on the fleshy humans. She was invisible to their eyes, as it was what she preferred. She took in every detail about them, relishing in the disappointment in their eyes as they looked around. Searching for her, presumably. She couldn't help but think about how stupid they were to think it'd be that easy. But then again, all humans were really. The last time she'd been on Earth, humans were still dressing funny and riding around on horses. She could see that not much had changed in terms of their dress. Their society moved at an incredibly slow pace. As the kids began to pack up and leave, a dark smile spread across her face, as she carefully stepped towards the chalk circle that was still on the ground. Needless to say, she was unimpressed, but she figured she might as well have some fun while she was here. There was nothing she despised more than a cocky human, and these kids seemed to be completely that. So why not teach these humans a lesson about summoning her?

After all, she never left earth empty-handed.

It had been centuries since the last time the demon had been on Earth, and just as long since she'd been in her human form. It was a pain, really, forcing her powerful self into that flesh bag of a state. But it was what had to be done. Of course, she could have just followed the kids home and killed them one by one. But that would have been too easy. She was certainly in no rush. If she was going to do it, she was going to drag it out... really enjoy herself. It took a lot of efforts and some growling, but eventually the demon was in its human form. She peered at herself in the broken glass on the floor of the warehouse, a scowl forming on her face in disgust at seeing herself in this form. But she reminded herself, that it wouldn't be for long. Time passed by quickly for her, so it seemed like only a matter of seconds until it was daytime, and she walked - which was an annoyance - over to the school that she figured out the humans attended.

Of course, some questions were raised when it came to her attempting to register herself as a student with no parent to accompany her. Which she certainly didn't understand as she could remember the days in which all the human children had to do was show up and they could attend school with no questions asked. But with only a short spell in her native tongue, the secretary allowed her to register without any problems and passed her a uniform. In response, the demon gave a sickeningly sweet smile.

She was escorted to the lecture hall after she changed, and as soon as she entered, she took a deep breath. The scent of human souls, something she'd certainly missed. She would make it her personal mission to leave with as many souls as possible. Her sharp eyes scanned the lecture hall as she was brought up to the front stage by the head teacher. Immediately, her gaze landed on the humans that had summoned her the night before. Specifically, the one who'd been the ring leader: Yuta. She smirked a bit, peering into his eyes for a few seconds. Her main target.

"We'd like to welcome your new classmate." The head teacher's voice boomed through the lecture hall. "Ahn Heeyeon. She's from the countryside, so let's do our best to make her feel at home." The man said. With that, Heeyeon gave a slight bow of the head and a warm smile. "Um... Yuta Nakamoto... we expect you to be her guide for the day." That was something Heeyeon had forced, but it was exactly what she needed. Her gaze locked on Yuta, giving a wavve. Once the introduction was over, she made her way off the stage and made a beeline to sit in the one empty seat, right by Yuta. She took a quick whiff. His soul was already on its way to being dark... she could smell it. It only made her want to corrupt him more before she took him. But those evil thoughts didn't show on her face, and instead she only gave him a nod of her head.

"Hi... It's nice to finally see you up close." Heeyeon breathed, giving that all too sweet smile once again. "I'm sure you're also excited to finally see me." Her voice was soft, only allowing Yuta to hear her speak. "After all, you worked so hard to get me here." She chuckled lowly and then turned to face the front where the teacher was starting their lesson. She wasn't worried about keeping a low profile, as she knew that she could simply eliminate anyone who got in her way. That was one of the reasons why most demons and angels feared her. She didn't bother to pretend, she was bold and loved to cause a mess. "Am I everything you dreamed of?" She whispered, giving him a wink.
Yuta Nakamoto 4 months ago
Yuta Nakamoto 4 months ago
@Ahn Heeyeon Their group of friends had always been known to be occultist daredevils.

“So, I read something on the Internet the other day.”

“It’s about summoning a demon.”

His friends had their full attention on him at that time, eyes wide and intrigued, anticipating, waiting.

“Go on.”

A quirk of the lips, excitement filling him to share his thoughts.

He told them about the materials that they needed, the ingredients to prepare, the safety measures they should probably take if they don’t want to die gruesome deaths. Then again, they might skip the last step, just to see if they would truly die from not heeding warnings. It was a death wish, but their curiosity was strong, and there was no water that could quench that fire.

They met up at an abandoned warehouse a block or two down the same road as their university, the site perfect due to the lack of occupants. No one had been here for a long time already, and it didn’t seem like it would be gotten rid of anytime soon. So of course they would gather in this shady building to perform the dangerous and possibly life-threatening ritual.

The thought of being able to witness the unknown, however, was far more interesting than their fear of death.

The white magic circle on the ground was drawn with a chalk, looking like a copied and pasted version of the original from what they found on the Internet, and he had to be thankful to the artist of their group, Yeongheum, who made it possible. Jonathan the benefactor provided the apparels needed for their little experiment, all the objects bought not even making a dent in his bank account, and all hands were on deck in arranging the items and readying the concoctions plus whatever other mixes that was needed, as stated on the net. Soon, preparation was completed, and all eight of them stood in a circle with their hands linked, the tip of their shoes just inches from the illustration on the floor.

Glances were shared amongst them, and with a nod from the organiser, everyone closed their eyes and started chanting.

They had trained day and night to perfect their synchronisation, and now with every unrecognisable enchantments being uttered, their voices grew in volume as confident flooded them, knowing no one would mess up their week-long effort. It was perfect, the timing was unbelievable, but none of them paused the slightest to admire how coordinated they were, only continuing with their spell-casting. Eerily enough, they seemed to speak so in sync, that they sped up and slowed down at the same time, no one being left behind to stumble over the words they couldn’t catch up or are too far ahead from others.

The excitement hung heavy in the air. They were just a word away from finishing. And then, they would see the results of their occult.

The last spell rang in the air, and everyone waited a few good seconds in absolute silence.

Eyes opened.

Disappointment was instant.

Nothing. Everything looked the same. All items were in the same spot as they had been placed, and the circle stayed idly on the ground.

Either the spell didn’t work, or the spell would never have worked.

Well, that was a waste of time.

Eventually, everyone packed up their belongings and left the abandoned warehouse, disgruntled by the saddening outcome.

They wished something would happen, but maybe that would be asking too much.

Maybe ghosts truly don’t exist.

As they left, they never noticed the hungry gaze that followed their every step, the wicked grin that spread on its face.


“Yuta, wake up!”

Said male groaned and tossed in his bed, blinking up blearily at his roommate.

“Sod off, Tairong.”

Tairong snorted, basically dragged Yuta off the bed, and elicited an unmanly scream from the Japanese.

“We have lectures today, so get your out of bed before we get late!”

A grumble sounded, but Yuta obediently left for the bathroom anyway.

Yuta and Tairong soon met up with their other six friends in the group to have breakfast at the cafeteria. There were chats, some jokes thrown here and there, a bit of pulling the legs. Then they scattered, some walking on their own while others in pairs or groups, going to their classes. Yuta had the same class as Kun and Douyong, so they advanced to the lecture hall together, shoulders brushing as they messed around. They took their seats in the lecture hall, Douyoung sitting nearest to the wall and Kun sitting in the middle, while Yuta himself sat beside Kun with one more spare seat beside him.

Yuta took out his stationeries and waited for lecture to start.
Lee Taeyong 5 months ago
@Yuta Nakamoto @Ahn Heeyeon [ Here you go. Happy rping! ]


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