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( named after cha cha park ) 3 months ago he hoped that he didn't hurt her with his abrupt reply, but seeing as how she carried herself - she should just be fine. the silence of the environment fought with the turmoil in his head, and it was almost too difficult for the young lad to not explode in the midst of it all. the year was about to come to an end, and he hoped that his life would come at that point, too. when he was younger, his mind was coerced by the older crowd into thinking that he had a lot going on ahead of him despite being born into a broken family. in their exact words, 'the other young ins had it tougher than he did.'

but that wasn't the case, because his situation wasn't exactly similar to theirs. their level of struggle was beyond what was given to him, but that doesn't give them the excuse to pass his as 'easy'. but over the years, his mouth was kept shut and it's been so long since he stood up for himself. at this point, only the park had the capability to comfort his already tired heart and soul.

jinyoung sighed almost too much and shifted in his seat, his fingers gently finding themselves on his knee caps as they cover them comfortingly. he's been in the park for almost three hours now, a record-breaking attempt for the guy who enjoys his own company for his own good. before he could respond to the woman's question, he fixes his scarf and wraps it around his neck properly - covering almost half of his tiny face. he then pulls out another scarf from his bag which he offers to the woman, "it gets awfully cold out here, so best to get yourself protected this early." there was no hint of hostility from his voice, although he still was as straightforward as he could be.

does he like it here? he does, but no matter how comfortable some places were, sometimes - these are the areas that bring out the worst in you. oftentimes, comfort is a double-edged sword - and its how you wield it that changes the game. "if you're talking about the park, then yes. i do like it here. it probably is the only place that's seen the rawest side of me." he turns to look at her straight in the eye for the first time. "how about you? do you like it here?" 3 months ago a hum of acknowledgement resonates from . "ah...i see, that's understandable," eunbi manages to say while nodding. adept at reading the air, she doesn't press any further. instead, she looks towards the display of fallen leaves faintly reflecting the moonlight, circling around from place to place because of the breeze. it was a calming sight but nothing out of the ordinary. unlike the leaves, eunbi was almost motionless, but her mind is a restless space. it jumps from thought to thought, never seeming to complete one and moving to the next like the leaves circling around and grazing the paved asphalt every now and then.

her chin rests on her knees which she continues to hug. after a while, her ears became accustomed to the silence, that even the rustling of the tree branches from the wind becomes clear as day. her ipod must have lost charge because she doesn't hear the music pouring from the earbuds anymore.

she wonders how much time must have past since she entered the park, encountered this particular space, and sat in complete silence. she tilts her head up to check, the sky still being completely dark, not that it meant anything in winter when nights were especially long. she's curious about the stranger again and turns her head to face his profile. she wonders how long he's been sitting in this park bench, she knows it has to be longer than her stay at this spot.

"do you like it here?" she questions abruptly, not quite sure what kind of 'here' she's talking about, maybe it's the park...or the town. she's not sure. in fact, she's surprised she's even asking this question - choosing to break the silence between them. 3 months ago the breeze was cold. as her fingers danced upon his silky smooth skin, every minute fiber of his being bent down to worship her. today was exceptionally exhausting as compared with the previous days of the week. deadlines clashed, energies drained, and purpose drifted. in the 24 hours that the heavenly being created, much of it is allocated for routine while a minority is left for meaning.

the innermost area of the park has always been jinyoung's safe space ever since he set foot in the university. after all, he has always found comfort in isolation - - no matter what form. truth be told, if only he were given the chance to simply erase his physical existence from the world, he would've done it sooner. especially at this time of night where someone has finally entered his sacred space. something that he had never imagined that would happen so soon.

footsteps rustle and the fallen leaves go by, and his eyes flicker awake to which his dark, blank orbs shift to look at the fragile figure approaching his bubble. she looked familiar, but he wasn't that much of a thinker in identifying who she was. he barely knew anyone in person just as much as he barely knew himself.

it took him quite some time to answer, or in essence: he didn't want to. but with a short hum, he muttered, "certain things brought me here." it was vague. silently, he hoped she'd never ask another question. 3 months ago tonight, what a night it was, eunbi couldn't stand looking at the spread of sketches haphazardly strewn across her desk. she was far too frustrated, the cloud of deadlines ominously looming over her head, waiting to storm any moment. she just wanted to up and leave, so she did. eunbi throws on the closest jacket and only grabs the cellphone, ipod, and keys before she exits out of her dorm room. she decides to go to the park, it's late at night, and she's pretty sure the sign in front of the gates says that it's open to the public until 10pm. eunbi doesn't care, she keeps on walking while the music from her earbuds drowns her hearing.

eunbi hasn't kept count of how many times she had sighed today but at this point it comes to her like second nature, as if she had to much air to exhale from her lungs. she sighs again, finally coming to terms with her surroundings. she realizes she's never been to this far inside the park before, she didn't even know there was a place like this here. "oh a bench-" she mutters, spotting the row of empty seats. the pace of her feet quicken, shuffling over to the bench and taking a seat to rest her legs. she notices a young man there too, the night is too dark to really distinguish his features but he seems to be around her age, maybe younger? that must mean he was a student at her university. she's surprised to see any other person aside from her here, and wonders if she's disturbing his peace.

earbuds slip off her ears and fall onto her lap, eunbi doesn't bother to put them back on. she tries to take up as little space as possible as she hugs her knees to her chest and rests her chin atop them. "if only life had a pause button...that would be nice" she mutters. she casts a glance to the male, hesitating at first but finally mustering up some courage to talk to him. "so what brings you to the park this late at night?" [A] 3 months ago [] opened uvu


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