Feeling a little under the weather? Having a fever? Injured yourself? Just wanting to vent about the every day stress? The infirmary has a solution for all these programs so do not hesitate to make use of this service.
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✗ Han Jisung [A] 1 month ago
@✇ Jung Hoseok With just one glance, Jisung can see and feel just how broken this patient was and he knew that it wasn’t just due to the physical abuse the male had just gone through. Far too familiar with all of the experiments and tests that were forced upon these patients as a first-hand witness to being inside the laboratories and operating rooms that caged these broken human beings and being the one to document each and every single reaction and data needed for research. Jisung might not be a patient (at least, not anymore), but he knew what they are feeling even if it was only a small fraction of it, which was still a lot more than the average person.

Jisung sharply inhaled at the straightforward truth. “I’m sorry, they have no right to be doing that to you.” He could only do as much as giving out warnings to staff and security guards that this behavior would send them straight into the laboratories. As much as he wanted to ask his parents to help stop these demeanors, it can cause suspicion on his part onto why he cared so much for the patient’s safety and he couldn’t risk doing that. He knew that as long as patients were kept alive, anything and everything else was pardoned.

Still crouched beside the male, Jisung stretched out a hand for him to take. Patients were sensitive to touch and he didn’t want to scare the other any further by touching him without his permission. “Can you take my hand so that I can bring you to the infirmary?”
✇ Jung Hoseok [h] 1 month ago
@✗ Han Jisung ] Hoseok leans back against the bedframe tilting his head a bit feeling helpless as he glance up at the cieling with a poker face. Over time he had came to loose track of time and where he was being held. What were a mere few minutes had felt like hours while with each hour had became like years to him. It already felt like an eternity since the day he had willingly accepted to become a patient to these scientists. Even before becoming a patient, he had felt the malicious aura surrounding the companies. Yet once he was admitted, he had felt that wickness like a whiplash. It had transitioned from friendly greetings to being forced to take these prescriptions described as ‘antidepressants’ to which he was completely aware they were not what they claimed but he could not reject. If so, who knew what innocent person these drugs would stumble upon and what reactions they could have.

Passing by other patients, Hoseok had held his head up high making sure to keep his infamous smile stretched upon his lips and laugh happily to mask his pain. Although he knew it would not do much to continue his sunshine act for the others, but in the long run, he had hope it would keep bring a sens of hope in their hearts that it may get better in time. It was obvious that he was slipping into a state of depression and the ‘antidepressants’ he took on a daily basis were not of any help at all.

It was just like any other day, Hoseok would be escorted from his room by a security guard towards the laboratory to meet the scientist. Yet once taking a step past the threshold, pain radiated throughout his body knocking him onto the floor. The male could not bring himself to make any sound to gain help, especially knowing most people wouldn’t even bat an eyelash in his direction if they heard him scream. However, it had seemed luck were in his favor at the moment once he heard a voice speaking from a distance scaring off the guard.

Slowly bringing himself to sit up, Hoseok lifts his head looking into his savior’s eyes while speaking softly,” that doesn’t mean the next person would stop. however, thank you.. i really appreciate your kindness.”
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✗ Han Jisung [A] 1 month ago
@✇ Jung Hoseok Jisung shouldn’t be strolling along the hallways of Warhol during the ungodly hours of the night, but he had just finished documenting and organizing patient files in front of a computer screen that he had accidentally left to pile up—if you can call clinging onto his twin brother and his childhood friend throughout the day an accident. He had become emotionally sensitive after witnessing an incredibly horrifying experiment that had gone right for the scientists, but definitely wrong for the poor patient that had to suffer through it all. Jisung had been numb observing experiments as a part of being a scribe, but ever since he had joined the rebellion, he couldn’t help the sinking feeling in his stomach that now came during his job. He had to pretend that he wasn’t affected, however, not wanting to ruin everything.

Turning around the corner of the hallway, the emotions that swirled around inside him enraged as he witnessed an obvious act of physical abuse on a helpless patient. He was aware of the evils that went by unnoticed in the organizations, but he was not the type to turn a blind eye when it was happening right in front of him. “Hey!” Jisung shouted at the security guard that had beaten the male patient down to submission. “Get your hands off him,” he growled, stepping closer to the scene with bawled fists on his side. The guard paled at the realization of Jisung’s identity. “If I catch you doing this again to another patient, my mother and father /will/ hear about this. I’m sure they would be delighted to have another patient.” That was all it took for the guard to run.

Jisung crouched down to the figure on the floor. “It’s okay, he won’t hurt you again.”


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