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Personal thread room for Suji x Myungsoo.

Bae Suji 2 months ago
@Kim Sehyoon ()thank you^^
Kim Sehyoon [A] 2 months ago
@Kim Myungsoo @Bae Suji [] happy rping !!


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cancel 1 month ago
reaccept dawg please
Queenofsins 1 month ago
I have a question about second Charas
First is the non Male ban lifted? Because my first is female so I wanted to get a Male
Second the public room thread atm I only have threads in those hidden rooms do I need to get one in a public room too or do they also count?
And Third I have to make an advertisement blog no problem with that at all but like when it come to HTML I have two left hands so dose the blog have to be made pretty or can I just make it like a blog post about the rp and how it is and why I like it?
Oh and need help to make a desicion because right now its between park junhee because someone recomend him to me or Huang Jingyu. I need a chara that looks like he can be both top and bottom so I'm still a little between chairs on who
fallenheart 1 month ago
hello hello, could I have Selena Gomez added for me please? Thank you
athanasiax 1 month ago
please add and reserve lin yun. thanks!
lucky4432 1 month ago
hey, can i reserve min yoongi if he’s available?
ProudShawol 1 month ago
May I have park jimin
LilithPrincess 1 month ago
Hello, could you add & reserve the japanese model Rina for me please? :3
athanasiax 2 months ago
I would like to join but I just created my account and I can't upvote yet D: I keep forgetting my password for rr huhuhu is there some way I can prove I'm not a creep second profile for more characters kind of little person? Q n Q
Naheehee122 2 months ago
Can you add and reserve Kim Nahee for me please?
hanabira 2 months ago
u w u the upvotes and favorites are on nice round numbers now
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