— aquarium.

big fish tanks.

contained fish market.

kim seokwoo 3 months ago
@park jiwon giving his girlfriend's hand a squeeze, he can't help but stare and smile at her for a few seconds. realizing that he has been staring for a little too long, he nervously chuckles before leading her inside the aquarium doors. "that's fine, peanut. i got us our wristbands and everything, so i saved us a little time!" he explains, fishing out a bright yellow paper wristband before carefully wrapping it around jiwon's tiny wrist. "now we're matching." lifting up his sleeve with his free hand, seokwoo proudly shows off his wristband as if it was their wedding ring. "you look really cute today! maybe you'll even have the sharks in there fall for you, but of course, i wouldn't let them. anyways—" he stops to place a quick peck on her cheek. "last one in is a rotten egg!" he gleefully yells, letting go of the small girl's hand and running full speed for the turnstiles.
park jiwon 3 months ago
@kim seokwoo jiwon quickly raced to the spot where her boyfriend had texted her saying he was waiting at, long curled hair flowing behind her. she'd gone with a cozy winter look for their date, her oversized knitted sweater looking like a dress, complete with boots and black tights. as she neared the aquarium entrance, her eyes made contact with him, quickly glancing at the sky to see what he was looking at. "seok!!!" she shouted out with a large wave, jumping up and down for a moment before moving closer to him. her eyes curled up into half moons as her smile grew wider, taking in his taller frame. "i'm sorry for keeping you waiting, i hope i wasn't too late." she said with a small grimace, casually slipping her tiny hand into his bigger one. "you look very handsome though! i'm really excited, i haven't been to an aquarium in so long."
kim seokwoo 4 months ago
@park jiwon seokwoo stood outside of the aquarium, nervously waiting for his girlfriend to show up. looking down at his outfit, he wondered if he dressed too casually for their date. "this denim jacket is fine right?" he mumbled to himself as his hands frantically brushed the nonexistent dust off of his jacket as if he was deathly afraid that any dust or bacteria on it would cause jiwon to have a horrible cold the next day. operation decontaminate clothing lasted for a good two minutes before he absentmindedly switched to a rather redundant task: stare at the sky. seokwoo looked up at the baby blue sky with a quiet sigh. like always (yes, he sees this almost every single time he looks at the sky), the wispy clouds merged together to create a beautiful image that only seokwoo would recognize as jiwon. it could be a cloud shaped like a camel and still, he would somehow see jiwon instead. the soft giant gazed at cloud jiwon in complete infatuation as the corners of his lips can't help but curl up into a dumb smile.


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