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recreation room
This room is especially for our guests that have decided to undergo the mind-altering. Here you find some peace and calm you need in your everyday life. Maybe you can even find a companion to talk about your life-changing events!
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♤ Park Jimin 7 months ago
@✇ Earth Katsamonat Jimin watched the other curiously and smiled happily. Oh, this kid was really trying to come along and walk on his own. It was impressive, after all the drug surely had made the other dizzy and weak. Unless it had fully worked he would feel like that and it was fascinating. "You know, sleep would help you with feeling better, right?" he said and saw the other falling too his knees. Yes, exactly what he had expected but it was still interesting how he was trying to keep going and protect himself. His insticts were still there, strong and still kicking.

"Something that will do wonders if you'd just let it work," Jimin said and nodded towards the guards that then walked in and helped Earth up. "Sorry, I cannot just ignore the meeting we have today." He had to make sure the drug was still working in Earth's body so it would eventually just work the way he wanted. He knew the patient was weak but not weak enough to just stop any kind of experiment.
✇ Earth Katsamonat [h] 7 months ago
@♤ Park Jimin Cute? Did this guys just call him cute? Earth glared at him and the two guards that were clearly outside of the room. He's been made well aware of how they were with people who resisted, however, Earth was indeed a very stubborn person. Earth rolled his eyes and looked away from the other male. "Like I haven't heard that before." he mumbled. With all the strength he could muster, Earth got up to his feet, the wall being his only support. The lack of sleep and the mixture of the drugs in his system made his body feel heavy as bricks.

Earth tried to take a step but everything started to spin and he fell down to one knee while a hand flew up to his head. "What ... did you guys give me?" he asked and winced at the banging in his head. When it seemed that that male in front of him was moving towards him, Earth instinctively moved back to his corner and sat down. If only he could get the rest he needed, he wouldn't be this vulnerable.
♤ Park Jimin 7 months ago
@✇ Earth Katsamonat "You are so cute, 0111," Jimin said and cupped his own cheeks in delight. Oh, he liked this patient. He was so stubborn and fascinating, how could one not like him? One of his favourites, clearly. And he had already tried so many drugs the other was slightly resistant to - of course he had not told the other, he noted it down in his files but Earth Katsamonnat would never really hear about any of the results. He was just a subject - Jimin disliked to call them patients, after all it was not like they were here to get answers and healed. No, not exactly. But it was important to keep the farce after all.

"I will surely find something I can do to you. Something nice and fascinating!" Jimin looked like he was just extremely happy and excited - which he was. Working with Earth was always great. "So, are you coming or do you prefer to get carried by my security men? They will love to carry you. But you know, it is always a bother with the bruises." He pouted a bit, wondering what the other's reply would be.
✇ Earth Katsamonat [h] 8 months ago
@♤ Park Jimin Earth's eyes drooped down and but as soon as his head fell slightly, he sat back up straight. Leaning against the wall, he tried to stay awake by staring at the wall across from him. The room he was in had only one window, but it was barely enough to stick his hands through. In most places, they would call this room the solitary room. It might as well be called that, because he was always alone. He only got to see the doctors and nurses that ran this organization, and even then, it made Earth feel alone. There was honestly a time when he thought it would be easier to just die, but strong will just couldn't give in.

His eyes just drooped down again when the door to the room opened. He turned his gaze to the male who walked in and hugged his knees close to his chest. The man had to be another doctor getting ready to run tests on him again. He hasn't been there long, but he could tell that this one in particular was different from the others. If anything, he looked ruthless. "And if I don't want to go with you?" Earth shot back, "What more will you do to me that you haven't done already?"
♤ Park Jimin 8 months ago
@✇ Earth Katsamonat "Good morning," Jimin hummed happily as he knocked on the door of the recreation room he found patient 0111. One of the patients he had yet to get used to, as Jimin had yet not figured out how he'd like to think about him. At least not yet. He tilted his head curiously and looked at the man in front of him in his chair, stubbornly staring away. That was one of the things he really liked: really stubborn lab humans. He was here to break them after all.

"How are you feeling today?" He looked happy, excited, and if one did not know, they would not expect him to be a doctor with his young age. Curiously he tilted his head - outside he had a few security men in case the other preferred to not tag along but they would figure that out within a few moments, he was sure about that. "You want to come along?" He asked and tilted his head. Today was test day, no drugs for the kid but he'd still have some fun.


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Kim4Shim 1 month ago
interesting, not sure who or what i want to be yet tho. i would like to be a doctor but... not really good in playing a bad guy.
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bluuux 6 months ago
Till next time, my loves <3
TheKingofHearts 6 months ago
Unfortunately things came up and I have to drop Yeonjun. If I have more time I will return
Jinhyuk01 6 months ago
Can you add Kim Sungkyu?
33a05d8dc8eb2692ba4f 6 months ago
can I reserve Hirai Momo please??
KpopVamp 6 months ago
Felix Lee, please? ^^
CallMeCaptin 6 months ago
Christopher Bang please
tanokin 7 months ago
could you add and reserve Jung Jaehyun for me?
myeolk 7 months ago
song mino, please!
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