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syaoran.bbh.com 2 months ago
@jjhyun0214.bbh.com "oh right, that was really silly of me to introduce myself using my username." he sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck as he gave a small smile. using his free hand, he reached out for a handshake before saying his name. "i'm jinyoung. it's great to finally see you in person."

just as he was about to ask a few more questions about the slot, he noticed that the line was growing behind him and a bunch of customers have already been giving him death stares. sighing, he moved away from the line and bowed his head once at jaehyun to apologise. "should've gone at a time when your shift's about to be over, jae." he softly stated. "perhaps we can discuss things in detail later. i'll wait til your shift ends, is that fine?"
*jjhyun0214.bbh.com 2 months ago
@syaoran.bbh.com “OH!” Realization crashes over Jaehyun as he realizes the other /does/ resemble his profile picture—more and more it amazes him how many people he was able to find online and in person: suddenly being online didn’t feel like a game anymore. Jaehyun’s smile grows as the surprise gives way to a much more relaxed stance. Waving away the formalities, Jaehyun greets the other with a more normal tone.

“Hey Syao, it’s great to meet you— honestly, you’re in luck.” His attention is stolen for a second as he reaches under the counter and produces a light blue piece of paper with Sugar Pearl’s logo across the top. “A worker of ours had to leave because scheduling, so we have a spot open... and wait- I only know you as Syaoran. That’s not your real name is it?” Sliding the paper over, Jaehyun wears a bemused expression.
syaoran.bbh.com 2 months ago
@jjhyun0214.bbh.com "thank god you look just like your display photo up on bobohu," he states in a rather relieved tone as he slumps over the counter. clearly the person in front of him was clueless as to what he was talking about, and it took him about five seconds to read the air. of course, they didn't know each other off the chatroom. in his head, he might've just dragged himself out of embarrassment but landing that sopt beside jaehyun at the back of the counter mattered the most to him.

"jaehyun, it's me syaoran from bobohu," he carefully introduces himself before bowing his head, "i know this is sudden but, i need you to get me a job at sugar pearls, please!"
*jjhyun0214.bbh.com 2 months ago
@syaoran.bbh.com the ringing of the ancient bells over the door grab jaehyun’s attention and he witnesses a young guy—‘my age?’ he wonders—hurriedly enter the shop. jaehyun doesn’t mean to, but at first he greets the other with a quirked brow. a swift, warm smile seats itself on his lips as his mechanical customer service voice spits out the phrase without a second thought.

“welcome to sugar pearls—i’m jaehyun, what can i get you today?”
luizinho.bbh.com 2 months ago
@kwonceleb.bbh.com just as he was about to isolate himself in one of the tables huddled by the shop's wide glass windows, seungyoun was caught off-guard by a woman who's orbs flickered as she laid her eyes on him. for a good two minutes, he stared at her in awe and looked at her slender physique from head to toe. at the back of his head, seungyoun was trying to recall who from the numerous parties he has gone to did he probably meet the woman.

"um, i'm sorry but do i know you?" he asks cautiously, careful not to spill his identity given how most of the paparazzi are onto him ever since his parents hid themselves from the limelight. seconds after, her words resonated in his ear, and his eyes grew as big as saucers - alarmed with what she just said. it didn't occur to him that he would be recognised at such a faraway city, so in reflex - seungyoun pulled his index finger up to silence the lady in front of him. "i'm really thankful that you support me and all," his voice falls into a soft whisper, "but i would appreciate if you didn't tell anyone else about me being here, please?"

his eyes glued themselves onto hers, hoping that she understands how much this meant to him. sure, it would make her clueless as his fan -- but that didn't matter to him right now. if word spills that he was out of gangnam's cage and he flew to seek refuge in a secluded city, then all of his healing efforts would've been placed in vain.

"i know this isn't how you'd imagine your first meeting with me as a fan, but i'll make it up to you, promise." his composure was starting to collapse, but this gamble was something that he had to play. after all, in a swarm of fans - there surely should be one sane being out of a million, right?

and he was hoping that she was the one.
kwonceleb.bbh.com 2 months ago
@luizinho.bbh.com while initially out for a quick run to the fabric shop, sugar pearl's brightly colored awning, and extravagantly designed banners which were posted up for holiday promos piqued eunbi's interest. her sights were always focused on people, places, pieces of art which stood out from the rest. and today in particular, sugar pearl did just that.

she strolls in, while the shopping bag with the fresh yards of fabric slings over her shoulder, and takes her place in the queue. initially curious about the new flavors printed on the ads outside, eunbi scans the menu and settles on her typical brown sugar milk tea order.

as she's waiting, the young woman takes notice of the taller fellow standing ahead of her in line. he's tall with model-like proportions, and it's his unique sense of fashion which keeps her attention piqued. to eunbi, the style of the outfit also seems quite familiar, she was sure about having seen this outfit online today...could it be...? eunbi shakes her head - perhaps it was just a coincidence. what were the odds that she'd meet her one of her favorite bloggers on a random thursday afternoon at a bubble tea store? well- pretty high. catching a glimpse of his face, she audibly gasps upon recognizing his facial features - so it was him. she waits until he orders his drink. then she orders her own, blanking out before asking for her brown sugar milk tea. after paying she shuffles over to the male and clears ,

"excuse me? are you perhaps seungyoun? i follow your outfit of the days on tumblr, and i'm really impressed!" she says, a mix between a friendly but nervous smile displayed on her lips as she glances up at the male.

( it's perfect! )
luizinho.bbh.com 2 months ago
@kwonceleb.bbh.com despite preferring coffee over any other type of drink, seungyoun thought that it'd be best to grab something sweet for the day given the amount of stress that he's been dealing with. apart from missing out on the already looming finals schedule, he still is in the midst of questioning whether or not his chosen major is actually befitting for him.

donning a loose, light fabric polo shirt ornamented by detailed paintings of kaleidoscopic pigeons on top of an A-cut pair of black trousers, the towering lad entered sugar pearls with a cloud buzzing atop his head. slowly, he approached the counter and his dark orbs roamed upon the brightly-coloured menuboard of bubble tea. it was a battle of contrasts, but to seungyoun - that didn't matter. he couldn't care any less if he'd look like a 1970s icon collaborating with sanrio for a drink ad.

"hello, i'd like a large order of salted cream bubble tea with pudding. 25% sugar, please." little did he know that someone was watching over his shoulder as he entered the shop. in as much as he didn't want the spotlight at the onset of the day, things are about to make a drastic turn.

[ hope this is ok! ]
syaoran.bbh.com 2 months ago
@jjhyun0214.bbh.com jinyoung immediately ran off towards the boba shop right after class as he was persistent in landing a part-time job for the most part. it was pretty clear to this day that he wants to move out of the country so bad and start anew, and to do that - - he needed as much cash. his lips parted to form a small crevice as he panted almost rapidly right in front of the shop.

he breathes in, almost too much before he pushes the glass door open only to find his current person of interest: jaehyun.
kingbobohu.bbh.com [A] 2 months ago
@jjhyun0214.bbh.com [] i'm gonna reply to this hold on
*jjhyun0214.bbh.com 2 months ago
he stands by the counter, empty handed as business reaches a lull and foot traffic dies down. jaehyun stares off, a little carried away in his thoughts as he tries not o think about how much awaits him at the end of his shift. his gaze flits to the clock as he also wonders if time could move any slower...
*xX-yeetfan-Xx.bbh.com 2 months ago
@kingbobohu.bbh.com [] ilysfm thANK YOU
kingbobohu.bbh.com [A] 2 months ago
@xX-yeetfan-Xx.bbh.com [] open for business uvu


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