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♤ Park Jimin 7 months ago
@✗ Kim Seokjin The soft scent of cinnamin and apple pie filled the air around Jimin while he sipped on his pumpkin spice latte. He knew many would complain that it was not the time for pumpkin as halloween was long gone but Jimin simply enjoyed it and just wanted to have his nice hot drink. The other choice would have been some kind of hot chocolate but as he had been having that already this morning he just really enjoyed something different right now. Humming softly he scribbled onto the tissue he had next to his cup while he was waiting. It were still a few minutes until their meeting time but Jimin was usually early. As his last patient had not needed treatment today, he had been extra early to meet with one of his best friends. He was soft around Kim Seokjin, not his usual crazy self he was when he was working and he did not like to tell people but he also did not mind it. He felt at home with his long time friend and he always loved seeing him. He had already ordered Seokjin's favourite drink while he waited for him.
✗ Lee Kiwook 7 months ago
@♤ Byun Baekhyun "I know," Kiwook gave back and leaned a bit forward. "Other people wouldn't stay if they didn't enjoy what they are doing. Unless they are black mailed. But you do not seem to be one of those. You rather seem like the one blackmailing." He knew he was a little sassy, a little too straightforward but maybe that was what had gotten Kiwook into trouble the first place after all. He his lips and slurped on his drink, watching the man in front of him curiously. He tilted his head to the other side, watching him still. The features, how he moved, how he spoke, every tone in his voice that changed and how confident he seemed. Kiwook was good in getting into trouble but also great with observing people. One of his few advantages.
"Well, you are missing out. The island is full of secrets that might be of interest to you but... putting your head into your work like an ostrich putting their head into the earth... it's an ostrich, right?" he mused, losing the rest of his sentence and not really caring. "Your parents, mh? Lucky for you to still have some. But... do you care about them?" Now that was the question. Did people that worked for the organisations still care? For anyone but themselves? Kiwook could not tell that but maybe one day he would figure that out. "What are you drinking?" he then asked curiously and looked at the other's cup.
♤ Byun Baekhyun 7 months ago
@✗ Lee Kiwook Did Baekhyun know that he had a nice voice? Yes. As cocky as that sounded, he knew that and he used it to his advantage quite a bit. He had to sometimes, since some people needed a bit more coercing than others, and if that didn't work, then he had an array of ready-made serums to induce all sorts of conditions, some short and other long lived.
Baekhyun smirked slightly, chuckling airily at that witty comeback. "Perhaps I am the one out of my mind, but even so, I enjoy what I do," he said. That was the truth, and he knew that many patients and ex-patients would seeth if and when they heard him say such a thing. After all, what sort of person enjoyed inducing pain and numbness onto others who were unwilling? People like Baekhyun.
"I haven't experienced much of the island. But I don't care about it too much. I'm at work most of the time and I prefer to be there anyway," he shrugged. He sipped on his drink once more and hummed, "But my parents are enjoying the luxuries," he added.
♢ Mark Tuan [h] 7 months ago
@♢ Kim Dahyun [ this is great, what are you saying?! ]

Can’t be helped when you’re born with this face / he replies with a light chortle while making that cringy sunflower pose, both palms placed on his cheeks; it’s always delightful to spend some quality time with you. He is not that much of a friendly person in general but strangely, he doesn’t mind being around you and in fact, he becomes another person whenever you’re around – the one who’s more cheerful and bright compared to his usual dark cold self.
/ okay enough with this , he thought to himself as he removes his hands, leaning back against the chair comfortably and loosening up the tie by the slightest. To your concerned question, he just shrugs his shoulders without a word, decided that it’s best you don’t know what he’s up to, they will only mess up your head in a bad way. Plus it doesn’t really matter. He flashes you an assuring smile before reaching for your drink, leisurely taking a sip.
Alright alright, whatever makes you happy, princess / even though he doesn’t like how you’re filling yourself up with caffeine, he is not going to force you to eat when you don’t want to. An amused chuckle jumping out from the back of his throat at your words, since he can totally imagine those chipmunk cheeks all stuffed with food as you eat in secret. Maybe he was worrying too much but he couldn’t help it, he cares for you after all.
What are you doing right after this? Are you free the whole day or nah? / he didn’t have much thought when he popped the question, though mainly because he has nothing else to do after their hangout and maybe if you were also unoccupied, they can do something more fun together. Like the arcade or a picnic or whatever you wish to do, “the girl things”. He would take you to the bar but it’s unsafe there, especially for someone as pure as you are.
✗ Lee Kiwook 7 months ago
@♤ Byun Baekhyun Leaning back a bit, Kiwook sipped on his coffee while he watched the man talk. He had a nice voice, as dark as his coffee but still sweet enough like the sugar in it. Tempting to listen to and if that man would record him an audiobook, he would most likely listen to it before going to bed. "I take that as a complimentary," Kiwook said, rather bold with words. He was not good with making letters dance, he had always been rather straightforward and that might have gotten him into quite some trouble from time to time. For example in the patient position he had long escaped from. Well, not that long but long enough for the doctors to have forgotten him already. He knew how insignificant he was to them, a reason why they mostly did not recognize him despite standing right in front of him. "Maybe you are the one out of your mind," Kiwook gave back, speaking sweetly, as if you wanna ti sugarcoat everywhere with mentioning. But they also dripped from all the sarcasm the statement held. "Well of course I'm enjoying the island. Why else would I still be here?" There was a simple lie. He was still here because he had not found a way out. Just like the other rebels had not found a way out as leaving the island was harder than one might think. Royals came with a ship or a plane and left like that but if you were rebel or an experiment you already lost all your possibilities to leave this place. Not that Kiwook would want to. He had things to do after all. Smiling almost to happily it took a sip from his coffee watching the male in front of him. "What about you? Do you like this island? Doesn't entertain you enough for the people?" He was curious and he wanted to hear more about the man in front do him. Curiousity had always been one of his features and maybe not the best one.
♤ Byun Baekhyun 7 months ago
@✗ Lee Kiwook Baekhyun usually didn't like to extend his time outside of the labs when he could be completing or beginning research, but he decided to make an exception this time. He was curious about this ex-patient in a way, how would he react? How would he behave around him in a public setting such as this?
When the boy came over to him in an almost familiar way, Baekhyun had to hold back a chuckle at how natural the boy seemed to look. The way the boy addressed him as well was amusing too, so the boy knew him. "Nothing much. I was just rather... intrigued by the sight of an ex-patient out here. Normally ex-patients try to stay out of sight," he answered. He didn't bother with the boy's name. Half of the time he was given numbers with names beside them after all.
He took a sip of his tea and sat back, "Seems like you got out early considering you don't seem completely out of your mind yet," he chuckled and held onto his cup. "I'm not usually interested in ex-test subjects, but you happened to catch my eye," he commented. To the doctor, the patients were like guinea pigs, there were new ones coming in all the time, so if some escaped then it wasn't too much of a problem for him. It only meant that he would have to start fresh with others, but that was also exciting. "Surely you're at least enjoying the island right?" he asked.
✗ Lee Kiwook 7 months ago
@♤ Byun Baekhyun Usually Kiwook was not easily caught up by any kind of people he recognised. He saw them day in day out, of course he did. He had been held captive for quite a while a few months ago and he had been lucky enough to leave rather fast. He had seen other patients who had not been as lucky as he had been and he wondered if they were still alive or if their souls had long left their bodies. He was pretty sure the last was what had happened.
So here he was, with his freshly brewed coffee in his hands while he started at the doctor he would have fallen victim too only a week later if he had not made it out in time. He knew all the names and faces of the doctors of Warhol Stars and Lieseil Inc despite them not knowing this. It was better that they didn't. It made it easier for him to hide and sneak in and out.
But then he had stared too long. Long enough for the young doctor to look at him and while inwardly everything screamed at him to leave, all Kiwook could do was lean back a bit and keep watching. He was known for his tendencies of causing trouble and, sadly, getting into trouble as well.
To his surprise all the male did was sit up and gesture to him. Well, that was a surprise. Making a small sound Kiwook lifted an eyebrow before he shrugged and walked over, nonchalantly sitting across the other's seat though still a little too close. "What can I do for you, Byun Baekhyun?" he asked curiously, tilting his head a bit as if he had known the person in front of him for quite a while already.
♤ Byun Baekhyun 7 months ago
@✗ Lee Kiwook This was one of the few times throughout the week that Baekhyun could be seen outside of the main Lieseil building. He was usually stuck in there for hours and occasionally days at a time, usually eating the food from the cafeteria they had as well. Though, he knew that he did need some fresh air and some sun to make sure he stayed healthy, so he at least got that every so often. He preferred tea over coffee too, and that was what he was drinking, some peppermint tea alongside a light slice of cake. He had finished that though, and was slowly finishing his tea as he sat at a table by a window. He felt like there were eyes on him and as he looked away from his phone and around the cafe, he saw a face which seemed rather familiar, but not so much at the same time. Considering how the other was dressed though, what he could guess was that the other was probably one of those rebel escapees. The young man knew that he had never gotten around to experimenting on the one standing several feet away from him though, he would have recognised him much faster. He didn't say anything though, only sat up and then gestured for the other to come and take the seat across from him.
♢ Kim Dahyun [A] 7 months ago
@♢ Mark Tuan [ okay breathes going to practice my first jesus i hope this isn’t terrible ]

*quickly turning my head away from the view outside of the glass window at the sound of your voice with a wide smile gracing my lips. it was always a fun and exciting time to hang out with someone fun as such as yourself when you tend to be the one to help me get out of my comfort zone more* Always so full of yourself.
*i let out a soft chuckle as you took your place in the seat across from me. i notice the sigh escape your lips and i hope that you weren’t pushing yourself too much. you were always more engaged in royal activities compared to me and i didn’t really understand the things you had to do, but i didn’t mind being kept in the dark and am more thankful that you are willing to spend your spare time with me* Things have been busy? You seem like you could use more rest.
*i wave off your question about my eating habits with a quick flick of my wrist as i bring my drink to my lips to prove to you that i was getting /something/ in my stomach* Thanks but caffeine will keep me going for now. Don’t worry, I promise I’m eating behind my parents back. I can always count on you to feed me though.
*i give you a reassuring smile, hoping that you wouldn't worry too much. hearing you want to feed me is refreshing from all the times my parents had been trying to tell me to cut down on the food portions because i needed to watch my weight now that i was a royal. of course, i didn’t say anything back to them and instead, ate whatever i wanted when they weren’t looking*
♧ Yoon Jeonghan 7 months ago
@♤ Hwang Hyunjin (( moved to the club!))
♤ Hwang Hyunjin [A] 7 months ago
@♧ Yoon Jeonghan “Yah! It wouldn’t be the first time I did that!” Hyunjin said and then laughed slightly, shaking his head amused. He did gain a bit of weight, luckily, as he had been quite a skinny teenager due to his stomach problems. “And lucky to the both of us I am not six anymore. That would be weird.” He winked at Jeonghan, teasingly. Inside him everything was screaming in embarrassment but at least he somehow knew how to cover it up on the outside. “ life, mh?” He wiggled his eyebrows a bit and shrugged. “I don’t think I need a life improvement. Or would you like to lay hand on me to help me and change my mind?” Now he really needed to shut up but Hyunjin was just too curious. He poked the other’s nose a bit before his eyes were on the jewellery again, his cheeks slightly blushed. Of course Jeonghan would notice, he knew him so well and even though he might not know his body as well as he was sure he wanted to – control was important to his friend, he knew that – Jeonghan still knew all the little secrets Hyunjin kept from everyone else, even his twin. “To monitor me, huh?” He snorted amused and shook his head again. It was cute that Jeonghan was so worried but luckily Hyunjin knew his own limits. Sometimes he crossed them simply because he was able to but mostly he kept himself under control. He liked his body to work and his mind to not bother him so there was that. “Yes, be sweet and bring me nice drinks but please no company.” A soft chuckle escaped his lips.

“She will love it and you will get all the perks from her. There will be a lot of talk at how generous you are and people will invite you even more,” Hyunjin hummed and paid for the set, taking it with them. “Your company is the only currency I want,” he hummed and followed the other. He was not really a person to party but he did not mind as long as he had good company. And they had nice clothes after all – he was glad that Jeonghan had chosen a shirt that was long enough that his covered the scars on his left hand. He hated when people commented on it though he had gotten used to it. Still he preferred to doge all questions about his person. “You’d be the best gossip, you know? Maybe we would get the presents instead then. We should try that some time.” He chuckled softly. Maybe he also just wanted to see how the people would react, no, how Jeonghan would react. But he knew it might be crossing limits they were both probably not ready to cross yet. “You are always getting spoiled. You’ll see how to repay me, sweetheart,” he returned and winked at Jeonghan, seeing the confused glance of the shop owner while they left and made their way to the party.

It was already pretty crowded inside but Hyunjin did not mind it. It meant he could just hide in between the people and be just one of them instead of being one to get the attention. He preferred not to. Though with Jeonghan it was probably not the easiest to not end up as the talk of the people or, at least, be noticed. And despite his antipathy of getting attention if it was for Jeonghan he did not mind. “Bring me something nice too,” Hyunjin added to the tequila part. He was not really a fan of it but he could down a few shots though the aftertaste alone made his stomach turn so he would nee something in addition. While Jeonghan made his way to the drinks, Hyunjin managed to put their jackets and the additional bag of clothes away. He kept his phone and wallet on his body as well as his keys. Luckily none would open the buildings to neither Lieseil Inc nor Warhol Stars as they were opened with codes. And while his body was bad, his head was good. He made his way back and kept his eyes open for Jeonghan. He easily spotted him and made his way back to the older who had not seen him yet. Carefull he put an arm around the other from his back and chuckled. “I’m right behind you,” he hummed before stealing one of the drinks and sniffing on it. Yeah, no, his liking of tequila had not changed. “I hope this will at least get me drunk fast.” Fortunately he was easily drunk so there was that, he was not too sure about Jeonghan but he was pretty sure they could get each other drunk if they just wanted. “You like it here?” Now they just needed people to spill the gossip to make Jeonghan happy. Though Hyunjin was pretty sure the other would figure out a way to get attention anytime soon his expression screamed trouble. Though he was here for that.
♧ Yoon Jeonghan 7 months ago
@♤ Hwang Hyunjin The thought of Hyunjin, laying across his body, sleeping tight after the many times they’d argue did entertain Jeonghan. He didn’t really mind the numbness in the morning, as long as he could blame it on Hyunjin. “You’re not 6 anymore so do not expect me to not complain about your weight on me. Also what’s the fun in asking politely?” he commented with a chuckle. It was status quo, like many things about them. They wouldn’t budge, because they were already comfortable as they were: into each other’s space, minding each other’s business. So of course, Jeonghan just had to squint when the other mentioned he knew his own body best. It was normal, and yet Jeonghan, as per usual, wanted to be the best at everything and considering how they shared so much, this was a major setback. He was finding it hard not to argue on this point but hummed dismissively after a while, reluctantly admiting he wasn't so familiar with Hyunjin's body. “I do worry about everything about you, life included. That’s what Pretty-nosey Pretty-friends do.” he cheered and shrugged lightly. He could hear how amused Hyunjin was that his tease worked enough to silence him. And though it felt like a small defeat, Jeonghan was amused.

“Well alright, you did accept to go out, you deserve to drink and loosen up. And I will have a few drinks, but just enough to still monitor you. You may go wild. Also, I’ll be sweet enough to bring you whatever you’d like to drink.” He eyesmiled, a nice forecast of his role for the night. He loved playing such games with Hyunjin, because the younger knew him enough to laugh at his acts while everyone would believe him.

Jeonghan laughed softly Hyunjin's thoughts on his height, involuntarily checking how taller the other was to him. He had to get used to the difference, but soon enough, it became a charming point, and a little reminder that Hyunjin was all grown up. "Yeah it suits you just fine, I will keep on asking for your assistance rather than lift my arms or worse, get on my toes." And Jeonghan did have a taste to have people working for him, meanwhile he'd watch with a lot of interest as those people were picked for reasons. "I know your ideal type is male and alive." He teased, and that was maybe not selective enough but Jeonghan couldn't quite put Hyunjin's flings in a box, which was a curiois fact. Jeonghan looked at the jewelry full set Hyunjin had chosen and frowned: it was okay, but too expensive for someone they didn't even like. "Does it have to be the whole set? Do we really have to be that extra?" He whined quietly, knowing Hyunjin was surely thinking clever. It would earn him points up the royal ladder. Jeonghan paused his window shopping to smile at his friend, feeling lucky Hyunjin was this generous with him and yet provoking him. "Okay, go ahead, purchase it. You won't regret my company if that's ojr currency tonight" He challenged, rubbing his cheek to the other's shoulder.

Jeonghan looked forward to their time at the party to infact see for himself what could get his friend to turn his head twice. It was a royal trait, to find no interest so easily. The sense of exception seemed to run deep in Hyunjin's veins, so much he didn't seem interested in this candy shop, for all Jeonghan could say. It seemed Hyunjin just focused on the task and didn't look up anything he'd like for himself, like someone who already had all he wanted. There was some charm to it, along with his tall silhouette, hovering tables, still daring to think of  teasing his elder in such a place.

"Hey! My plan is to listen to gossips and collect them, not be the only gossip of the party.  Imagine how they would keep congratulating us for being a thing." 

The blonde still laughs at the thought, eyeing matching rings but he suddenly turns and nudges Hyunjin, a soft blush on his cheeks for wondering just how awkward that play would be when they'd find each other alone. "Stop doing that! That's it, I am supposed to be the sweetest and you just press my buttons, trying to pamper me with all your money…" he said with a slightly squeaky voice, trying to get into his role for the night. He earned himself a short look from the shop owner and he smirked. "Looks like I'm rrally getting spoiled today. How am I supposed to repay my Sugarbaby for this?" He pressed on with an innocent smile, or the least playful grin he could manage. He picked the wrapped gift oncw it was paid and hooked his arm around the younger's again.

When Hwang Hyunjin was his cavalier, doors opened. Strangers turned into instant friends, mundane gatherings into opportunities. Jeonghan seemed to go along just fine with it, as it was not the first time, but he really felt thankful every single time. He whispered a small though honest 'thank you' before they walked in and just smiled sweetly, acting like what he'd describe as a vain person, pretty, period. They gave their present on the way in and he could tell the girl looked at both of them like there was something to see. He was smiling so widely he might have fueled her suggestive looks. He didn't mind it. From that moment on, he was just receiving compliments, returning his own, left and right. After a few minutes of this he took the bag of their own clothes and tugged on Hyunjin's jacket sleeve to have it gone. If they were there, they should get comfortable at the very least. Before leaving the other he leaned into his ear, his hand pulling down shielding his quiet words. "I changed my mind, I will need tequila to get me through the night and I'll bring you one too." He declared and smirked. It was the smile of a Jeonghan looking for trouble, desperately so. He was bored if not messing around, even only after ten minutes. He hopped from the lockers to the bar like it was his place before he turned and looked for his friend.
♤ Hwang Hyunjin [A] 7 months ago
@♧ Yoon Jeonghan “I know you will but expect me to cuddle you or sleep on top of you.” Hyunjin chuckled slightly and shook his head amused. He didn’t mind it. if it was anyone else he would have minded but with the other anything was fine. He could probably even ask him to sleep on the ground and he would do it though he knew Jeonghan would never do. They had known each other for so long and despite Hyunjin knowing he might not know every part of the other, he did know he knew him well. “You know, I’d even give you the blanket willingly if you just asked.” A gentle chuckle left his lips, amusement. They had often shared the same bed, simply because sometimes the darkest nightmares came creeping in and on some days Hyunjin just walked through the hallways in the middle of the night to ask Jisung or Jeonghan to let him sleep in their bed. Nowadays he knew what days would cause him bad dreams and he could ask his friends to share a bed with him so he wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night, screaming and unable to even open a damn door or touch his phone as his hands usually turn into a tingling mess that were useless. A soft sigh left Hyunjin’s lips as he saw the disappointment in Jeonghan's eyes and he did expect some scolding though none came. A soft chuckle left his lips. “Well, maybe I like touching myself. Maybe I even have some stuff for that. After ally no one knows my body as good as I do.” He wiggled his eyebrows. Sure, having was nice, but it was not something he could not take care of himself. “But it is nice you are worried about my life.” He hummed amused. The cute smile and the wink were so soft, it was hard to not just blush and make an oddly soft sound. But this was probably inappropriate so he rather stayed quiet. For now.

Of course Hyunjin noticed how easily Jeonghan was flustered or overwhelmed by his words but it didn’t seem like he had chosen the wrong words. So he did not apologize but instead watched the other curiously. “Well, we had the same cappuccino so it’s probably just me being myself.” He winked at the older even though right now he might not see it. Usually Hyunjin was not the poetic one but when it came to the person that he felt most for it was so easy to describe it with colours he had never painted with. He was not one to flirt a lot or use nicknames or tease but with Jeonghan it was so easy to just be who he was. “You cannot stop me from drinking alcohol. I deserve at least a shot and a cocktail!” Usually he could not drink a lot alcohol anyways as it made his stomach feel even worse. At least no strong alcohol. But as long as it was just a small amount, he would be fine. Tipsy but fine. And probably fun to be around – luckily Hyunjin knew his limits. “So? What would you like to drink today?”

A soft laugh left Hyunjin’s lips. “You forgot that I really like vegetables when you put the extra portion on my plate while you just ate the meat,” he teased and of course he knew it was only partly true but he just really liked to annoy the other a bit. It was fun any he enjoyed it. He liked that he had grown this tall, his twin had not been so lucky. Still, Jeonghan had grown quite a bit as well, they were both tall now just that Hyunjin still had a few years to grow while Jeonghan was done growing. “Thank you, I wouldn’t want her to try take me home. No offense but I prefer a nice and a over s and anytime.” Simply because he was gay but sadly quite a few royal ladies had tried to make him their boy toy – he had always escaped somehow, luckily. “I should pick? Oof. Something that looks expensive but might not be, if you want to save money.” A soft smile was seen on his lips for a long moment when Jeonghan mentioned he had never been disappointed. It made him happy and filled him with joy. That was good. He made mental notes on what Jeonghan liked and maybe he’d come back later to gift him something nice. “What about this?” he asked, it was an expensive looking set, necklace, earrings, bracelet. It looked fancy but the price was okay. “You do know I have access to more money than you’d like this think of, right?” He could pay for that, he wouldn’t mind it at all. “And it’s fine. It means I have your company so that’s good,” he hummed and then waved the guy over, pointing at the set. “We take this. Please wrap it’s nicely, it’s a present.” He then looked at Jeonghan. “Anything you’d like to have as well? Rings so people thing you are my fiancé?” He wiggled his eyebrows but of course he was joking. He just could be a tease as well. He could still feel Jeonghan’s hands in his hair and damn he missed it already. The other was the only one allowed to doing this but that would stay his secret, for now.
♧ Yoon Jeonghan 7 months ago
@♤ Hwang Hyunjin Jeonghan knew the playful Hyunjin. He usually could play along up to a point where he'd kill the mood, subtly or not, because there was a thin line their friendship never crossed, one line that made it all the more precious. Hyunjin just couldn't be another hit and run, and their friendship had become irreplaceable to the point of scaring Jeonghan to ruin it. He had a mind for troubles, that was no secret. "I'll steal your blanket if I want to." He teased, challenging the other with a lopsided smile. The fights were always so enjoyable, especially when he'd get physically overpowered and that he'd then use his age advantage to tame Hyunjin. It usually worked if he insisted, negotiations were an art he practiced for a living afterall. 
Jeonghan just knew where Hyunjin was coming from when he said he did not intend to meet anyone, but disappointment showed on his face. "See that's not how you're going to touch yourself less…" he deadpanned. He believed what he saw in Hyunjin  someone else could see, if only given the chance. "I hope you know that." He parroted but still flashed a cute smile and a wink at his friend. Sometimes, he feared his truth could be too harsh, but he also knew he'd make it his duty to cheer Hyunjin up and apologize for as long as needed if he ever hurt him.

Hiding stars in his eyes was one thing: pretty, cheesy and poetic. But galaxies in his eyes were the kind of celestial consideration he was not prepared for. He blushed lightly right on sight, rendered quiet by the surprise of such words after he had played the last pickup line. This one he couldn't offer back so easily. Too heavy in meaning to him, Galaxies existed beyond the world humans lived in. Galaxies were magnificent, unfairly unreachable, distant, immense, and yet appealing and mysterious. Hyunjin could be implying all that, but Jeonghan's eyes refused to verify how serious his friend looked now. Because the knowledge of it would raise questions in him. Everytime he had flings that turned clingy, he'd become less spontaneous, spotting the little things that would cringe him off their path altogether. Hyunjin was no fling, he was born clingy and that was alright, but the thought of it becoming a fling was still a forbidden one in his mind. He wasn't sure he could handle the truth of it, so like a few other times, he just lowered his face, striding with more will than ever and smiled. "Whatever they put in your cappuccino earlier was good studf. I want some of that. Also, I think you shouldn't drink alcohol tonight if you're already this intoxicated." He said, changing topics as easy. 

It was no surprise to have Hyunjin jumping in when he was about to pay, his cash beaten to the sidelines by the credit card he could only dream of. He had nothing to say about it, but he happened to start calling Hyunjin his /Sugarbaby/ if the other kept sliding his card too many times in a row. It wasn't any punishment, but the act was fun, especially if he was in the mood to put up a show for cashiers, praising Hyunjin for all the gifts and asking what all may really cost him later. Indecency was his middlename. "I'm cutting off from your diet the vegetables that made you grow taller than me. You were my small brother and I fed you so well; that was the greatest betrayal of the century, don't even mention it. I regret the time when people really thought you were my little brother. Now look at you, towering me." He said and ignored the soft reminder of the birthday gift. He shrugged, guiding Hyunjin along the streets to the party in an abnormal silence for a couple blocks before he pointed across the street to a nightclub with large ads for a birthday party. Nobody but royals did that. "I don't want to gift her anything. She's just another royal with influence, but you might have seen her at events. I'm only trying to keep good ties to some influent royals and I need to know the last gossips, you never know when those may help us and whatnot." He pouted and turned his back to the nightclub, facing a late opened jewelry store. "But just to be sure she doesn't try to take you home, let's find something nice but not expensive… you should pick. You have a taste for picking gifts, I was never disappointed." Jeonghan mumbled. He walked inside the shop with Hyunjin, looking less enthusiastic than ever because he's not here for himself or for one of his actual friends. "I'll pay for this one, cause I'm dragging you to this party." His eyes lifted up to the other's hair and he huffed: Hyunjin's hair was always so perfect, even when messed a little, especially so, to Jeonghan's taste. But he figured he should keep this his selfish secret and lifted both hands to comb his auburn hair properly for a public event, his thumbs ending the gesture by brushing the strings over Hyunjin's eyebrows to the sides. His lips curled, at the sight of the younger's perfect looks and he was all energic again, his short Hyunjin-cure had done the trick. Jeonghan then dragged the other around all shiny things and pointing at what he liked, complemented by a "not for her" each time. He winced half a smile at the shop owner before he could misread the situation and advise them some expensive piece they wouldn't gift a royal they may as well not even speak to that night. 
♤ Hwang Hyunjin [A] 7 months ago
@♧ Yoon Jeonghan Something Hyunjin was worried his honesty might overstep some boundaries he had yet to see. He worried that he made the other do something that you don’t have it comfortable with and in some situations Hyunjin wondered if I should just stay quiet. He had a lot of feelings for Jeonghan and sometimes they even overwhelmed Hyunjin. So what if they overwhelmed the other too? What is the other one in to do something it wasn’t comfortable with like your fingers something in return that wasn’t there? Hyunjin wasn't asking for anything but having his favourite person in his life. That was all he wanted and needed. There wasn’t much else he could ask for. Especially not if his hands were slowly giving in and he could not trust on whatever solutions they had promised him. Because if he got his hopes up too high he would just fall apart if he was disappointed, again. And he could not burden Jeonghan with even more, could he?

A soft chuckle left the younger one's lips and he grinned at him. “You will not regret that,” he said and winked, maybe a little too suggestive though it wouldn’t be the first time after all. “Just don’t steal my blanket again.” He grinned at the other. It wouldn’t be the first time and Hyunjin even had a blanket in his closet just for Jeonghan though somehow he often woke up without blanket and just curled around Jeonghan to keep himself warm. Most times it was also exactly what he wanted. To just be close. “The taken ones are the most attractive? Is that so?” he laughed and shook his head amused. If Hyunjin was honest, he was not really interested in making friends. He had just lost one, more or less, and he wasn’t sure if he was even ready for such commitment. But if it made Jeonghan happy, he would do him the favour. “I’m neither looking forward for meeting more friends nor looking for a relationship. I hope you know that.” He chuckled and shook his head. Jeonghan knew why, knew all the worried in Hyunjin’s head, all the negative thoughts he sometimes kept closer than it was good for him. But not today. “True, no stars. More like you are holding galaxies in them,” Hyunjin gave back and he meant it. To him Jeonghan had the most beautiful eyes and sometimes Hyunjin wished he could just sit here and watch the other. His beautofu features and his smooth gestures and his intriguing smile. All of it was so dear to Hyunjin, he could not even say when it had started. He only knew it had not stopped. Probably would never stop. He would take this to his grave.

“I know I can count of you,” Hyunjin chuckled amused and eventually made his way to the counter with the price tags, paying most of it anyways. He had a lot of money, not only from his parents but from being able to work for a while already. He had started young and despite him having always wanted to work in science he had started in data analytics and it had been a very good choice. Hyunjin had access to whatever he wanted and it meant a huge amount of trust. He knew that and he was very grateful. “I will try to act as your counterpart,” he hummed amused and laughed when he called him honey sweet. Cute but he liked to disagree entirely. “We’ll see about that.” He shook his head amused. Hearing Jeonghan say he loved him more made his heart skip and best even faster and oh Hyunjin was so very glad it was so loud in here because otherwise Jeonghan would clearly have heard his heartbeat. How embarrassing. The smallest things could get him so flustered and head over heels, again and again. “I don’t think so, after all I’m taller. More space for love!” Just by one centimetre Hyunjin was taller in height though he still held tightly onto it. And he might still grow a bit, who knew? He was really holding onto it. It wasn’t much but he liked being tall even though his body was pretty lanky despite him trying his best to work out. At least he wasn’t just skinny. “So, we need to buy your party person a present,” Hyunjin reminded the other gently. “And then you need to show me the way.” Because, honestly, he had no idea where to go. His sense of direction was nice but he was still not the best with finding his way around when it came to people. The island was so often filled with new people, it was hard to keep in mind who lived where and such. His kind could hold a lot of information but not all was stored. “Do I even know the party person?” Because Hyunjin liked to be in the background he often knew people but those people easily oversaw home – which was actually to his advantage, he found.
♧ Yoon Jeonghan 7 months ago
@♤ Hwang Hyunjin The honesty of the sacred words froze Jeonghan's mind. He was not used to hearing confessions, even less from people he trusted to not lie. It wasn't the first time Hyunjin would say it to him and though he could normally return the feelings in a heartbeat, silence settled between them only emphasizing how seriously he considered them. Exposing true feelings would be the last thing Liesel scientists would do, but Hyunjin was above it all. His feelings had always been there for Jeonghan to see, anger, pain, joy. He could remember the day he had found Hyunjin at one of his lowest after his father had spat ferocious words, alienating his own son. Strong words spoken lightly had hurt Hyunjin so badly the younger had picked a taste for measured honesty, growing such a beautiful trait from a scar of life. Jeonghan smiled a genuinely happy smile and hummed, dwelling on the pride he took in those words. This love had been confessed over and over since Hyunjin was younger. It had alarmed Jeonghan as Hyunjin came of age and still had those precious words for him, finding himself quite unable to return them so easily when he was over eighteen and Hyunjin still young but now he believed they had the same love for each other, a bond that was deeper than friendship, resembling one of brothers or maybe soulmates if his own knowledge was based off the right definitions. He lost himself in the sweet feeling, knowing this wasn't the result of one of his schemes, this was real. Jeonghan could vant how he could get anything all thanks to a very intricate game of favors, or to the influence he could use throughout royals. But Hyunjin was no pawn on his chess board. Hyunjin was sitting by his side, witness to most of the sketchy moves he made, and yet, still by his side.

"Then I hereby declare you shall be my only company tonight." He decided, a victim of the blush gracing Hyunjin's features. He still worried about his friend's state of mind considering what was going on in his life. Company seemed a little luxury he should offer Hyunjin, as well as assistance. He believed his presence could help with the episodes of anger. "Not with a gun, but I could say I'm taking you on something resembling a date although it's a pretext to have you out, meeting people. The taken ones are the most attractive right? You will just have to let go of me often and make a few friends. That's a good way to be taken out right?" 
He laughed to his heart's content at the compliments indirectly cast his way. "There are no stars in my eyes, unless you're looking into them. You're the only one claiming I have infinity in my eyes, and I don't see them in the mirror, but I do see them in your eyes if I look into them properly." He was sending the compliment right back at Hyunjin, but it was no lie. He did frame Hyunjin's face when the latter would get overwhelmed, angry at the loss of sensitivity from the extremity of his fingers. And then, even for a fraction of seconds, he could glimpse into glistening orbs that held an infinity of emotions he could only watch, helpless. His last resort was still to promise it would be alright, and to hold him, embracing the unknown infinity for lack of better treatment.

Jeonghan snickered at the younger's protest to being called a kid. Figures of speech were always carefully picked by Public Relations and this was just an unfair tease. He rubbed his hands as the possibility of having to help his friend undressing later. He was glad Hyunjin was already ready to let him take over if his nerves went dormant this night. "That goes without saying. I shall take on that duty whether you need it or not." He announced, sounding a little bossy when all he was disguising was how he wanted for Hyunjin to not think of the potential nervous failure to entrust him instead. Jeonghan chuckled as Hyunjin made his choice of clothes and gave his reasons. “Then you better act as my best counterpart. ” he cheered and slipped into the white blouse with dark buttons. a perfect match to the back choker he had on. He kicked his own shoes and quickly tied the new white sneakers on before he moved on to Hyunjin’s shoes, helping with the zipper of his boots. When he stood up, he cupped Hyunjin’s face and sighed, smiling from ear to ear. “I honestly don’t know how much you love me, I can only measure it day after day and I know it’s a lot already; nobody loves me like you do.” Jeonghan’s palms felt the soft material of the other’s striped top along his arms, but he looked him in the eyes, smiling. It could be his act already, or just the truth. “And I try to love you more, Hyunjin. I think I just love you more.” he added and smirked, knowing he was not acting as sweet as he should now, making up for his words with a wide grin. His hands moved quickly to tear off the pricetags of all articles they had on and he grabbed his jacket. “Gather our things, Jin, We’re a go. The party is a couple streets away.” he announced, leaving the younger to go pay for all the articles. He was used to doing this in this shop and going straight to parties he hadn’t planned in advance. He asked the cashier for a bag they’d keep their clothes in and gave some cash to cover the bill. Not one to stay in place very long, Jeonghan had his jacket on when he found Hyunjin again and he hooked his arm around the younger’s after putting everything in the bag. “You still look so very cute, You should be the honeysweet one.” he pouted, and pulled the other’s arm as he guided them to the party.
♤ Hwang Hyunjin [A] 7 months ago
@♧ Yoon Jeonghan A soft chuckle lift Hyunjin’s lips and he shook his head amused. “Okay okay, you are right I'm not disagreeing with you,” he then said, an amused smile on his lips. He didn’t like to disagree with Jeonghan anyways so there was that. Surely like to tease the other but he prefer to just be with him and agreed with him. Jeonghan was one of the few people that never really annoyed him or drainef Hyunjin of his energy. Which was rather rare but he had learnt to appreciate that. One of the few people he let close aside from his twin. Hyunjin was not a secretive person, not at all, he was just pretty distant and liked to keep things to himself simply because that was who he was. He didn’t feel like spilling all his thoughts out or anything. He was not like his father. Spilling his thoughts right over Hyunjin, stating clearly what he thought about that and while Hyunjin preferred to not admit it, it would be a lie if he said it hadn’t hurt him. And oh, how it at hurt him. But Jisung knee and Jeongin and of course, Jeonghan. He had been the one who had found a crying Hyunjin curled up behind his bed, hiding from the world after his father’s confession. And despite it having been years ago, he still kept the distance to his father. That would never change.
“Nope,” Hyunjin said and chuckled slightly. “There is nothing to hide. You know how much I love you.” He poked Jeonghan’s cheek slightly. Yes, he wasn’t hiding it. Though he was not too sure if Jeonghan understood the extent of his feelings. But that was okay. As long as Hyunjin could have Jeonghan in his life and the other was happy, that was all he needed. No matter who Jeonghan dated or fell for. He just wanted to spend the rest of his life with the people he liked most. “So, yeah, pretty sure you know all my secrets.” He wasn’t a good liar anyways.

A gentle shake of his head and slightly red cheeks could be seen before Hyunjin even knew what to answer. Of course he had asked a few people to share his bed – or more like, theirs. He preferred that. But it had been a while and Hyunjin didn’t mind that. Especially on days like today he was not really eager to ask someone to go home with him – aside from the person who was with him, Jeonghan – simply because of his condition. It would be pretty disappointing if he couldn’t even give them a or touch them properly. Sure, Hyunjin was good with s and kisses, but he liked touching people. But he disliked touching strangers with his failing hands. Also he did like being on top most times and being unable to properly use his hands would definitely ruin the fun with that. Especially if a stranger had no idea what they were dealing with. “Not today,” Hyunjin said and gentle nudged the other. “Today I only want to take you home. Unless you find some company yourself.” He winked at the other. “I won’t tell you details but you can watch next time if you want,” he said teasingly, more as a joke than really meaning it. But with Jeonghan Hyunjin could be shameless. “Time to take me out, huh? With a shotgun or to a date?” He wasn’t even sure if Jeonghan meant anything like that though he was pretty sure the other only saw him like a brother or young friend. It was quite an age difference between them though Hyunjin did not feel as young as most people thought he was. Tragedy always made one grow up faster than necessary. Following the other he smiled and tilted his head slightly. “I don’t care where you work at, Jeong. You are an amazing person.” And nothing in the world could probably change that. “Nah, I can’t g around and tell the people how great you are. What if they kidnap you when they hear about your warm heart, beautiful smile and the stars in your eyes? Nope, can’t have that!” Being easy going with the other was so easy, even on days like this.

“I’ve known you my whole life, of course I know what you like to play. Especially dress up, you love that.” Hyunjin chuckled amused. He wondered if the other did that with his twin too but then again they were just different. Hyunjin had only a handful people he would die for, but those he held dearly and he didn’t care how different Jisung was. He belonged to those people just like Jeonghan and Jeongin. So of course the older had known how much it had hurt him the second the news had spread. But now he didn’t want to think about it as he couldn’t do anything to help Jeongin without breaching the laws. And that was something he didn’t do. Warhol and Lieseil knew what they were doing. Didn’t they? “Yah! I’m not a kid!” Hyunjin said and huffed, looking at Jeonghan. He had long stopped being a kid. “Nah, today I prefer to only be unwrapped by you. Because you might have to help me out of my clothes later.” If his hands kept working less. On a day like today it was most likely that at the end of the day they stopped working properly. With the clothes Jeonghan gave him, Hyunjin went into the changing room and started to undress. “That is a good question,” the younger than said. “But having you being a sweettooth is way too tempting. You take the white ones,” he grinned and took the pullover, putting it over his head. It messed his hair up a little more but he really did not mind. “I’m looking forward to you being all honey and sweets today.” They hadn’t done this in a while and he was really looking forward to it. Spending time with the other was always a good thing.
♧ Yoon Jeonghan 7 months ago
@♤ Hwang Hyunjin "I did. Don't you try to disagree with me or I will not drop this." Jeonghan warned, narrowing his eyes t Hyunjin. He knew why Hyunjin didn't wish to even entertain his fantasy, reducing himself to a missed experience, the son gone all wrong, which infuriated Jeonghan ever since he heard of the way Hyunjin's father considered his own son. This topic was so personal to him he'd argue on it until he'd fall asleep, slurring protests. Having the last word was event more important to him than getting his beautysleep and that alone was a rare exception. "Even your pout right now is confirming that I must have made you." The hurt look Hyunjin could create on his face could most likely halt the stream of a river, or arrest a dove's flight, but it definitely fueled Jeonghan's argument on how perfect Hyunjin was, unreliable nerves included. The large dark eyes that seemed unreadable, the thick lips so full and red compared to his Baby perfect pale skin; he was just a born masterpiece, just turned legal which Jeonghan had all issues believing. He pinched the younger's cheek softly and looked very surprised for a few seconds: "So you say you're not hiding anything from me? At all?" It wasall Jeonghan asked for, but somehow, he couldn't begin to imagine how one Warhol or Liesel executive would be entirely honest to someone. He considered everyone had one dark secret to keep, like he did. His ownhad a lot to do with how helpless he could feel regarding Hyunjin's condition, but he made sure that Hyunjin himself wouldn't know. Seeing how Hyunjin disliked his own body, failing him was already too much to let him know it made Jeonghan doubt the foundation of his every belief at rare times, in the darkest and coldest nights.

It was Jeonghan's turn to laugh, amused byt the younger's honesty about what he invited to his bed, which was hot chocolate, and who last touch Hyunjin, which turned out to be Hyunjin himself. He hadwanted this all along: raw honesty from Hyunjin, because it was how he'd get the younger one to speak up about anything he'd find wrong when he was just a kid. It had matured into this crude taste for details as they grew up, making Jeonghan laugh and return the favor if Hyunjin was ever curious. "Well, I know something can happen in the heat of the moment, and you might not know how to bring it up to me... You could even want to not think of a one nightstand yourself. I often hate myself a little for being so weak to some guys..." he shrugged and hummed, preparing for some line straight out of the gutter. "Alright, I wont ask for the details about how you touched yourself because you seem pretty proud of it already. It is really about time I take you out." he exclaimed and smiled cheekily. He listened to Hyunjin and smirked, taking the hand as soon as it was offered to pull Hyunjin to the nearest fancy shop. It would cost him to buy stuff in such a shop, but Hyunjin deserved the best stuff, as he liked to say. "It's not really a compliment to tell a Warhol he's a great human being..." he commented quietly so that only Hyunjin would hear. Working in this organization, though claiming to be altruistic, none of the member claimed they did what they did on a very sane mind, they weren't great human beings. They were just the smartest fishes of the tank, and self-made predators. "You make me souns so soft, Hyunjin, I hope you don't go around telling everyone my home is a garden." That would be quite the setback after proving he could be the meannest and snappiest spokesman of both organization.

Walking into a shop, he turned to Hyunjin and squeezed him to his side afterdropping the hand and sidehugging him shortly in reply to Hyunjin figuring he wanted to just play dress up with him. "I love that you know what I'll put you through but still let me do it. You've always been such a good kid, I don't deserve you." he said and smiled cutely at Hyunjin, right before his eyes widened, focusing on an item behing Hyunjin. "Oh they have berets!" It wouldn't be the first time he'd have Hyunjin try on cute outfits inside changing rooms just to get inside and take pictures of him. If he was a fan of velvety chokers, he loved dessing Hyunjin with ribbons tied around Hyunjin's collars, the biggest were favored. Or just oversized shirts. "If you want to be unwrapped, then the ribbon on you should be so big everyone will imagine themselves untyeing it to ully unwrap you." Jeonghan settled for a white and navy horizontal striped oversized pull and the navy army-style beret he had grabbed on the way, he gave Hyunjin a nudge into the nearest changing room. He was then out and back in with a long white blouse and two pairs of shoes in the size they now shared. "Shall we complete your look in casual white sneaker or in dark combat boots? You pick one and I'll pick the other." He happened to raid Hyunjin's fancy dressing room, so picking clothes that were interchangeable was a clever way to shop with Hyunjin. "I'll spice up the game with this: if I wear the combat boots, I'll be the pest, and if I wear the sneakers, I'll be the toothache that wil kill with nice compliments, all night." he said and smiked, removing his own jacket and green wool pull to try the blouse on. It was no secret he liked playing roles around royals, but it also usually meant he'd mostly laugh with Hyunjin rather than truly bond with royals. But if he waswith Hyunjin, then he was definitely going to be a bit of a clown.
♢ Mark Tuan [h] 7 months ago
@♦ Kim Dahyun [ lol it's okay bub, no worries ]

Mark was supposed to arrive at the cafe since an hour ago but thanks to the unwelcomed encounter with one of the Lieseil people on his way, he had no choice but to spare some of his time to discuss about some prime matters related to the next patient selection. Though of course, he couldn't concentrate at all, his mind was filled with certain someone. Sure, he might have acted like a spoiled brat and sometimes teased Dahyun way too much until the poor girl cries but best believe it wasn't because he hated her, he just couldn't help the urge to mess around, and if anything, the fellow royal was probably the only female he wouldn't mind hanging out with on his precious weekends. He knew the girl would be already there and he was nothing but eager to leave from this mess asap.

20 minutes past their planned time and He finally made it alive to the destination, hair a little messy due to the wind. "Missed me?" was the first thing he said as he plopped down on the seat across from Dahyun, flashing a soft smile at her before letting a small tired sigh slip past his lips as he let his eyes wander around the cafe. It was a pretty nice place. he must say, the decorations, the peaceful atmosphere and how he could smell the freshly brewed coffee. "Why are you not eating anything, it's on me" He spoke once again, bringing his gaze back to the female in front of him. Maybe he was thinking too much but it seemed as if his friend had lost some weight and he didn't really like how the girl's chubby cheeks were slimming down. "Order or else I'll feed you" He was not kidding, he would do it for real and he believed Dahyun knew him well enough to not take it as a joke.
♤ Hwang Hyunjin [A] 7 months ago
@♧ Yoon Jeonghan A soft laugh left Hyunjin's lips and he shook his head. How was it the Jeonghan always knew how to make him smile or just get rid of all the bad thoughts that were making the way through his heart and mind into his body? He always stopped them from spreading and it helped Hyunjin in so many ways he was probably never able to show how grateful he was for Jeonghan. She had so often been her savior that Hyunjin had been unable to keep counting. Sometimes he gifted him a few things out of the blue. Something the other had been talking about, something he had liked or just something the younger had found in a store nearby he had passed and found very fitting for his favourite friend.
"Yah! You didn't create me!" A pout was seen on his lips. Because if Jeonghan had created him he would be so much more perfect than Hyunjin thought he was. He would be better. "Good thing I am not hiding anything from you," he snorted and shook his head amused, looking at his favourite face. Jeonghan was handsome, yes, some of the reasons Hyunjin wondered how the other was still single. But aside from that his personality was great and all Hyunjin wanted to do was cup the other's cheeks and tell him how amazing he was. He did not because he knew that it would be pretty weird if he did and sometimes he almost acted on it. Just almost.

A soft but loud laugh left Hyunjin's lips and he shook his head amused. Of course Jeonghan thought something like this when in fact that had not been the case. Hyunjin rarely took anyone to bed and he preferred if it was not his bed. He liked to stay anonymous so it worked with royals but as soon as they came too close he liked to flee. Obviously he was not good with commitment unless it came to Jeonghan. He'd gladly commit himself all to him but he knew the other might see him more as a brother than anything else. Or at least he feared so.
"I spilled my hot chocolate. And with that I mean literally hot chocolate." He chuckled amused. "So you might notice the scent of chocolate in my room because despite trying to get the stain out of my mattress, you can still smell it everywhere." He chuckled and looked amused at Jeonghan. "Why, did you think I'd get someone and bed him without letting you know?" While most people did not know that Hyunjin liked exclusively guys, Jeonghan did. He had come out to him and his brother a few years ago but no one else. It was not a secret but he couldn't dare to tell his parents. What if they tried some more experiments on him again? Not gonna risk it.
"So you know it all. I haven't touched anyone else ever since the last time I told you about. I only touched myself." He winked at the other. It was not a secret. He was no teenager but sometimes even he had needs. Which was bothersome when his hands were not working properly, but oh well.

"Yeah or I just like you a lot cause you are a great human being," Hyunjin laughed and shook his head amused. It was sweet how Jeonghan called him perfect and it did make him feel happy and great. Though Hyunjin wondered how Jeonghan still saw so much value in him despite himself being so useless sometimes. It was fascinating and confusing but it also made him feel good.
"Well, good thing my parents are in both organisations," Hyunjin said and winked to Jeonghan. Officially Hyunjin worked for both Lieseil Inc and Warhol Stars though Lieseil was where his father worked so most people associated him with it. Though his mother worked at Warhol together with his twin. He had all the good access and knowledge he needed to get anywhere he wanted.
"The gift she wanted? I hope you aren't talking about me cause I'm not gonna put a ribbon on me and wrapping paper. I'm only here to be unwrapped." He grinned brightly at the other and nodded. "You just wanna put me in weird clothes." He laughed but it made him feel warm and forget the bothersome doubts and worries. "You don't have to fight for me, I'll go home with you any time." He winked at Jeonghan and got up, offering his hand for the other to take if he wanted to. Sometimes they felt like it and on days were Hyunjin's hand were useless, the only thing he could feel was warmth and Jeonghan's hand were always warm to him. "Pretty sure though you'll catch someone who wants to take you home." He winked at his friend and chuckled.
♧ Yoon Jeonghan 7 months ago
@♤ Hwang Hyunjin Jeonghan beamed when Hyunjin so easily believed his words. He knew it was a struggle to sometimes pull Hyunjin out of the negative thoughts, to clear his mind of the rancor he had for Warhol taste for messes they couldn’t correct in the end. Jeonghan supposed they’d invest a little more if more shared the condition, and that was how some mad scientists were motivated, since hurt themselves. But Hyunjin had a better nature, almost too good for Warhol, a thought Jeonghan thought tooth and nail. He still worried Hyunjin would need a little more reassurance to feel better, longer than for their time together. Hugs were his go to medicine, if he didn’t have time; his presence was best, extended to the longest while if he could. 
Jeonghan acted like the poke to his chest had surprised him, eyes wide, gasping dramatically. “I don’t just read you, I must have created and written you this perfect!” he added and that itself was a narrative he used at times if Hyunjin was being negative about who he was and his condition. Jeonghan happened to say Hyunjin was his, thus perfect, something he quitted when he figured the younger boy could need to belong to someone else in more ways. “Anything you hide from me, I know already. I choose to not mention, because I’m nice, but only with you.”

He didn’t have the heart to refuse Hyunjin cuddles, no matter the place. Hyunjin insisted also underlined his potentially needing the treatment. If this helped Hyunjin, then of course…
“You changing the sheets is supposed to be a relief? Now I’m curious who you last shared your bed with and what exactly happened.” he commanded, raising his chin enough to mock-look down on Hyunjin, being impolitely noisy. He had always asked for the sordid details of everything. From Hyunjin’s first kisses to work experiences. Past curiosity, he liked to pull the thoughts that may gangrene the younger’s mind regularly; love affairs details were however just a way to get Hyunjin to be shocked or extra teasing. One or the other would satisfy Jeonghan. “I’m not touching the bed unless I know all.”

“And you like me a lot, obviously. I made you that way too I guess.” He shrugged but his eyes did narrow shortly. Not so many people deliberately admitted to liking him without asking anything in return, and not so many people meant no one except Hyunjin. Next thing, Jeonghan blushed a little, eyes looking by the window, that outer world that did not interest him the slightest. “Well listen to that smug brat, bragging about his all-access birthright.” he chuckled, still looking out. Hyunjin wasn’t really bragging, it was even nice of him to offer him to be a plus one, no matter the party. He hardly ever asked Hyunjin, just to not use him, he wanted to make it clear that they were friends first rather than means to ends.
“Going places with you screams Warhol delegation, but your smiles and looks are always a plus. Plus the heiress might be happy if I bring her the gift she wanted…” he singsang, his feet nudging playfully Hyunjin’s leg under the table. He heard the questions and gasped, clutching his chest like he lacked air. For a man of well picked words, Jeonghan was quick to actions with Hyunjin’s inquiries. He stood up and stretched.
“Okay then a little work and a lot of napping? We can go pick outfits, matching ones of course. Then we should go to the party, have some fun if we can, and earn ourselves some good rest. Still, if you feel like going home earlier, we shall go home, no questions asked. Deal?” he asked and set down a bill to cover all his coffees and Hyunjin. He smiled at the bartender and pulled on Hyunjin’s sleeve to get going. "Let's go to the mall and get a gift too." His excitement was familiar to all the times he knew he'd dress Hyunjin up to his whims. "I'll make you look so cute I won't go home with you if I don't fight to keep you."
♤ Hwang Hyunjin [A] 8 months ago
@♧ Yoon Jeonghan Oh how much Hyunjin wished he could so easily believe what Jeonghan told him. Yes, it had been years and they were making progress in different kinds of areas but when it came to his kind of damage they were helpless and useless. And some point Hyunjin had wondered if they even did care. Because after all he was just one single person suffering from barely endurable damage to the nerves that was slowly but surely crawling through his body. But losing him would not be a huge loss for them, would it? He was the son of lieutenant Hwang and his father was quite a highly ranked person in the organisation but to this man all Hyunjin was, was a failure. Nothing more, nothing less. Despite what he had managed to achieve, despite him reaching the best grades and knowing almost everything of the organisation there had to be known. But Jisung was resistant to whatever treatment had left the damage on Hyunjin so, of course, he was the disappointment while his twin was the reward to whatever there had ever been. Just that Jisung’s last name was not Hwang but Han, and therefore was inaccessible for his father. Which made him even angrier. And while Hyunjin was mostly able to keep his own anger issues under control it sometimes bubbled up inside him to the point that he wished for a different life. Or dead, but that was rarely the wish that won as he really wanted to be alive. Just not this helplessly. So he needed to trust that he was valuable enough for the organisation. He was not doubting them, no. He was doubting his own value and worth.
“I guess you are right,” Hyunjin said and smiled at Jeonghan. “Maybe they are already working on something that will help.” But who could blame them if they were not? After all there was so much more important than one single life. “I should always request for you,” he said and winked at the other, humming. Whenever Jeonghan was around he felt so much better and he wished the other would just never leave and would simply stay with him wherever he went. “You’ve been reading my mind ever since we met.” He chuckled and poked the other’s cheek slightly. It was soft and he was glad he felt that at least. “There is no use in hiding anything from you after all.” He winked at him and hummed happily, sipping from his cappuccino. It was a nice one and it really tasted good so he was fast with drinking it. At least for now his stomach did not complain.

“Then my bed it is then,” Hyunjin said and winked, maybe a little too flirty but that was just how he was around the people he was the most comfortable around. There were not too many people he got easily along with as most people preferred to not cross paths with him if they knew who his parents were. But neither Jeonghan nor Jeongin had cared about that and it had been so easy to just be with them as he had grown up with them, together with Jisung. But now Jeongin was not part of them anymore though it had never been his fault. He pushed the thought away and hummed. “I just changed the sheets so you will enjoy a very fresh bed!” He winked at the other, grinning brightly.
“Well, or I just like you a lot, that is a difference.” Hyunjin gentle nudged the other’s hand after he had finally emptied the cappuccino. It was nice to just be here with Jeonghan. A chuckle left his lips and he shook his head amused when he heard Jeonghan’s need for an invitation. “Well, you could probably come along with me. You know, I am allowed everywhere and, well, I always could say you are my plus one.” He shook his head amused. He was not really one to spend a lot of time outside but there was that. “Mh, family emergency is good but you would miss your gossip. Though watching movies with you is always a great idea.” Though Jeonghan was really good at crying Hyunjin never minded it. It meant he could spend time with one of the people he liked most so why not? “So… you wanna nap? And what party is that? When do you have to be there?” Questions over questions but he was a curious one, saving every piece of data in his head. Or at least he thought so.
♧ Yoon Jeonghan 8 months ago
@♤ Hwang Hyunjin Jeonghan silently agreed to the rhetorical question: there was no other way for Hyunjin but to live on and be strong despite how cruelly his nerves failed him, more and more. The meds seemed to work less and Hyunjin was so young, too young to not /feel/ like anyone else. Jeonghan couldn't allow himself to even think past that fact as next would come the time to put the blame on something and the obvious culprit was out of question. Jeonghan was deeply torn between the firm that hat created this issue and the firm that he believed in which were one: Warhol. "I think that the situation with Jeongin might also not help." He deviated, knowing they were helpless if a loved one was taken in. Doing something for a potential traitor was collusion afterall. Jeonghan himself couldn't imagine himself as a friend of a traitor, he could only make sure to keep his own friends close to him, on the right and only path. Hearing the annoyance in Hyunjin's tone had Jeonghan smile a little though he did freeze shortly. It felt like Hyunjin was almost cursing at the established order and that was blasphemy. Even Hyunjin was living under the same rules, the same threats. Jeonghan had noticed how at times, the young man would let his anger out against the little accomplishments of Warhol. It was still not treason but it lacked faith and that alone was already bad news. But with Hyunjin he could understand and he let pass, he was there and wouldn't go anywhere too, contrary to how Jeonghan would be with anyone else having little faith about warhol. This condition was scaring and worsening every week and clearly, Warhol was more about tearing apart than mending these days. There was still hope and Jeonghan would cling to it, because his life had to have a meaning.
"So it's been a few years now, but they are making progress every day. I have faith they will come up with a remedy. We just have to wait." He couldn't be too authoritative with this since he had no idea how it felt like, being a victim while being on the powerful side of Warhol. Jeonghan realized he never felt helpless. Except around Hyunjin. 
The smiles on the other's face were fueling his hopes enough to keep on teasing him. 
"Yeah, do request for me. At least because I know your thoughts." He lied with a smile. It resembled the crazy things he'd tell Hyunjin when he was a kid, wonder stories about superpowers. He knew pretty soon Hyunjin played along but Jeonghan still loved the way Hyunjin looked up to him, like he was everything.

Jeonghan was thrilled when allowed to nap under the other's desk, but he studied Hyunjin after the offer to properly nap in bed, an amused smile on his face. Hyunjin could do this so nonchalantly: inviting him to his bed for a nap, and just get away with it, like he always had and Jeonghan shook his head. “Well if you’re not going back to the office then I don’t see the point of laying under your desk.” He held back all comments about the comfort of Hyunjin’s bed or about going there at all, knowing he would enjoy spending time there with Hyunjin, but he simply prefered when it happened rather than going there for cuddles. It had to do with being irreprochable; with being the public face of a business and with protecting Hyunjin like his own little brother. His hesitation was blatant, but what was even more certain was how proud he felt of Hyunjin when the younger flattered him.
“Look how good you are to me, I raised you so well.” Well that was rich from the blond guy who taught fairy tales and made up backstories every time he opened his mouth with Hyunjin as kids. He in the last drop of his cappuccino a little too fast then leaned forward, forearms on the table to hold onto one of the younger’s wrists, thumbs rubbing his skin. "But I need to get an invitation to that fancy party the royals are having. Small one. In a club, for some birthday, I couldn't care, I just need the access to the best gossips." He explained and shrugged. "But of course if I have a family emergency, then I could ditch the job and comb your hair while we watch something way too cheesy, as per usual: you're family and you do like your romantic-cry-me-a-river movies." The former was true to Jeonghan, but he was the one needing the worst romantic movies and then would blame his tears on Hyunjin, he liked drama so much he'd cry no matter what after one hour into a movie, that was a ground rule. He had no idea how Hyunjin still accepted to see him make a scene every time.
♤ Hwang Hyunjin [A] 8 months ago
@♧ Yoon Jeonghan A gentle chuckle left Hyunjin’s lips when he heard Jeonghan’s words. He knew that the other really meant it – Jeonghan was the only one who knew how much Hyunjin really suffered from the consequences of the experiments. Yes, of course it was seen on paper what it did to him but it also took a toll on him mentally. Sometimes he could barely hold a pen and he had to rely on the audio recorder and his nose as his fingers could barely touch the screen. And it made him feel useless though he knew his brain was not. But how was he supposed to learn more and eventually be a surgeon, doctor or scientist if he could not use his arms? And yes of course he could ask for prosthesis but that was for now not an option. Not because he would have to get his arms cut off, no. But because the nerves in his body were dying. Bit by bit. And even cutting off his limbs would probably not help at all – that was what the doctors had said. It wondered Hyunjin if eventually he would lose feeling in his entire body and he just hoped that someone would be so nice and warn him so he could find a way to, well, take himself out of the impending misery. But first he wanted to help, create stuff, figure stuff out. He wanted to make a difference in the organisation. “You are soft but is there any other way I have?” He smiled and gently squeezed the other’s hands again but it was weak. At least he could still feel the warmth radiating from Jeonghan’s hands. It was like the last straw he was gripping on tightly, hope he was holding onto. After all the last few treatments hadn’t helped at all. “It just pissed me off that they cannot figure out something that helps when they can create world changing stuff,” he admitted. Of course, his anger issues were under control with his medication but that didn’t mean he could not get angry and, honestly with all that was happening, hopeless as well. “Just... Yeah. And Jeongin's parents, of course,” he admitted but he was more than sure that Jeonghan already knew it. He would not admit it in front of anyone else but it was okay to admit it in front of Jeonghan because he was the closest he had aside from his twin. But that was different too.

And then Jeonghan suddenly pulled Hyunjin's hands to his chest and despite the lack of feeling he could still feel the warmth and how nice the touch felt despite the lack of being able to properly touch it. Surprised he looked at the other, only for his friend to suddenly make kissy faces that ended with the younger chuckling softly, shaking his head amused. Jeonghan always knew how to get a smile on his face, no matter the issue. It worked every time, silly faces, stupid puns and soft kisses. It was all so very endearing. It made him happy and laugh in such short time, it meant a lot to him. “I should only ask for your treatment from now on,” he said and chuckled, watching the other like he was his whole universe. He trusted him completely, no matter what. He knew no matter what, Jeonghan would be there for him. And he would be there for Jeonghan. “Cappucchino is perfect,” he said gently and smiled when the older suddenly had the straw in their coffees. It was not a secret that he often had to use this method to drink and right now it meant the world to him. “It’s like you can read my thoughts,” he hummed, knowing that if he tried to pick up the mug it would fall down or not even lift at all. He sighed and then took a sip. “You are always welcome to nap under my desk but you do know we could just nap together in my bed. I can’t do proper work anyways and my bed is the best.” He smiled warmly. It wouldn’t be the first time that they napped in Hyunjin’s bed as it was pretty comfortable after all. He had gotten some extra treatment so his body was comfortable to the max, after all they had caused him enough damage already. Listening to the other’s worries he blinked surprised and tilted his head. “You? Losing your charm or worth? Bull, Jeonghan! I’m pretty sure they are just intimidated because you are so damn handsome, smart and charming. No worries, if I were them I’d immediately go with you.” He gently poked the other’s nose, something he was still able to do despite his numb hands.
♢ Kim Dahyun [A] 8 months ago
@Mark Tuan Dahyun stared out of the window beside the table she had chosen in the corner of the café. It was just after lunch time where people crowded the café to grab a quick bite, a quick drink, or have a quick meeting with friends. She was thankful to have found a table in which most people would easily miss. A soft ray of sunlight pierced through the window, shining down onto a part of her face that was rested on top of her palm with her elbow on the table. She admired the weather until her glass of iced latte entered her vision and was settled in front of her by the kind waiter.

Dahyun takes a sip of her drink, the corners of her lips curving into a satisfied smile before getting lost in her thoughts as she resumed her pose to stare out the window once more. She didn’t mind waiting longer for a certain male to occupy the seat across from her.

[ i’m sorry i don’t have any more brain cells to make this longer hnnnng ;; ]
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♧ Yoon Jeonghan 8 months ago
@♤ Hwang Hyunjin The hands placed in his was yet another reason for Jeonghan to genuinely smile. In their world, trust was to be given with extreme precaution. Each day was a test, even for long time friends. His warm palms cradled the other’s cold hands in a cocoon. He figured it was very cold outside and Hyunjin maybe didn’t bother wearing gloves; he always assumed the other was okay rather than jumping to the worse case scenario. But he got the tiniest clue when he felt a weak squeeze of his hands, just weak enough for Jeonghan to know something was holding Hyunjin back. Whatever it was, this was the reason why he wanted to meet him.
Jeonghan blinked as he heard about the reason why the other’s friend was in trouble. That was the worse; it was the kind of trouble his own mother had almost gone through. It was the reason why all these years she had been walking on her toes. Warhol and Liesel took no risks, but they sure took prisoners, a lot of those lately. Jeonghan nodded to knowing the rules, but somehow, it was Hyunjin’s apparent indifference to it that sent chills down his back, though the blue and white striped shirt he had on was a little off season. He smiled warmly when Hyunjin said he was okay, though the blond would translate it to Hyunjin wanting to be okay mostly.
“You’re so strong, Hyunjin.” he commented quietly, almost to himself. They all had to be, but Jeonghan still looked out for the younger boy like he did as a kid himself, making sure the other wouldn’t get shocked. He had been close to helpless when the organization had laid out ideas on him and Jeonghan, though loyal, just clenched his teeth when he saw the consequences. Collateral damage was easy to live with, until it touched the loved ones.

His hold on the younger’s hands lessened shortly, like they were fragile but Jeonghan knew how they felt, he knew how Hyunjin described it only and his worried gaze showed just how he couldn't wrap his head about the kind of pain and frustration this condition was. There were good and bad days with this treatment, but Jeonghan wished to always be an improvement for his friend so he smile and pulled the other's hands to his chest, sheltering them to his torso and trapping them with his own hands. "Of course it didn't since you didn't try the Jeonghan-treatment today! Why do you think I was so impatient to see you!" And with this, Jeonghan was back with his silly demeanor, lips pursed in a kissy face, smacking the air just above the tips of the younger's fingers. Oh he had even less shame as an adult than he had as kid, knowing his charms could could compensate anything outrageous if needed and more importantly ready to be a complete clown to see Hyunjin smile. There was nothing he could do but be there and try to make the other laugh, always. But the innefficiency of the meds was becoming recurrent and that caught Jeonghan's attention. He stopped at the question about his well being and nodded, eyesmiling before he guided the other's hands to one of the mugs, carefully testing the temperature with the thin skin of his wrist beforehand. Jeonghan pulled his mug to his chest half of the table but immediately worried for Hyunjin, having to trust his hands to hold the heavy mug. Every uneasy situation had a solution to him and he used this one often to not make Hyunjin uncomfortable, wether Hyunjin would want to rely on his hands or not: he picked a pair of paperstraws and dipped one in his cappuccino, making the other dance above the younger's cup if he wanted to join his frenzy. 
"I got us cappuccinos because I didn't know what you'd wish for. I've had a few coffees already so I'm a little hyper and I will most likely request to nap under your desk, or something once the caffeine is gone." He laughed softly, eager to really request so. He on the cappuccino with the straw, knowing it would get the coffee only faster to his head. "Mh aside from that, I've been looking for more royals to exploit… they are so resistant to my charms! Why are they so resistant to my charms? How? Hyunjin, have I lost my worth?" He pressed on, frowning.
♤ Hwang Hyunjin [A] 8 months ago
@♧ Yoon Jeonghan Seeing Jeonghan's face light up was endearing and Hyunjin had often wondered if this happened when he met others too but Hyunjin had never noticed it with anyone else. Though he wouldn't really mind it, seeing the stars in the other's eyes shine so brightly was just a great plus. He preferred looking into Jeonghan's eyes more than holding his hands but he knew how important it was for the other. It was like a ritual the older held very dear to him, something that made him feel better and Hyunjin knew it but on days like this he preferred to not let the other hold his hands. The reason was simple and different than people might think: he was not hiding anything. No, not at all, especially not from Jeonghan. He was as close to him as his twin was do why would he hide anything. No, it was the numbness in his hands he had a hard time accepting. It had gotten more, there were now more days were he had a hard time feeling things with his hands, his nerves giving up on him, betraying him, just like the parents of their friend had done.

However he reached forward, putting his hands in Jeonghan's hands. He felt that they were warm, probably from holding the coffee cups - he had still no idea how Jeonghan could drink so much coffee at once, if Hyunjin even considered doing that, it would tear his stomach apart and crumble it into thousand pieces. And he preferred that to not happen. Gently he squeezed the other's hand but it was just a tiny gesture, light enough for Jeonghan to know today was not a good day.

Shortly he nodded to the person that brought their drink, finally, before he looked back to Jeonghan. "Yeah," he sighed and his lips. "It's his parents who ed up but... We all know the rules." And he was no one to slightly doubt or disobey them. He doubted his parents, yes, but because they were his parents and not because of their position. But that was an entirely difference story.
"I'm okay, I'd say," Hyunjin said and shrugged slightly, not entirely sure of his current state. He had yet to talk to his friend and of course he'd make sure he got the best treatment he could - which was, of course, not a lot. But he had not done anything wrong, he was young and people had expected him to soon take a higher position. Just for his parents to turn traitors. How could they even have considered this? This place was great, it had so many opportunities and possibilities, why would anyone turn their back on it?
"The treatment yesterday didn't do , my hands are bad today." The left hand more than the right hand, the scars on the left hand clearly shows the state. He still hoped someone would finally create something that would help.
"Aside from that, I think I'm okay." He meant it. Yes he was angry at his friend's parents and his hands bothered him but aside from that he was okay. "What about you?" He smiled slightly at the other, trying to relax.
♧ Yoon Jeonghan 8 months ago
@♤ Hwang Hyunjin Jeonghan’s face lit up when someone sat in front of him, chance was that it was just the one he was waiting for. He smiled hearing the other’s question and remained addly silent for someone who had spent the last half hour spamming Hyunjin. He loved how Hyunjin looked in this spot. The cafe was overall white, except for thin black lines in between tiles and copper seats and utensils. Hyunjin’s hair were so dark, and his eyes seemed even darker in this light, impenetrable. He couldn’t read his friend at all, but the other had made the trip and that was a victory already, considering the circumstances.
“Well seeing you is an emergency, of course I’d wait for you, hun.” He said softly and leaned forward, arms extended to Hyunjin’s half of the table before he clapped them a couple times and faced his palms upward, wordlessly requesting for the other’s hands.

He liked to shelter the other’s hand, for many reasons. In Warhol, he had learn that if trained liars could fool even professionals, bodies just spoke for themselves. And while Jeonghan wasn’t on a crusade to find out if his friend was hiding anything from him, he still needed to know how Hyunjin was feeling to protect him to the best of his abilities. He requested a lot of hand holding, even if it meant to receive negative answers. 

He could already hear the waiters getting busy behind the counter, for the treats he had ordered for when his friend would have. “Thank you for making it. I heard things were not going so great for a friend of yours…” He was quick to get to the point. If Hyunjin didn’t wish to talk about it, well of course Jeonghan would still press on the matter until the end of times. He poked his head to the side, one eyebrow slightly raised as he scrutinized the younger’s face. He wanted to see through Hyunjin on this, to know where his friend stood when one of his friends was deemed a threat by Liesel and Warhol. “How are you holding up, Hyunjin?”
Two cappuccino were brought to their table, his empty cup taken away. Jeonghan went so far as to say thank you to the waiter while keeping his eyes on his friends all the while.
♤ Hwang Hyunjin [A] 8 months ago
@♧ Yoon Jeonghan (aye aye sir!)

At first Hyunjin had not noticed that his phone had lit up and buzzed gentle. He had been deep in his research, head caught up in clouds of files, numbers and words that were holding him captive. It was easy to find details he needed though today was a day his hands were tingling and feeling slightly numb despite the treatment the day before. It almost felt like it did not matter anymore, like his body would do what he wanted anyways. It was annoying, really, because he needed his hands to type for his job but today he had to press each key extra hard. Growling he decided to just drop it for now and when his phone lit up again, he eventually checked it.
Jeonghan. Oh he could already hear the other being annoyed for having to wait so long.

"Wait a little longer. On my way," Hyunjin typed and sent it before grabbing his coat. He didn't even turn off his computer, just leaving it like this and leaving the office, phone in his cold hand that felt sore but numb at the same time. He had not expected Jeonghan to contact him like this, not today, but it made him wonder what was going on. Had something happened? Or was his friend just bored as he sometimes was and demanding his attention. He'd figure it out soon, hopefully, in case the other really waited some more for him - maybe he should buy him a coffee or a piece of cake, it wasn't like it mattered to his bank account at all.

Lucky for Jeonghan the café was not too far away from the building and his long legs easily carried him there within a few minutes and once he saw the person in question still sitting on a table, coffee cup in his hands, a sigh of relief slipping from his lips. Of course it would not have been a waste to come here as the coffee was amazing but it would have still bugged him if Jeonghan had already left.
"Yoh," Hyunjin said and sat down across from the other, his own cheeks a bit red from the cold outside. It was getting to the freezing point way too fast and Hyunjin was not a man made for the cold. "What was so urgent you'd even wait here for me?" He said curiously and looked at the other. Maybe he could really order them some more coffee.


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