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taeyong 3 weeks ago
@yukhei Adorable -- excuse you, i've never said that. Quite a sight, though, for sure - you have to agree with me on this /winks at you in response, finally letting go of the fork that I was holding onto as the food is now cooking on its own, pursing my lips as I consider your words for a moment. After a second,i offer you an evil grin, shaking my head softly/
Or. We could have the sleepover and the choose our favorites that get to sleep on the sofas and beds? And then the ones we like less would be sleeping on the floor -- i think it's a great way of like. Asserting our dominance and setting up some boundaries,subtly, you know?
/nudges your side with my elbow, cheeky grin still plastered on my face before i notice your frown, rather awkwardly side-eyeing you, and almost subconsciously copying it, my teeth getting a hold of my bottom lip as I listen/
So serious, my absolutely beautiful Xuxi. I'll do better for you, still -- /quickly adds before you can protest, wrapping my arms around your sides and squeezing briefly before you move away, my fingers finding my own mug shortly and taking a pleasant sip of the hot cocoa. My eyes roll as you mention the outfits, faint blush creeping on my cheeks as I turn away from you, facing the food instead./ shut up. They are clearly experimenting on me recently.
You don't seem to mind, though -- /musses as I get out the plates and finally fill them up with food,only then daring to look at you again,small smile still playing on my lips/ dinner is served, love. /bows dramatically with a chuckle as I walk around you and make my way to the table, presenting the plate in the middle of it, clearly proud of the dish.before you can make your way here, however, I come bsck to the kitxhen counter and give you a puzzled look/ should I.. attempt to carry you to the table or would that be too cheesy, over the top and end up in some sort of disaster?? What do you think?
yukhei 1 month ago
@taeyong the thought of your fiance passing out on the kitchen floor clinging onto you is adorable? are you feeling alright, hyugn?
/asks with a small tilt of my head, shaking my head a you before i roll my eyes at your playful suggestion, making me laugh to myself
maybe we can put one on tonight. and by the time christmas is around we'll have watched them all, no?
sleepover would be cool
i mean, they don't have to sleep over but just them coming over would be nice, you know?
/shrugs my shoulders softly before i frown when you mention feeling as if what you do isn't enough for me already, shaking my head quickly
no don't say that
you do... we're just busy. you said it, we're both popular and busy with work
that's all
/turns you around when you're done, pressing a kiss to your forehead before i rub over your arms in a reassuring kind of way
now drink your hot cocoa whilst the food is cooking, hmm?
/reaches for your mug and gives it to you, hoisting myself up on the kitchen counter before i brush some of my hair back from my face for a moment
/picking up my own mug i make it look tiny in my hands, smiling as i sipping at the sweet contents and seem pleased with myself
you look like you've been having so much fun in america
especially with... certain outfits
/rubs the side of my cheek with my sleeve, scratching at the slight stubble again before i'm returning my hand to my mug again, legs swinging out in front of me lightly
i'm glad to see you enjoying yourself, even if its half way around the world
taeyong 1 month ago
@yukhei Ha. I love that determination. But I also can't help imagining you just falling asleep in the middle of the kitchen, dramatically just grabbing my legs before you pass out-- would be quite a scene /giggles rather childishly at the thought, casting a playful glance your way before I get out the thin dough and lay it before me, still waiting for the filling to cook a bit more/
/your words, however, draw another playful laugh put of me as I wiggle my eyebrows at you, likely looking more like a fresh-out-of-high-school kid than an actual grown man. Engaged grown man, that is./
Well i mean.. i did download all of the hardy potter movies just recently, if you want to stay awake all night --/purrs in a silly-seductive voice before laughing again, the corners of my lips wrapping upward as i finally get my hands on the dough, separating the sheets and starting to fill them up, each roll forming neatly on the cutting board in front of me/
/giving you a thankful look, i take a sip from the mug, pleased expression finding its way to my features before I bite my lip, humming, the food forgotten for a moment/
I meaaaaan. Should we host like a.. housewarming party? Uhh..slumber party? How do you, kids, call them these days??
/mumbles thoughtfully, the idea immediately sparking a bunch of images of broken stuff in my head, however, still sounding rather cozy. Once you wrap your arms around me, a small smile creeps to my lips, fingers quickly finishing the last few rolls and manouvering themm all into the pan before I lean against you and sigh softly/
It's not silly.. it's different, right? Spending time together as.. as working partners and actually spending time together..
I always miss you, though. I want to be good for you and sometimes I feel like i'm just.. not fulfilling what i need to, you know?
But I guess that's what you get when you put together two extremely talented working professionals, hm?
/chuckles at my own joke, although my smile soon dies out, my features obtaining the pecaeful glow as I hum, enjoying your affectionate actions/
yukhei 1 month ago
@taeyong its okay, hyung. you can take all the time you need, promise
i'll probably just fall asleep a little earlier but i'll do it hugging you, i'm determined to
/grins happily at you before i scratch at the slight stubble i have on my jaw, knowing i need to shave it by tomorrow morning at the latest
basically he was suggesting that we weren't gonna sleep much. just him being his usual self
/glances over to you when you mention me being precious, squinting in confusion before i tip my head to the side and just shrug it off with a smile knowing its just you being you
/finding what i need i begin to make the hot cocoa for us both, setting the finished drink down near where you can pick it up with ease if you so wish to
ah to me?
i haven't been able to speak to most of the hyungs really
the wayv guys just seemed happy. and also insisted sleeping over at some point. when hendery saw how big this place was he said they could all fit. maybe even all twenty one members
/shrugs my shoulders again before i run my hand through my hair, nudging my glasses up the bridge of my nose once again
the food smells great though
/nods to you before i make my way over, standing behind you and wrapping my arms around your waist, my head leaning gently against your shoulder
you must be tired too, hyung
your schedules are always so full. i feel like i see less of you these days even though we did superm together
silly right?
/laughs a little, pressing my lips against your shoulder again before i feel the slope of your neck with my tiers too, enjoying the sweet scent that naturally clings to you
taeyong 1 month ago
@yukhei hmm i mean. I feel like at this point I should just be used to all of this, isn't that right? But instead I still feel somewhat prideful like -- look at this, this perfect man is wearing MY clothes
/chuckles gently to myself as my eyes follow you for a moment, my smile still as bright as ever as I stay there for a moment before resuming with my work, taking out the fresh produce out of the fridge and laying it all out in front of me on the kitchen counter/
ohh.. so you must be uh. extremely tired then? Should I hurry this up? /murmurs, lifting my gaze at you rather worriedly for a moment before getting out a knife and starting to prepare the food, every vegetable being chopped to perfection/
he teased you, hm? what did he say, angel?
/asks you after I'm done with the chopping, turning on the stove and pouring some oil into the deep pan, the liquid followed by this whole party of vegetables, and i appear rather focused on the task, my eyebrows furrowed just slightly as I watch them starting to sizzle/
/as I'm finally satisfied with the sounds that the vegetables are making, I look up at you once more, my expression immediately softening/ ohmy. The level of preciousness has increased to the maximum just now, I hope you know it --
/mumbles in an endearing voice, my gaze almost hypnotized as I follow you around, only getting a hang of myself upon your repeated question, small laugh escaping my lips at just how silly i'm acting. Certainly this whole living together situation doing a number on me, in the best way possible, of course/
yes. hot chocolate sounds great. Thank you --
ohh.. well they --- /winces a little as the memory of jaehyun and taeil repeatedly wiggling their eyebrows replays itself in my head and i shake my head, huffing softly/ Yeaaah, they had some fun teasing the living hell out of me. But to be honest.. I think Taeil especially seemed happy for us. Although that might just be a relief of not having to see us together too often now --
/tilts my head curiously as I proceed with the cooking and yet, keep glancing at you from time to time/ did they say anything to you, xuxi?
yukhei 2 months ago
@taeyong what's so silly about enjoying seeing your fiance in your own clothes, hmm?
and you're probably better off having done the shopping before i got back. i am tired but i'm also starving and when i go shopping on an empty stomach its a disaster
/as if right on cue i end up yawning into my palm, following you downstairs to the next level and the kitchen though, smiling as my socks slide over the flooring
i have neither been here or back in korea for long, no
the wayv concerts as soon as we got back from superm kinda kept me busy and now... now i'm here
i cam here basically immediately though, after grabbing the last of my stuff and johnny hyung teased me too
/explains before i feel you let go of my hands, hanging up the jacket from the kitchen counter before i look over to you, having just popped the kettle on
that sounds great
i'd honestly eat anything but something from home is even better
/affirms as i give you a nod of my head, using the sleeve of my hoody to rub over my eyelids, though i remember i need to find my glasses
/wandering off i do just that, returning with the golden rimmed item sitting atop the bridge of my nose whilst i look around, tilting my head slightly as i do so
was that a yes to hot chocolate, by the way?
if you want something else i can do that instead
/offers as i grab a couple of mugs after peering into a few cupboards to find them, setting them down as i now go on a short hunt for beverages and cutlery
by the way, did the hyungs say anything to you about us?
like this i mean, living together
/asks as i pop my head up over the counter, blinking at you from behind my glasses before i disappear again, looking for a teaspoon
taeyong 2 months ago
@yukhei /my eyes slowly travel down your body, examining the ends of the robe almost like I should give a grade at the end of it, although my lips just stretch with the smallest smile as I shake my head slowly/ No, looks good. Not silly. I like you in my clothes - now that's silly -
/murmurs before I can feel my heart beat faster at your words, still somewhat unable to comprehend the unreal situation of us both actually sharing a house - our own house/
/As you walk away, I lift my hand, tips of my fingers gently ghosting over my own lips as if to lock the soft kiss in, my eyes quickly glancing over the road outside, before I turn around with a brighter grin, tilting my head as I watch you dress up with a soft look on my features/
I.. Got us groceries? Figured I should've done it earlier but there some leftover papers to sign this morning and it just.. left my mind, I suppose. And then I have my hands full of food - /adds the last bit with a small chuckle, my features quickly forming a kicked puppy expression that I offer you from the other side of the room, voice a bit smaller as I add/
Sorry.. I wanted to do these simple things together, but then I also figured that you might be tired when you arrive and not in the mood for grocery store trips and I also wanted to cook for you and --
/scrunches my nose as I catch myself rambling, giving you a silly look then before I can comfortably lean against the window as I wait for you to get ready/ you make yourself sound like you're some sort of.. kitchen apparatus. Don't worry, love, we will find ways to keep you busy - /laughs it off before I can my cheeks reddening again, apparently not being able to control my childish emotions that easily today as I wrap my arms around your neck instead as you approach me, pulling you down for a gentle kiss, before leaning away and giving you a bright smile/ Let's go, angel - I have some big plans for this dinner /nods with another chuckle, taking your hand in mine and taking you down the stairs, narrowing my eyes at the winter coat that I so carelessly threw over the kitchen counter, and yet, not bothering myself with actually removing it from there/ Did you have a nice day? Have you been here for long?
/asks as I let go of your hand and move to the shelves, my eyes scanning them for a moment before I turn to you with my eyebrow raised/ and most importantly. How do you feel about Spring rolls and dumplings?
yukhei 2 months ago
@taeyong /having been so busy looking for you, thoughts consumed by you, i don't notice when you walk up behind me until your arms have wound themselves around me
/breathes your name softly, half in relief, half just out of happiness to see you, smiling as i hear that familiar nickname and feel your lips against my cheek
sorry- i couldn't remember where i put mine so figured you wouldn't mind too much
it looks silly how short it is on me, right?
/turns around when you release me, glancing down at the robe before i tug at its hem just a little bit before finally looking back up at you properly
/taking in your expression i see just how happy you seem to see me and it makes my heart swell undeniably, making me lean in and kiss you without a second thought
welcome home...
/smiles against your lips as i say as much, grinning to myself before i'm kissing your forehead for good measure, stepping around you to walk over to the bed
what were you doing before, hyung?
i was trying to get hold of you but figured you were just busy
/murmurs as i have my back to you, the robe sinking to my elbows and exposing my back as i pull on my underwear, dropping the robe entirely after as i'm stepping into my pajama bottoms
/tugging on a vest over my head i pull a hoody on over the top, tidying up after myself before i sit on the bottom of the bed, pulling on my socks as i glance over to you
can i help you with dinner?
i know you've got the cooking side down but i figure i can prepare, set the table, reach for things in high places?
/offers as i finish up, my hair curling at the ends since its still a little damp and drying, my hands smoothing out the front of my hoody as i come over to you, my ring still on my finger as i give your hand a gentle squeeze
i can make you some hot cocoa too. whilst you tell me about your day of course
taeyong 2 months ago
@yukhei /the warm light from the house brings a small, proud grin to my lips, as i approach it, both of my hands occupied with full and heavy grocery bags. I stop in front of the building for a moment though, my eyes examining the place as if to familiarise with it, although given these few months of visiting it continuously I could probably draw a map through it in my sleep. Still, I take those few moments to admire, or rather befriend, the building, a quiet "home" escaping my lips as if I am trying to remind myself that this place is indeed my own now. Our own./
/a few more moments later, I shake my head softly, my grin only widening as this silly sense of pride spreads in my chest. Letting one of the bags lean against my shin, I dig my fingers into the pocket of my jacket, desperately looking for the key and passionately praying that the other bag will hold itself together for at least a tiny bit longer - maybe until I reach the kitchen, even/
/as I finally step in, almost dragging the other bag inside, I kick off my shoes, not paying too much attention to the slippers, and cast a quick glance towards the deep end of the building, not being quite sure if you have arrived while I was gone or if I've beat you to it/ Xuxi..?
/asks, my voice soft as I shake my head, deciding that if you were heare, you would've already heard me come in. I take my grocery bags and move up to the first floor, baraley managing to settle them on the kitchen counter before one of the handles gives in. I look around this floor as well, although not really hoping to see you there anymore and rather focusing on distributing the food over the cupboards and the fridge. As I finish this "duty" I finally take off my warm jacket, letting it rest over the counter as my fingers fiddle with my phone/
/seeing the text from you, my face almost blooms with silly happiness - the reaction that I usually get when I see you, seemingly still not able to get used to the idea of a literal perfection wanting to be with no one else but me. I almost jump up the stairs to the second floor, finally starting to hear some music from the speakers - as if another confirmation that you're home/
/once I reach the second floor, I look around, spotting you in front of the window and looking beautiful as ever, even if all i can see at the moment is the back of your frame. It takes me just a few finals steps to get to you,immediately wrapping my arms around your waist and squeezing you lovingly/ hello, angel-- /murmurs as I press my lips to your cheek gently, taking a deep breath while I lean against you, your presence making this building feel like home more than anything else in it/
You look very.. cosy. Always knew my clothes would suit you well -- /chuckles as I pat the robe on your side, my arms still squishing you tightly for a moment longer before I can actually let go and let you move, my expression still that of a kid who was promised tripple christmas and delivered exactly that/
yukhei 2 months ago
@taeyong 'have fun, love birds'
/shuts the car door to johnny's vehicle extra hard when i hear his last quip before dropping me off, pressing my face up against the glass and flipping him off for good measure before i stand back and he drives off cackling to himself
/turning around i look up at the impressive architecture before heading inside, bringing my backpack with me as it has a few bits and bobs i couldn't bring with me when moving in properly before
/letting myself inside i fish my phone out of my pocket before locking the door behind me, the lights already on inside so i'm wondering if you're here or popped out and left them on since you knew i'd be coming
/calls out as i put my hand on the banister leading up the spiral staircase, tilting my head to one side to peer down the rest of the ground floor in the hopes of seeing you
/when i don't i head up to the first floor, stepping off to check if you're here too, my fingers brushing over the leathery leaves of one of the green plants i pass by
taeyong hyung?
/calls a little louder, rubbing the side of my head before i set down my backpack, leaving it out of the way as i wander around, passing from room to room as there's nothing but curtains separating them
/glancing at my phone again i decide to send you a text, letting you know i'm here whilst i pick up my backpack again and head up to the final floor
/there i find the shower linked to our room, first picking out the clothes i want and laying them on the end of the bed before i disappear into the bathroom, picking up one of the fluffy new towels as i do so
/as music plays over speakers i finally begin showering, steam wafting out the opened window whilst i'm humming to myself, rubbing my palms over my face as i wash off whatever jet lag is remaining from the tour
/coming out a little while later i turn down the music but leave it on, instead hanging my towel up and wrapping a robe around me, laughing a little when i see its a size too small - perfect for you but not so much for me as the bottom rides up near my thighs
/toweling at my hair with a smaller towel i check my phone at the bottom of the bed where i left it, seeing no reply i look out from one of the glass windows, bare feet padding along as i look out for you, my thumb rubbing over the metal band around my ring finger as i do so
robo [A] 2 months ago
@taeyong ☆ better late than never ☆


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SweetCookie 3 days ago
Thank you all for the good memories
Maeyeollie 2 months ago
*sits here for a hot second*
Your layout is beautiful~
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add josh cullen santos for me, please!
DoneWithYou 4 months ago
Insert mi
self-love 4 months ago
Y’all gay
lascivious 4 months ago
oh god, the memories --
warms me little, bitty heart to see you guys still up and running.
I may not be remembered, or even I remember much but this place
still has a very special place in my heart. Time has really wooshed, huh?
I probably sound like a granny lmao, I'm sorry ! just happy to see that one
of my favorite places is still up as I come back onto this site hah!
Mysterio 4 months ago
Um, may I join?
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could I get kyungsoo back please
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