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knock before entering. 
lee jongsuk 1 month ago
@lee daehwi watches you with a darkened gaze, groaning a little when you blush so deeply and gasp when my hits against your skin; finding all those beautiful sounds so endearing and urging my arousal to throw against you. my lips when you slowly pull the plug out and i’m bringing my to line perfectly to your puckering entrance. sweet words urging you to yourself on my .
come on baby.. let daddy fill you up~
lee daehwi 1 month ago
@lee jongsuk nods my head a few times when you repeat my words before I'm letting out a soft whine. Letting myself be raised and blushing softly as the onsie rides up my hips leaving my bear. A deeper blush forming on my cheeks letting out a gasp when your smacks against my . Pushing myself up I reach behind me to slowly pull out the plug while whimpering.
lee jongsuk 1 month ago
@lee daehwi groans softly along your lip when you start rolling your hips against my growing , cursing under my breath at those beautiful sounds you make.
you want to bounce hm baby? well.. daddy won’t stop you..
slowly picks you up and undoes the little buttons of your onesie, letting the fabric rise up your hips to leave your bottom exposed for me; moving to undo my pants as I kiss you hungrily, freeing my and letting it smack between your cheeks.
lee daehwi 1 month ago
@lee jongsuk biting down on my lower teir as your lips dance over fhe bruised skin just causing me to squrim slightly and whimper as I'm pushed down. hips already starting to roll down against your growing bulge.
i would say then why don't you but I really feel like bouncing daddy..
whispers with a tiny gasp at the squeeze as my lip catches yours on it
lee jongsuk 1 month ago
@lee daehwi Presses gentle pecks along your newly bruised skin, smiling at you and squeezing your hips as I press you down on my lap.
Makes me want to.. kiss your thighs and touch you all over, princess.
Brushes my palm along your exposed thigh, squeezing gently and patting the flesh as I lean to playfully nibble on your plump bottom lip.
lee daehwi 1 month ago
@lee jongsuk hissing softly at the marks being formed on my nape. Hands gripping onto you tightly.
thats good..
whines softltbas you push it in more though letting myself be pulled onto your lap.
lee jongsuk 1 month ago
@lee daehwi Nods my head and smiles, cooing when you laugh and wiggle your hips; the softness of your moan making me grunt as I move to gently mark your skin with my teeth and lips.
Mhm it does.. you’re so cute.. such a cute baby.
Pulls back and nudges my nose to yours hmwhen you gasp at the touch, pressing the plug inside your entrance and pulling you onto my lap.
lee daehwi 1 month ago
@lee jongsuk returning the peck I let out a timy squeal at your hands that stay on my rear just.causing me to laugh softly.
Does it?
timts my head giving my hips a little wiggle. Head falling to.ome side at the kisses pressed to my neck just causing me to moan softly before gasping when your finger presses against the plug
lee jongsuk 1 month ago
@lee daehwi the sounds of your giggles make me smile, cooing gently as I lean over to peck your lips and hum; just cupping your rear playfully as I pull you close.
heh sorry... i can’t help but touch you.. your looks so cute in this outfit~
moves to kiss your neck and nuzzle against it with a soft huff. my fingers massaging your gently and pressing between them.
lee daehwi 1 month ago
@lee jongsuk letting myself take little steps back and be spun around with a little giggle.
Oh? Yes please~
giggles once more before I'm letting out a small moan in surprise. Hands gripping onto your thighs while my back curves.
lee jongsuk 1 month ago
@lee daehwi Gently back you up from me, my hands gently guiding you to do a spin for me before I chuckle and nod.
It does.. you look really good in this.. I should buy you more later.
Brings my hands to your plump little rear and squeezes gently.
lee daehwi 1 month ago
@lee jongsuk moving over to you and into your arms with a small. Lips pressing back against yours shortly while smiling shyly.
D-does it look good?
lee jongsuk 1 month ago
@lee daehwi smiles at your approaching figure, holding my hand out to you and cooing softly as I lean to kiss your lips.
my sweet baby boy..
lee daehwi 1 month ago
@lee jongsuk it takes a few minutes untill I'm waddling back into the room. A shy look on my face and cheeks a little red as I drop my old clothes in the hamper before slowly making my way over to you.
lee jongsuk 1 month ago
@lee daehwi Hums softly at the kiss, watching you crawl off and go to change; chuckling softly before waiting patiently, deciding to slip off my shirt and settle in some sweatpants to be more relaxed. Sitting on the edge of the bed and leaning back as I await your return.
lee daehwi 1 month ago
@lee jongsuk Okay!
chrips excitedly as I leannover to oress a kiss to your lips before im taking the forst onsie and plug and crawling off the bed. Grinning at you before quickly scurrying off to the bathroom to change.
lee jongsuk 1 month ago
@lee daehwi watching your reaction i can’t help but smile, my fondness of you evident as I bite my lip when you squeal and then blush seeing the last item; your suggestion making me cough a bit before I nod my head.
how about you try it and put on one of the onesies daddy got you hm..?
lee daehwi 1 month ago
@lee jongsuk letting myself be placed onto the bed I wiggle happily on it and giggle at the kisses pressed to my lips. My eyes moving to the boxes not being able but to help and gasp softly in excitement ad I sit up ready to open them. Eyes sparkling while letting out little squeals at the items.
Ahh I love them so much!
eyes shining brightly as I open the last one. My checks growing a dark shade of red just glancing up at you shyly.
Its so pretty~ should I try it?
lee jongsuk 1 month ago

@lee daehwi grins and carries you to my bedroom, gently setting you down and pressing numerous kisses to your lips before moving to go grab your gifts, coming back with two bags and a small wrapped box.
merry christmas baby.. i hope you like them?
in one bag are two cute onesies, with a fluffy white and pink tail to go with one. and in the other bag two stuffed plushies. and lastly a rose glass plug, which makes me cough a little as I wonder how you’ll react.





lee daehwi 1 month ago
@lee jongsuk squeaks when im suddenly scooped up and grins
Yes please!
lee jongsuk 1 month ago
@lee daehwi scoops you up and kisses you sweetly
merry christmas baby, i got you something heh wanna open it??
lee daehwi 1 month ago
@lee jongsuk Daddy, Merry Christmas ~
/coos out playing with my fingers and smiking brightly up at you
lee daehwi 2 months ago
@lee jongsuk legs wrapping around your waist and arms around your shoulders while nodding my head a few times.
i did!
wiggles at the patting and presses my lips back against yours shortly.
How was your day~?
lee jongsuk 2 months ago
@lee daehwi coos softly when you drop your bottle, coming around the couch to pick it up and lift you into my arms; bouncing you in my hold.
missed me baby? heh.. so cute
brings my fingers to pat your , leaning to kiss your lips sweetly.
lee daehwi 2 months ago
@lee jongsuk blinks looking up at you with wide eyes. A bright smile soon forming on my lips.
squeaks dropping the bottle so I can sit up and make grabby hands towards you.
lee jongsuk 2 months ago
@lee daehwi comes home and spots you on the couch, moving to come behind you and lean over; cooing softly
hello there little one
lee daehwi 2 months ago
@lee jongsuk /plops down on the couch waiting for you to come home. Legs streched ojt as I lightly on my bottle/
lee daehwi 2 months ago
crawls onto you
lee jongsuk 2 months ago
I feel gross
lee jongsuk 2 months ago
Hhhh i hate dreaming


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tataebae 2 weeks ago
thank you for having me
but both Zhan and Taehyung will be taking their leave
im sorry for not being so active life is justttt not treating me too well
tataebae 1 month ago
uwu hellooo~
may I have Xiao Zhan and Taehyung of BTS?? please and thank youuuu?
nunchii 1 month ago
Hey. Can I?
nunchii 1 month ago
I'll come back soon. Love you, Sungie.
venice 1 month ago
hey hey can i get jongsuk back-
sorry i switched accounts heh
sushirollxo 1 month ago
May i reserve lee sungkyung pls
almightykeytten 1 month ago
Oh. May I get Yoo Youngjae as a second?
nunchii 1 month ago
Hey love, can Namjoon and Francisco be put on a week semi-hiatus pls. Thanks!
thanatos- 1 month ago
Song Mingi please
kageyamatobio 1 month ago
park jimin please
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