Shoma Uno (Ω) 3 months ago
@Bobae Kim (∝) Yeah of course. I totally understand that. He's still a part of you even though he isn't really around.
*releases a quiet groan when you suddenly start to rock against my body again, my thighs spreading a little more when you start to push in, turning my head so I can meet your lips in another heated kiss*
My fiance bobae. Do you think others will find it weird?
Bobae Kim (∝) [A] 3 months ago
@Shoma Uno (Ω) I can't say if I miss my mum, since she died on the birthing bed like I said. But sometimes I do miss my dad. He might not win dad of the year, but he was my dad, you know?
*nodding my head gently, shifting your thighs a little to spread your legs open more for me, giving my hips a few lazy bucks against your pliant body, resting my tip at your leaking hole and after capturing your lips in a kiss, pushing myself into your heat again with a muffled moan, nuzzling you softly*
Mm.. Yeah. Yeah you can call me fiance now if you want.
Shoma Uno (Ω) 3 months ago
@Bobae Kim (∝) Hmm.. That's a bit sad, though.. I'm sure you miss them a lot, right?
*pouts m lips a little, smiling as soon as you kiss me again, humming out quietly*
I love you so much as well, Bobae.
You know this means I can call you my fiance now?
Bobae Kim (∝) [A] 3 months ago
@Shoma Uno (Ω) *nodding my head gently.
Yeah, I was pretty young. And like I said, he was around for a while, then he sort of just faded into the background when I could look after myself and then just disappeared I guess while leaving me with the pack.
*giving another shrug before squeezing your hands as I resettle between your thighs, leaning in to give you more kisses.
I do.. I love them so much, and I love you..
Shoma Uno (Ω) 3 months ago
@Bobae Kim (∝) Oh.. You went into a pack really early then.. Wow..
*looks up at you again, smiling gentyl as I nod once*
Don't worry - I never thought for a second that you would abandon us,
I've seen you with them, Bobae. You adore them.
Bobae Kim (∝) [A] 3 months ago
@Shoma Uno (Ω) I don't remember honestly. My dad put me in a pack when my mum died, he looked after me but then when I was able to self provide, he got more and more distant. Then he left the pack entirely.
*shrugging a little, smiling a bit a sI look at you.
I won't do that to our boys though..
Shoma Uno (Ω) 3 months ago
@Bobae Kim (∝) *returns all the kisses you offer me, my fingers trailing gently up your arms again to move across your chest as well*
Hmm.. I have a feeling that might have been it.
He knew one day you would meet your mate and you would do know to do with it.
We're your parents quite humanized then?
Bobae Kim (∝) [A] 3 months ago
@Shoma Uno (Ω) Shoma Kim. Kim Shoma.
*whispering softly, moving to come hover over you, leaning down and kissing you softly, a smile on my lips.
Through the generations, it'll be passed down.. Maybe that's why my old man gave it to me.
Shoma Uno (Ω) 3 months ago
@Bobae Kim (∝) Mmm.. Shoma Kim.. *repeats my future name softly as I watch you*
*meets your lips in a gentle kiss, rubbing my hands along your arms slowly*
That sounds like a wonderful idea and it can keep going down the family line.
Bobae Kim (∝) [A] 3 months ago
@Shoma Uno (Ω) I like how that sounds.
*smiling at the thought, threading my fingers with yours and humming quietly, rolling to kiss you softly.
We can pass it down, to our boys. Whoever gets a mate first. It'll become our family's tradition.
Shoma Uno (Ω) 3 months ago
@Bobae Kim (∝) Hmmm, in that case I shall remain a brat forever, and ever and ever~
*lifts my hand up again, unable to tear my eyes off the jewellery for more than a single moment, as you talk i do notice how it looks quite vintage, like it was from a long time ago rather than something recent*
*lifts my gaze up to you again, my lips curling into a small shy smile as I nod my head*
You.. are honestly the sweetest guy in the world, do you know that? *leans in to press a gentle kiss to your cheek, giving your hands a gentle squeeze*
I will cherish it forever.
Bobae Kim (∝) [A] 3 months ago
@Shoma Uno (Ω) Trust me, I can handle you being a brat forever and would prefer you actually were a brat forever.
*laughing at your reaction, looking at the ring in question and smiling a bit.
Remember, when we first spoke about marriage? I remembered, that I had something given to me before I went my own way from my family. That ring, was my father's mother's. It was my own mother's for a short time, but I think I told you, that my mum died on the birthing bed. So my father gave it to me but I always kept it in a box doing nothing cause I never cared about it. But I guess it can be of use after all.
Shoma Uno (Ω) 3 months ago
@Bobae Kim (∝) I am definitely going to be a brat forever, so you can just deal with that..
*looks at the ring, letting out a soft gasp when I see it, my eyes widening a little*
Wow.. Look at that. When did you find that, and WHERE did you find that..?
It's beautiful.. *smiles and admires it for a moment before leaning in to kiss you again*
Shoma Kim- I love it.
Bobae Kim (∝) [A] 3 months ago
@Shoma Uno (Ω) You were, and still are, my brat.
*chuckling softly, leaning down to press a few soft kisses against your lips with a hum, opening teh ring box to gently slip the ring on your finger carefully.
Mine... And I can't wait to be able to all you Shoma Kim.
Shoma Uno (Ω) 4 months ago
@Bobae Kim (∝) I was a little brat w asnt I?
I can still remember when you yelled at me to force the shift. That's funny to look back on.
*tilts my head a little when I feel your lips at my neck, smiling to myself*
Hey- *goes to protest when you first move away from me but you're back quite fast anyway*
*stares at you for a long quiet moment when you ask me, trying to decipher if you're actually asking me or not, inhales slowly before nodding my head, my eyes welling with tears*
Yeah I will. Of course I will.
Bobae Kim (∝) [A] 4 months ago
@Shoma Uno (Ω) Well, I did try hard on you. And you didn't make it easy but I'm glad you developed.
*smiling gently, kissing the hollow of your throat before slowly pulling out of you, rummaging for my coat and shifting to lay out beside you.
Shoma, will you marry me, in the human way?
Bobae Kim (∝) [A] 4 months ago
@Shoma Uno (Ω) () I am !♡
Shoma Uno (Ω) 4 months ago
@Bobae Kim (∝) [ Alright, if you're sure.]
Bobae Kim (∝) [A] 4 months ago
@Shoma Uno (Ω) N o p e()
Shoma Uno (Ω) 4 months ago
@Bobae Kim (∝) [ should we just drop this since heat is over now?]
Shoma Uno (Ω) 4 months ago
@Bobae Kim (∝) *looks down at you when you shift our positions, smiling gently as I nod my head*
It's all thanks to you though. You know that, right?
*rubs my hands over your chest as I let out a quiet laugh*
Bobae Kim (∝) [A] 4 months ago
@Shoma Uno (Ω) *biting on my lip a moment, shifting to roll, pulling you atop me and sitting up to pepper you in kisses.
That's my wolfling.
Strong, beautiful. Incredible.
Shoma Uno (Ω) 4 months ago
@Bobae Kim (∝) *leans in to press soft kisses over your cheeks again, nodding my head*
Yeah.. One day I might do that..
Show them how much better I am doing without them now..
I don't need them..
Bobae Kim (∝) [A] 4 months ago
@Shoma Uno (Ω) Yeah that guy or woman. And our babies.
You, me, them. That's all we will need. And some day, if you feel ready to see your family, we can go looking for them, and show them just how far you have come and show your life is amazing.
Shoma Uno (Ω) 4 months ago
@Bobae Kim (∝) The priest? Or whatever he is called, yeah..
We will figure it out, I'm sure.
*looks up at you, nodding my head with a quiet smile*
Definitely our boys.
Bobae Kim (∝) [A] 4 months ago
@Shoma Uno (Ω) Then we won't have this big big fancy thing. We will just have us and the The person who marries us.
*smiling gently,brushing back your hair gently and looking at you with an adoring smile.
That's all we need.
And our boys.
Shoma Uno (Ω) 4 months ago
@Bobae Kim (∝) *nuzzles back at you, nodding my head as I puff out a soft breath*
As long as you're happy to elope then I am too.
I don't need a big fancy wedding..
Bobae Kim (∝) [A] 4 months ago
@Shoma Uno (Ω) *leaning down and kissing you softly, nuzzling your jaw gently.
Then, let is just be us, and a minister-thing.
Let's elope.
Shoma Uno (Ω) 4 months ago
@Bobae Kim (∝) *shakes my head a little at your question*
I don't want any of them.. I'd consider my family but they don't even know I have kids yet..
Not sure how they'd take to this whole t hing, and I don't think they care either..
What do you want to do?
Bobae Kim (∝) [A] 4 months ago
@Shoma Uno (Ω) *humming quietly, gazing down at you with a soft smile.
Your mother..? Your brother? Some of your friends from your old life?
Is there no one you want?
Againn, I'm all for elopin honestly.


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