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dearlybeloved 1 month ago
hi there! could i reserve dk/lee seokmin of seventeen? thanks!
rocellerose 1 month ago
Can I have Bae Joohyun?
gingerbread- 1 month ago
Can I have Kim Yongsun?
pinwheel 1 month ago
SeHYUNG 1 month ago
Congrats on the feature!
Yukiko 1 month ago
kang seulgi pls!
flowerpots 1 month ago
Can I have hyosung and minghao?
mizudori 2 months ago
son wendy please~
RinYukituji 2 months ago
I’ll have Lee Taeyong for now :’D I can’t choose asdfjkl
killerchrome 2 months ago
song yuqi please!
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