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who's that boy

that's looking

back at me

i don't know you

Lee Joonkyung 3 weeks ago
@Cjamm I can’t help but laugh seeing you accepting my challenge as I nuzzle you into my arms wrapping myself around you with a tilled head nodding in agreement at your words. “Yup I won’t let you sleep in another room definitely not and if you do, I just drag you back or else I can’t sleep.” Again, I nod my head softly placing a kiss on your ear when you nuzzle into me. “Only cuddling as you said.” Blushing a little I smile happy. “I’m sure you did but I wan to hear it again.” I demand at your words wanting to hear you tell me how much you love me.
Listening to your words I slowly nod actually thinking about it considering what you said and how I feel as I watch you with a soft expression. “I understand what you are saying I know that marriage is something big and important and I understand why you want to marry. I can tell you that the day will come when we marry it might not be in a few weeks but it will come I promise you as much. I was raised to believe that love and marriage are just constructs and not real I was pushed away by people I loved because they had fun play games with a DJ for the free drinks and free entrance so everything is new from me. I need time to truly and fully be ready to understand and fulfil the concept of a good husband for myself so I can proof that I can be one.” I explain carefully as I follow my own thoughts only now realizing that I was ready to make you my husband but not jet ready to be yours since I’m worried, I wouldn’t fit into the role as perfectly as I want to.
“No ” I reply laughing to lighten the mood as I roll you on your tummy and pull up your shirt. “Don’t move or I will mess up. After you saw what I drew for you let’s talk about the no thing again.”
nobody [A] 1 month ago
@Lee Joonkyung Oh?/raises eyebrow when you agree to only cuddle, smiling in 'I accept your challenge' look/ okay sure sure, let's do that and no roommates won't work you will have to sleep in a tent from now on
huhaisuhis /nuzzle the crook of your neck/ fine... sleeping part stays since I will stay awake forever too without you hugging me and breathing besides me I would even miss your snores/tease/
/Kissing your neck I snuggle closer/ so cuddling tonight hmm did I tell you how much I love you?
yes I really can't wait for such day to come when you think you're ready for that big step
Marriage... is something I want a lot, it is like proof of bond for me and just all those two men can't marry each other were yelled in my face as I grew it really made me want to prove everyone wrong
/chuckle/ okay but no /remind you annoyingly until you take your words back/ what do you have planned?
Lee Joonkyung 1 month ago
@Cjamm I look at you with big puppy eyes when I hear your words though there is some playfulness in my expression so you know I’m not actually worried but rather playing along. “So, no till we are married? Hmm I think I can get used to that cuddles only from now on and for the moving in part let’s pretend we are just roommates?” I till my head still with the big puppy eyes expression voice sounding a little whine. “I’m already used to falling asleep next to you and seeing your face first when I wake up how can I sleep when you not with me?”
Smiling proud when you call me cute because it’s something, I don’t hear a lot and it really was my intention to go for some cute Christmas look with the sweater. “Hmm Thank you I really did my best to look cute and cuddly for you.” Letting you’re a sharp breath when you suddenly touch me but then I let out a laugh since you are just too cute the way you got completely caught by me. “That’s right all yours and you are all mine and I don’t mind spending everyday like this with you until the perfect romantic moment appears when I know the time is right and I will make it even more impossible for you to leave by making you sign a contract of marriage but until the I just have to hold on to you really tight so you can’t escape.” Grinning I hug you even tighter as to emphasize my words before I suddenly remember something. “Babe? Since I brough the chocolate body colour let’s play with it a little there is still something special I want to show you.”
nobody [A] 1 month ago
@Lee Joonkyung I look forward to it/I smirk and my lower lip as I watch you, having some images come and go inside my head/ babe.../sigh/ I love the ring, everything... but I love you so much too... do I tire you out? I actually don't like the idea of living together or having before marriage /says this a bit playfully to check your reaction, eyes peeking up to you as your body heat gets closer to mine and you sit besides me/
/chuckling and tugging on the sweater/ babe you know you look super cute right now /my hand slip to nudge your member but then you pull me close and trap me between your body/ oh I am caught
/my body against you, only wearing my underwear unlike you/ yes I am yours, forever and you are mine all mine
Lee Joonkyung 1 month ago
@Cjamm I smile at your words nodding my head in agreement. “Then I will bring out dominant Joon some time soon.” Tilling my head in thoughts I slowly nod then shake my head then nod again. “I don’t know I love you Jamm and I would be happy to be your husband I’m just worried we move to fast.” With a helpless chuckle I look at you in confusion. “I love you and I want to be with you for a long, long time. But I’m worried that if we move to fast, we will wear each other out.” With that explanation I throw my hand in the air helplessly. “I think it’s up to you if you want to wait then you should wait. But if you feel restless then make the first step.” I give you a diplomatic answer since I really don’t know what to do at all. Laughing with a slight growl when you pull my harness strap feeling it snap against my skin. “What’s wrong with dressing like this for cuddles?” I ask a mischievous smile on my face while I hold the hem of the Christmas sweater I’m wearing. “It’s a cute comfy sweater.” A playful pout on my face I crawl even closer to you wrapping my arms around you and my legs until my whole body is wrapped around yours making sure you can’t move at all. “You are mine for ever and now we will cuddle.” I whisper into your ear with a demanding but playful voice.
nobody [A] 1 month ago
@Lee Joonkyung /I smile slightly and gaze at you lovingly once you say that, I know you love to be dominated too so you don't mind that side of me/ well lately I keep missing the rough and dominant Joon I met /wink teasingly I let you know in case you get into mood you can take control of anything anytime/
promising ring.../I hum softly/ okay a promising ring... what if I can't wait can I get engagement ring for you?/chuckle
/chuckling gently once again as you plant soft kisses all over my face, I let out soft moan when you say you love me/ I love you so so much my precious my world /whisper back/
/chuckling and sliding finger under one of harness strands, pulling on it and letting it go so it claps against your skin/ you're dressed up like that and want to only cuddle? /I tease and say all that yet I just snuggle into your arms and lean against your warmth./
Lee Joonkyung 2 months ago
@Cjamm Laughing I snuggle you. “You can try to be dominant whenever you want.” Smiling I listen to your words a smirk forming. “Don’t bring me ideas today I promise to be soft and snuggly.”
“It’s a promising ring.” I reply smiling happy when you promise you will wait seeing how you shake with happiness and excitement; I can’t help myself placing the table on the small bedside table I fall onto you to embrace you in a tight hug smiling happy. Softly kissing your cheeks, your nose, your forehead, your eyes and then kiss your tears away. “Babe I love you so much.” I whisper against your lips as I plaster them with a thousand small kisses my heart glowing with happiness. Seeing that you are not only willing to wait but that also this makes you as happy as it does my heart is nearly jumping out of my chest in pure bliss. Not letting go of you even once I snuggle you getting comfy in bed with you. “Today we will stay in bed. Look at the snow outside it’s the perfect day to let everything be and spent a day of love and sweetness.” I exclaim making a new rule for the day for myself and that is that you will not leave the bed no matter what though I know it is unreasonable I want to have you all for myself for one day without anything or anyone else even seeing you.
nobody [A] 2 months ago
@Lee Joonkyung /blushing I lean closer allowing you to put the collar/ you really are great with timings sometimes, my precious love /bite my lip I glance ar you/ I'm your submissive boyfriend though I do like to be dominant sometimes /grin ear to ear/ I love this it reminds me of all the times you pinned me down, choked me till I came, time you spanked me hard and told ne to count /chuckling at memory/ the next day I could barely sit
/as I am pulled close I kiss you back with passion, takung your lips as my dessert/
so it isn't like engagement ring ether right?/humming I try to hide my excited expression, I extend my shaky hand it keeps trembling due overwhelming emotions my heart might junp out anytime too it beats so fast I fear you might hear it/
I will wait, my love /I whisper, eyes tearing up in happiness
Lee Joonkyung 2 months ago
@Cjamm Feeling my heart beat quicken I turn away blushed. The way you put your faith in me the way you trust me with this branding just makes me so happy I feel dizzy. Smiling at you I nod at your request taking the presents. “Ok first this one because I need a little bit more talk about the other one.” I unpack the first the bigger present to present you the collar you wanted.
With a grin I put it around your neck nodding happily. “It fits you perfect you look amazing in it.” I lean closer finger under the collar to pull you to me kissing your lip in no way able to hid how turn on I am just from this because all I’m wearing is the harness and the Christmas sweater. Sitting back I don’t even bother trying to hide how much you because you know it already and I’m proud that you make me hard with just being you. Then I take the other present I say nothing only quietly open it letting two rings fall onto my hand. With a shy smile I hold out my hand so you can lay yours in mind. “You know I need time and I need to be sure and I’m really insecure but I also know that making you wait will take strength so Ryu Sungmin. I’m not asking you to marry me I’m asking you to wait for me. I promise to love you forever and I promise to be with you in sick and in health in happiness and in pain may this ring be my promise to you to always love and cherish you and always be by your side. Until I’m ready to ask you to me my husband. Take this ring and wear it as sign of my love and sign of my faith and I will promise one that this ring will be replaced with a marriage ring.” Carefully with my eyes on you I put the ring on your finger.
I bite my lips nervously wating for your answer since I really have no idea how you will react to this since it isn’t a proposal but it is a commitment.
nobody [A] 2 months ago
@Lee Joonkyung yes.... yes you did and I love you for the way you I want you to brand me that won't allow you to ever ever leave me since I am yours mu love./I grin and eyesmile to you, my eyes never leaving you I remind myself how much I love you as well and I can tell by your look we both probably agree / can you open it for me /I give you puppy eyes wanting to be spoiled as I finish off the perfect breakfast made by perfect man/
Lee Joonkyung 2 months ago
@Cjamm Tilling my head, I nod. “Yes, I told you about it before one day when you are ready for it, I will brand you as mine a mark you can never remove.” I reply. Smiling as I see how happy you are, I lean in to softly kiss your cheek. “You don’t have to prove anything you are worth every second of every minute of every day I love you.” I watch you eat feeling al fuzzy and happy inside. This was such a perfect moment a morning in bed cosy and warm while it was cold outside the Christmas spirit in the air. Days like this was the days that made me think I can spent the rest of my life with you. It wasn’t the days where we did something big or special or had a lot of really good it was these moments of tranquillity and love that made me think about it and imagen it. It was true that I wasn’t ready to propose to you but I was ready to get there. “Babe I love you. And I have a present for you.” I say slightly nudging the present on the tablet.
nobody [A] 2 months ago
@Lee Joonkyung /I smile brightly at you, my only man the guy I miss most when I go somewhere, when I close my eyes I still see you in my dreams and I never get tired still looking at you with love filled eyes/ oh? /i listen obediently/ branding iron? /blinking a bit still confused but a bit excited too but yes slight fear appears as well since the word 'iron' itself seems like a very strong word./ oh babe that makes me so happy I will make you nice meals too don't worry I will prove my worth as well /I flash a silly grin/
Lee Joonkyung 3 months ago
@Cjamm Smiling I shake my head looking myself down then back at you. “I never said it won’t be y I only said it will be all soft and romantic but that still means it can be y right?” With a laugh I sit down comfortable watching you take and eat. “No, I will only give you a preview with chocolate. Like when you get tattooed and they show you what the tattoo looks like were you want it first before tattooing it I will draw a preview of the branding on you today and finally show you what branding iron I ordered.” Taking a deep breath, I softy caress your cheek hoping you understand how much it means to me and how important your approval is to me. Smiling a little proud when you praise me and eat my food so happily. “Only for you I have the urge to cook.”
nobody [A] 3 months ago
@Lee Joonkyung /I wake up at the small sounds you make in the kitchen, rubbing my eyes I peek at side and see it empty, humming a bit i sit up wondering if you're making me breakfast as a Christmas surprise but then I truly get surprised by seeing you all but in y harness and Christmas sweater/ oh babe and you said first morning won;t be thos y you liar /I tease you and welcome the delicious looking feast/
you will brand me with chocolate?/I got a bit confused as you mentioned these at the same time wondering if it's part of branding/
/I take the tools and dig into the meat first, humming happily/ oh my babe is a whole chef
Lee Joonkyung 3 months ago
@Cjamm //promise to not read before Christmas morning I promise you a surprise I hope you enjoy it//

Christmas morning, I quietly wake up and leave the bed early to prepare your surprise really hoping you will be asleep until I’m done, I slip into the kitchen to make a perfect Christmas breakfast with a lot of vitamins and proteins and no bread and everything you like. A big fruit ball some light chicken breath in spicy sauce on rice and with a flower on the side. With everything on a tablet I get changed into this: ( ) since it was a present you gave me I want to see how you like it but since only that would be a little cold for Christmas I put in a big red Christmas sweater too ( ). Finally ready and prepared I give everything the last touch by putting this ( ) on the tablet too and a present I got specially for you.
With everything prepared I make my way to our bed room nervous but excited I walk in softly calling out to you. “Babe merry Christmas.” With a smile I put down the tablet so you can see what I have prepared for you. “Today you won’t have to get out of bed at all. I bring you breakfast and I will take care of you all day.” Giving you a smile, I lean in placing a kiss on your cheek sitting down next to you with the tablet carefully place over your legs. “See I got you a present and I brought the tattoo chocolate. You remember how I keep saying I will brand you. Today for the first time I will show you the branding I will draw it for you with chocolate and anything else you want.” Looking at you nervously I talk a little to fast nibbling my bottom lip for me this is really a big and important step because this means an lot to me and getting your approval for the branding and seeing if you would like it means more then anything because it would be a symbol of our eternal love but before that first presents and breakfast. Swallowing my nervousness, I give you a bright smile looking for your every reaction to my surprise.
Lee Joonkyung 4 months ago
@Cupid (Cjamm) /grab you and throw you over my shoulder before you can even reach the door then kicking it open with a grin/ welcome home Jammy~♡


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pisspuppy 2 days ago
is taehyung of bts avail?
LalalalandofJungkook 4 days ago
Err Park Jimin of BTS
Kyoongiepods 1 week ago
Can I....or am i allowed to grab a second? uwu
buffalosauce 1 week ago
Could I please grab a second?
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Can I get Heechul?
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