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seosooj.bbh.com 7 months ago
@syaoran.bbh.com @luizinho.bbh.com Looking up from her phone, she smiled at Seungyoun's question and even let out a soft chuckle but before she could answer, Jinyoung had said something first and just let him handle that situation. "Always so protective, this guy." She mumbled to herself before getting up to set up in the middle aisle, making sure no one gets distracted by them. Glancing over to Seungyeon a reassuring smile before unconsciously biting her lip and looking away to finish her set up for before the lecture started. "Ok I'm good to go, talk to you guys in a bit." She playfully shot finger guns at both of them before starting as everyone had started to simmer down, waiting for the chef to start speaking about tonight's topic. Their friend will surely appreciate this kind gesture.
syaoran.bbh.com 7 months ago
@seosooj.bbh.com @luizinho.bbh.com jinyoung sighed and looked towards seungyoun who was still fixated on his bestfriend. he reached a hand out to flick his exposed forehead and squinted his eyes at the overly curious man. "you clearly are seated beside me, why'd you need to peer over at her for that question?" he shifted his attention towards his bestfriend who was now setting up and gearing herself for the demo. something that he always admired about soojin was her capability of reaching out to help others no matter the cause. people like her are definitely rare at this point, and to him - he's just as lucky that he found her after so long.

"oh, i forgot my tripod, angel. but let me know if it gets too tiring, i can take your place at some point in the event." he shyly smiles before positioning his camera right in front of the setup as the crowd swarms their hearing with a calming ocean of claps. just then, he answers seungyoun's question which is drowned by the applause, "about us being together, seungyoun - we'll see about that." a sly smile then plays along his lips.
luizinho.bbh.com 7 months ago
@syaoran.bbh.com @seosooj.bbh.com before the demo was about to start, seungyoun caught a sight of soojin giving the other guy a good peck on his cheek to which he quirked a brow. even if it was a little too judgmental, jinyoung didn't look like the type to hang around girls like soojin which explains how he was caught off-guard by the sweet act. he leaned back on his chair and called out to the girl, "um, if you don't mind me asking - are you guys together or something? just so i know how to position myself in here."
seosooj.bbh.com 7 months ago
@syaoran.bbh.com [ and thank you i did have a good one uwu ]

She let out a soft sigh and rolled her eyes in return as her best friend, who always had her best interest at heart. "Always making it easier for me, I'll get the crazy stuff one day." Smiling softly at him and placing a quick peck on his cheek. "Did you bring a tripod for me maybe? So that the shot is extra stable, wouldn't want to miss anything for Eunwoo." She said as the plan seemed good enough for the three of them. She admired him for his work, she always knew he'd be great at this anyway. As for Seungyoun, she had yet to get to know him. There was a lot more to learn about the male with them. Much to her own dismay, she hadn't really been social herself but was determined to make more friends by the end of the term.
syaoran.bbh.com 7 months ago
@seosooj.bbh.com @luizinho.bbh.com [ lmao gotcha ]
seosooj.bbh.com 7 months ago
[ hold on lemme type up the next :) ]
seosooj.bbh.com 7 months ago
[ oh no we both replied hahaha ]
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@seosooj.bbh.com @luizinho.bbh.com [ have a lovely meal! ]

"i was thinking that sooj can be in charge of the wide angle shot, so you wouldn't need to move too much and do zooms in between, angel. i prefer that you do a one angle stable shot for this." jinyoung states as he looks at his childhood bestfriend tenderly, giving her a sweet small smile after. "as for seungyoun, wow that's a really long name compared to lui-" he chuckled lightly, "maybe focus on the chef? it'll be easier for eunwoo to take note of the instructions for the demo that way. hope you can take care of that, bud." he shifts to look at the simple production setup right in front of him as the clock ticks towards the start of the demo. "i'll take care of the food shots."
seosooj.bbh.com 7 months ago
@luizinho.bbh.com "Oh Seungyoun it is then. Sorry I haven't been able to ask you for your real name." She gave him a soft smile as he stated his real name, laughing softly as he called Jinyoung the ever so popular nickname. "Daddy huh? Man- what have you not told me?" She glanced over at the man in between them this time with a cheekier smile painted across her face as she gave him a small nudge. "Next I'm gonna find out, you have children- but anyway back to the task at hand. What's our plan for this impromptu shoot. I'm glad we could all help Eunwoo out." Soojin smiled and took out her phone, making sure she's answered all texts and notifications before turning on the do not disturb mode on it so nothing would get in the way of their filming.
luizinho.bbh.com 7 months ago
@syaoran.bbh.com @seosooj.bbh.com "you guys can drop the Lui, just call me seungyoun." he muttered before managing to pull out a hearty chuckle. jinyoung was exactly how he imagined him to be - reserved but definitely a lady killer. on the other hand, sooj was definitely a charmer. although, he rarely spoke with her in the chatroom given that they didn't match each other's presence on most days - but she's someone he'll keep an eye on. if anything, she might just be his type - but that's another story. he cleared his throat and looked over at jinyoung who was already tinkering with his phone, "nah uh, my plan was to get us some seats. but daddy syao over might just as well share his plans with us." he playfully winked at the young lad beside him while waiting for jinyoung to declare the whole plan.
seosooj.bbh.com 7 months ago
Her ears perked up as soon as she heard Jinyoung's voice, smiling brightly as she made her way over to the two men. She took her place next to Jinyoung before offering a hand over to Lui. "Nice finally meet the man behind the username. Soojin, or as y'all call me, Sooj." She smiled and let out a soft chuckle as she placed her bag down and got comfortable. "So who's shooting what? Have you guys planned it out already?"

[ sorry it's short im eating ^^" ]
syaoran.bbh.com 7 months ago
@seosooj.bbh.com @luizinho.bbh.com jinyoung arrived thirty minutes early before the session started and went to look for the other guy in the front row as stated in his message. at first, he thought that it'd be difficult to come find him - but he clearly resembled how he looked like in his display photo which saved him the time in scouting lui. he donned graceful waves for a guy's hair, and his fashion sense was off the charts - and to be honest, jinyoung was impressed as he was expecting things to be lower than the bar.

he sneaked through the already thickening crowd inside the room, and managed to squeeze himself in beside the man he spotted. "i'm guessing you're lui, nice to finally meet you in person." he tapped the guy's shoulder and reached out to give him a handshake to which the other guy returned. as he sat down and made himself comfortable, he spotted his childhood friend from the corner of his eye to which his face lit up.

"sooj, angel! over here!"
seosooj.bbh.com 7 months ago
@syaoran.bbh.com to: syaoran, luizinho
from: seosooj

fully charged and brought some power banks just in case. gimme a few mintues, the train's pretty packed

Soojin replied as she dashed out of her apartment and made her way to the metro, thankfully catching it just in time to hop on and lean against the pole. Her mood wasn't exactly a 100% but it was worth helping Eunwoo out and seeing Jinyoung. It was he first time meeting someone else other than him so she knew it would be an interesting encounter. Lui seemed nice though, so she thought.

As fast as her feet could take her, she got out of the station and made her way to campus. She still had some time to spare but she didn't want to keep them waiting despite living a bit further away from the university. Her phone buzzed as she she saw a text from Lui, nodding to herself as she caught her breath for a second as she leaned on the wall before entering the room. She looked around for the two as she wandered a little over to the front rows.
luizinho.bbh.com 7 months ago
@syaoran.bbh.com @seosooj.bbh.com he was already standing by the door to home ec, leaning his back towards the wall next to the door's frame as he waits for the rest of the group to come by. he wasn't the least bit interested with what was about to happen, but seeing as he had too much time to spare - helping out didn't sound bad. seungyoun was familiar with the renowned figure visiting the university, after all - he's a by product of a rich family and scoring a meal in a michelin-starred restaurant is something that's well within his reach.

given this, he understood where eunwoo's passion came from - because in as much as scoring a meal could be so shallow of an act to the people who were like him, to individuals like eunwoo - it gives them purpose and heightens their will to snag their dreams. he lacked that, but it wasn't a quick excuse for him to not help a friend out. if and only if they could consider themselves as friends. seungyoun looked at his phone and read the message from jinyoung, managing to type a reply back while students swarm in the room in excitement.

to: syaoran, seosooj
from: luizinho

was here about 5 mins ago. i'll go reserve the front seats for us to get a good view.
syaoran.bbh.com 7 months ago
@seosooj.bbh.com @luizinho.bbh.com [ pulling a random starter, let's keep this short but sweet! ]

minutes after the chatroom died down, jinyoung quickly propped himself off his study table and grabbed his black hoodie as he prepares to walk to home ec. he was still confused as to how eunwoo managed to not take care of himself properly. after all, the guy seemed like he knew what he was doing most of the time. even so, there is no stopping someone who's completely passionate about one or many things -- and that deserves an insurmountable amount of respect.

jinyoung locks the door to his room and quickly runs down the stairs as he sends a message to both lui & sooj. come to think of it, this is the first time that he'll run into lui -- if he's not mistaken. not that it was a problem, but he never really got along with the lad in the chatroom. whatever happens, his childhood friend's there - so he probably should be fine.

to: seosooj, luizinho
from: syaoran

omw to home ec in a bit. see you guys there! make sure your phone's are charged full.


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