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han jisung 1 month ago
@kim namjoon leans against you a bit letting out a small whimper needingly. Happily returning each kiss still staring up at you in a daze. Nods my head a few times while biting down on my lower lip while pressing against your chest more.
Y-yes..please daddy.
kim namjoon 1 month ago
@han jisung Leaning my head back a bit and eyes the dazed almost drunken expression you wore, the way you're squirming under my touches cause me to smirk lightly in mere satisfaction. Sliding my palm down on your side and grips gently on your waist as I hold you close to me, leaning down to kiss softly on your pretty tiers a few times, my actions now are a little more gentler than just a minute ago, gazing at you as I whisper.

Would you like to ride me, baby?
han jisung 1 month ago
@kim namjoon hissing softly at the feeling of your nails dig into my skin just causing me to let out a soft needy whimper. Eyes lidded just looking up at you in a small daze growing more needy by the second. Gasping out once more at the flicking to my and just squrims beneath you nodding eagerly.

Y..yes I am~
han jisung 1 month ago
@kim namjoon /whimpering as you just slide in deeper I can't help the lewd moans that fall from my lips. Head tiltimg when feeling your lips against my neck just causing me to push back more eager for you to move. Lips parting for me to gasl out as your fingers wrap around my length just clenching around your shaft. Blushes at your words just pushing my hips back eagerly once more/
Mhmm..Y-yeah.. its..its been to long. So please gimme more, daddy~
kim namjoon 1 month ago
@han jisung /a breathy slur of expletives pour out of his mouth as he slides deeper inside of you, rolling his hips faintly to try and stretch you out a bit more while his palms knead around your bum, hips, then lower back to help you through whatever pain you might be having; his bigger frame looms over you as he bends his torso down and kisses over your nape above the sparkling choker you wear; one hand gliding down to your groin to wrap his hand around your neglected , pumping it slowly while at the same time he rolls his hips with the same pace.
Can't believe it's been a while since I've been inside of you, baby. No wonder you're so tight like this..
han jisung 1 month ago
@kim namjoon /sighs out almost relieved when you say you'll finally give it to me hust allowing my face to be pressed into the sheets as I wait a bit inpatiently. Hips slightly wiggling while letting out a small whimper as I'm hoisted up more before a loud moan is falling from my lips as your large shaft starts to fill me up. My back arching as I cry out softly in bliss tugging on the sheets for support. Walls clenching around your hard shaft already trying to rock my hips back
A-always for da...Daddy~
kim namjoon 1 month ago
@han jisung Of course, baby.. Anything my babyboy needs-
/he says before he retracts his fingers out of you, standing up on his knees behind you as he rather swiftly undo the ribbon of his sweatpants, tug it down just enough to have his hardened spring out of its confinements, coating his shaft with some more lube and he hisses slightly, he was painfully hard and and there was no more waiting as he holds your hips, hoisting it up a little more before he eases his length inside of your pink, stretched hole; despite it being stretched, you were still tight and it gives him a small shudder of pleasure.
Ahh ... Baby.. You're still so ing tight-
han jisung 1 month ago
@kim namjoon /walls clenching around the digits as I let lut a tiny hum at your words just nodding mg head a few times yes
Y..yes please ~ g..gimme daddy..i..I need!
/pants out letting myself fall forward onto the bed at the spanking just raising my hips and wiggling them needingly.
/cries desperately
kim namjoon 1 month ago
@han jisung /his teeth catch a grip on his bottom tier with a lustful gaze focused entirely on you, watching you pleasure yourself with just his fingers and he can't help but groan softly at the feeling of your tight and slick heat, imagining how it would feel once he's able to get inside of you; his gaze perks up to you when he heard his name tumble out of your sinful lips and he wouldn't deny how he is by that.
Yes, baby? Do you want daddy's now?
/he muttered with a little sneer, fondling your left asscheek with his free hand and giving it a quick spank.
han jisung 1 month ago
@kim namjoon /my breaths growing a bit heavy as you continue to your fingers into me though continuing to whimper out just wanting your shaft to fill me already. Gaze shifting to glance back at gou for a moment a small pout on my lips but I nod either way and pushes myself up slightly for some support. Hips eagerly starting to rock back against your digits basically bouncing on them from my switch of position. My back curling as continous moans fall from my teirs from your finger tips pressing against my sweat spot just causing your name to fall from my swollen teirs /
kim namjoon 1 month ago
@han jisung /he ogles over the way your body rocks back and forth onto his fingers, his lips tugging to a sly smirk when you asked for more and he does what you plead for, stretching you a little more with a few s and curls of his digits before he introduces a third one in; weasels the appendages deeper into you and they're long enough to prod and tease what seems to be your weak spot.
Why don't you yourself with daddy's fingers, hm?
han jisung 1 month ago
@kim namjoon /blinking a few times at the cursing my cheeks geown hot while I just let out a quiet whimper. My back curving as the digit continues to deeply in me just causing me to let out tiny crys of bliss though almost purring as well. Lips falling apart to in a silent gasp as the secons finger is entered finding myself rocking ny hips back slightly eager to have more already/
D..daddy more~..
kim namjoon 1 month ago
@han jisung - /he breathes as he moves his finger nice and steady in and out of you, it is getting quite hard for him to hold back and you senseless against the mattress already especially when your walls are tight and twitching against the long digit, but despite it there was still some self-control and patience in him and he didn't want to hurt you all too abruptly; he takes his time, gradually stretching you just enough for him to insert his other finger in, peeking at you to check if you're doing alright.
han jisung 1 month ago
@kim namjoon /nods slightly and turns over so I'm settled on my hands and knees as mentioned. A deep blush spread on my cheeks when feeling your hands push up my skirt more leaving me fully exposed. Hands already gripping onto the sheets while letting out a loud moan as your finger enters me. Tries my best not to show how goodnit already feels just relaxing as told with a nod/
kim namjoon 1 month ago
@han jisung /holding the small bottle in hand and a glint in his eyes sparkled while a smirk morphs on his plush lips at your suggestion.
Sure, baby.
/he responded simply, moving a little so he can let you get on your knees and hands; once doing so, his greedy palms glide up to your pert cheeks, riding your skirt further up so he can see your fully, fondling the twins rather roughly but providing little kisses on the reddening skin as he takes his time to appreciate this specific asset of yours that he missed. Coating his fingers with the lubricant then warming it up before he circles a single digit around your puckering hole, slowly inserting his middle finger inside of you. His other hand caressing your lower back to help you feel a little less painful, purring.
Relax, baby...
han jisung 1 month ago
@kim namjoon /sighing out the comment and just watches as you strip some more. My eyes just fallung on your bare chest just nibbling on my lower lip excitedly. Though mg lips instantly press back against yours eagerly following your lead. As I'm settled on the bed a tiny blush spreads on my cheeks feeling the skirt rise up my thighs more though legs easily spread apart more then ready. A small shiver running the me as your large hands caress over my slim thighs just causing me to whimper softly. Panting when you pull away Instare up at you with lidded eyes while squriming slightly under you.
Y-yes daddy...do..do you want me on ny hands and knees?
kim namjoon 1 month ago
@han jisung With my utmost pleasure, pretty one-
/utters lowly with a soft smirk before he strips away his top and he leans down to capture your lips again in a sweet yet eager liplock that gradually turns into a heated and breathless one, laying you down and maneuvers you just enough so you settle right in the middle of the mattress with him between you spread out legs, his calloused hands caressing your thighs, paying more attention around the inner sides and teasing around there. Pulling away from the kiss, panting softly as he slides a hand under one of the pillows to retrieve a bottle.
Let me prep you up first, okay?
han jisung 1 month ago
@kim namjoon /hisses out softly as the marks form onto my nape slowly just causing me to whimper softly. Hands sliding along your chest as my gaze stays on you needingly
Please me, daddy.
/whispers out breathlessly while gazing up at you once you pull back. Easily letting you lead me to the bed just sitting and staring up at you obediently /
kim namjoon 1 month ago
@han jisung /lips continue to kiss hard and teeth against your delicate skin, littering and leaving behind several unfixed shapes of fresh red blemishes, marking you up as if he's branding you as his and his only; the soft fragrant you exude was something that adds more to the heat he currently experiences and he wouldn't want nothing more than to take you there and then.
Please what, baby?
/he purrs deeply near your ear where he plants a kiss ther and below it, leaning back so he can get a good look at you before he leads you to the mattress and making you sit on the edge, simpering down at you.
han jisung 1 month ago
@kim namjoon /letting out soft whimpers as you continue to so roughly fondle my under the skirt. Back slightly arching when feeling your hard on rubbing against me just causing me to whimper out once more. Head tilting back with a small moan as my eyes flutter shut, my knees growing week as the sensation a d pleasure grows stronger by the second. Gasping softly at the finger teasing my hole easily pushing my hips back needingly in a silent cry for more./
D..daddy please~
kim namjoon 1 month ago
@han jisung /giddy hands continue to and knead on your cheeks, almost roughly a few times that is sure to leave an imprint behind; your whimpers riling me up a little more and I can feel my twitch just from it, craving for friction, I begin to slowly rub against your own hips, pecking your bottom lip as I then trail my lips down to your jawline and neck, mouthing hotly against your smooth skin and leaving soft red marks behind, a low rumble exuding from my throat when I continue to grind against you, a finger nudging in between your cheeks to tease around the rim of your puckering hole.
han jisung 2 months ago
@kim namjoon /letting out a small moan against your lips as the kiss is deepened. Back slightly curving once your hands find their way to my again just causing me to whimper needingly. The whimpering growing louder when feeling your hard on. Panting heavily once you nibble on my lip lightly tugging at your shirt eagerly/
kim namjoon 2 months ago
@han jisung /kissing you a little deeper and open-mouthed as time goes on, eager hands slipping under your skirt to feel up your again and there's a hint of smile on the corner of my lips when you didn't wear anything else underneath. Keeping you close to my bigger stature from there, your hips on mine as I subtly try to let you feel my hard-on behind my jeans, letting out a soft hum against your tiers and nibbles on your lower lip softly.
han jisung 2 months ago
@kim namjoon /head tilting once more wondering what else should be done. My gaze watching you closely before my eyes are going wide at the choker./
/pauses just letting you put it on me while feeling my cheeks turn a dark red. A shy smile on my lips before I'm letting my eyes flutter shut pressing my lips back ahainst yours. Hands lightly gripping onto your short/
kim namjoon 2 months ago
@han jisung /helping you toss the article aside and I give you another brief scan, playfully shaking my head as I utter.
Better.. but I got something to make you look all perfect.
/shoves a hand down to my pocket and pulls out a diamond choker with little heart details on it, showing the jewelry to you before I slide it around your neck and latches them together, looking at you once more and it turned out more perfect than I imagined before.
Now you look so much better, baby. So pretty..
/hands on your waist and I lean my face down to catch your lips in a soft, sweet kiss.
han jisung 2 months ago
@kim namjoon /looking up at you while tiltimg my head to one side. My eyes shifting to look at my shirt I wore as a shy look grows onto my features. Though shy it doesn't take me long to tug the short over my head and toss it to the side. A deep blush pulling onto my cheeks now that I only wore the skirt and thigh highs/
Better daddy?
kim namjoon 2 months ago
@han jisung /watches you disappear to change, settles down a little on the edge of the couch, legs parted a little as I ruffled my hair slightly, ing the first few buttons of my shirt before I roll the sleeves to my elbows, laying back as I just wait for your return now. Glancing once I see your figure in my line of sight and carefully eyes you down and back up, a pleased smirk gracing my features and I stand up, walking towards you and placing my hands on your hips.
Beautiful. But.. I think that shirt needs to go.
han jisung 2 months ago
@kim namjoon /looking up at you wigh a small hazed gaze before letting out a small hum and nodding my head/
Yes daddy~
/smiles as I turn away from you to run off towards the bedroom. Easily searching through the drawer and tugging out a short pleated skirt. Slipping off my sweats and I wore before just to slide the skirt on. Gaze shofting to another drawer in thought for a moment before deciding to slide on some thigh highs to match the the skirt before I'm shuffling back out/
kim namjoon 2 months ago
@han jisung /leans back to see the vibrant bite mark I made on your neck, almost shameless on doing that and I cast my gaze to you, smiling softly.
You can, baby. Just— don't wear anything else beneath, yeah?
/slides my hands out and up to your curve back, kissing your cheek lightly as I let you go.
I'll wait for you.
han jisung 2 months ago
@kim namjoon /letting out tiny whimpers as you continue to knead at my just slowly growing weaker within your hold. A soft moan leaving me when you bite down om my nape just causing me to grip onto you slightly more while panting softly/
S..should I change then daddy?


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tataebae 2 weeks ago
thank you for having me
but both Zhan and Taehyung will be taking their leave
im sorry for not being so active life is justttt not treating me too well
tataebae 1 month ago
uwu hellooo~
may I have Xiao Zhan and Taehyung of BTS?? please and thank youuuu?
nunchii 1 month ago
Hey. Can I?
nunchii 1 month ago
I'll come back soon. Love you, Sungie.
venice 1 month ago
hey hey can i get jongsuk back-
sorry i switched accounts heh
sushirollxo 1 month ago
May i reserve lee sungkyung pls
almightykeytten 1 month ago
Oh. May I get Yoo Youngjae as a second?
nunchii 1 month ago
Hey love, can Namjoon and Francisco be put on a week semi-hiatus pls. Thanks!
thanatos- 1 month ago
Song Mingi please
kageyamatobio 1 month ago
park jimin please
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