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boomer 9 months ago
colgate 9 months ago
kick that deceased account out and make me admin uwu
selenephilia 1 year ago
✩ kicked members! (haven't reached 100 within 3 days)

do kyungsoo
hwang hyunjin
im jaebum
park yuri
yoo taeyang
choi jisu
ha sooyoung
jung jinsoul
kang seulgi
kim doyeon
kim hyeyoon
kim saerok
son chaeyoung
tiffany hwang

feel free to come back!
babyuwu- 1 year ago
hello! Yibo is going through a little personal stuff and would require a little more time to get to a 100 post :( would it be okay to give him some time?
tangerine 1 year ago
uhmmmm kim chungha pls?
e8ef70a262b6335f9a11 1 year ago
hi admins is it possible for me to have a little more time to get 100? I've been in and out of the hospital the last couple days and I haven't had time to post ;;
prazyfreyz 1 year ago
⚆ _ ⚆ send kelp
Rashomon 1 year ago
Park jihoon pls
Inspiritalways7 1 year ago
idek who to be help-
stxrswyxu 1 year ago
Winwin please!
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