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@kingbobohu.bbh.com Baekhyun is awfully quiet, and for a chatterbox, it is odd but truth to be told, when has Baekhyun never been weird? It is not in his mind to think of whys Baekhyun is silence when there is a stubborn button waiting to be reprimanded and sewn back onto the piece of fabric. It doesn't take too long, and once he ties the knot, he pulls at it, biting at the last of the needle thread. His head gently bumps Baekhyun's chin, and well, it's not something that bothers him, yet there is still a sense of silence coming from Baekhyun that it leaves Kyungsoo with a question mark. "Sleepy?" His question is short as he gets off the bed once more to put away his tool. Kyungsoo doesn't settle back in bed, instead, prompting to stay on the floor with his back press on it.

"Yeah, it's not weird. I was teasing you, silly," Kyungsoo mumbles, drumming his fingers against his chest, eyes wandering about, searching. Ah, Kyungsoo notices that his phone and earbuds are on the desk. He can only watch in dismay, wondering whether he would risk it all and get up from such a comfortable position on the heated floor. Would he do it? No, clearly not as he starts to close his eyes, throwing his head to the left. Ed Sheeran will have to wait until his back feels the overwhelming warmth.
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@aggresoo.bbh.com with his eyes closed, all baekhyun noticed was kyungsoo’s breath. it was heavy enough for baekhyun to know he was still awake, but quiet enough to know that he was relaxed. these little things was what baekhyun didn't really enjoy noticing — while someone would usually boast, whether silently or not, about being so observant, this is a case where baekhyun doesn’t. his character wasn’t humble, barely even knowing that trait lest it be in the form of self-deprecation. so baekhyun kept to himself, that is, until he felt the bed dip, and suddenly kyungsoo wasn't there. baekhyun’s eyes opened and he saw kyungsoo grab something form his drawer. a cookie box? for someone who doesn’t like baekhyun eating on his bed he certainly—

“i— well, okay.” baekhyun stuttered out, taking a deep breath as he pulled his head back as kyungsoo started to thread the button. they were close, almost a bit too close, but baekhyun wasn’t gonna be the first one to say it. “mhm, well, then it shouldn’t be so weird... right?” not that it was weird for kyungsoo anyways, it’s just baekhyun. it wasn’t weird at all, and in this silence, his mind likes to yell at him with things he wasn’t even thinking about. so baekhyun closed his eyes and went still, waiting for kyungsoo to finish up his loose button.
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@lalipop.bbh.com admittedly, his day wasn't starting out too well and the fact that he was mindlessly pushed made him wanted to throw a fit. "what the hell-" he turned towards the stranger who bumped into him, eyes taking in her displeasing form from head to toe. from the looks of it, the woman just came from a class and is probably taking a break back in the apartment, but the irritated lad was far too immersed with his current situation to give a damn.

"clearly, i'm taller by inches - so i reckon you could've seen me and managed to swerve your way inside." he stated as a matter of fact. "if you were too attached in going this way, a simple excuse me would've done the deed."

seungyoun was aware that he should've been kinder in this situation, but his emotions clearly got the best of him. he sighed in frustration and placed his hand on the handle of of his trolley bags, pushing it towards the woman recklessly. "help me carry my stuff as an apology for bumping into me. i won't be taking no for an answer."
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@luizinho.bbh.com with a cup of coffee in her hand and earbuds in her ears, laisa wandered back to her apartment with a bunch of paper in her hand. for reasons that involved a slightly cruel professor who wanted quiz every other meeting, she had to study almost every time they met. not that she had a problem with the actual studying itself, but her motivation to continue studying for all those quizzes and assessments really wanted to escape her already. if it weren't for her almost obsessive chase for high grades, she might have been less stressed for everything.

but oh well. she couldn't exactly help how she was brought up.

it was most likely because she was too engrossed with what she was studying, but because of it, she failed to see a man in her path, bumping straight into his back. luckily for her, she managed to put her coffee out of the way. not her reviewer though, and now it was a little crumpled. she blinked, and pulled an earbud out. "oh god, i'm sorry! i was kind of... uh, preoccupied? and..." her eyes fell down to his luggage, "are you, uh, new around here?"
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@kingbobohu.bbh.com Kyungsoo notes every single movement, from the movement of Baekhyun's dainty fingers to the gnaw of his lips. Right, something must have been bugging his best friend's mind. The question lies: Does Kyungsoo want to know what it is? He continues watching, nodding his head before he shifts on his bed, pushing himself off the sheets. There is a little tin box of butter cookies in his drawer, and he pulls it out. He lays the content bare and grabs on the needle and a roll of black threads. The first two buttons on Baekhyun's pyjamas are a little loose, and they might as well be removed accidentally. Baekhyun can be a heavy sleeper that moves around a lot. So, he brings the needle and thread back to bed. "Don't move too much." He whispers as he pierces through the fabric, quietly sewing the buttons again onto the shirt. "Then, sleep here. I don't mind. We've been sharing the bed ever since we were child, you came over to my place, and I went to yours, stayed overnights." He continues, wanting to put Baekhyun's worries (his suspicions) at ease.
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@aggresoo.bbh.com with pursed lips and fingers picking at his own shirt, one that’s already falling apart as it is, baekhyun let’s out a little sigh. kyungsoo looks relaxed. it makes baekhyun feel nice. he usually looks so stressed and frustrated in baekhyun’s presence, seeing him with such a serene look on his best friend’s face puts him at ease. even though the silence is disturbing him, he’s glad that at least kyungsoo finds some solace within it. when he turns over, looking at baekhyun with his sleepy eyes, relaxed and so undisturbed, baekhyun feels selfish when he nods his head. he feels unworthy of seeing such a sight. “if that’s okay with you.” he whispers, closing his eyes. maybe if he stops looking at kyungsoo, his chest will stop hurting. maybe if he closes his eyes, he can fall asleep, forgetting that serenity even though it’s loop is played within his subconscious. “i would like to sleep here.”
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@kingbobohu.bbh.com They have had these moments before, and Kyungsoo has gotten used to the quietness and silence that fills the atmosphere. On days that he gets too tired to talk and play with Baekhyun, this silence follows. For those times, it feels like escaping into the galaxy, Newton's law of gravitation be damned. There is always something to Baekhyun that most don't particularly understand or see-through, but Kyungsoo is glad that he could. Baekhyun is just a ball of hormones, but Kyungsoo begs to differ. Sometimes, people only fill in the emptiness with words and laughter. He hums, opening his eyes as he shifts his arm underneath his head, looking at his best friend through the soft flutter of lashes. "Do you want to sleep here tonight?"
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@aggresoo.bbh.com with baekhyun, was never one for silence. always ready to bring up some form of conversation. even with his best friend being quiet as he is, sometimes silence made him uncomfortable. right now, he didn’t expect kyungsoo to say anything. baekhyun didn’t want to say anything. instead, he sat there in silence. not awkward but not comfortable. somewhere in between that made him grasp for kyungsoo’s hand once the other laid next to him, squeezing it gently. baekhyun came to his room to get away from his own loudness, one that perturbed him in his own sleep. it wasn’t there, not loud and bold just like baekhyun expressed himself. but a whisper, like someone speaking from the room over. baekhyun rolled onto his side and looked at kyungsoo, peaceful with his eyes closed. “kyungsoo?”
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@kingbobohu.bbh.com He gives Baekhyun a look, just pure disbelief across his face and slowly, he shakes his head. He still remembers the last time that they were told to head to the dentist, Mrs Baek ready at the door, not allowing her son to come back home after school. Defeatedly and with extra cash from Baekhyun's mom, Kyungsoo took Baekhyun to the dentist, not without a whole lot of dragging the other across the streets and into the bus. He had to hold Baekhyun's hand and let the other squeezed it so tight it hurt throughout the next day and half of the next day. Slowly, Kyungsoo glances over to his friend in his bed and shakes his head. He gets up and without a word, flops down next to Baekhyun and closes his eyes.
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@aggresoo.bbh.com ah, hey, nothing wrong with a little cavity in your life. i brush my teeth, okay. enough to not get another cavity. i’ll stay away from the dentist, thanks. well good, because this is where i’ll stay. right here. for a little bit, at least. he notices the influx of messages on his own phone that rests on his tummy, a little bit annoyed by it, he moves his phone to rest on your nightstand, leaning his head back and closing his eyes for a few moments before he has them open again but not trained on you. instead, he shifts over on the bed, making room on the small twin bed and pats the spot next to him, now looking at you expectantly. no real reason— not really. i just wanna — i don’t want to be alone. can you come lay next to me?
aggresoo.bbh.com [A] 3 months ago
@kingbobohu.bbh.com and that's why you had cavity in the past. make sure to brush your teeth, baek or else, to the dentist we go again. he shakes his head, throwing an arm over the backrest, his focus now has shifted to you. i don't mind you hanging out here, of course, silly. he shakes his head, offering you a small smile before he turns to his phone that continues to buzz from the incoming texts from the group chat. he chuckles before flipping it around, putting it on silence at the moment before he turns to you. we've been friends for so long, silly. i didn't join you in creating the website because i don't want to hang out with you anymore. but, is there any reason why you decide to come tonight?
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@aggresoo.bbh.com teeth brushing has never stopped me. not that i knewー with a little sing-songy tone, he wriggles his fingers up into the air and nods, but then shakes his head and sits up to look at his best friend with a little frown and pout of the lips. we do, but i like hanging out with you like this. you know? it's different. or is it just me that thinks that... he takes the nail of his thumb and begins to chew it, a bad habit he hadn't been able to forget. i like the website, don't get me wrong, i like it a lot. but that doesn't make me stop wanting to hang out with you, kyungsoo.
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@lalipop.bbh.com as the last stitch of the hemmed skirt is sewed on, eunbi loosens the pressure on the sewing machine's pedal until the loud hums come to a full stop. and while holding the completed article in both hands, a sigh escapes her system. it's one of relief and granted, she's acting prematurely victorious. for good measure, it meant that all her clothes were finally sewn together and anything else would be small alterations- to eunbi, she felt like she deserved this moment of victory. she rarely ever feels like she does.

there's a spring to her lighthearted steps when she makes her way to the mannequin. she carefully fastens the skirt onto it and takes a step back to look at her work. her task was to create a piece that could be worn as a night time look, something for partying. in a decade filled with spaghetti strapped satin one pieces, eunbi wanted to shake things up a little bit.

so eunbi created a two piece, something that could be mixed and matched with multiple other pieces. the blouse was still made of gold satin with thin straps, but it was embellished with black lace all around the neckline. the skirt was a glittery black colored pencil miniskirt which was fastened by a side zipper. the material made it difficult to sew together but eunbi was relieved she could finish it. but there was one thing that she kept remembering. while it looked good on a mannequin, she needed an actual person...and she knew just who to call.

grabbing her cellphone off the desk, she goes through her contact list to reach lisa's name and calls her. and when the call is received, eunbi perks up with a "hey lisa! are you free today? i finished up some clothes-"
luizinho.bbh.com 4 months ago
@lalipop.bbh.com the last thing i wanted to happen was to have my parents kick me out of the house just for the sake of exploring the world. i mean, who in the right mind just decides to drop everything that they have in life to just simply explore? i'm pretty sure i'm not some good samaritan who has all the time in the world to roam, so clearly - - i absolutely resent how my life's going at the present.

"why the hell did i decide to pack a lot?" i grumbled to myself as my eyes jumped from one luggage to the other. "oh right, i'm homeless." i clicked my tongue and recklessly dragged myself aling with the rest of my belongings towards a striking blue building inside the campus to which i was relocated. "why is this building so loud?" the blue color was distracting, and if anything - - i'd want to have it repainted. by the edge of the building stood an old woman focusing on watering her plants. i'm guessing she's the landlady which for sure, i'm not getting along with.

looks like i'm about to tread my ride or die.
aggresoo.bbh.com [A] 4 months ago
@kingbobohu.bbh.com i just... brushed my teeth, he explains, leaning back into his chair with his arms slightly crossed. kyungsoo rotates his chair to face the bed, patiently waiting for baekhyun to say something or anything, really. we hang out a lot, though. what's the matter? don't you like the website? you get to meet many new friends, isn't that what you wanted, baek?
kingbobohu.bbh.com [A] 4 months ago
@aggresoo.bbh.com i thought maybe you wanted some. murmuring, baekhyun lays on his back, staring up at the white ceiling before pulling his phone out of his pyjama pocket, scrolling around on the website he created. a few people in the chat room, some private messages and friend requests. overall, nothing much, so baekhyun can’t help but put it away and put his arm over his eyes, closing them with a little sigh. i thought we could talk. i dont intend on sleeping here again. we’re best friends. we should hang out together.
aggresoo.bbh.com [A] 4 months ago
@kingbobohu.bbh.com with a small huff, he stares at the ring forming on the surface of his desk, the sweats of vapour over the surface of the pint. he hopes the water doesn't get soaked into the wood, chipping and making it swell. you're not even gonna put it back. he shakes his head, placing the ice cream back into the mini-fridge, eyes on your form on his bed. go to bed, baek, and i mean, your bed.
kingbobohu.bbh.com [A] 4 months ago
@aggresoo.bbh.com baekhyun shakes is head, resting the defrosted i’ve cream in the desk so that it leaves a little water ring on the surface, though he doesn’t notice, he yawns again. no, i’ll pick it up myself. i’m gonna lay on your bed. he pokes your cheek before he saunters off and flops onto your mattress, curling into the duvet and closing his eyes.
aggresoo.bbh.com [A] 4 months ago
@kingbobohu.bbh.com he pushes his books and materials to the other side, making space for you, not looking up and instead, tries to focus on the thirteenth question for his tutorial the day after tomorrow. oh, hm, the new h mart. do you like it? do you want me to get you some more later?
kingbobohu.bbh.com [A] 4 months ago
@aggresoo.bbh.com he takes the spoon that was on the desk and opens up the pint, scooping at the ice cream with a laugh at your apprehension to him sitting in your lap. alright alright, you grape. he shakes his head and takes a few more scoops, sitting on the desk as he basks in your presence, not saying much before opening his mouth to speak but taking a few seconds to come up with a sentence. this is good. where did you get this?
aggresoo.bbh.com [A] 4 months ago
@kingbobohu.bbh.com quietly, he settles down at his desk, books opened and pencils were thrown here and there. don't you dare — he looks up, throwing you a small glare and skids closer to the surface of the desk, not leaving even an inch of opening for you to sit down on his lap. just eat whatever you can eat. or you'll have a tummyache again. don't like seeing you like that.
kingbobohu.bbh.com [A] 4 months ago
@aggresoo.bbh.com he enters with a little puff of a yawn and a rub of the eye, his loose-hanging sweatshirt making for effective sweater paws. without even a hello exchanged, he makes himself at home since this is his second home, following kyungsoo’s orders with a little pout as he opens the mini-fridge. then where am i supposed to sit? in your lap? with a little waggle of the eyebrows he leans against the desk. i won’t eat all it. it’ll upset my tummy.
aggresoo.bbh.com [A] 4 months ago
@kingbobohu.bbh.com he turns on his swivelled chair once he sends the last text, heading to the door and opening it for baekhyun who is in his pyjamas. a small hum leaves his lips as he gives the man a small nod of acknowledgement before letting his childhood friend inside. the ice creams are in the mini-fridge, don't eat on my bed.


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