Enjoy the leisure and the warmth. rejuvenating yourself with this healing hot spring.
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 2 months ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) Mmh, debatable~ it takes you no time at all to get me all flustered for you.
*throws a coy wink at you when I see you eyes travel to the revealing do up if my robe*
God, that would be wonderful. We can spend a night here and sleep over and pamper one another.
*steals a soft kiss from your cheek, a little stunned by the beauty of the place, a permanent smile etched onto my lips, heading over to the rack so we can get into the sping*
Taeyong Lee (β) 2 months ago
@Yugyeom Kim (Ω) *kisses your knuckles making sure to stare at you with loving eyes before winking over at your direction*
Thats not true, my mate is the best when it comes to these situation.
*looks at you, as my eyes slowly travel down to see some of your skin revealing from the way you wore the robe. Swallows my saliva and stares up ahead trying to keep myself distracted even though I could feel the temptation to touch slip my hand in that robe of yours to caress your inner thigh*
How about when ever you finish having an exam, we come here and just relax. I will make sure to reward you with whatever you want.
*as soon we arrive to the private location of the hot spring stares at the steam from the water and the rack to leave the robe behind while we take this moment to relax*
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 2 months ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) *purrs in response to your comment about me being good with words, giving your hand a squeeze*
Not as good as you, handsome~
*feels equally as excited as you upon imagining feeling your lips all over your body, having to do my absolute best to suppress the arousal growing inside me*
Mmh, that sounds wonderful, my love.
*says honestly, letting you lead the way out to the private hot spring, barely shivering at the cool air on my skin in the revealing way I’d wrapped up my robe to tease you*
Mmh, it’s so beautiful.. we’ll definitely have to add this to our list of hang out spots.
Taeyong Lee (β) 2 months ago
@Yugyeom Kim (Ω) *gives your hand a squeeze being completely caught off guard when I heard you let out a soft moan that made my eyes grow in amusement and holding back a smirk from plastering*
My omega~ always good with words.
* smiles and nods agreeing with you when you mention about enjoying each other's company*
shall I tease you some more and mark you all over the place?
* teases you even though deep down I grew excited at the idea of seeing your milk body covered with marks. Exits the room with you making sure to lock the door. Starts heading over to the location where the private hot spring is located, caress the back of your hand using my thumb and looks around the place growing completely fond with this location*
looks like we might consider this our leisure place other than the meadow and beach
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 2 months ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) *lets free a soft moan from my slips when you spank my covered , unable to deny your groan is a sound that gets the blood rushing down*
Mhm, we’ll have all the time in the world to.. enjoy each other’s company in private.
*shoots you a playful wink, smiling at the words*
Mmh, I love it when you mark me like this.
*takes your hand and stops my fingers from wandering, grinning across at you*
Let’s go, handsome~
Taeyong Lee (β) 2 months ago
@Yugyeom Kim (Ω) You and your secrets~ always trying to make me figure out in the long run * lets out a small groan and moves my hand to spank your as you wore your robe, chuckles softly and push my hair back looking down watching you feeling around my chest*
We won't be wearing this robe always. once we take a bath in the hot spring we have to discard this. Luckily its going to be private and its just the two of us beautiful.
*exhales against your skin letting my tongue flick on the hickey I left behind, suppress the arousal I was having when hearing the soft groan*
I have to make sure everyone knows that you belong to me.
* responds back to you huskily, gives you a wink and holds your hand*
Lets go and enjoy~
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 2 months ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) Mmh, I’m glad~
*purrs our my words, winking at you when you question how I’d tease you inside the springs when we went outside*
That’s for me to know, and you to find out~
*feels my cheeks heat up when you guide my wrist to touch you, feeling over your chest with a smirk of my own*
You looks amazing in this robe, my love~ mmh, and itll belong to me forever and ever
*holds in a moan as I felt your lips travelling over my porcelain skin feeling your on the skin of my neck and groaning softly*
Marking me for everyone to see, Yongie~?
Taeyong Lee (β) 2 months ago
@Yugyeom Kim (Ω) Of course I do... How could I not..? My omega is always stunning in my eyes thats for sure.
* watches you in amusement when overhearing you about teasing me inside the springs, clicks my tongue together*
And how will that be?
* eyes down at some of the exposing skin when seeing your thigh appearing out from under the robe when you tie the rope around your waist, Containing my smirk, catches you eyeing my body as I reach over to take your wrist once you help me put on my robe, brings your hand close so you can have a proper touch on my body, leans in to kiss your lips gently*
Someone is admiring their mate very much~ I'm glad you like what you see. All of this belongs to you
* kisses my way down to your jawline to your neck just to nibble and on a patch of your skin so I can leave behind a hickey*
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 2 months ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) *feels my cheeks heating up at the sound of your whistle at the sight of me half with the robe wrapped around me, smiling slyly over at you*
Mmh, do you like the sight of me like this, daddy? Maybe I should tease you when we come inside from the springs..
*says with fake innocence still, purposely tying the rope loosely around my waist while I wrap your own robe up, looking you up and down and quietly admiring your body*
Ah, you’re so handsome, love...
Taeyong Lee (β) 2 months ago
@Yugyeom Kim (Ω) *helps remove your pants along with your boxer, roams my hand to caress your side making sure to have a quick sight of you from top to bottom before sliding my hand over to grab the tie of the rope to help you cover you up*
how beautiful~
* teases you playfully making sure to whistle at your direction before leaning back so you can help undress the rest of my clothes, as I remain calm even though I could feel myself slowly becoming aroused*
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 2 months ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) *presses little kisses on your bare skin when I succeed in dropping your shirt to the ground beside us beside my own, feeling a little shiver run down my spine at the sound of your husky voice, pressing my body close to yours as your fingers hook into the band of my pants and I feel you loosening my pants*
Mmh, go ahead, daddy, undress me~
*says in a soft tone that fakes innocence, fiddling with the hem of your own pants teasingly*
Taeyong Lee (β) 2 months ago
@Yugyeom Kim (Ω) *moves my hand close to the waistline of your pants after draping the robe around your shoulder, use my thumb and index to unbuckle your pants before raising my arms up when having my shirt removed*
Thank you baby~
* hums suddenly in a husky voice, occasionally takes glances over at you before hooking my fingers on both your pants and boxer*
We gotta removing everything before using the hotspring beautiful.. may I
*decides to caress the pelvic area while looking at your pale skin*
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 2 months ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) *smiles softly at the kisses over my pale skin as you slip my shirt off my shoulders, raising my arms up to allow you to lift it up*
Of course I will, daddy.
*purrs happily, moving to slip my fingers under your shirt, not being subtle at all about touching your body while I take your shirt off and move to help you with the robe*
Taeyong Lee (β) 2 months ago
@Yugyeom Kim (Ω) *brushes my thumb at the hem of your shirt while my lips moves over to plant kisses over to the expose spots of your neck inhaling the intoxicating smoky scent. As soon I received your signal, brings my hand over to lift your shirt up from behind making sure to plant more kisses on your shoulder. Tosses the shirt over to the bed so I can pick up the robe like silky texture, making sure to unfold it and helps slip in your arm one at a time before draping it on your body*
Wanna help daddy too beautiful?
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 2 months ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) It has. It’s lovely, having some alone time while we know the boys are in good hands with their uncle.
*smiles as I feel your arms slip around me, humming lovingly for you and grinning at your question, feigning innocence*
Ah, I think I will need some help, handsome~
Taeyong Lee (β) 2 months ago
@Yugyeom Kim (Ω) Yup im sure they will love that very much. Now its mama yuggie to enjoy~ its been quite awhile since we had moments like this to ourselves.
*moves closer to hug you from behind, rest my forehead on your back*
Its even more wonderful because I have my beautiful omega with me.
Does my queen need help on changing out from his clothes? * teases playfully letting my index to fiddle with the hem of your shirt*
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 2 months ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) I won’t~ let’s just enjoy ourselves, shall we? The boys will love having a sleepover at Uncle Nini’s house with his boys~
*dips my head in greeting to the worker at the desk waiting inside the building, smiling softly to myself as you get us a key to our room for the night, holding onto your hand and swinging our arms lightly as we go down the corridor*
The room is wonderful~
*hums happily at it, spotting the clothes lain out on our bed*
Taeyong Lee (β) 2 months ago
@Yugyeom Kim (Ω) Same goes for you~ you don't need to overthink about schoolwork or anything... the kids are in proper care with their uncle Jongin. I am sure the pups are having fun playing with the other pups.
* coos when noticing your cheek heating up after my hint to you before the worker at the front desk hands us the key to the available room, "Your room is located over at that hallway, you can change out into the clothes prepared for you on the bed. Enjoy your stay at the Onsen." Gives a nod to the worker making sure to take the key and lead you to the room beside me. press my lips near your ear to respond to you* Of course beautiful~
* kiss the side of your face and walks over to the front door to unlock the door and step inside to be welcomed to the prepared room*
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 2 months ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) Ah, I see. I’m glad you get a chance to come and relax here now then, my love.
*smiles softly to myself upon remembering the special day our little boys were just starting to talk, compared to how they can manage full and almost full sentences without much help at all now*
Really? That would be wonderful, love~ just you and me, in the beautiful hot springs~
*smiles wistfully and nods enthusiastically at the idea, my cheeks heating up just a little at the sly smirk you flash across at me*
Taeyong Lee (β) 2 months ago
@Yugyeom Kim (Ω) It was supposed join along~ but I ended up not going after being notified that the pups said their first word
* smiles sheepishly when admitting to you that time when you called me about the pups saying their first words on the phone*
I couldnt skip that moment with our kids.
*plants a peck on your forehead while approaching the building to prep and change into something given*
Lets stay a day here~ We can reserve a room for us to sleep at so then after being in the hot spring, we can be in each others arm without any disturbance
*whisper over when nuzzling my face close to your ear, flashes you a sly smirk before approaching the front desk to request for a one night package so we can use the hot spring and room here*
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 2 months ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) *grins, returning the kiss and changing my pout into a look of happiness*
It does~ absolutely gorgeous
*coos softly at the sight of the pretty hot springs, smiling*
Mhm, it’s beautiful, I can’t wait to be in it. When did you come here, again? Was it the time with Luhan?
*tips my head with a curious grin, nuzzling your shoulder and following you inside*
It is~
Taeyong Lee (β) 2 months ago
@Yugyeom Kim (Ω) * gives your shoulder a small squeeze and sighs in content when thinking of the pups, the corner of my lip tugged into a sly smirk letting myself lean in to steal a peck on your pout*
This place looks amazing~
* watches the steam of the hotspring and the building up ahead so we can change out of this clothes*
Im glad I am able to go with my mate here for the first time. Lets go get ready and change out.
* leads you inside the building*
This is your first time right love?
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 3 months ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) *leans into you with fond eyes, nuzzling your shoulder*
Mine too. Seeing them nuzzling us when we first had them was one of the best moments of my life.
*smiles brightly, pouting at your words and letting out a hum*
I guess that’s fair, daddy Tae~
*winks back at you and hangs onto your hand as we walk over to the water, smiling at the tranquility*
Taeyong Lee (β) 3 months ago
@Yugyeom Kim (Ω) *chuckles when seeing your cheeks turning into a pink shade after calling you by that nickname*
They truly are the cutest pups.. one of the best moments I ever experienced is when having a family my own with my queen of daisies beside me.
* smiles as I try to rethink the time with the pups remembering how they wobbled to you with their floppy ears. Suddenly the smile changes into a small smirk, gives your hand a small squeeze this time turning to face you*
Hm probably not.. gotta make sure my baby boy realize his mistake and beg for forgiveness.
*winks over at your direction before arriving infront of the onsen after our walk over*
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 3 months ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) *grins softly at the nickname, feeling my cheeks heating up a little at the sound of it*
Yah, I forgot how much I like that nickname.
*grins, taking your hand again with one of my hands to hold after you safely store the packet of evil temptation sticks away in your pocket, nodding*
They really were. They were the cutest little balls of fluff in the whole world, with their teeny tiny paws and ears.
*coos softly at the thought, nodding happily at the words*
Thank you, my king.
*swings my arm back and forth with yours, feeling my cheeks heat up at the thought of a punishment*
Hm, I don’t know, daddy Tae~ will you let me get away with being a bad boy~?
*teases with a little chuckle*
Taeyong Lee (β) 3 months ago
@Yugyeom Kim (Ω) *tenses up a bit when you showed your omega personality. My smile grew wider when you let out a purr as well as nuzzling against my shoulder*
Mhm. I am more than happy to pamper you and keep you distracted baby yuggie
*coos in a teasingly manner enjoying when being called by that nickname. Continues containing myself by focusing about the time when the pups were burn*
That was a beautiful sight to see. Our two boys snuggled against you.. It was music in my ear when I heard their first little cries.
* opens my eyes to look down when you handed me a pack of cigarettes, holds it in my palm before nodding*
Alright I will make sure to dispose of it later. For now, I will just leave it in my pocket.
* a gentle smile form when you nuzzled against my cheek, reaches to hold you hand while I place the packet in my pocket. Laces our fingers making sure to swing our hand back and forth*
I wonder... shall I let it slide with you smoking~ or shall I punish my mate for being a bad boy
* chuckles*
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 3 months ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) *lets out a soft, wolf-like and very, well, omega purring noise when you wash away the strong smoky scent that clings to my skin, smiling softly at the words and nuzzling your shoulder*
Mmh, I have to admit, I like being pampered by daddy Tae.
*returns every peck lovingly*
They can help me make the nest perfect. Mmh, it’ll be like when they were just little newborn nuggets~
*presses my forehead against yours with a happy hum, nodding at the words*
One moment.
*says softly, withdrawing a little to pull a packet of cigarettes out and press them into your hand*
Can you get rid of those for me..? So I’m not tempted again. I’m not going to let myself get hooked all over again.
*smiles softly, nuzzling your cheek*
Taeyong Lee (β) 3 months ago
@Yugyeom Kim (Ω) *continues hold you into my arms when you cuddle close, decides to wash away the strong smoky scent with my floral only to notice the reaction you had when you calmed down. Looks over to brush your hair away from your face*
of course~ but daddy needs to take care of all his babies
* plants more kisses on your lips*
Maybe while I hunt something to eat for us, the pups can tag along and be with you at the den.
*nuzzles my nose with your as I kept it gentle when having our lips pressed together. Sighs in content while nibbling your bottom tier. Withdraws a bit closing my eyes and keeps our forehead pressed against one another*
We are close to the onsen beautiful~ ready to continue going?
Yugyeom Kim (Ω) 3 months ago
@Taeyong Lee (β) *cuddles myself into you like a pup seeking comfort, nuzzling against your shoulder with a soft noise, nodding, blinking slowly and contently as I feel your floral scent wash over me, sending a rush if calm and peacefulness through me*
I will.. I’ll let you take care of me, sometimes... but I’m still the mama
*smile a little playfully at the end of my words, feeling eternally grateful nonetheless for the way you manage to soothe me so quickly*
I’d love that. The best den in the whole forest as a little comfort cave.
*gazes back at you with eyes shining with brightness and love for you, more than happily leaning in close to return the kiss*
Taeyong Lee (β) 3 months ago
@Yugyeom Kim (Ω) *reaches a halt until I felt your body coming closer letting our body press against one another, leaves one hand on your back while the other hand rested on the back of your head, tangles my digit of your hair*
You mean so much to me yugyeom..
*close my eyes as my floral scent slowly release so it can mix with your smoky scent*
Let me be there to take care of you. I know you wanna give the pups and I all the time in the world, but we also want you to be pampered up.
* smiles softly as I gently sway you in my arms when holding you in my embrace*
We can do that love. We can use the den where you gave birth to the two handsome boys. I will help you make a nest.
* pulls back a bit so I can meet your eyes showing a loving gaze before lowering my gaze when staring at your plump lips, brings my face over to pull you into a gentle kiss*


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