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✗ Kawamoto Ruri 1 month ago
[Open to anyone]
✗ Kawamoto Ruri 1 month ago
With hand grasping for breath attempting to fight the weariness exhaustion of her now lime body Ruri clamped her lender manicured hand over the dripping crimson plasma oozing out of her lower abdomen. A low grown escaped her lips as she continued to force herself to keep moving. No matter what the cost she had to keep moving or she would be at risk of being recaptured. No, she wouldn’t she refused to go back to that life. The blood continued to mercilessly seep out of her body causing her vision to blur a kaleidoscope of blurred lights. “ I… I can’t… I am not they’re toy...any...more~” Where her last words before she clasped losing conscious upon your doorstep.


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Jinhyuk01 5 days ago
Can you add Kim Sungkyu?
JichuJisoo 1 week ago
can I reserve Hirai Momo please??
KpopVamp 2 weeks ago
Felix Lee, please? ^^
CallMeCaptin 2 weeks ago
Christopher Bang please
orionsbelt 4 weeks ago
could you add and reserve Jung Jaehyun for me?
ahgassi 1 month ago
song mino, please!
blackfirelove99 1 month ago
valehearted 1 month ago
kim jongin please?
vronvron 1 month ago
Hey there~ could I reserve Byun Baekhyun~?
mizudori 1 month ago
i kinda miss this place, may i come back?
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