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peepeeman.bbh.com 2 months ago
He runs his eyes down the korean, loosing his grip on his pocket-knife. Yuta watches you carefully as Jaehyun pulled out his iphone, glaring at the message. He clicked his tongue, as he tilted his head slightly. "Are you stalking me?" Yuta glared at Jaehyun, tensing up as he points the knife at him again. "I'll kill you if you have any funny idea, ya little .." Yuta hisses, stepping back once.

He thinks about it for a moment before putting the knife away, crossing his arms. "Lame, you're lame." He scoffs, looking away from the other, taking one of his earbud out of his ear. "It wasn't even a real knife, coward. You're no fun." He huff quietly, rubbing his arms. "Do you need anything? Or can I leave? I need to go kill a man."

[] don't ever say that again DJSKAFA
*jjhyun0214.bbh.com 2 months ago
@peepeeman.bbh.com “Yeah I got a problem with you,” Jaehyun says, not yelling this time and not taking his eyes off the knife either. Today wasn’t the day to get stabbed. He reaches into his pocket, pulling out the his iPhone, and opening directly to the website he had been on the night before. “So you’re the one sending these kinda messages?” He holds out his phone for the other to see. His eyes stay transfixed on the knife’s blade.

“If you wanna talk,” he retracts his arm just a bit, and Jaehyun nods to the knife, “put it away. I don’t wabt you in trouble and I’m not going to start a fight.”

For as calm as Jaehyun sounded, he was trembling. His legs screamed for him to run and from the moment Yuta had pulled a knife on him, he knew he was truly endangering himself for the sake of some online fiend.

[] let’s yeet this wheat
peepeeman.bbh.com 2 months ago
@jjhyun0214.bbh.com Cracking his neck slightly as he walked down the hallway, he was listening to some music on his ipod touch. Yuta lets out a heavy sigh as he put his ipod in his pocket. "ing bastard, I'll kill that ugly when I graduate.." He muttered, his head hanging low as he reazlied he might fail this class if he doesn't stop with his act. "I hate men so much, I want to die.." Yuta furrowed his eyebrows together, biting his bottom lip as he clenched his fists.

Stopping in his tracked, he turned around and was faced-to-faced with a Korean dude, that yuta will never admit, was pretty okay looking.

"Yeah, I'm Peepeeman. got a problem with me, ?" He glares, suddenly pulling out a pocket-knife, pointing it at the Korean.

[] let's get this bread
*jjhyun0214.bbh.com 2 months ago
@peepeeman.bbh.com It’s about half way through the lecture when he’s jolted from his own head-bobbing in the back of the classroom by a sharp chiding from Professor Kim. Except it wasn’t at him. Blinking awake the sleep that crusts at the corners of his eyes, Jaehyun is on high alert when the guy—What did Professor Kim say? Yuta?—walks out.

“Peepee.” “ I met online.”

Jaehyun has never gotten out of his seat faster as he excuses himself, slipping out of the classroom sooner than the Professor could say anything. (Or at least, before Jaehyun could hear anything.)

“Hey!” Jaehyun calls, following the other before they get too far, “You’re that... online right? Peepeeman?”

[] time to give yu a hard time :^)))
peepeeman.bbh.com 2 months ago
@jjhyun0214.bbh.com Yuta sighed as he listened to the lecture, feeling himself about to go to sleep again when suddenly, Professor Kim called on him. "Yuta, when you dream. What do you dream about?" The Professor asked him, making him groan softly. "I dream of murder, and killing everybody." He said loudly, leaning back in his chair, crossing his arms with a poker face. "and my first target is this I met online." He grins brightly. Professor Kim's face was flushed with redness, pointing at the door. "Yuta, get out." The japanese smiles brightly, grabbing his things as he walks out. "See ya later, Ugly Kim~" Yuta laughs on his way out. "Peepee out~" he opens the door, slamming it closed as he left.

[] >:)) i wanna give yuta a hard time
*jjhyun0214.bbh.com 2 months ago
@peepeeman.bbh.com Jaehyun slides into his seat just in time to see the same piece of paper he gave the guy flutter over and into the rim of the trash can. With a roll of his eyes, his hands come up and rub over his features. 'Stupid... of course I got the wrong guy,' He thinks to himself, and slouches in his chair. If Jaehyun could shrink into nothingness, he'd be forever grateful... to think he was kind of excited to find this internet stranger had him a little more bummed than he thought. Bracing himself for another boring lecture, Jaehyun trains his focus on the presentation: another slide show that Professor Kim would read through, line by line.

[] how funny would it be to have a near miss... they just continue living their lives and go back to bad mouthing each other lSFjd
peepeeman.bbh.com 2 months ago
@jjhyun0214.bbh.com He wake up a moment to turn in his paper, yawning behind his mask as he turned his paper in. Barely feeling awake when he noticed a small paper on his table, glaring around as he slowly picked it up. "nampp...?" he mumbles softly to himself, furrowing his eyebrows before shrugging up and throwing it in the trash can. It probably wasn't his business anyways, he sat back in his seat, still not paying attention to the Professor. Yuta finally took his mask off, letting it rest on his chin as he pursed his lips; trying to focus but something kept on bothering him, like he was forgetting something but he couldn't remember. "I don't have time for this.." He grumbles as he couldn't remember what was making him so confused.
*jjhyun0214.bbh.com 2 months ago
@peepeeman.bbh.com It was when he saw that masked figure walk into class and fill the seat at the empty seat in the front, Jaehyun knew it was him. His attitude matched his persona online, just from his initial observation... but the hair color looked similar too.
“Alright class, pass your papers to the end of each aisle, then bring those papers forward please,” Ugly- Bowl Cut instructed, and Jaehyun took this as his chance. On a small piece of paper that he tore, he wrote “ppman?” and gathered the essays passed down from his right. Taking it all in stride, he makes his way to the front of the class, nudging his note onto the guy’s desk, just under his elbow, as he passes the papers to Professor Kim. Jaehyun tried to get a second glance, but it wasn’t clear from where he passed if this was the guy or not. And he sure as hell didn’t wanna be caught gawking either.
peepeeman.bbh.com 2 months ago
@jjhyun0214.bbh.com Yuta sighed as he walked through the cold hallway to make it to his class; he always hated that it was far from his dorms and now with the winter coming in, it was super ing cold. "I'm late, Ugly Kim is gonna yell at me again..." He muttered as he finally got to his classroom, feeling tired as hell. "I feel like i'm forgetting something..." He mumbles softly to himself, trying to remember. "Oh right, we have a essay today." Yuta slams open the classroom door, making Professor Kim glared at him; which he was used to at this point. Glancing around the room, not really paying attention, lifting his facemask up a bit as he moved to his seat in the front; immediately dropping his head onto the table and falling asleep, completely forgetting that he was supposed to meet that jjyun dude.
*jjhyun0214.bbh.com 2 months ago
@peepeeman.bbh.com Jaehyun was never early. In fact, he was always walking in a minute or two late, so imagine the look of surprise that Professor Kim shoots the haughty-looking sophomore as Jaehyun strides confidently over to the seat he said he would be in. Back row, flush against the left most wall, Jaehyun sat with his note book out and his gaze trained on the door of the classroom. Today, he would find out who this elusive and murderous PeePeeMan was.


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