Wine Celler (Located next to common room)

Heechul Kim - Ultimate Omega (Ω) 1 month ago
/coming down to the cellar and eyes sparkling at the sight of numerous amount of alcohols lining up/
You dragged me here don't you apha-nim, let me emptied your cellar
/begin picking up some butterscotch first/
Jihoon Choi - The Seer (β) [A] 2 months ago
@Siwon Choi - Supreme (∝) Mm here I'd hoped you'd say such words, or you'd never do things I want you to do.
* over my bottom lip gently, leaning back against the counter again now that I'm done with mixing up the cocktail, watching you curiously*
And we both know it is. I've a talent for it.
*noticing you sit and immediately coming closer, resting my free hand on your thigh, blinking as you pass the glass over, wondering why you'd hand it to me when I have one in my hold already but I oblige anyway, sipping at the blend and humming gently*
Hazelnut coffee with a hint of butterscotch. To wild for your refined taste my love?
Siwon Choi - Supreme (∝) [A] 2 months ago
@Jihoon Choi - The Seer (β) *stares at the long lashes of yours as you lean down just enough to patronize me but I'm keeping myself in check well, letting you filling up the almost abandoned room with your scent before releasing some of my own and let our scents mixed perfectly with each other*
There's nothing wrong with trying new things as long as we stay behind the rules and lines
*winks at you playfully as you retracted your hand from me and begin mixing the drinks*
Well, you said that waiting is your specialty...
*sits down on the bar stool and takes the glass, swirling the content around, fascinated by the color and sniffs the scent a bit before giving it a sip*
*hands my glass to you*
Taste this...
Jihoon Choi - The Seer (β) [A] 2 months ago
@Siwon Choi - Supreme (∝) *coyly humming out, taking a step closer to you and leaning up to ghost at your brims a little, eyes a deep shade of green as I gaze at you hungrily, barely keeping myself in check, purposely letting my scent perfume the air without restraint*
I do know you well. Such refinery you are. Then my drink is probably going to be a little strange to you. It's called a lotus. One I made myself when I was bored.
*feeling your hand halting my progression and laughing softly, bringing my hand out innocently before turning after taking up the kahlua bottle and working on mixing the rations for the drinks, sliding the completed cocktail over to you and raising my glass before waiting for you*
How mean, making me wait for you still.
Siwon Choi - Supreme (∝) [A] 2 months ago
@Jihoon Choi - The Seer (β) *looks at you when you said that it should be coming from France. Lifting one of my eyebrows as I leans my face close to you*
Well, I'm sure you know your husband here well...Moët & Chandon is my new favorite these days
*chuckles softly when you said those words, catches your naughty fingers and hold them underneath the shirt* said you're making cocktails...let me enjoy your potions and we will each enjoy each other
Jihoon Choi - The Seer (β) [A] 2 months ago
@Siwon Choi - Supreme (∝) I hope that Champagne is from actual Champagne in France otherwise technically it's not Champagne.
*commenting idly, rather content with what I'm gazing at as you keep feeling about the shelves, silently praising Jin on his innovation to spite you in playful ways that don't cause conflict outside of playful natures*
You found it huh? Pity.
*meeting your eyes and grinning widely, reaching out to gently slip fingers under your shirt and brushing over a hip*
Oh very much so. Absolutely perfect view and would love enjoying it more.
Siwon Choi - Supreme (∝) [A] 2 months ago
@Jihoon Choi - The Seer (β) Yes. He likes them strong, very contrasting with me. I mostly enjoy champagne, and sometimes white wine
*answering a little as I pick up on your instruction to look for Kahlua, grins as my eyes falls on it, stored on the highest shelf, grumbles a bit at the thought of Jin doing this because he's slightly higher than me, being on my toes and my shirt got pulled up along the way, reaches for the bottle before finally turning into you when I got it*
*walked back to the counter and place them down*
Enjoying the back view?
*teases you a little bit since we were being flirty before this*
Jihoon Choi - The Seer (β) [A] 2 months ago
@Siwon Choi - Supreme (∝) Jin likes his alcohol.
*calmly pointing out, letting go of your hand to let you move about and look for things, hearing your directions and glancing where you said, eyeing the different glass bottles and knowing quite a lot of them, fingers brushing over them a little before I spot the frosted white bottle of the butterscotch, sighing pleased*
There it is. You'll be looking for a black-brown bottle with a gold and red label for the kahlua my darling alpha.
*finding the glasses and setting a couple out, leaning against the counter and just watching as you search about, not at all bashful about raking eyes up and down your back form*
Try reaching higher?
Siwon Choi - Supreme (∝) [A] 2 months ago
@Jihoon Choi - The Seer (β) Jin stock this place up really good
But most of them are wines, since you know, Changmin loves wine. They make a good pair, if only their unions is something that can be blessed
*looks around the storage room, and the cabinet where the glass bottles are arranged neatly*
I think I see the frangelico somewhere before...
*looking around and find it at the top shelf, glancing over the thermostat noticing it's 14 degree Celsius down here*
Here...the frangelico, the butterscotch might be at the left side near the small fridge
I'll look for kahlua
Jihoon Choi - The Seer (β) [A] 2 months ago
@Siwon Choi - Supreme (∝) *following you down the stairs quietly, eyes adjusting to the change in lighting easily, the same playful smile still playing on my lips*
Mhm yeah, maybe best we do.
*feeling you stop and glancing at what's caught you eye, smiling a little*
Depends. Do you know how to mix drinks and is there liqueurs? If there's frangelico and kahlua, I'll gladly have a cocktail of the two with some butterscotch.
Siwon Choi - Supreme (∝) [A] 2 months ago
@Jihoon Choi - The Seer (β) *sways our threaded hands together as I lead the way down to the wine cellar, turning on the light before pressing on the power button near the door so we get enough lights to illuminate the room*
Some dusting really will do...
*keeps walking down the stairs until I stop near the bar counter that looks untouched for quite sometimes* there any drinks you would like to try?
Changmin Shim (∝) 3 months ago
@Jinki Lee (β) @Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) /takes the broken glasses away from Jinhyuk's hand and shakes my head before poking out ny tongue/
No. You can't. Why should I give you my precious glasses that has been through so much thick and thin with me?
/taps your left chest for a few time with my index finger with my eyes fixated on Jinhyuk/
I have already left something more important in there rather than this
/pulled away from the kiss as I my lips to clean up the strings of our mixed saliva as well as to taste the lingering alcohol taste coming from Jinhyuk's lips. Clicking on my tongue again in disapproval/
You sir, should abstain yourself from consuming more alcohol, you have been consuming those slow poison rather higher than you should have, as someone who loves wine as well, please restrain of I'm going to clear up your wine collection myself
/focuses back on Jinki and notices how freezing he must be, ended up ing my coat to engulf his smaller body inside my long and thick coat before my head snapping towards Jinhyuk again at the mention of him asking Jinki to join in patrol team/
Hello Mr Choi Jinhyuk, Jinki's guardian is here standing in front of you
I'm going to protest your request for asking Jinki's to join your dangerous team. He's my precious brother and I don't want him to get hurt
/looks back at Jinki when he said that me and Jinhyuk can continue whatever it is between us/
Don't worry Jinki, that business is already done and Jin, I dare you to drink one more sip and you'll know how high the sky is
Let's get out of this cellar, it's freezing cold down here
We should go to the common room where it's warmer
Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) [A] 3 months ago
@Jinki Lee (β) @Changmin Shim (∝) Captain Choi... *hiding an amused grin over the formal way you are addressing me*
Tell me onew, do you have any interest in joining the patrol team?
*smiling at you warmly and shake my head, since I haven't heard any new application coming from the younger pack member requesting to join the patrol squad, clearly knowing the answer to that question* At ease young beta, you can called me Jinhyuk around here.
And it's fine, you're not interrupting anything. We're erm...*threw a glance at changmin before looking back at you* well, changmin here is just stopping me from ruining my liver. I guess he has a valid point there.
Thanks for coming all the way here Onew. Seems we haven't been properly introduced before, which was why I decided to call you out today.
Do you like staying in the pack so far? anything uncomfortable?
Jinki Lee (β) 3 months ago
@Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) @Changmin Shim (∝) /I heard the voiced and shuffling sounds from the far end of the room and I started to walk that way in short steps. My hands curl into fists because of cold and I stuffed them inside my jean pockets. I looked up and stopped abruptly on my tracks at the sight that was presented to me. My face heated up and brain went on freeze mode for a moment when I see that Changmin is also there;
I...I... should /I stuttered looking back at the stairs and down at the floor, not knowing what to say;
I'm sorry I guess I should just come back later-
/I was about to turn around when Changmin came to me, complaining about my choice of clothes. It was then I realized that I really haven't dressed warm enough. I looked up at Changmin as he wrapped his scarf around me, feeling bewildered and regretting myself for coming to this place at the same time;
H-hello hyung...Hello Captain Choi
/I bowed slightly at both of you before turning to Captain Choi, shaking my head slightly;
No thanks Captain... I'm not a good drinker so I'll just pass
/Looks back and forth at both of you as your conversation, feeling confused but turns around when Changmin pulled me with him;
Uhmm you guys can continue... whatever you were doing. I just came because Captain invited me to join him.
[post deleted by owner]
Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) [A] 3 months ago
@Changmin Shim (∝) *stopped for a moment of ransacking the poor cabinet and eyeing your whole expression, especially on the glasses. A feeling of lost of the things you so used of having around with, now why does that feeling so familiar about those feelings...* Seems like it has been with you on your rough journey. Must be hard to say goodbye, then
May I keep it? I want to have a part of you with me
*was about to pour myself a glass before you stopped me in the most effective way you could think of, I give you that. I was taken surprised by that little trick of yours. Feeling your smooth silk, velvety tongue brushing against mine as you taken control of that kiss or was it ... a medical inspection? No idea, but if felt damn nice, feeling your tongue roamed along the burnt part of my tongue as I took a closer look at your face. Haven't seen it this close ever since the last time I visited you in your home.*
*quickly covered my mouth with the back of my hand, face feels warm and my eyes wide in surprise over your comment about the metallic taste of blood. The last time anyone ever tasted my blood was during the mating bond is performed. The fact you've tasted it... can't help but to feel embarrass about it and yea... effectively forgot all about the drinking I insisted on earlier. I was sighing in relief when you quickly shift your attention to jinki, giving me enough time to recollect myself*
*ruffles my hairs frustratingly for not getting my way* Coming... *left the lonely bottle by the bar counter and followed the two of you upstairs* I'll be coming for you again my precious when changmin doesn't notice *whispered to the bottle and closed the door to the cellar*
Changmin Shim (∝) 3 months ago
@Jinki Lee (β) @Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) /looks at the broken glasses and sighs out in defeat/
And it's Davinci limited edition too. You never saw me wear one because I never wear it in front of you. I only wore glasses when I have to read the recipes inside the book or the one on the net. Or even when studying in order to get my gourmet certificate but not often
/clicking my tongue at your stubbornness when you still trying to open the bottle of the wine, takes the bottle away before I forcefully kisses your lips and shoved my tongue into your unprepared mouth and rubs my wet muscle against yours before pulling away/
See, I can even taste the metallic taste of your burnt tongue
/says those words right before you greet Jinki who's coming in, getting a little bit startled as finally Jinki's scent invades my nostril/
Jinki, why are you wearing such thin clothes during this freezing winter
/goes to his side almost immediately after unwrapping the scarf around my neck just to put it on Jinki's trembling frame/
We should get your body warm, Jin let's go and leave your damn alcohol before I did something worse than you just burning your tongue
Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) [A] 3 months ago
@Jinki Lee (β) @Changmin Shim (∝) *chuckling silently and let changmin takes the moment to recollect himself, although he look mostly adorable to me, trying to hide that clumsy side of his by acting tough.* Fair enough, I guess it was time for you to say good bye to this glasses. How come I never see you wore them before changdol?
*went back to rummaging the cabinet, looking for the corkscrew to uncap the bitter wine bottle, could already taste bitter red wine by my tongue before your question stopped me* well... my tastebud was going haywire these days, I thought I should numbed it with a good brew. And look~~ it's Cabernet Sauvignon 1988. Care to join me, my lovely alpha? *called to you in a sweet voice before the sound of another footsteps was heard and onew's scent invaded my nose, turned to the newly arrived beta*
Hello there onew.
Welcome. *pulled the cork off the bottle using my bare hand, giving up in trying to find the corkscrew anymore* You seemed cold, would you like something to warm you up?
Jinki Lee (β) 3 months ago
@Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) /rubs my hands together and blew air into my palms as I come down the stairs into the basement room. My eyes searching the place quickly to find if there's anyone else here. Even though I felt a tid bit nervous, knowing who I am going to meet here, I decided to call out just to make sure that I'm not alone in the room.
H-hello... anybody here...?
Changmin Shim (∝) 3 months ago
@Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) /rubbing on my bump as I try to stand up, checking on my ankles, thankful for none of it seems like neither is sprained before your voice coming over and you sounded worried, rubbing the back of my neck while grinning sheepishly, embarrassed at my unsightly entrance/
I'm fine. Just my glasses. I guess it already screamed for me to get it replaced
/swatting your hand that is busy combing out the web and took the note book from you a little bit rough to hide my own embarrassment/
I thought nobody is here, what are you doing down here alone old man?
/squinting my eyes while looking at you/
You burnt your tongue! You shouldn't consume any alcohol for now or it will stings a lot more
Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) [A] 3 months ago
@Changmin Shim (∝) Bang!
*the sound was certainly loud enough to startle any soul nearby and I certainly was one of those poor souls. The scent of your smell invade my nose first, alerting me of your present before your dramatic entrance took all the surprise elements by shame, spectacularly. Putting the capped wine bottle to the counter, I quickly went to your side* Oh god, changmin, are you alright? Did you hit your head? any broken bone? *scanning you for any broken bone before spotting your broken glasses* Oh~ you're wearing glasses? I didn't know you were short-sighted. *helping you up and picking up the scattered note book, accidentally saw the list of menu before handing it to you*
You should have been more careful. I thought getting yourself injured. *chuckled softly, brushing my fingers on the little cobweb you managed to sweep through on your hairs during your fall*
Changmin Shim (∝) 3 months ago
@Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) /cracking my fingers and moves my head to the left and right, feels a lot better now that the cracking sounds are finally produced and instantly I feels a lot more lighter and my movement becomes more fluid. I looked at the menus that I and Suho come up with for the winter event and looking at the list, I should be getting sparkling wine, maraschino liqueur and light rum for the cocktails/
/walking down the stairs while still looking at note that I wrote inside my note book, I don't bother too much about the lingering scents inside the wine cellar except for looking for the right liquor to practice on, having my nose in between the book before the klutz in me decides to act out and I missed one stair, leading to my tumbling for the rest four stairs/
/groaning on the floor and flinches a little as I try to get my note book back along with my glasses that has successfully gotten off the bridge of my nose during my fall and unfortunately, the glasses broke when I accidentally tripping on it while falling down/
Double bad luck. What is wrong with you Shim Changmin, your mind is completely in the clouds
/scolding myself as I try to stand up and dust my shirt off any dirts/
Jinhyuk Choi - Patrol Capt. (∝) [A] 3 months ago
@Changmin Shim (∝) *Entering the common room and was frustrated that I missed you again, although your lingering scent was still that in the room, bringing a little sense of comfort. Sighed in a bit disappointed but trying not to show it, I head straight to the wine cellar, decided to pop open a bottle while waiting for you. The burnt on my side of my tongue was still there, making most of my tastebud numb to the taste of any food. The pain was welcomed, of course keeps my mind of things.
As I went to a shelf, I picked up Cabernet Sauvignon 1988. A chuckle escaped from my lips when recalling it was the year of your birth. If only the person that keeps interrupting my current thought could see me now. Twirled the bottle in my hand, before went to the counter and searched for the corkscrew where I was sure someone had misplaced that said item.*
Xi Luhan (β) 3 months ago
@Siwon Choi - Supreme (∝) (GASP! But about time xD I've been mentioning it ever since changmin mentioned it >.< Good idea!)
Siwon Choi - Supreme (∝) [A] 3 months ago
@Xi Luhan (β) (This is not my doing but Jin. I just make it better and prettier)
Xi Luhan (β) 3 months ago
(WINE CELLER? Omg this guy is back at it again, the Onsen and now this xD)


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